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Found 5 results

  1. Should I farm XP for the upcoming German/US submarines in their respective tech tree? Or should I stockpile XP for the upcoming subs? What shall I do?
  2. I have finished every single personal assignment on the submarine test server and I don't know how to claim these rewards on my main account. Pls help.
  3. spygear1


    Will the I-400 class sub be a in the game? If so will it have a air wing like a cv?
  4. Since Baleo class submarine is confirmed, let's talk about acoustic torpedoes, rumours say Baleo will come equipped with post-war acoustic torpedoes. An acoustic torpedo is a torpedo that aims itself by listening for characteristic sounds of its target or by searching for it using sonar (acoustic homing). Acoustic torpedoes are usually designed for medium-range use and often fired from a submarine. The first passive acoustic torpedoes were developed independently and nearly simultaneously by the Allies and the Germans during World War II. The Germans developed the G7e/T4 Falke, which was first deployed in March 1943. However, this early model was actually used in combat by only three German U-Boats. It was not until after the deployment of the T-4's successor, the G7es T-5 Zaunkönig torpedo in August 1943 that Germany began to use passive acoustic torpedoes in substantial numbers; the T-5 first saw widespread use in September 1943. This weapon was developed to attack escort vessels and merchant ships in convoys. Acoustic homing torpedoes are equipped with a pattern of acoustic transducers on the nose of the weapon. By a process of phase delaying the signals from these transducers a series of "acoustic beams" (variation of acoustic signal sensitivity dependent on the incident angle of the noise energy). In early homing torpedoes the "beam patterns" were fixed whereas in more modern weapons the patterns were modifiable under on-board computer control. These sensor systems are capable of either detecting sound originating from the target itself for example engine and machinery noise, propellor cavitation, etc., known as passive sonar, or responding to noise energy reflections as a result of "illuminating" the target with sonar pulses, known as active sonar. Acoustic torpedoes can be compared to modern fire-and-forget guided missiles. What this means is the enemy (most likely a submarine) will be detected by sonar in any direction it goes. The torpedo will start with a passive sonar, simply trying to detect the submarine. Once the torpedo's passive sonar has detected something, it will switch over to active sonar and will begin to track the target. At this point, the submarine has probably started evasive maneuvers and may have even deployed a noisemaker. The torpedo's logic circuitry, if not fooled by the noisemaker, will home in on the noise signature of the target submarine. This "confidential" U.S. Navy training film gives an overview of the operation of the air-launched, acoustic homing torpedoes designed for anti-submarine and anti-ship use. The film discusses the difference between active and passive torpedoes and goes on to describe the operation of the active type torpedoes. At 2:57 the passive Fido acoustic torpedo, also known as the Mine Mark 24, is shown. At 3:18 the Mark 27 Mod 0 acoustic torpedo is shown. USS Chivo (SS-341), a Balao-class submarine, is seen in the background. At 3:36 the Mark 28 Torpedo is seen, similar to the Mark 18. At 3:50 the Mark 34 Torpedo is shown. At 4:00 the Mark 27 Mod 4 is shown. At 4:15, passive torpedoes are shown. At 4:25 active torpedoes are shown including the Mark 32 Mod 1, the Mark 41 Mod 0, the Mark 43 Mod 0 and the Mark 41 Mod 1. The Mark 35 Mod 12 is also shown, but is not discussed in the film. At 5:09 an early Piasecki PV-3 / HRP helicopter is shown dropping an active torpedo. The animation then shows the "pinging" of the torpedo, as it turns and dives to search for a target (making a search circle). At 6;23 the pursuit circle is defined, and the "on/off steering" method that the torpedo uses to find its target are discussed. At 7:17, the final search circle is entered and the explosive charge is detonated. At 7:43 some of the non-optimal situations that a torpedo might encounter are shown, including shallow depth "angle blanking". At 8:54 the Mark 32 Mod 1 is shown, capable of being dropped from a blimp or surface ship. Its characteristics are then discussed. At 11:00, the Mark 41 Mod 0 is shown, an anti-submarine weapon only launched by aircraft. At 13:42 the Mark 43 Mod 0 is shown, again being dropped by a PV-3 helicopter. The torpedo's method of operation is then discussed. At 16:05, the Mark 43 Mod 1 is shown and its characteristics are discussed. At 19:48 the Mark 43, Mod 1, is shown being rigged for electrical firing, and its arming system is shown. What is your opinion if acoustic torpedoes will be in-game? Will it completely break the game if WG introduces it in with submarines? Or do you think it could possibly be a good game mechanic with the right counter gameplay mechanics such as noisemakers or managing your vessels sound output? UPDATE 21/8 Active acoustic torpedoes are confirmed work in progress in recent leaks. https://imgur.com/a/uRhdSNs Once you fire, you need to manually ping the target for the torpedo to lock on. Your ping gives away your last position to the enemy.
  5. Je me permet de poster ça ici, vu que c'est un peu hors sujet.Normalement, si vous êtes comme moi, tout ce qui touche aux véhicules de la 2ème guerre nous intéresse. Donc je me suis dit que ça pourrait vous intéresser.J'ai fait une petite vidéo sympa sur l'histoire étonnante du U-1206 qui a coulé à cause de ses toilettes.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJOA3Kg9TKgJ'en ferai d'autres par la suite avec aussi des anecdotes sur l'aviation.