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Found 10 results

  1. Ponieważ umieszczanie promocji w dziale rozrywka niektórych irytowało, to od dziś tutaj będę zamieszczał informację o promocjach i darmowych grach, które można łatwo i przyjemnie zdobyć. Dziś klasyk nad klasykami, kompletnie za darmo, na Steam: Fallout 1 http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/38400/
  2. Does anyone know a fix to the latest patch so I can log in with the steam version? The old files that you copy paste into the directory don't work anymore so it just refuses to start. Anyone know a fix? I can't be bothered to waste another 80gb of space so I can simply log in with a different account.
  3. SamuraiShakaViking

    Worldwide Global Server?

    theres a good topic on the world of tanks forum calling for a global server... especially with diminishing playerbase just an opinion for positive constructive discussion: isn't it about time to join the big leagues like other mmo's??? if other mmo's can, why cannot wg? re latency, lag and ping: other mmo's manage this with np steam manages this for decades already wg can always give the option to join a multi-regional server, while also keep the options for regional servers .. so the players can choose. wg have been advertising this since they commenced.... it should be easy; segregating regions and player populations is foolish , unfair, and self defeating for game growth and sustainability ... its ridiculous that we cannot play with friends worldwide, unless you dl different regional clients for each this is so out moded and impractical ? all players eg from Africa who do not have a server at all would support this. people who move and travel a lot for work or study etc. would support this players with friends around the world would support this. all my recruits and most friends that have tried wg have quit because it excludes some... we play mmo's on steam, no matter where, or what time zone... and the latency is actial'ly even better than the segregated wg regional server. wg its a globalized twentyfirst century world already other sustainable MMOs have used global servers or eg. the steam platform for years already the competition, wt, uses a cross platform server too ...) the naval battles across regions shows how easy this could be if other MMOs can, surely wg can manage it seemed it would be so easy to have one client and one portfolio , and then choose the global server but keep a regional server option
  4. Hello everyone I used to play WG games (WoT and WoW) back in 2018 using their own launchers Now that i downloaded World of warships through my steam account, there is no login option and when i try to register the new acc using my WG email it wont go through (I was hoping there would a recover option after trying that) So that's the problem, I was wondering if there is a way to link my WG account to my steam account Any help would be much appreciated Thank you all
  5. Having trouble with logging into the game with wargaming account (playing trough steam cuz I like to not have many launchers). How it used to be possible was to rename steam_api files from "World of Warships" -folder and then I could get login screen after launching game But now when I try to launch game in steam it just says "starting game" and then nothing happens, after I undo renaming specifically steam_api64.dll files, the game launches but I need to create a new account (for steam version). This needed to be done after every update. So after update 0.8.9 this stopped working and I wanted to ask for advice if maybe others have the same issue. Now I realize that this was not an official fix by any means so this might never work again.
  6. Jimbo_11

    Problema con i replay

    Non riesco a vedere i replay anche se so dove sono, cioè non riesco ad aprirli con worldofwarships.exe perché non riesco a trovarlo. Probabilmente tutto ciò è dovuto al fatto che ho scaricato il gioco da steam. C'è qualcuno che ha scaricato come me wows da steam e che sarebbe disposto a spiegarmi come vedere i replay?
  7. Tun13

    Steam Sale

    Hi, Just noticed the steam summer sale is on and it has some warships stuff for sale (list below) will wargaming be matching this sale as I had my account long before it was on steam and your unable to link my account to be able to get them. World of Warships - Exclusive Starter Pack: £19.49 is£4.87 World of Warships - Tachibana Lima Steam Edition: was£0.79 is£0.39 World of Warships - Smith Steam Edition: was £0.79 is £0.39 World of Warships - Yubari Steam Edition: was £3.99 is £0.99 World of Warships - Huanghe Pack: was £7.60 is £1.90 World of Warships - Marblehead Lima Steam Edition: was £7.60 is £1.90 World of Warships - Admiral Graf Spee Pack: was £19.49 is £4.87 World of Warships - Texas Pack: was £19.49 is £4.87 World of Warships - Anshan Pack: was £19.49 is £4.87 World of Warships - IndianapolisPack: was £37.99 is £9.49 World of Warships - Haida Pack: was £33.99 is £8 World of Warships - Monaghan Pack: was £33.99 is £8
  8. adamAch


    Chciałbym kupić coś do gry ale mam do tego środki na platformie steam a konto na platformie WG i nie jestem w stanie kupić nić za te pieniądze na to konto WG. Moje pytanie czy jest jakaś możliwość połączenia tych kont.
  9. O3EE

    Steam DLCs and VIP program

    Hello! I have two questions: 1. Are you guys planning on changing DLCs on steam? Because they haven't been changed in the past few months. (probably 3-4 months or more) 2. As you can probably see or check, i spend/spent/invested a lot of money into the game :) Like a lot... :D Many hundred/Few thousands of euros :/ (jeez) Are you guys planning on doing some program like CCs for the guys like me? Who spent a lot of money in the game, and helped the making/developing WoWs. I thought some VIP program or something. Just like twitch done in the last few months with VIP badges. Or what you've done to ship collectors badges. Are there any plan to do something like this? Like after some amount of money spent in the game you can get in-game goodies or flags, or discounts, or something, i don't know :) Just like you did with this recruit program. Just done the math from my e-mail account (i searched for all the purchases i made since 2018.01.) I've spent: 530.536 HUF thats about 1634 EUR in 1 year and 7 months. Now that's a lot... :D Thank you for your answer in advance guys!
  10. liaqamattar

    Cant login with wargaming ID on steam

    so guys before .8.9 you would rename the steam_api_64.dll in the bin64 folder and you could login with your wargaming id on steam, but now this does not seem to work I have renamed the steam_api_64.dll and when I press play in steam the game does not launch. the text 'running' appears next to the games name in steam library and then 'syncing' for a second but the game does not launch.