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Found 20 results

  1. xSniper1982

    Stuck on Login screen

    Please check this topic for further information. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/155202-stuck-at-logon-screen/?page=3 I am having the same issue as these guys, I have tried ALL of the same things that the Support Teams have suggested. I start the game, get the login screen, click to login and it just takes me back to the login screen. I would also like to add, that, just like these guys I have a Ryzen build. My PC Ryzen7 1800x, MSI B350 Tomahawk, GTX 970, 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RAM From the looks of it it seems to be somehow related to Ryzen setups... possibly paired with MSi boards...??... As stated in THAT thread, the Support Team mention that it is now a known issue. Anyone else having these problems?
  2. Lord_Solidus

    Got stuck on the map 8(

    Hello Today i played a match in my DM and about 8 min in I got stuck and spent the rest of the match in that position, I tried to get lose but dident work....... I spent about 5 min in that position until the match ended............man I was really mad Have this happend to anyone of you guy's (or girls)?
  3. Antikythera

    Camera gets stuck.

    Not sure if anyone has had this issue but it's now made me lose 5 games in the space of only 24 hours because of what it causes and I'm not a happy sailor! My camera suddenly gets stuck and the HUD freezes (Cooldown numbers stop and everything), i can still control my ship and watch it move, but it must stay in view of the camera angle or i lose it completely. the only method of fixing this so far is to alt+f4, reload the game, get back into the battle.... by which time my ship is destroyed, the battle is lost and i suffer yet more frustration. It is yet to be fixed in any patch so hopefully people will recognise this. Thanks .
  4. hakkietakkie

    Massive matchmaking bug for co-op

    I was in a division of 2 ships (Amagi and Atago) in co-op, and the loading time is supposed to be capped at 30 seconds. But instead, we waited for 10 minutes, were unable to leave the qeue, and had to close the client. Please look into this WG, and fix it.
  5. Hytizz

    Stuck at Actualizing data

    Hi! It seems, that launcher is somehow broken. Two days ago it gave somekind of minipatch and after that launcher got stuck in "Actualizing Data" and on the middle of launcher window there is rolling gear. Nothing happens, no matter how long i let it be there. I have allready uninstalled game and now its stuck in download situation. Same crap, but now i have animated launcher window. So, any suggestions?
  6. Lord_Dildeaux

    Co-op Bots stuck suggestion

    Bots get stuck in Co-op mode a lot. Happens each game once, twice and sometimes more. Just like human players but, unlike those human players, bots remain stuck once they've run aground. Suggestion: -Bot stuck=Yes -Bot tries to get free on its own (timer, 20 seconds?) -Is Bot under fire=No -Get nearest free vector/grid cell -Align/Move bot to new vector -Bot is no longer stuck=Yes -Done I realize this will cause the odd hop of bots in game but, personally, I'm perfectly fine with that if it gets away with bots being unable to contribute to, what already is a way too easy game-mode.
  7. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Ships 'stuck' in game, after game finished!

    Hi Guys Anyone else experiencing this? Just played a game with my New Mex, then with my Cleve. In both cases, the games are over, but in my port, these ships are still showing 'in battle'. :/
  8. GulvkluderGuld

    CV squads stuck for no reason

    First I want to say a big Thank You to WG for finally making CVs playable (figher barrage 5.2 buff). Unfortunately, it seems squads gets stuck more often than ever. Twice now in 10 games I had squads get stuck! The first one was when I targeted a manual DB drop inside a DD smokescreen. 15 mins later the poor confused pilot was still circling aimlessly, still carrying bombs...and there were not even enemy planes around when he was ordered to drop! Another game I tried to fighter barrage an enemy strike on my CV, but got a bit too close before barraging. Result? My fighter got engaged my an enemy Figher, right as it would have started to barrage. However, insted of locking itself in combat as normally, it started circling and refused to shoot at the other fighter engaging it. Needless to say it didnt mean as much, as it just got killed. Do anyone know what causes this / how to avoid it? And should I file a report (i have replay and ss)
  9. Von_Breslau

    Utrata kontroli nad eskadrą

    Witam. Dzisiaj dwa razy, na dwóch różnych lotniskowcach i eskadrach zdarzył mi się ten sam błąd. 1. Niszczyciel wroga osiadł na mieliźnie i powoli się uwalniał, skierowałem swoją eskadrę bombową na niego (z dokładnym namierzaniem). Samoloty jednak zamiast zrzucić bomby zaczęły krążyć nad celem, tak jakby cel był zbyt blisko i musiały się oddalić. Jednak nic z tego, krążyły i krążyły. Nie przyjmowały żadnych rozkazów. Przeciwnicy mogli do nich strzelać, ale ja miałem w plecy całą eskadrę. 2. Też niszczyciel płynął blisko wybrzeża, ale na tyle daleko, że dało się wycelować torpedowce od strony lądu. Zrzut torped miał się odbyć prawie na plaży I tak jak poprzednio, samoloty zaczęły okrążać punkt zrzutu. Brak reakcji na komendy ! W tym wypadku przeciwnicy wystrzelali tę eskadrę i z lotniskowca mogłem poderwać rezerwy. Problem mało zabawny. Bo prawie na stałe traci się kontrolę nad eskadrą i tylko "pomoc" wroga może "uratować".
  10. AkaZecik

