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Found 8 results

  1. Im always having pretty good results on ranked battles, most of the time in top 3 and generally always doing more damage/kills. But always when im playing random battles, especially when playing with a friend, im feeling like I cant really have much of an impact and my winrate and general stats are way worse in random battles. What would you say where is it easier to have an impact on the outcome of the game, in random or ranked battles? What displays a players skill better, ranked or random battles stats ?
  2. Ahoy Sailors, I come here with a little bit of an dilemma, I cannot get my win rate to about 50% I have made steady progress from a really bad 43% over last two years (yepp it was really that messed up) but the 50% are so close but still so far. My stats are openly visible though they aren't going to paint the whole picture. Especially in the case that I very often do lose when I am on top of the scoreboard. with a 100k+ dmg. I mostly play tier 6 8 and 10. My favourite ships to play with are currently Graf Zeppelin, Tirpitz, Hindenburg, Musashi and Warspite.And a few of the British mid tier cruisers. Have you some examples of good positioning? I guess I am flawed in that regard. The hardest time for consistency I have with Große Currywurst Rot Weiß I have a lot of games in which I die with less than 10k done. And others where it climbs the the 180ties. I know the Meta has changed a lot and HE has even got worse ( getting hit for 24k of HE isn't fun at all Polk). Which I can do somehow easier with the Warspite. (I mean yesterday I had a GZ match did a 160 k dmg sunk three 21 torphits 5 citas and still lost didn't even get great caliber :k) What are some tipps you can give someone who has played the game so often that he doesn't notice his probably obvious mistakes anymore. Long Post short any advanced tipps for self anylsis?
  3. Endorphin187

    Halloween Permacamos 2k19

    Ahoi, Dieses Jahr gibts ja auch wieder ein Halloween Event mit vielen geilen camos wie z.b für die Yamato Sind dafür schon Preise oder stats für die Permacamos bekannt ?
  4. Never_In_The_Plan

    Improving my PR.

    Hi guys, I'm looking to improve my PR. I see them at WoWs stats and numbers and they suck, or at least so I believe they do. I'm still reasonably new to the game but have been playing WoT for many years where my stats were very good indeed, and I guess I just like to pursue personal improvement. It gives me some kind of satisfaction knowing I'm good at something and obviously, I have to learn a lot more than what I already have been learning from friends in the game. So please, give me your assessment and advice. If there are specific ships you think I should improve on, let me know. If you see a pattern in how I might be applying a less fortunate game style? Let me know that as well, please. Here's a link to WoWS Stats and Numbers.: https://wows-numbers.com/player/563082263,Never_In_The_Plan/ I aim to become as good a player as possible, which should reflect itself in the stats eventually. This must be possible with the help of a great community. Ty in advance. :) - Never.
  5. Hi all, Is "WoWs Stats & Numbers" site working for you guys? https://wows-numbers.com/ As soon as I try to LogIn or search some Player I get blank screen... Leo "Apollo11"
  6. I don't how many times i said on these very Forums, that i don't give a rats a$$ about stats. It's way too easy to pad stats in lower tiers and by farming damage in higher tiers. Despite that, i put a stats banner in my sig, cause knowing the internet, there's always someone dragging stats into a discussion, and having mine handy in my sig, saves them time looking them up. And since i haven't played in almost a year, i was expecting my stats to be horrible for quite some time. When i accidently looked at my own sig while replying in another thread i was somewhat surprised and it made me think about the olden times when i started playing this game. Ohhh, the olden days of glory... Iirc, i had around 24% WR and 17k average damage after 1k - 1.5k (maybe even 2.5k) games, and i dare say that i improved quite a bit, which makes me kinda proud. It was a long journey with lots of ups and downs, but i'm still improving, and that is all that matters to me. That being said, while i do remember quite a lot about the past 4 years of WoWS, certain games, certain forumites (who vanished), certain lines i rushed up like an idiot just to get to TX (ignoring upgrades and modules just to save money), certain WG frak-ups (and WG keeps on delivering...), certain $hitstorms and certain random players who left a lasting impression by either being stupid or just toxic AF. One thing i can't remember to save my life are my stats of the past, mostly because i diodn't give a flying frak, but also because i was too lazy to look them up. And now that i bored you to death with the story of my WoWS life, i'd like to know whether there is a stat tracking site that kept track of my stats over the past 4+years? I know that there are stats tracking sites, but i can't seem to go all the way back... I'd like to see how much i really improved and take it as motivation ( not that i need anymore of it) to improve even further. Pls Halp!
  7. natswright

    Win Rate - Improving it!

    I've been playing 3 months now, and am still mostly below average to average, with a few ship exceptions. As far as I can see from stats, win rate seems to very much affect your score. I can have some influence over that stat, but as an average player, I cannot carry a game, so consequently my win rate is low, 42% I had 10 straight defeats yesterday, and then 6 wins! I score some defeats had me as the best player on the team, but the win rate still takes a hit! Any hints and tips to improve win rate?
  8. Hi all, Comparison of "Rentals" to "Ordinary" ships in last Ranked Season #12 from MapeSyrup WoWs stats site! Info from Reddit: Source All credits to original author: "notafakeaccounnt" !!! http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/season/index.html EU server season 12: RU server season 12: SEA server season 12: NA server season 12: Leo "Apollo11"