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Found 38 results

  1. how I would change the CVS This is ofc my personal opinion that I would like to share with you. I was one of the “CVS superunicum” who wg tried to kill off with this update, even though I played CVS since they were introduced in alpha, back in the days where the top tier cv was Essex at tier 10, and the air supremacy skill added 3 DBS and 2 fighters. POEM ALERT changes that help surface ship: -as it was before, and as it is for every ship in the game, at the start of the game, planes need “reloading” (servicing) before taking off. I would say around 60-to -90 secs servicing time. In this way surface ships have that 90 to- 120 secs window at the start of the game of clear sky, so they can position and dds can get near the cap without getting spotted in the first 30 secs of the game, ruining their game. This will also have a good side effect for CVS, especially the potatoes: you will see a lot fewer idiots CVS not moving and don’t follow the fleet and dying stupidly, as they don’t have anything else to do. I can already hear you say: but it would be boring for the CVS, yes as it is boring for a bb to wait 30-35 secs before his guns reload, or a dd that have to wait 2 min before his torps reload at the start of the game. In the first 2 min in the game, everyone is basically “happy sailing” around. Ofc this servicing time would be only at the start of the game - change to the rockets planes, I thought about a few alternatives: 1) rockets planes squad become a consumable, or rather, you have a limited amount of squadrons attacks; let’s say you can do 4-5 squadron runs per game with rockets (so around 15-20 attacks runs) so CVS can’t poop on dds the entire game. This is ofc heavily tweakable 2) reduce the air spotting of dds ( something that I don’t like to change very much) so you have to do a spotting pass to find the dd, then do a u-turn and doing a “blind” attack run start while doing last minute correction at the end of the attack when the dds get spotted again 3) make so that there is a delay between the time you drop your ordinance and the time the rockets hits the dds ( or rather increase the time it takes the rockets to connect with the target), maybe you can make a cool animation were the rockets drop from the plane and then after a set amount of times their rocket engine start. In this way, the dds have some way of limiting the damage they take from rockets 4) remove them altogether 1to3 could be mixed -maybe put a servicing time for all planes like in the old RTS ( ofc a way shorter one, like 15-20 secs) so you can’t spam the same amount of plane all match long Changes to help the CVS: -cut the aa power in half or thereabouts, right now playing with anything else than midway ( that basically poops HVAR on dds all the game long) is suicide, unfun and unrewarding, my riju planes get swatted by Dallas and Kongo aa’s ( and I’m not taking any flack) like there is no tomorrow, even in the aegis mission 2 furutaka grouped up nuke my planes left right and center. And I’m not even talking about when tier 6 get into tier 8 mm or a tier 8 in tier 10mm. -make so that the long-range aa don’t deal continuous damage, also medium range aa shouldn’t do dps damage. What I would do, that would make the game looks better, more realistic and more enjoyable to play : - leave the long-range aura as it is, with “few” big explosions that deal massive damage but can be completely avoided -leave the short range as dps ( but toning down the current insane values) -make the medium range aa a crapton of small burst that deals little-medium damage, that you can somewhat avoid, or rather limit his destruction potential with maneuvering, but you can’t completely avoid, especially during the last moments when you are lining up your drop. It has to be something that damages your planes a bit if you can avoid them ( like some shrapnel hitting the plane) but it shred them if you fly in a straight line ( like a 40mm Bofors would do). -lower the time planes need to get to their “immunity altitude”, right now recalling a squadron means it will get wiped out. Or at least change it in a way that: planes who dropped their ordinance climb faster than the ones who didn’t ( change the empty planes to 8.0 values and the full ones to something between 8.02 and 8.0) - same as above for returning planes speed, it has to happen faster, especially for empty planes - give a bit more alpha strike to the CVS in general? Please wg? As a refound of losing strike power on dds? or a bit faster aiming on tbs in general. - GIVE US BACK DIRECT CONTROL OF THE CVS AND CONSUMABLES. -fix the camera on DBS drops, sometimes you can’t see where are you aiming, and fix the aiming in general that sometimes is way off the real drop point -give us the possibility to disable the ability to aim with the mouse, I find it extremely annoying and botched some drops for that. -carrier vs carrier: if you are in the last 3 people of your team, the enemy carries has to have a way to strike you. It’s annoying that I can’t strike the enemy carrier when he is the last of his team. I would also suggest a change for the infamous “stealth drop” tbs of the haku: make them more extreme/rewarding: -give them back the 50 knots speed and the very fast aiming time with narrow spread -increase their range to 10 kms -increase the attack run from 4 ( 3 now) to 6 planes, so you do 2 drops total with 12 planes -decrease the concealment of the planes to 5kms ( with full concealment build) How to make them not op and rewarding? -give them 4-4.5 km of arming distance, so you HAVE to do a stealth run, and you have to be very good at predicting an enemy, but if you manage to pull it off and the enemy is potatoes enough to go straight-lining for all that time, you can be rewarded with up to 40k of damage. As it is for dds now, if you caught a bb straighlining for the entire time your torps are in the waters, they get deleted. The same should happen with the haku (maybe make the shokaku similar, but with only 4 torps), especially considering that you don’t have any lead indicator to give you the ballpark idea of were to fire them, so you have more damage potential than a dd ( faster drops than a dd torps reload), but you are also way less flexible and is way harder for your torps to lands tanks to your arming distance, speed of torps and lack of indicator. thx if you arrived at the end of this, what do you think?
  2. Capt_SH

