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Found 8 results

  1. Das einzige was mich noch mit CV`s stoert ist der Autopilot. Mit der 1 Iteration konnte man gut und genau an Bergen per AP vor und zurueckfahren. Vor und zurueck an einem Berg mit dem momentanen Autopiloten kann man vergessen. Zum Rumcruisen auf 20-30 Kilometer Distanz zum Gegner ist der momentane AP zu gebrauchen. Die 2te Iteration erzeugt Kurven die im Schneckentempo abgefahren werden, ist wie in Klebstoff fahren. Das erste Mal ( das erste Mal ist immer gut :) dachte ich bei meiner Midway wurde die Geschwindigkeit auf 50% generft. Zeitlupe bei den Kurvenfahrten, obwohl der AP auf volle Power eingestellt ist. Wenn CV`s direkt zum Gegener fahren, wie besoffen durch die Gegend eiern und sich versenken lassen, dann denkt daran das es den Autopiloten gibt. Vielleicht kann man ja in 2 oder 3 Jahren den CV simultan mit den Fliegern selber steuern, ich glaube aber nicht das sowas kommt. ...oder doch, Herr @Sehales ? Wenn dieser Autopilot Thread in the Offtopicbereich gehoert, dann schiebt ihn bitte dahin. Dann findet ihn auch keiner :D Warum ist der US/UK CV Rework Thread eigentlich nicht im Offtopic Bereich ?
  2. kopilatis1

    Ship navigation

    Hello, This is my first post on this forum and I would like to make a proposition about adding in steering control an extra movement. This movement is the hard turn. e.g. When you are moving in full speed and the enemy is firing from distance you make an evasive maneuver. But is not enough especially in big ships and in small is not enough for a few inches. So, when you press the Q or E keys to the MAX indication, automatically the one propeller stops and goes backwards in 1/4 speed. When you turn the rudder in middle the propeller goes forward and the ship back in full speed. The result is a more stiper turn. Perhaps there is a better way to do it, I m not a programmer, just a fan of the game. But if this is pausible, please make it happen. I have discussed it with a few friends of mine and agreed with this. If this makes it easier, you can send me an upadate to test it and send you the results. Thank you
  3. nambr9

    Last stand

    Hello. There is something troubling me for the last couple of weeks. Last Stand When the engine or steering gears are incapacitated, they continue to operate but with a penalty I am running the skill on ALL my DDs and even some cruisers that are known to break engine / rudder frequently. Lately I have noticed on some ships (currently can confirm Kamikaze R with Yamamoto captain) that LS is not working as it should and is being completely ignored (at least when rudder breaks, can not confirm atm for engine failure). For instance - my DD gets hit, the rudder breaks and I cannot steer at all. The ship just sails in a circle (depending where my rudder was when I got hit) ignoring all A/D commands. Now correct me if I am wrong, but shouldnt last stand enable the rudder to operate with a penalty? Because mine is completely jammed and the only option is to burn damage control. Ive noticed this couple of times already.... yesterday on my Kamikaze with Yamamoto Isoroku. Could it be a bug or am i just stupid and was living in the dark? :) I know this is hard to prove, I have a replay of yesterdays game (@home) when this happened, but I fear that todays micro patch might prevent the replay to work.
  4. Commander_Connolly

    Helm Control

    I am having frequent issues with helm control. This includes both a) the game ignoring A and D button input for steering and also b) the game randomly making its own steering decisions, typically a hard steer to starboard. This is present in every match, across ship types and nations. What could this be due to? My keyboard tests fine, no issue there.
  5. the_brave_1

    problem with steering

    hi there I am having troubles with my steering. when I want to turn either left or right I pres Q for left and D for right; (azerty). When i started to play WoW my ship would turn as long is I was holding the button, when i released the botton my ship would go back to sailing straigt ahead. This is where the problem is. When I push the button to turn it locks into a fixed position (1/2 or a full turn.) even when i release the button it will stay fixed. (i don't like it) Is this a new general setting in WoW or dit I do something wrong with my own setting? Ifso where can i change it so the steering won't be loced in these two positions? thanx in advace
  6. Kalonianhydra

    A fixed steering indicator

    I would like to have a fixed steering indicator in the normal interface, like the one that pops up everytime you manouver the ship. It could be just a small one next to the speed indicator. This would be rely helpful if it was visible at all time.
  7. Hi all, is it me or do BBs, CA,s and pretty much every ship in general feels a bit unbalanced? I meen the ships turning rate makes them at the moment to nimble that they can evade torpedo launches from about anything at almost every range. I have been playing with my Sims and tried the first tier Jap CV and these ships where almost ( in the case of the Sims ) turned useless as even aproaching a BB at 3Km range they can turn and avoid every single torpedo you launch at them. Is this intended at all? I meen i like playing CA's and sometimes BB's as the next player but this agility makes cruisers not needed in many cases to provide air cover and DDs are mostly just there to hunt other DDs or get swated by nimble CAs or to attack CV's. I feel like their turn rate pre patch was a tad more accurate then now as it made the ships classes depend on one another to play properly and now its more of a race to see who sinks who 1v1 or 2v1 and thats it. Anyone else feels the same way?
  8. Nesher

    Ship suddenly altering course?

    During a number of games, my ship has been steaming ahead (non-autopilot), only for it to suddenly start to change its course. It's like it suddenly would recieve some rudder input, but none is indicated on the HUD. Sometimes the ship seems to try and follow the mouse cursor, but sometimes it seems completly random. I've tried to find a pattern, but the only thing I've found so far is that it seems to happen more often when in light vessels (destroyers or low-tier cruisers), and possible it happens more often when close to land. Anyone else encountered this, or is it just my lack of seamanship that is playing games with my mind?