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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, Statistical analysis: Container gathering for 1 year by normal playing! For long long time I am using most excellent program "MxStat": https://wows.mv-smirnov.org/en/mxstat/ that enables various interesting statistical analysis of you WoWs! Analysis of 1 year Container gathering by normal playing: Time frame: 2018/3/23 - 2019/3/23 Number of "Random battles" played: 2185 (= 5,99 per day) Number of "Regular container" collected via normal gameplay: 574 (=1,57 per day) Number of "Super container" collected via normal gameplay: 6 (1,04% per "Regular container") I was picking "More Signals and Camouflages" for first 244 "Regular containers" and when "More Resources" become available I exclusively used only them (333). Please note that I broke my leg in the spring 2018 and was at home immobilized for almost 2 months - thus the higher than usual number of battles played! Dates of "Super containers": 2018/04/08 2018/04/21 (37 "Regular containers" since last "Super container") 2018/06/01 (90 "Regular containers" since last "Super container") 2018/09/27 (173 "Regular containers" since last "Super container") 2018/10/01 (8 "Regular containers" since last "Super container") 2019/01/16 (171 "Regular containers" since last "Super container") I am currently 75 "Regular containers" since last "Super container" (i.e. since 2019/01/16) Contents of "Super containers": 2018/04/08 = 7 Days "Premium Account" 2018/04/21 = 7 Days "Premium Account" 2018/06/01 = 25x Dragon Special Signal 2018/09/27 = 100x Victor Lima Signal 2018/10/01 = 100x India X-Ray Signal 2019/01/16 = 100x India X-Ray Signal Conclusion: The "Super Container" is very very rare Content of the "Super Container" is (for most cases) 100% underwhelming... Leo "Apollo11"
  2. I just won a "Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1" via a supercontainer How to install and/or use such upgrades on my ships? I don't see it appearing on my BISMARCK where it would be a welcome addon