    New content suggestions

    Wish to have below listed gameplay elements, which would be highly appreciated; - Night battles ( Not evening / but complete moonless dark night / where we shall search for navigational lights and have them as only guides to survive and determine enemies, with option to disable min-map ) - Strict area wars, with restricted maneuverability, like Bosporus strait, or huge harbors, or canals,... in which players have to be very careful for surroundings, - each one against all, no friends battle, where every one have to survive all other enemies / Battle royal type +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Sea life is full of diversity and hope - as we always anticipated from great developers such WoWs guys - to have them all included.
  3. loppantorkel

    CV rework suggestions

    I just want cv planes not to provide direct vision for the team. They could spot and a ghost icons of the enemy ships could appear on the minimap, they could make torps visible, but I think the permaspotting of dds should be a thing of the past. I visual indicator on the minimap should be enough and not enable the whole team to open fire unless spotted by a proper ship. It's all I got for now.
  4. NOTE: I posted this earlier in the suggestions thread but since (1) the OP there is not updated and people in the recent replies are talking about submarines, (2) other people have made similar posts outside of the suggestions thread and because (3) it's now an active topic of discussion & focus of development, different from all the hypotheticals and wishful thinking, I decided to make a separate post. I love the preview, and I'm really eager to see some of what was shown brought to any testing environment ASAP. I've been playing CVs, and I can say I'm mediocre-ish: got a solid grasp of the fundamentals, I've had my moments and some luck. I've been paying attention to the constant drama surrounding CVs, and I'm pretty sure I understand WG's position in all of this. However I do think some sort of compromises ought to be considered: - MAKE FIGHTERS A DEPLOYABLE, NPC-like, drone-like blob, that receives commands to either escort your strike squadron, or be sent around the 3D world (not the minimap) to fly combat air patrol (CAP) over an area, over a friendly ship, or stay "home" and fly CAP over your carrier. This could be done by having a radius around your strike squadron, within which you can POINT & CLICK (or press a key) to set the fighters' target location or object. Maybe add a good amount of cooldown time, for how often they can receive a new command. "Summoning" fighters out of thin air just seems kooky to me. - NERF ALL CARRIER PLANES' SPOTTING ability by having enemy vessels spotted by just carrier aircraft (including the strike craft) ONLY APPEAR AS "OUTLINED" SHIPS to the rest of your team, giving a rough location on the minimap, but not visible in the 3D viewport - no target lock, no aim-assist mechanics, someone has to go and deal with the threat the old fashion way. This would negate the current, much lamented mechanics of CVs planes being omnipresent & spotting those ships which really don't want to be targeted. Realistically, I imagine that a group of planes trying to avoid AA and focusing on their attack runs would have a really hard time walking friendly artillery onto its target in the chaos of battle. - ADD LOW, STATIC CLOUD COVER - plumes scattered over the maps (maybe randomized?), to give planes a hiding place. The concealment on these would work both ways - diminish the effect of incoming enemy AA, but the planes would lose sight of all enemies around them. Make RADAR penetrate these clouds or maybe add a separate AIR RADAR consumable. Also make CYCLONES limit planes abilities in a similar way, or even more (affect accuracy, speed, maybe get damaged, etc). This to add to the feeling that you're controlling an air asset, navigating through different features, not just a Z-clipped surface asset. Also because the airspace looks bland with the current "skybox above, water texture below" situation. My main reasoning about fighters and spotting here is that instead of completely removing some features, we should keep them to retain an authentic feel to the CV role, but nerf them to the point where they require luck and strategic foresight, instead of who's got better ping / RNG / clicks per minute. The same goes for people's concerns on the Twitch stream regarding CV sniping and side-rushing DDs: you won't be caught with your pants down if you pay attention and have a bit of foresight. What do y'all think?
