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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, What did you get from the "Super Container" that you got for "Service Record" upgrade in WoWs v0.9.1 ? Source: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Container#Super_Containers Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I got 50x "Restless Fire"...
  2. Hi all, How many "Premium" ships have you received through "Super Containers" / "Special Containers" ? Somehow I got "T-61" from finishing the 2nd Directive from Anniversary event and that got me thinking how many "Premium" ship I actually got over the years (I started with Open BETA 4+ years ago)... Well... I got 5 altogether... not bad at all... I almost forgot... #1 "Krasny Krim" 2017-09-16 #2 "Alabama" 2018-01-06 #3 "Z-39" 2018-12-10 #4 "Lo Yang" 2019-02-03 #5 "T-61" 2019-09-28 Leo "Apollo11" P.S. The Poll is anonymous!
  3. Hi all, Have you guys seen the chances of specific loot in "Super Containers" collected after around 600 reported container openings for Anniversary event? Our fellow @black_falcon120 did absolutely SUPERB job collecting our data - many many congrats to him! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18WtWfK3o9p1nBbrw_GIB8yoQBk21uNfXUYIaSxgpqqs/edit#gid=1176897760 Leo "Apollo11"
  4. Hi all, Statistical analysis: Container gathering for 1 year by normal playing! For long long time I am using most excellent program "MxStat": https://wows.mv-smirnov.org/en/mxstat/ that enables various interesting statistical analysis of you WoWs! Analysis of 1 year Container gathering by normal playing: Time frame: 2018/3/23 - 2019/3/23 Number of "Random battles" played: 2185 (= 5,99 per day) Number of "Regular container" collected via normal gameplay: 574 (=1,57 per day) Number of "Super container" collected via normal gameplay: 6 (1,04% per "Regular container") I was picking "More Signals and Camouflages" for first 244 "Regular containers" and when "More Resources" become available I exclusively used only them (333). Please note that I broke my leg in the spring 2018 and was at home immobilized for almost 2 months - thus the higher than usual number of battles played! Dates of "Super containers": 2018/04/08 2018/04/21 (37 "Regular containers" since last "Super container") 2018/06/01 (90 "Regular containers" since last "Super container") 2018/09/27 (173 "Regular containers" since last "Super container") 2018/10/01 (8 "Regular containers" since last "Super container") 2019/01/16 (171 "Regular containers" since last "Super container") I am currently 75 "Regular containers" since last "Super container" (i.e. since 2019/01/16) Contents of "Super containers": 2018/04/08 = 7 Days "Premium Account" 2018/04/21 = 7 Days "Premium Account" 2018/06/01 = 25x Dragon Special Signal 2018/09/27 = 100x Victor Lima Signal 2018/10/01 = 100x India X-Ray Signal 2019/01/16 = 100x India X-Ray Signal Conclusion: The "Super Container" is very very rare Content of the "Super Container" is (for most cases) 100% underwhelming... Leo "Apollo11"
  5. I just won a "Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1" via a supercontainer How to install and/or use such upgrades on my ships? I don't see it appearing on my BISMARCK where it would be a welcome addon