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Found 12 results

  1. GM_DaVinci

    Sommergibili e Impressioni

    Al di la di tutte le critiche che vengono fatte a questo gioco (ma poi perchè ci giocate se non vi piace?), quello che manca, è dare seguito alle critiche... Se critichi, proponi delle soluzioni/alternative, ma vedo che non è quasi mai così... Va bene, dico la mia sui Sommergibili... Questa nuova modalità di gioco a mio parere ha bilanciato un pochino il realismo delle battaglie. Le BB si tengono più indietro per non essere devastate dai Sommergibili e i DD fanno finalmente il loro sporco lavoro supportati dai Cruiser. Ovviamente, è presto per parlare di un buon bilanciamento, ma le basi ci sono, anche perchè al momento la gente prova solo i Subs e le altre navi (specie le BB) sono quasi sempre Bots. Qui di seguito riporto quello che andrebbe migliorato sulle nuove unità (ovviamente a mio parere): 1) Serve la quota Periscopio (premendo un pulsante specifico) 2) A quota periscopio non si può essere spottati alla stessa distanza di quando si è in emersione 3) Migliorare il sistema di puntamento (ping) 4) Il Sub deve avere la visuale in terza persona sempre libera di guardare il fondale o la superfice... E' brutto vedere solo il fondale se sei immerso o solo la superficie se sei in emersione. 5) Questa è quella su cui si dovrebbe lavorare di più... Se un Sub si ritrova un DD sulla testa è praticamente morto al 100% senza possibilità di salvarsi. Va da se che si cominciano a vedere i giocatori che datisi per spacciati rammano (o ci provano) la nave nemica. Io credo che quella famosa quota di immersione che ti porta fino ad 80mt, dovrebbe darti più chance di sopravvivere all'attacco... Quasi tutti dicono che WG non ascolta i players... Sicuramente sarà vero, ma per lo meno nessuno ci potrà contestare un domani che noi ci siamo solo lamentati e che non abbiamo contribuito a migliorare il gioco... Saluti a tutti
  2. punchmynuggets

    Is it just me.

    I have been playing WOWs for about a year, not that good but really enjoyed the game. I have done the grind and have tier 10 ships, i participate all aspects of the game and even enjoy the frustration of ranked and also Clan Battles. However in the last few months, in particular ,this month (May) the enjoyment seems to be slipping away and many of my team mates seem to be turning to the Dark Side , you know the one i mean ,the cheaper looking, all in one chinese type copy "War Thunder". Is it me or are the long awaited Subs arrival combined with the new matchmaking turned people away. If i can just explain and please tell me if you disagree. The matchmaking needed fixing but it has now become predictable with looking at the teams before thew battle starts you can almost predict the winners without the team stats being available , just look at the emblems V the patches (works nearly every time). So when i start a battle i already know the result and as soon as you see the positioning of most of the enemy ships, yuo just know how it's going to turn out . The other point is that this Sub battle is a disaster. I have played a couple in a DD and was frustrated with the subs .Not because of the damage caused but because the whole game dynamic changed and what was worse the sub in each team in my first battle just camped out together next to an island , it changed the game so much, ships were giving islands they would normally use as cover(which is essential for some light cruisers) a wide birth and then being targeted by the BB's. The in game chat was terrible and people were fed up and so as ashamed as i am i sunk both subs torped my teammate and depth charged the other(screen shot to prove it), only then did the match return to being fun. I love this game for so many reasons, however i felt the need to say the game is changing and i see people drifting from it. Wargaming you have a great game , but if you loose the original and pure format of the game i think you will loose your core base of fans . They will simply drift on. War Thunder is not a scratch on WOW's . Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings , i'm happy to to read any points you wish to raise good or bad please comment PS WOW"S please bring back 1v1 Ranked the absolute purest , exciting ,rewarding and most of all NO EXCUSES form of the game.
  3. Let's take a look at what WG has been telling us in the past three years with some of the changes they made. stealth fire - completely removed because 'WG says it's is unfair to get farmed by invisible targets with no counter-play. smoke firing - nerfed by adding a detection penalty because WG says it's unfair to get farmed by invisible targets with no counter-play radar and hydro on half the high tier ships - because WG says it's unfair to get farmed by invisible targets with no counter-play Yet, at the same time, they are adding an entire second class that is based on the concept of being on a different layer (but this time under water instead of in the air). The main issue with that is that you get farmed by invisible targets and have no counter play against it. Can anyone explain how this makes sense? WG is saying that on one hand you should be able to see your target and have a fair fight, while on the other hand CV and subs are rooted in the opposite concept. I don't believe counter-play is effective when you only have depth charges on certain ships and acceptable AA on even less. The rock-paper-scissors philosophy that the game is built on, is apparently thrown out of the window as soon as it suits the devs. We all know that subs probably get added to the main game, so no need to point out that it's a separate game mode for now.
  4. 1MajorKoenig