  5. So, what is this "replay analysis service"? Video version -Old video, but not much has really changed. Still the same package now as it was over a year ago. As the title kinda suggests, its basically something I wanted to offer to the community! TL;DR: Send me replays and I can go over them, and talk crap about constructively criticise them! So, what can I actually offer you with this? Not much, and quite a lot, actually! I can provide you my opinion on things. This opinion can obviously vary quite drastically between different players and their preferred style, nothing wrong about that! However I feel that its nice to have a look at ones gameplay from another persons point of view. So, for those that want the LONGER version...(which is surprisingly short for my standards) Submit me a replay, preferably (but not necessarily) with post battle results screens. If you have older replays, thats fine as well (I have old clients working down to patch (Thats like may 2015 back in CBT!) If you have any specifics that you want me to pay attention to (such as a certain time where you are uncertain about your decisions, for example, please tell me which segment you want me to pay attention to, and what you specifically want me to pay attention to So, whats the process of submitting a replay to me? I would prefer that you send them to me as a email to replays.strangers123@gmail.com Don't exactly feel comfortable sending me an email? Send me a private message on the forums, although I would prefer it as an email so its less likely to get lost in the void called forums D: If you plan to send it as a forum PM, you might have to put the replay into a zip folder due to forum rights (not so sure about this one actually) I hope you guys enjoy this content, and please provide your feedback, and feel free to discuss tactics, strategies and playstyles with me either in the video's comments section or here, where I will also post any replay analysis I post! Just as a final note: My opinion may be different to yours, or others, and thats the way it should be! This is only a "layer" for you to get a potentially different opinion on your gameplay! You may disagree with me, and thats perfectly fine and right! Please post your opinion, and what you would have done different to what I would have!
  6. Lyno_Lemon

    Fixing radar issue

    Hi all, I think most people will agree that there is too much radar at the moment with the US light cruiser line. I'd like to propose some suggestions and see what people think and hopefully WG will agree. The way I see it is there are several options: 1. Cap the number of radar cruisers allowed in the game to 2. and cap the number of radar ships per division to 1 maybe. 2. Take the US light cruisers back to the drawing board and re-hash the design. Perhaps they get radar replaced with a very good hydro, or no radar at all and find a new gimmick. Maybe give them a long lasting shorter range radar (7-8km or something). 3. Re-hash radar in the game completely, maybe making it shorter duration, only showing people on the min-map (not screen) or making DDs immune to it (or at least detected at a closer range). 4. Re-work radar and aircraft so they need line of site. It is completely ridiculous how a plane or radar sees would when there is no line of site due to an island being in the. Let islands serve ad physical barriers. 5. Maybe let everyone know when a ship uses radar and point him out to everyone as a priority target. Make him spotted for the duration. This would make people actually think about when to use it more. 6. Perhaps equip DDs with a radar blocking/ scrambling consumable so they have a counter -maybe only applies to their ship and not the team - with 2-3 charges with a cooldown. 7. On a separate note, can we also get a buff to low-tier British cruisers detection whilst in smoke. Emerald and below are already quite bad ships. Maybe give Leander the same buff. Thoughts?
  7. Please add more buildings in the naval base or make the old ones upgrade-able. Having almost 100k oil in the naval base and not able to spend them is kind of itchy. Same story with the credits, it would be nice to be able to convert credits into coal, maybe 3~5k credits for 1 coal.
  8. NightBridg3

