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Found 12 results

  1. General_S91

    Sinnlose Supercontainer abschaffen

    Ich bekomme im Jahr vielleicht EINEN Supercontainer. Das war jetzt anlässlich der WoWS Geburtstagsfeier mal wieder der Fall. Was war drin? 100x Sierra Mike, also 5% mehr Höchstgeschwindigkeit. DAS IST EINE VERDAMMTE UNVERSCHÄMTHEIT!!! Das ist mit Abstand der wertloseste Supercontainer, den es im Spiel gibt!!! JEDER NORMALE CONTAINER HAT MEHR WERT ALS DIESES SCHEISS DING!!! Die Chance überhaupt eine Supercontainer zu bekommen, geht ja schon gegen 1%. Wenn man dann noch sieht, was alles darin enthalten sein kann, geht die Chance gleich gegen 0%, dass man genau das in diesem Moment braucht. Zumal immer Containerinhalte hinzukommen und die Chancen somit immer weiter sinken, z.B. ein Schiff, zu bekommen. Deswegen bin ich stark dafür, dass REGULÄRE SIGNALE AUS SUPERCONTAINERN entfernt werden!!!!! Ich bin im ganzen letzten Jahr keine 100 DDs gefahren und dieses Jahr komme ich wieder nicht auf die Zahl. Für was anderes ist Sierra Mike nicht zu gebrauchen. Somit habe ich bei diesem Geburtstagevent quasi NICHTS bekommen. Das ist eine absolute Frechheit, wenn man bedenkt, dass ich seit Beginn dabei bin und in all den Jahren vielleicht 5 Supercontainer gesehen habe... Ich bin stink sauer!!! Das ist eine Verarsche vor dem Herren!!!
  2. desTeufelsAdmiral

    Öl in SC? oder gekauft?

    Hallo Comunity, in meinem Clan haben wir einen Member der von gestern Abend bis gerade eben 300 Öl hinzubekommen hat. Jetzt meine Frage: gibt es Öl in SC? oder zu kaufen? Ich kann mir den Zuwachs von 300 Öl nicht anders erklären, beides wäre mir aber neu. Danke für eure Antworten
  3. They are so super I can't celebrate the anniversary enough. GJ WG.
  4. togMOR

    Update 0.6.8

    Patchnotes (EN) https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/patch-adams/ Isss ohh roo kuu ... Isso rohh ku ... Issoh ruokk iou ...
  5. Favuz

    Supercontainer Change proposal

    Hello Guys, I'm just about to unlock 3rd Yamamoto stage, so i'll receive 2 supercontainers. In the first couple i received 25 ourobros flags and 50 valentine camos, so i can't complain. Anyway, i was thinking more about random supercontainers. I pick usually 5 to 10 containers a week, depends from my schedule. Pick almost always consumables ones, sometimes flags, and i didn't had a supercontainer since April i think (50 dragon flags). Now imagine if today or Tomorrow i got a supercontainer and it contains a spotting Aircraft module. Thing is, everyone have different needs about this game. I was thinking to this: when you get a supercontainer, you got to choose between 3 random things instead of one. So you could choose the thing you like more in that particular time. Example: I got to choose between 10 million credits, a Marblehead or a Radar Upgrade module I am in needs of credits, i need to buy that donskoi who i just unlocked 2 weeks ago, i pick Credits I am a player with premium time but don't like high tiers, i pick Marblehead I am Flamu, i have a crap ton of credits and everyship i want, i pick Radar Upgrade for my Moskva. Everybody would be happier the rare times they got a supercontainer, WG is happier because customer are happier without being too generous, everybody is happier. Your thoughts?
  6. Golgaphail

    Supercontainer drop.

    So today once again I got India X-ray flags from my supercontiner. I have gotten this a total of five times and 4 times in my last 6 supercontiners. Could you please do something about this wg? I mean its not even funny anymore.
  7. https://www.twitch.tv/elladaris/v/103324177
  8. Du musst nicht enttäuscht sein vom Inhalt Deiner Container und Supercontainer. Betrachte es als ein Geschenk, das Dir in jedem Fall Nutzen bringt. Denn kannst Du nicht gebrauchen, was dir die Container bieten, bringt dir deren Inhalt in jedem Fall was: Viele Credits
  9. Hello guys, I was wandering that there are some ships which i'd never buy for some reason (too low performance, don't need a captain trainer, better premiums at the tier), but i'd gladly take if given by a supercontainer, also because of the 11 pt commander it comes with it. So i was just curious about other people. We are not talking about ships that cannot be bought anymore (Kamikaze Nikolai etc.) but ships that you could buy but don't want, however you'd like to play in some way. My top 3: - Indianapolis: I'm playing US cruiser and i'll play heavy cruiser after the split, Atlanta is better but need a dedicated captain, so i'll gladly play her. - Saipan: I play only jpn CV and i have a Kaga, Always wonder how could it be on the other side - Leningrad: don't play RU DD and i think i never will, however this ship seems fine and can be used also as a torpedo boat, i think i cold like her.
  10. I just won a "Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1" via a supercontainer How to install and/or use such upgrades on my ships? I don't see it appearing on my BISMARCK where it would be a welcome addon
  11. Well I know you don't like me and I start to dislike you but that was a good troll Wargaming! [Edit] Thank you for the Credits, I guess... At least now I can almost buy Edinburgh.
  12. DutchDelightsNL

    The upcoming update and PT 0.6.8

    Supercontainers At the request of players we decreased the chances of getting special upgrades in supercontainers and completely removed the 5 and 10 million-credits rewards. Credits were not perceived by the players to be a valuable reward, because it was believed that those amounts could be obtained more efficiently by selecting the "More Credits" containers. At the same time, we added new ships, sets of camos, and standard and special signal flags to supercontainers. All rewards will be described in detail in the full list of changes to be released with the update. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/pt-068/ Please note that having post this on several FB pages and groups, it is not considered to be a good idea to remove the "SuperContainer" 5 and 10 million credits reward!! However everybody is cheering about the decreased chance of special upgrades......... maybe special upgrades should be removed And chances on SC should be increased by 25%,for ships,premium time,gold or free exp. To continue on the issue of containers in WoWs, it should be for the player when he choose a container like credits, that after opening that is all he gets,credits so why do you stil give ,(when choosing credits) signals,captain places,consumables? Now it feels like every containers is not a choise it is still a test your luck container!!! When choosing credits you should get only, or at least, get 150.000 credits!!! But then again maybe we all get worked up over a TYPO? Fair Seas and following credits....