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Found 5 results

  1. In three days two so called supertesters ruined mine and others' games. I am sure many other players have experienced the same thing over time (other than the ones in my teams). Second picture is from three days ago, and the first one is like twenty minutes ago. The one in the first picture charges directly to the enemy and suicides as the game starts and then writes on the general chat something like this; "Thanks for killing me so i can play other games. This is why OP ships are released" some absurd stuff. Since when testing ships in live servers mean it is okay to ruin other players' game? This game ended in below 7 minutes. Three minutes after he suicided i wrote him from in game chat and he was already in a battle. But, funnily, 2 minutes later he wrote me back, so he suicided in another game and ruin other people's games, too. If anyone will come and say "but this is how they test ships on live serves" i will say bullocks! They don't have 0,1% right to ruin my games or others'. If they can't test it properly without suiciding in two minutes then maybe they should go do it in coop or training room, somewhere else. Will WG compensate everyone's signals, credits, lost games, camos, etc. now? Of course not. This is pure horse manure. I mean come on, how "banana" do you have to be to do this and then come out to general chat and thank enemy for killing him? From now on, [Edit:adding word suicidal] i will report every suicidal tester i see in games and blacklist them and every time i see them i will report them again. They don't have the right to ruin this game for others just because they are offered ships to test. Selfish ...s. By the way, since naming and shaming is not allowed in forum, i respect the rules and block everyone's name but if anyone wants to know, i will share these names in private message.
  2. Ginger_Merkin_RN


    SUPER CONTAINER meh... mediocre container super/ˈsuːpə/ adjective INFORMAL very good or pleasant; excellent. "SUPER" container... 25 flags = mediocre It's been so long since I had one from daily containers. I wondered if they were even still a possibility, all luck and increased chances considered, I have also discovered a phenomenon I call "SUPER CONTAINER SHOCK", in the excitement I bumped my knee! 25 flags wooohooo, well worth the money I put into the game Well done WG, BMW M5's for all
  3. Hi just lost a battle and I have been cheated. Here we go again a noob moaning, but after 2000 battles you get a feel for the game and guess what even though I sulk and take a few of the losses with very bad grace, the times I am cheated now days grows less and less, funny that. Me and another CL, which I nearly always play, hey why not be an antelope, were thrashed by another CL, and I mean totally, and when something like this happens I check the stats of my Nemises, which to put it in context, I try and play daily and do such a check about once every 2 weeks to a month. Like I say finding less and less cheats. On checking I find they are often brilliant, or like me have the odd game were the RNG gods are on their side and they played a blinder, and in these cases I go away happy, oddly with a feeling of brotherhood. This time, my Nemises, seemed to have a completely pimped up CL, and the skill of a veritable salty old sea dog, odd how him seemed to have picked this up on a total of seven, yes 7 battles, Super Unicorn or what. Any comments
  4. Ich bekomme im Jahr vielleicht EINEN Supercontainer. Das war jetzt anlässlich der WoWS Geburtstagsfeier mal wieder der Fall. Was war drin? 100x Sierra Mike, also 5% mehr Höchstgeschwindigkeit. DAS IST EINE VERDAMMTE UNVERSCHÄMTHEIT!!! Das ist mit Abstand der wertloseste Supercontainer, den es im Spiel gibt!!! JEDER NORMALE CONTAINER HAT MEHR WERT ALS DIESES SCHEISS DING!!! Die Chance überhaupt eine Supercontainer zu bekommen, geht ja schon gegen 1%. Wenn man dann noch sieht, was alles darin enthalten sein kann, geht die Chance gleich gegen 0%, dass man genau das in diesem Moment braucht. Zumal immer Containerinhalte hinzukommen und die Chancen somit immer weiter sinken, z.B. ein Schiff, zu bekommen. Deswegen bin ich stark dafür, dass REGULÄRE SIGNALE AUS SUPERCONTAINERN entfernt werden!!!!! Ich bin im ganzen letzten Jahr keine 100 DDs gefahren und dieses Jahr komme ich wieder nicht auf die Zahl. Für was anderes ist Sierra Mike nicht zu gebrauchen. Somit habe ich bei diesem Geburtstagevent quasi NICHTS bekommen. Das ist eine absolute Frechheit, wenn man bedenkt, dass ich seit Beginn dabei bin und in all den Jahren vielleicht 5 Supercontainer gesehen habe... Ich bin stink sauer!!! Das ist eine Verarsche vor dem Herren!!!
  5. pompeyrk

    Super containers

    sorry if been asked before couldn't find it . are super containers broken ive not had one for at least 2 months now . thank you