    option to turn off target tracking

    I'm really hoping for an option to turn of target tracking. without anything in the background its a bit hard to detect changes in the enemy ship's trajectory. Having the ability to turn target tracking on and off at will ,will help a lot in my opinion. thoughts?
  9. Fellows, I've created this topic to get some feedbacks from you, our readers. Please, answer the questions above to help our team to make the magazine better! Also, you can write your ideas, suggestions and critics. Pay attention: do not "flood" there, please. Be serious. Link to the magazine's topic
  10. del506292142

    closed Beta of WoWS feedback

    heey all i have som sugestions for the closed beta thanx to WG for the invaid to play closed beta on wows well cass its a closed beta you may chance stuff later on sow my suggestions -atm i think you get fire to eazy -AP hits are to heavy -a bether tetorial how to cap A,B,C (i see that players say on cap if the got it already and unfortunately lost the game cass players dont know what to do) -dont get hit by frandly torpedos ore you can shoot torpedos with you gun on you ship -collisions a ally with 80% get ramded by a enemy from 2% they are both dead -to much draws whe need 5/10 min. more ingame -cap points are to quickly you can`t respond When a enemy try to cap our base and i`m on his base oja i whas a destroyer on that time sow i`m fast and i dident make it on time if thare are more players with suggestions feel free to put it in this topic sow it dont get a mess on the forum greatings kevin
  11. Hey there, i have been playing this game for many weeks now and just wanted to suggest a couple of things that should be implemented to make it look more realistic and overall better. My main idea is to add crew walking around the ships, they could man the guns, get sent flying in explosions etc...i believe this would be a way of improving the whole look of the game. On this note, i would also suggest that if this is implemented, the crew could react to whats happening in game to the ship, for example, if a fire was started, some crew members could run across the deck with fire extinguishers, maybe during flooding buckets could be held by the crew and finally when a repair party is used the crew could hold tools and materials used to fix up the ships hull. My second idea would be to update the games music. I know that the game is only in beta and people may see music as a finishing touch, but in my experience the music is the most important part, it gives the immersion and its something people will judge. you can have the best graphics in the world, but without the music all that is ruined. Other ideas would be for submarines to be added in, maybe just limited to one per game? and for life boats too, maybe the more crew that survive you get less post-battle payments and slightly more xp? Thank you for reading my suggestions, and i hope you take them into advisement.
  12. _Flyto_

    Spectator mode please?

    It would need to be limited to same-clan, to avoid misuse, but it would be great if clan members could spectate a battle that other members of their clan were in.
  13. mrk421

    Earning dubloons in-game

    Why isn't there a way to consistently earn dubloons in-game - other than some one-time rewards or reaching rank 2 and 1 in ranked. In my opinion there should be. I've been thinking about it recently and frankly I can't see a downside. Hopefully the forum will help point it out to me... - I think it would be a really good way of doing things in a F2P game where all the perks that could be obtained could be obtained without spending real money. While being able to instantly obtain the perks if you're willing to spend money. - If properly implemented, I believe it would actually help increase WGs revenues from the premium shop rather than cut them. I understand that the main argument against rewarding dubloons in-game would be that it would reduce the revenue from the premium shop. It's a valid argument, but I'd like to offer a different perspective. I have spent money on the premium shop before and am likely to do that again in the future, but like (I suspect) many gamers out there I find it hard to justify spending hundreds and hundreds of euro on a computer game. Yet I do like to have as many goodies as I can. Is there a way to have both? I think there is. Looking at the prices of computer games in general I think it's safe to say that there are a lot of people who're willing to spend 30-50€, maybe even 60€ a pop on a game. The amount of people willing to spend more than that in a single purchase is significantly less. Looking at the premium shop, currently 30€ will give you 7000 dubloons and 50€ will give you a premium ship plus 6000 dubloons. Unfortunately those 6-7000 dubloons are not enough to buy you many of the premium ships you might like to own... My point? I believe a lot more people would jump at those 30-50€ offers if it was possible to earn the missing dubloons in-game. Therefore instead of decreasing them it would help boost the sales in the premium shops markedly! Plus it would probably liven the servers by increasing the number of people playing, which would probably indirectly help increase revenues further - and improve players' experience of the game. Everybody would win! How would it all work? Thank you if you stuck through to the end of the post. And I'd really appreciate your take on this idea! Let me know where my logic is flawed
  14. SmokyButtons

