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Found 4 results

  1. Was tut ein begeisterter Spieler, wenn ihm das offizielle Forum nicht groß genug ist? Genau, er macht einen YouTube Channel auf, streamt auf Twitch, YouTube und hitbox und wenn ihm das nicht reicht, dann müllt er das Internet noch mit einem Bog zu. Genau das habe ich nun getan und mit wirsinken.de einen solchen Blog der sich um WoWS dreht ins Leben gerufen (manche sagen gegen seinen Willen ins Licht der Welt gezerrt). Ich möchte auf dieser Plattform neben Videos auch Guides präsentieren und vor allem auch alle möglichen Themen rund um WoWS in etwas anderer Form besprechen, als es in Foren gewöhnlich üblich ist. Etwas länger, etwas persönlicher und immer mit einer großen Portion Humor (oder was ich dafür halte) einer Menge subjektiven Eindrücken. Jeder ist eingeladen zu lesen und natürlich auch seinen Kommentar zu hinterlassen. Für feedback bin ich jederzeit offen, nur bitte ich, lasst eure Mistgabeln, Fakeln und Stricke zu Hause. Man kann doch über alle Dinge reden! Link: www.wirsinken.de
  2. Hey folks :) I'm TC and I'm the Leader of the BOBS community :) I first got involved in WoWs back in Closed Alpha - Long live the Kitakami :( I've since just played the game quietly as my own enjoyment away from another of WG's products. I've now decicded that I want to grow in Ships, and bring the same chilled, fun, saltfree gameplay and stream style that I have. I've grown my stream over 3 + years, but I love to see more new names in the chat :) RedBeren and myself do a switching stream on Sundays were we get the clan together, and play Ops, while chatting with the audience, having a laugh and just generally enjoying the game - with a few giveaways thrown in every now and then ;) Mondays, Wedensdays, Thursdays I'm normally live from around 7pm GMT ish till 10-10:30pm. Fridays we stream abit longer Saturdays we tend to have a long stream, and song request as well :) The stream has peeps of all level's and we are all happy to chat and help new people and exsisitng people. Stream - www.twitch.tv/tcfreer Twitter - @tcfreer Facebook - Tcfreer Feel free to drop a follow and come along :) Look forward to seeing you there!!!
  3. OttoTTV

    New Streamer - Stop by say Hello

    Hello Guy's and Girls. I'm Relatively new to World of Warships but wanting to get very active within the community. i used to host league events for World of Tanks on Xbox, Called (WTXL). But now i'm just wanting to take it easy just with a simply Live Stream. Hopefully a few of you will show some love for a new streamer. Lot to Giveaway in December, Such as the Belfast, Tirpitz and lots of Doubloons. Once i've got a good following i will make the BIG Giveaways with large Ships a monthly thing. And a constant flow of Premium time Through the week along with Doubloons. So feel free to stop by guy's and girls simply follow or Subscribe its totally your choice. As stated on the info section on the Twitch account Followers get x2 chance of winning and Subscribers get a x3 chance. TwitchTv - OttoCarius21st Thanks for taking the time to read this small post.
  4. Want to Win 10,000 Doubloons & 30 Days Premium? Then Simply Follow or Subscribe on the following media via the link below. competition will end 30th May. >> Rules To enter in for a chance to WIN 10,000 Doubloons & 30 Days Premium Simply Follow / Subscribe to OttoTTV on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, or TwitchTv, Discord must be a player on World of Warships on EU, NA, or Asia server. Click to Enter