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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone I open this topic, because since I play WoWs, I never had a (real) possibility to have "Belfast" and I think, I'm not the only one (also right for other ships). There are many ship you can obtain through a super container, BUT you have only a probability of 1.5% to have one... Worse, even less probability to have a ship with this method... and last there are hundred ship you can obtain! only good point, you won't have a ship you already have... So 1%(Ship) of 1%(Ship Container, I suppose) of 1.5% (Super Container), 1 to 3 time each day and if you are unlucky like me... My Idea is, put in this topic the name of the ship you want to have. Maybe some Devs will see it and do something... but I'm not too optimist, but at least I tried!
  2. please don't shoot me WG, can we also have a mug that changes it is icon when adding hot coffee or tea in it? Like having any type of ship (as the one you already have with Bismark) sailing and when you put hot coffee/tea it changes it is icon into Bismark having flames ^_^ Just a funny thought xD
  3. What do forumites think? I'm sorely tempted as each of the ships has a distinctive feel to it, is powerful in its own right, and the Azuma's on my "to get" list. On the other hand, I don't need any of the ships for crew-training / credit grinding and £171 is a lot of money. At an average of £43 per ship, that's £128 to lay down for "ships that aren't the Azuma", and I'm starting to get to the point in my grind(s) where free-xping Azuma seems at least possible, even if it will take a long while.
  4. What is the best premium ship at the premium store ? Because i'm planning to buy a prem ship in the store that a make a crap tones of money something like 1 000 000 credits for good game
  5. For a long time I refused to spend money on a F2P game. After 500 battles or so I bought a tirpitz. 2 Days later my girlfriend bought me the scharnhorst. Since then I am more interested in spending money on F2P games. I was too late for the alabama. I really think the late tier ships of the US are amazing. But as I'm a college student with barely enough time I will have to grind years before I can get one. (or the public test server but it's not as much fun) So I was wondering if the alabama would ever return to the store. And if it will be affordable, I mainly eat noodles everyday and I only have around 48 USD to spend on it. Best of luck, Aaradorn
  6. The Big MightyMo Giveaway (Missouri) (30,500 - Doubloons) 26/04/2017 21:00 pm BST Well that time has come around again, When i will be giving away (30,500) Doubloons to 1 lucky winner. The winner can convert their XP to free XP for the MightyMo or you can choose to do what you want with it. To be in with a chance to win the big doubloons package Simply pop along to the stream on TwitchTV press that follow button. Every new follower will be given 200 rations to help start them off, The more rations you have, means more tickets you can get on the Giveaway day. if you Would also like to earn more rations each week you can also follow on YouTube and Twitter via Revlo each week you will be given 500 rations without being in the channel Earn yourself Rations for each minute you view, One minute equals 1 ration. Your rations can be used to perches Tickets for giveaways, Or Unlock rewards from Revlo. You must also be a follower or Subscriber, to enter any giveaways on this channel. All Subscribers receive three times the chance to win on giveaways. Good luck and fair sea's Terms and conditions Must be a player on EU & NA, must also be a follower, And must also be active at the time of the giveaway. If the player does not respond after 5 minutes the giveaway will be re-drawn.
  7. I personally have 18,000 gold (approx £50) in my game screen refunded for beta removal of ships I have previously bought through the premium store. However I cannot use these funds to buy replacement ships or deals through the store. These funds will also not be refunded as a credit note against future store purchases. I have no interest in the current limited selection of premium ships available through the in-game tech trees, but I would be interested in purchasing some ships or items through the premium shop - But I cannot.... I must suck up that I have £50 of credit on my account and pay additional cash for other purchases while my in game gold gathers dust and laughs at me. Am I the only player in this situation and does it sound fair that my cash has been blocked. I am looking for player/community support on this subject, requesting that account 'gold' duly purchased be a currency that you can freely use in the Premium Store as payment. I am hoping with sufficient support WARGAMING.NET will see the benefit of this change.
  8. Cybernoodle

    P2W u went there, and died

    Consumables make the "game" pw2. I want my money back.