    World of warships CV improvements

    World of warships CV improvements, I have played CV’s for awhile now, while the gameplay at lower tier is okay, Higher tier play is more akin to micromanager game play more than strategy! I have a few suggestions that would make CV gameplay much fun and engaging, 1 Do away with alt attacks, get fukus back on the strategy game, instead give all type of planes an alternative modes of fire, Like give Dive bombers, high alt bomb drop, where there is reduced accuracy, but they less DMG from anti air! Torp Bombers could have early drop, where they drop farther away and take less flak Fighters should have the ability to strafe a target ship, doing a small amount of dmg, low fire chance, but good chance of temporary disabling some anti air! 2 CV’s should have limit control range where they can give orders to planes, they should still be able to send planes outside that, but just not give them new orders, and once they orders are done, they should return! 3 Lastly all CV should have unlimited Fighters planes, never losing the ability to stay in the fight, and give a more dynamic play, squads of other planes, should be replaced with 3 planes squads of fighter planes, as they are lost! All this lead to CV be more engende in the fight, and more fun and dynamic to play, and a better balance between Anti Air strong CV’s and Bombers based!
  15. Yusuf_Ismail

    WG, Pls reconsider.

    WG i would kindly request that you reconsider the supertest program for the EU server, you can start by adding a small amount of players and see which groups is the one leaking info, and punish them accordingly. P.S. Most of the leaks were just translated RU posts.
  16. vikingw

    Midway AP bombs

    Hi WG. As some of the few players, I actually enjoy a CV play once in a while. Recently I played with some friends in a division, and I have to agree with them. Midway AP bombs are pretty broken. You can delete some cruisers in 1 strike, but tier 9-10 bbs go almost unpunished (10-30 K dmg) It seems pretty ironic, that cruisers set up to counter CVs can get wrecked in that matter. But I am not here to complain, I just wanted to outline the issue. I was wondering, if not the AP bombs could be designed in such a way, that cruisers couldn't be killed in 1 strike, but BBs get hit a bit harder. Maybe let the AP bombs have a more niche-kind of dmg on ships with turtleback, since they get extra protection CQC due to the armors cheme? I know Tirpitz and Bismarck players will complain, since they already suffer under AP bombs, but that is simply up to the WG staffs;-) Bottomline: why not make AP-bombs more specialized against turtleback - let the design have a drawback, like every other armor scheme No hard feelings folk - this is just a suggestion:) Ps. Please stay on the subject, and do not post anything unless it is related to the topic:)

    Reporting system - hit back

    I found that dead players in the battle have tendencies to complain on others ie "how useless they are". Of course they have really nothing to do except bullying and If you try to defend you are mostly reported then. I suggest that ANY report coming from players listed lower in final result of the battle will not be counted AND will even hit them back. I suppose this is the only way to make things just in the reporting system.
  18. Hello , I want to suggest for some impovements. We have to make cv's a little bit more comlex so players can have multiple options in the way inflicting dmg. That will improve the rpg experience . Ofcourse restrictions will ballance the gameplay. 1st . There is an option in controls , Select next squadron but in the other hand there is no option to select previous squadron. 2nd. A carrier is a floating airfield and that means great armory. You have to add more than 2 type of weapons . As example light torpedos , heavy torpedos , ap bombs , incendiary bombs , standar bombs , rockets etc. (the choise of weapponary will taking place ingame from inactive buttons ) 3rd. a special consumable to be add. Long range air radar that will be somthing like an rpf for airplanes. 4th. kamikaze attacks for ijn cv to be available when the team is close to lose. 5th. Add to Fighters 3 alter role. 1st Air superiority (heavy ammo ), 2nd reconnaissance ( light ammo , greater speed , 3rd multirole ( rockets for soft targets(dd's) and low hp enemys will added ) 6th. Evolve map to a tactical level so we can make active planing to avvoid enemy aa bubbles.
  19. Flavio1997

