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Found 5 results

  1. WG nerf this broken ship FLINT! Its stupid and you *Edited know it! Just nerf it already!
  2. Highway_Star

    Torpedo bombers dropping torps over land.

    Who trained these guys? Don't they know torps only work in water? I'd rather they just tell me "No can do, attack run aborted. Requesting new orders" if the attack run can't be performed. Right now if the attack run is blocked then the bombers drop their torps anyway.
  3. ronin_hr

    Nerf Conq already!

    How long till Conq nerf? I really don't care for stupid statistics on how many battles are won or lost, K/D ratio etc. etc. The ship is plain stupid. I had plenty of encounters with it in my Yamato, most case scenarios are that I am full angled on it and it still deals 15k of damage, while he is fully broadside and impossible to citadel and that is totally stupid. How many times have you seen a player in Conqueror watching his citadel? I know that it is possible to citadel, but that is a too rare case to mention. Excuses like "oooh but the dmg dealt by Conq is possible to heal" are also stupid and I really don't care about the damage he is pumping but the fact that this ship promotes lazy play. About what do you have to worry about in it? You don't watch your broadside, you don't have to focus on aim because you have a crap load of guns since you can give 90% of time almost full broadside and you have crazy heal, oh and let me not forget that trollish concealment. Can you compare any of T10 battleships with it and tell me that it is easier to play it that Conq?
  4. How does it work? Do you get the +Commander XP and +cash retroactively for the three wins? Sorry I am stupid.
  5. MAX59200

    bug ou incompétence

    Je trouve vraiment débile de lancer un porte-avion t6 avec des t8 les avions ce font one shot, impossible de s'approcher donc peut de dégât en game donc peut exp, donc l'envie de jouer diminue.Tu m'étonnes que le jeu a peut de joueur arrive en t6 démarre le paye tout win ou paye ton progresser dans le jeu et que le ne me sorte pas "oui, mais il n'y a pas assez de joueurs donc voilà"