    SUBMARINES — Feedback Poll

    Hey, Reading the Subs Feedback thread I wondered how WG wants to use this feedback — tons of posts but really hard to digest. Therefore I would like to create a poll thread — I start with a couple of feedbacks — suggestions and add to a poll if additional Suggestions + Feedback arise in the discussion. Please leave a vote on the ones you support! Plus: I try to further suggestions out of the discussion —————————————————————————— Here — as a starting point my feedback from the general thread: 1) have three distinct depths with different mechanics attached to them:  - surfaced (recharge batteries, Concealment on par with DDs, full spotting, torping, manual deck gun, AA) - periscope depth (consume battery, better Concealment, reduced Spotting, torping, recharge battery only if boat has a snorkel-I.e. T8+10 boats?) - submerged (Consume battery, no own spotting, make use of spotting from friendlies, reduces speed, reduced damage) - Crash dive depth Consumable (no spotting from own boat or friendlies unless own hydro Consumable, reduced damage, consumes battery)  2) battery only rechargeable in the surface or - if you have it - via snorkel. Make the subs surface after a while 3) two types of Torpedos: a slower acoustic one as today just a little less powerful AND a straight runner for manual aiming with better stats (speed + range) 4) add manual deck gun for the lulz and give it the 1/4 pen rule 5) add AA (even if it’s not powerful) 6) add some indicator for CVs to see how deep a sub is currently
  5. Admiral_of_Greece

    Submarines and Update

    1. I am glad that they changed the Speed Icon, it was confusing for me when I started playing, it will be good for new players. 2. I like when they add mechanics in the game, if developers listened to the complainers the game would have only battleships and cruisers. ( I remember about the complaining on dds and cvs -Before the game entered the Steam-, people do not like to get countered, or have their position being disturbed) 3. Submarines will at last make the campers move, personally I will be going strictly for campers and premium ships if the situation allows it -Hate on Smolensk runs deep-. 4. Stream Sniping with Sub-Ramming will take place 100% (Mixed feelings about that). 5. The game becomes more interesting. Many of my shipmates are waiting for submarines in order to return to the game. Edit: 1) All ships must have anti-sub warfare. + Depth water torpedos. CVs included 2) Submarines need a small gun on their top like a machine gun doing very light damage quickly (like 120-150 damage per second/5km at tier X) (as they had in reality, cause torps were not reliable).
  6. I only made it to 369K in the early CV rework versions with the Midway, due to business travel I could only play game version 0.8.0 for 48 hours and also could not participate in the Haku torp spam :( How high do you think the damage record on any kind of Submarine will be, once it is playable in random matches ? Wishing everyone a nice week :)
  7. Do you think Submarines will come in 2019 ?
  8. Dear WG, next to our beloved CV`s - Please add Submarines to the regular game and the ranked mode as soon as possible. Thank you very much :)
  9. Johnny_Moneto

    Picked up a date under water

    Who would have thought... I dove in my little submarine through the beatiful underwater world when suddenly somebody dumped the thrash overboard and into the sea. Of course it hit my little submarine right through the bow... We got kind of attached right away for some 20 seconds. With the emergency surfacing I was even able to lift the wreck from under the seas back to the surface. Scary, but then it is the Halloween event.
  10. Since BB players want the game to be "realistic" so badly lets add AI controlled planes and subs that randomly spawn and torpedo BBs. Just like real life!