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Found 1 result

  1. Hello. Most of you don't know me. It's fine, I have grown used to it. I just want to propose something quick that might make ranked a bit more tolerable for people. Right now, we have a start saving mechanic which I see both the benefits of and the problems with. On one hand, it allows for a player who plays exceptionally well on a team that does not do them justice to save a star. On the other hand, it promotes a certain kind of play that is not conducive to the health of the game. For a losing team, the carriers or Conquerors at the back of the map can keep stars because they can farm a lot of damage as the enemy team scrambles to kill them even if they did nothing but bloat up their team and allowed the members of the team more vital to victory to die first and therefore not save their star. If we took a poll though, I think that people on average perfer to at least have a chance to save a star compared to yoyoing constantly. I thought of a way to potentially fix this issue however. Instead of saving the star when you lose, you instead get two types of stars. If you are on the winning team you get a golden star as usual. If you are at the top of the team list in the winning team however, you get a gold star AND a white star. Now the white star is not going to allow you to go up ranks. You still need to get the same number of stars to rank out. It's just something you accumulate. Every time you win and top your team, you gain a white star which gets accumulated in one part of your statistics. Whenever you lose however, the entire team loses a star instead of having the person at the top save theirs. If you have a white star however, it becomes a sacrifice and gets expended in lieu of the gold star. Every time you win and come first, you accumulate the 'right' to keep your spot at your rank. On average, this would mean that the same amount of golden stars is being lost each match. In this system, those who play only to save the star at the detriment of their team will be heavily penalized as they will keep losing stars if they can't meaningfully contribute to their team's victory. Those who are shackled with bad teams as we all are occasionally will still be able to 'save' a star by burning through their excellent performance in other matches. With this system, those who parasitize off their team's infrequent victories by suffering few defeats will just end up sliding down the ranks. Those who perform exceptionally even on the willing team will be able to save their ranking. It also means that a person doesn't lose their rank just because they screwed up in one match and didn't make the XP for it on the losing team. Adjustments may need to be made. Maybe the first two members of the winning team get white stars. Maybe topping the team grants two white stars. The technicalities are unimportant, what is more important is that I believe that this is a system that will truly promote skill, benefit those who play for the team instead of just themselves, and ultimately make the game better for everyone.