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Found 5 results

  1. Admiral_Bayer

    Auto AFK and status buttons

    Hi Wargaming Team, is there a plan to create an AUTO AFK function for clan players which are afk? In our clan we have the problem not to get clan battles going because people log in and have the game running all day long.We just don't know who is AFK. We have to invite 6-8 different people until someone accepts. My idea, (already posted somewhere), was to install buttons you can push in the harbour for [AFK] (no playing possible), [BUSY] (solo playing possible, but no personal chat or invitations possible) and [AVAILABLE] (normal.) Again. (AFK, Busy, Available). Most important that additionally you get marked "AFK" if not doing any input for 10 or XX minutes. Please tell me there is a plan for something like this? With kind regards, Admiral_Bayer P.S. The 6 vs 6 clan battles are great and easier to get enough clan members playing. An idea we had yesterday was that it would be great to be able to play with 6 OR 7 against same ammount of opponents or just with one less ship than the opponent. A more flexible system so to say. Maby think about it.
  2. Bospoeper

    Player status in a clan

    Hi, How does your clan manage the "status" of a player. When/how do you evolve from "midshipman" to "line officer" and so on.... ??? In my clan: *Midshipman: starters with 1 Tier X, sometimes tier 8 when they are "+-OK" (Dutch speaking players are hard to find) *Line officer: 2 TierX (Tech Tree, not prem), 50 days in the clan, using discord, playing naval- and clan battles *Commissioned Officer: 3 Tier X, 100 days, same as line officer, "good" stats (like +-70k tier X or 50k average,.... exeptions are possible by voting...an average player can improve) higher levels: when we need someone, preferably a commissioned officer
  3. Masa2mune

    Where can I follow the server status?

    So just now the EU server apparently crashed, kicked everyone out of the battle and left me wondering: "When will it be back online?" I tried to re-connect and everything but the service isn't even available. The thing is, I want to know when the servers will be back online. I tried to look up the EU server status from the official website, but it turned out to be useless as it incorrectly indicated that both servers were online. Then I tried to look up some kind of a Twitter account or forum official thread, but couldn't find anything that would have even acknowledged anything like a server issue. Where can I find a reliable and timely source of information on this?
  4. So after a few month, i felt like playing a few WoWs matches again. Over the course of 6 games, according to the notifications, i dealt 22 damage to friendly ships, mostly due to ramming. In one game, i apperantly hit a friendly ship with one HE shell, dealing 2 damage. I honestly didn't even notice that. The ship sunk and i was marked as a teamkiller. I don't really care that much, im a pretty friendly player, not the best though, so im sure it will go away eventually. But it kinda made me question the whole system behind the pink names. How does it work? Does it keep track of the damage dealt, the sunk ships or how many times i hit a team mate? Its kinda ridiculous to apply this status to someone who only dealt 22 damage. But thats just my two cents. So do you see any point of contacting the support to do something about this? As i said, im not really bothered but i feel like this is not how the system is supposed to be working. Any reply is appreciated. Also, feel free to correct any gramatical errors or spelling mistakes since english is not my native language.
  5. Tubit101

    Server Status?

    It seems that the EU servers are down at the moment, probably a natural cause of patch 0.5.3 being implemented. I tried to find a way for me to monitor the server status without trying to long in, but I can't seem to find any. I see on the support page that the World of Tanks and World of Warplanes server status is shown, but not World of Warships. WoWs has been officially released a while back now, isn't it time it's server status is shown along with the others on the support page? Is there any way for me to monitor the WoWs servers state via an internet browser?