    some thought on the game

    some thought on how I would rework the mechanics of the game, I’m a player that back in the days was very active, right now with university, I can’t play as often as I did before. i would remark that theese are very personal opinions Wall of text incoming, getting into the suggestion: 1) changing the bloom “flat tax”: right now, after you fire, with any ship in the game, be it a 100mm gun’s dd or a 460mm gun Yamato, your concealment bloom to you max firing range, now I agree with this change, as stealth fire was a cancerous thing, but imho the fact that it blooms for 20 seconds is detrimental to some classes ( fast firing cl and dds) while is a great advantage to bbs, that can go invisible between each shot, meanwhile if a cruiser want to do so, it has to massively reduce is dpm, but it’s super detrimental for dds, especially at the start of the game, when they go cap contesting and do those knife fights with other dds, because even after you have killed the enemy dd, you stay spotted for another 20 seconds unless you smoke up, and in those 20 seconds you usually get nuked/ lose a lot of hp, or when you have to finish a low hp enemy, you still get spotted for 20 seconds, and that’s a very big price to pay. Also, the fact that guns so different have the same bloom time is rather counterintuitive, unrealistic and bad for the gameplay, especially for the most volatile ship of the game. I would change that to a sistem like: after you fire, you have 4secs of “ bloom flat tax” +1sec/ inch of the gun fired, so a 127 secs dd will have a 9 secs bloom penality, a ligh cruiser 10 secs, a CA 12 secs and a bb 18-20 seconds, the only one who would have a slight penality would be the yamatyo at 22 secs and the republique at 21 ( meanwhile all the 16 inch have 20 secs, so for the vast majority of bbs it would be the same/improvement). 2) smoke visibility after fire, even here, I like the fact that after you fire in smoke your detection range increase because it was silly to have a bbs sitting 3 km from you and hammering you without getting detected, however, I think that WG overdid it, especially on bbs. Because with the current 14-16 km-detection-after-fire-in-smoke, smoking an allied bbs is useless ( or at least in only a defensive measure) because every time he fires it will almost always get spotted, while if I smoke up a bbs, it’s should be considered good teamplay and should get rewarded and encouraged ( maybe giving to the smoker some exp on the damage that the smoked up to do in the meanwhile). Imho the bb detection range in smoke should be reduced to 10 km ( to prevent that silly situation of beta’s days, as described before). 3) spotting damage: right now this matter is handled in a VERY crappy way from WG, because when a dds spot someone, the one spotted will open up fire ( you have nothing to lose after all) , so his detection range will bloom and the everyone “spot” that target, and the dds don’t receive any exp from it, or at least very little. Imho this should change, the closest ship to the target ( with a line of sight obviously) should be the one who gets the spotting damage. The same is for when an enemy is spotted with radar/hydro/planes of sorts (catapulted, cv, spotter), the ship radaring him should get the spotting damage. There should be also medals and achievements for spotting ships/spotting damage 4) reward cap contesting, if I with a dd contest the enemy dd capping ( even if no one spot each other), I should get a reward/ribbon of some sorts, like a cap contested for every 20 seconds in which the enemy dd can’t cap the area. And like a medal for contesting cap for 2 mins or so 5) raising the bbs citadel, that’s one of the changes that I notice the most in my 15 months pause, right now hitting another bb’citadel is very hard, even when the enemy is doing a “closing in manoeuvre” in which he shows the under the water part of the ship ( that back in alpha/beta was a “send me to the port immediately”). Wg please stop dumbing down this game, let the ones who do mistakes get nuked 6) on the same train of the last sentence above: make it in a way that cruiser who get overmatched from the nose/bow don’t get full citadel damage (maybe only penetration/ half citadel damage). Is not fun when you are doing you 150k damage in your Mogami, you have still 32khp and get deleted by a Grober Kufurst 14 kms away who get lucky and do to you a 3 citadel hit when you where presenting him only your stern ( and I mean only your stern, perfectly steaming away from him). This don’t ancourage aggressive and intelligent play, and reward camping behind an island right now this is what I thought I would change of this game, what do you agree/disagree on? I will probably get back when something else crosses my mind Flavio
  20. mrk421