    Cannot connect to battle

    Hi, I have some problems with starting a battle. I can enter the Port but when I press the "Battle" button I can hear the sound but nothing else happens (no errors, no messages). Game doesn't let me join the queue and I can't upgrade ships/commander skills. My friend is having similiar issues, we can't join a division too. I also don't see his presence in 'contact' pannel. I have checked NA and EU forum for info but found nothing (only ingame errors or connection problems). I have activated "ALBANY" code a second before noticing this problem and I can see a new ship in my port now, so game is connected to server correctly. I have a possible reason: we tried to join a battle in division but game got stuck in queue (timer reached 5:30 and probably could reach more - game didn't disconnect us at 5:00) so we quit WoW. Problem described above showed right after this issue (first try was one hour after this overextended queue). Thanks for help in advance! Edit: sorry for wrong section. Please move this topic to correct one as soon as possible
  11. North: If an AI controlled BB spawns near the island at C4 it will be stuck on the eastern shore of the island for the entire match. Ocean: If an AI controlled BB spawns near the map border at C1 it will be stuck there for the entire match. This seems to be only happening when the teams spawn lower right corner and upper left corner facing to the center of the map.
  12. got stuck beside an island on the map Fault Line, clearly not even close to be stuck and neither back nor forth did give any speed (so it has to be a bug, normally when you are stuck the engine still does build up speed) - screenshots for understanding -> hopefully that helps to fix it, don't want others to get trapped there^^ *edit* after a while the ship started spinning on the same spot, still not able to get out of it
  13. FakeMessiah27

    Land collision is buggy

    The land collision system doesn't seem to take the area where you actually collide with land into account. It just seems to register that the ship has hit land and stops you dead in your tracks. As an example: I just had a game on the ice map where I wasn't paying enough attention while steaming close to an island. An enemy ship fired at me and I wanted to evade the shots, not realising how close I actually was to the island. The alarm went off, I had my ''Oh crap'' moment, and I started steering away. Now I was in a Pensacola, a fairly manoeuvrable ship in my opinion, and I managed to at least steer the bow away from the oncoming land mass. Unfortunately I still hit a small bit of land sticking out into the sea. The thing is, I hit it amidships, but I still came to a complete stop. What's worse is that I got completely stuck. I could no longer go forwards or backwards. I spend about five minutes trying to wriggle myself free, and sometimes I did move a meter or so, only to once more bump into the island and lose all of my speed again. It seems the game treats any contact with land as if you've hit it head-on. If you steam into a landmass head on it makes sense that you come to a complete stop, in fact in real life you would just beach yourself. In the case of skirting along a landmass however, it makes no sense at all. What would work better I reckon, is if you would slide along the landmass much like you would do when hitting the map border, possibly taking damage in the process (the taking damage when colliding with land is a whole other discussion though).
  14. So i just found a bug, if you sail close to the Island at D3 in the New Dawn map you get stuck permanently, you cant go forwards as the ship will automatically turn into the island and you cant go backwards as the ship will start turning its back into the island. I just sat there for the whole game you cant come out.
  15. I know this may be the wrong section but i can't open a new topic under the beta section of the forum so I'm writting here. I have like others apparently have had before me an issue when installing the game update. The downloading part works just fine but when it starts to install the update my computer starts to slow down up to the point where it freezes completely and I have to reboot it manually. I have never been able to go past 88% of the installation. I have even tried to let it sit for more than 8 hours but no changes. I'm taking the liberty of opening this new topic since I have seen others have this same issue but no solutions where found for them. I'm letting you know that i have also send a ticket to the customer service and if by chance they find a solution to the problem I'll let everybody know here and maybe help others. Then again maybe someone already has a solution and can help me. Other informations ; I've read alot on the FAQ's and other forums and tried all what people usually suggest when there's an installation problem : - I've tried deleting all the files and redownloading them without the "torrent" box checked. No changes -Java is up to date, IE is up to date, Flash player is up to date and my Graphic card's drivers are up to date. -My configuration is above the minimum requirred : Windows 7, Intel core i5 2500k, Nvidia GTX 560 Ti and 8Gb of RAM -I've been running World of Tanks for several years without any problem ever. Iv'e even tried uninstalling WoT jut in case. No changes. I think that's it. I hope someone found a solution to this issue. If not I'll let others with the same issue know if the customer service finds a solution for me. Thanks for reading.
  16. b00man

    stuck in water

    i suddenly got stuck in open water. i was able to reverse later and get out but didnt get any collision warning or something seems to me like a bug or the map isnt right
  17. Jack_Varus

    Bug Report- "Sticky" Island

    I've had a couple of instances where I've become completely stuck after scraping an island. It's always when the side of the ship contacts the land, head on hits seem to be escapable. So far I've only encountered it with the Omaha cruiser. A few times it was in the middle of a combat zone and I was too busy to examine the issue too closely, but after getting stuck near the spawn having tried to follow an allied battleship through a strait I got a good look at it. What appears to be happening is on rocky corners of islands there's the potential for the island to clip through the side of the ship. In this case it acts like a barbed hook- the ship can reverse or move forwards a little before getting stuck and application of rudder allows you to pivot, sometimes up to 70 degrees around the point you're attached but you still cannot break free. I've attached a couple of screenshots of the last point I got completely stuck. It's worth noting that my bow was pointing approximately 45 degrees to port from where the screenshot was taken when I collided.
  18. morfejus

    Raming and getting stuck

    I got ramed in the side by an enemy destroyer and got pushed against a cliff and got stuck. is this a bug or is this supposed to happen? Take a look and maybe you have any ideas.
  19. Hi, is this bug or feature? I got stuck on this place and could not move back or forth more than couple of meters, just waiting till the end of the battle. (and survived there 2 torpedo air raids, because carrier operator fired both lengthwise :-D) I know it's kind of real, but I hope it is not intentional to make such spots on map. Also it would be nice to have some way to see, measure or at least estimate the depth. Is there a special topic where to put such things/bugs?