    A 'Suggestions' section

    Despite the skepticism of many people, I think that having a dedicated Q&A section is a very nice idea that could have tremendous potential, IF handled responsibly by the community. With that in mind: - Would you consider having a dedicated forum section for ideas and suggestions of new features the players would like to see in the game? In relation to that, do you even consider ideas proposed by players as a source of inspiration for new features at least? Or is there no point for us to even think about what could be done to improve the game since the developers will not consider any of it anyway? In case you DO at least occasionally consider ideas put forth by the player base, having a dedicated 'suggestions' section could be immensely useful, I think...
  21. I really love this game as I am a fan of naval combat simulation since Aces of the Deep (AoTD). On the other hand the lack of any realism is disturbing. Based on the many years I spent on naval combat simulation I think it would be fine to think about changes I am directing here to the developers and hope they can evaluate these ideas internally. The last really good naval simulation was Silent Hunter 3 / 4 (with mods) while SH 5 failed to meet expectations completely. WoWS has a good foundation to bring attention to the battlefield at sea. I have to say that this game MAY NOT EVEN INTEND to be realistic, but in case it is intended to offer a unique Warship simulation that is challenging and fair it should include some basic things Line of sight: 1. It is disturbing that ships just completely disappear and appear, most of all destroyers. this happens even on relatively close distances with without smoke being involved Please let ships fade out, more realisticly and alter the stats of invisibily. It is completely nonsense that I cannot see a destroyer in 4 km range at clear sight! 2. Implement that you can see smoke from engine from farther distances without being able to see the ships shape / type (horizon) 3. The smoke walls should not appear in an instance but build up to make it more realistic. Physics: 1. Include that ships that get flooded, hit severly by torpedoes will also see functional damages, this is mostly the case when using normal ammo but torpedoes only do HP damage / flooding. they should be able to cause fire, letting a ship have a list to one way which makes it more complicated to target. This all would help to balance destroyer gameplay which is hard enough, but the realism is needed and would further nerf their effectiveness. This measures would counter it. 2. We need waves, wind, rain, fog to make the gameplay more interesting and to give the "visibility" of ships a resonable function. Currenly we are navigating on a still sea which is boring. The only thing that a captain is actually doing is answering the question "where do i go today from my starting point. Torpedoes: 1. Torpedoes should have a minimum distance before they can actually do damage. 2.Currently it seems that torpedoes shot on a longer distance do more damage than those shot over a short distance. If so this is not realistic and should be removed 3. Please implement that torpedo of US and german / japan ship fail, as this was common in these times. Please refer to the chronicles of Karl Dönitz "Ten Years and 20 days" and Roskill "War at Sea". 4. Please implement that torpedoes won't explode when hitting a target from any angle. It is highly annoying in the game and also unrealistic. 5. Please let the player assign the torpedo depht / magnetic or contact pistol for dealing the way of damage (keel) Battle: 1. A identifaction handbook would be fine to identify ships, and damageable regions like citadel. 2. When using the glasses it should not auto lock on the target as it makes it too easy to aim especially on destroyers that simply cannot use their speed to escape from the frontline. 3. Let the player a change to control deck guns seperately, at the moment you are quite forced to use them in one direction. 4. Flak needs to be more efficient. It's firing way to less. The ability of heavy flak fire tested on Japanese Battleship Fuso does not help either. The base firing rate seems not be higher. 5. Torpedo bombers should not only consist of double-deckers but also Catalinas and other aircraft of these time. A higher speed can actually help to balance a better flak out. Metagame: 1. Even it will cost you money, try to avoid premium ammo to avoid Pay to Win.# Bombs: 1. It happens that bombs don't do any or very less damage even in case of a full hit on deck. This needs some attention.
  22. Kirk_Helmet

    First suggestions on minor details

    Hello everyone. After the first day of playing the closed beta of WoWS I am really impressed by the game. I had lots of fun in my first couple of battles and find some ideas great. For example the profile gaining experience is a great feature, the idea of a newcomer being able to only face bots in co-op battles on his first level is very good. Also if anyone would dislike his new, stock warship - he can grind the upgrades in co-op mode not complaining about facing stronger opponents. So generally - great job developers. On the other hand while playing the game I noticed several things I would like to see implemented. Probably some of them are already considered or already being developed. Sorry if I repeated any already discussed ideas. I'll list all the things that came to my mind on day one below: - Lack of commands. I mean some typical commands like: "Defend the base", "Follow me", "Help", "Requesting fire on <enemy>" etc. - I guess developers are working on it already but this is definitely the thing we need. - Lack of minimap pinging. When we press right ctrl we see the mouse cursor, just like in WoT, and we can move it around the minimap. It would be helpful if we could also ping some sector which we would like our team to look at. - I was already explained you do it by double-clicking. - Lack of division chat channel in battle. While already in battle we can either write to "all" or to the "team". It would be good if players not using the headphones could write specifically to their teammates from the same division, especially if they use their native (not english) language to communicate. - Lack of the possibility to see ammo type specification during battle. Again a comparison to WoT (sorry for that, but some ideas there are good). So in WoT after pressing the right ctrl we can drag our cursor over the icons of ammo types at the bottom centre of screen and see their specs: average damage (in WoWS it's a max dmg as far as I noticed) and average penetration. It would be nice if we could see those in WoWS during battle too. - Along with the ammo specs visible under a cursor it would be also useful if a player could be able to get some short description of ability like the "repair", "smoke screen" etc. explaining in few words what exactly the ability does. Yes, I know that after few battles player already knows that "repair" repairs guns, engine, extinguishes fire and stuff, but it would be nice to have this info anyway. It would also be really useful if we could see the ability reload time before we use it, maybe along with the description? For example: "Repair fixes this and that and even that instantly and extinguishes fires. Ability reloads in: 1:00 min." - I don't know if others would agree with me but I somehow felt uncomfortable with the fact that I can't see the distance in "sniper view". I mean we can see the distance to our allies and spotted enemies displayed above them but I would like to also have the range to the point I am currently aiming at visible. The info we get under the ALT key somehow solves this one. I think these are all my suggestions for now. Again - sorry if I repeated the already discussed features. EDIT: Green points.
  23. SiriJoka

    Help With Some Questions.

    Hi. Recently i started playing "Paragon" and in the graphic options they have also the frame rate lock for 30, 60, 90 and Unlimited. I have an old graphics card (can't afford new one atm) so i had some issues with the quality, not with anything else. The game runs smoothly even on this early stage, guess it makes sense with UE4 and their engine but, the recommended quality was bad for me. In this game the main issue is backwards, the game never seems to run smoothly. Ok-ish yes, smooth no. So i have all my graphic settings to low, but i just realized i never tried anything beyond that. Is there a way to change the FPS to 30? Does anyone know? Thanks! The other thing i wonder is, since the resupply/repair cost is off limits for F2P accounts/players for ships above tier 7, have the Devs ever thought of giving a reduced cost for those that are brave enough to not use Premium consumables, any camo with benefits and signals? Considering they lose something in power or otherwise i personally consider it a fair trade off. Nothing changes, only the costs will go lower for the ones that will not use everything i mentioned. Thanks, cheers!
  24. SkybuckFlying

    Main map could use some improvements.

    Hello, I noticed main map can use some improvements: 1. When possible display distances for way points. (When no other text in the way). This will improvement planning and time estimations. 2. Show "ghost" ships on main map too. (currently only on minimap). (Seems weird to show this on minimap but not on main map, discrepancy). 3. Show cursor distance. (currently only in 3D mode) Again better planning via main map. 4. Show torp/cannon fire circle on main map. (currently only displayed on minimap). Again better planning and aim preperations main map and enemy fire/detection avoidance. Bye, Skybuck.
  25. InfinityIncarnate

    [Suggestion] Unique Commander Skill-tree

    First off, I don't know if something like this have been suggested, but didn't find any when I searched for it. In my opinion there should be separate commander skill trees which should be more unique to each ship type - one tree for each of these: Aircraft Carrier - Battleship - Cruiser - Destroyer. Where each of these commander skills-trees should have the aspects which is already in the game but with skills that are unique to the individual ship class - Endurance - Attack - Support - Versatility. Currently there is only ONE commander skill-tree with skills that really would make no sense for some captains to have because the player wouldn't benefit from in those particular classes of ships, like having skills that modify aspects of the torpedos or aircraft when its a battleship, cruiser or destroyer. Also, many of the current skills are only really usable for certain ship classes which leaves very little options, at least from a perspective of having the most optimal. This would in my opinion open up a lot of possibilities and would especially make it possible take skills that would better fit one's playstyle, or gear a ship towards one or more specific functions. There are a lot of possibilities as to what these skills could or should be, some skills possibilities are more obvious than others. I'm sure a lot of us captains could think of some, so can WG I'm sure. What does my fellow captains think about this? // Inc.