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Found 21 results

  1. Markos_Flytzanis

    What is your Favorite STEEL Ship????

    Follow up with my previous topic about STEEL Ships lets see your suggestions in a more collective topic!
  2. Markos_Flytzanis

    What STEEL ship should i Take???

    I have managed after 3 years of playing the game to collect the STEEL required to buy one of these 3 ships STALINGRAD, BOURGOGNE, or SHIKISHIMA, and i dont know which one to choose...i am a BB main but i play cruisers also...can somebody give me some suggestions?
  3. Hello! The quarantine produced this, I was looking to learn new video editing programs and this is what I made. Hope you guys like it and be sure to leave criticism, I don't mind it. https://youtu.be/q9E0SnyklpQ
  4. _Cinderella


    Jakieś przecieki odnośnie tego okrętu?
  5. Shoot_Him_____

    Stalingrad OP

    This ship is way overpowered. Everytime we are up against 1-2 in CB they are very difficult to defeat. with 72K hit points it is really a BB more than a cruiser. I have broadsided them in a BB with little effect. WOWs need to either MM with Stalin's on both sides or reduce its abilities. Makes the games very repetitive and quite frankly boring. Who agrees something needs to be done?
  6. Alaska and Azuma has one important thing going for them compared to Stalingrad, Which is concealment. Now with the increased fire duration Stalingrad will suffer two times, From bad concealment and the fire duration. Stalingrad concealment will even get worse with the upcoming changes to the Concealment captain skill which will make things even worse for the ship. Also Kronshtadt is already balance with her inaccurate guns, So why she gets that 60 sec fire duration as well?!! The only reason WG did that IMO is to please the players who doesn't have both ships. I'm not pleased with these adjustments.
  7. WARNING!! : Biased rant incoming, easily triggered people be warned. Is it OP? Maybe, Can it be countered? To an extent, Is it a HUGE advantage for clans and players who have played 2enough seasons of CB to a higher enough level to get it compared to those who have not? 100% Yes. In every single top 24 EU clans only 1 runs ONLY 1 Stalin, with all others running more! It is a massive advantage to have this ship with a broken bow, USN AP angles and BB pen on a cruiser, in a game mode that limits bb amount to only the select few who got to high enough CB levels early on. It is a joke that this ship has completely replaced the Moskva, with not a single of the previously mentioned top 24 clans using a single bloody Moskva! The Moskva is by no means weak, its a very well balanced and strong ship, but is completely outclassed in its playing field by the Stalin. I plea that WG put stains within the bb bracket for CB mm or just ban them straight up from comp. I hardly think that anyone will argue that the Stalin has improved the gameplay for CB. Also here is the image that shows the stalins in the top 24 EU clans.
  8. TheLegendBegins

    Stalingrad für jederman

    Nun, falls ihr es nicht mitbekommt, nach dem neuen Stalingradvideo Geht bei Reddit Ein wenig Spaß. Die wichtigen Kommentare in Kürze: [–]Sub_Octavian 63 points 2 hours ago Guys, We do know that not all of you play CB. We do work on design of high-tier activities that will allow you to get goodies like Stalingrad without direct CB engagements. We hear you, and love you. Don't rage over this one please:) It's just about the ship and its creation, not about the actual release and ways of distribution. Cheers:) [–]Sub_Octavian 26 points an hour ago I really cannot share the details, but the point is, we do want such goodies to be rewards for skilled / high-tier play, but not way too limited. Don't expect it to be an easy walk, but don't expect it to be only for top 0,5% unicums either. We will do our best to keep it reasonably balanced. [–]Sub_Octavian 17 points 1 hour ago Why so toxic? Who told you CB are not attractive? They are super successful. Who told you "just do some campaign"? That's TX premium, we're not going to distribute it as Shinonome Edit 2: [–]Saltzier 3 points 2 hours ago [–]Sub_Octavian 14 points 2 hours ago Including. TLDR: Jeder kann die Stalingrad ausserhalb der Clanwars mit noch nicht bekannten Mission/sonst was erspielen. Inwieweit das jetzt fair ist, kommentiere ich mal nicht Edit: Ich fand ein neues Topic angebracht, geht ja schließlich nicht um die Stalingrad-Statistiken/Werte wie in dem davor.
  9. Minotaur is an excelent ship for spotting if Radar is used, like I do in rankend, and already highly situational since it can shoot only AP and cant really play on open water if there are BBs ore CAs that have crossfires. The problem however is the Stalingrad (Alaska and Kronshtadt as well but not that hard). The Stalingrad is able to overmatch the Minotaurs 16mm armour and is able to citadel it from every angle. In the current saison of ranked games I am already facing a matchmaking with an average of 3 BBs per team and now there is also a Stalingrad in quite a lot of games which makes 4 BBs from the view of a Minotaur player. But the Stalingrad is even worse than BBs since it has a 11,7km radar (10km Minotaur torps are unlikely to hit if Stalingrad does not push), far better dispersion of shells (compared to BBs) and a much better shell velocity (also compared to BBs). In conclusion: The Stalingrad is there on TOP of the whole lot of BBs, gets low damage by Minotaur AP-guns if angled a little, can get hardly hitten by torps and can outright delete the Minotaur from every direction. In my opinion the Minotaur is not longer a good ship for ranked or competitive in general with Stalingrad around. So i would like an armour upgrade to 22mm (edited). That way BBs can still do the same DMG to Minotaur and only the new 300mm gun-CAs can´t devastate an angled Minotaur. Maybe i am missing something, so pls tell me your opinions regarding this matter!
  10. Hi all, Number of players playing "exotic" ships ("Missouri", "Musashi", "Nelson", "Kronshtadt", "Stalingrad", "Flint", "Black") in past week on EU and NA! According to most excellent MapleSyrup: EU http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20180901/eu_week/average_ship.html NA http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20180901/na_week/average_ship.html There were rather few players playing "exotic" ships last week: Missouri EU: 492 NA: 561 Musashi EU: 824 NA: 445 Nelson EU: 165 NA: 128 Kronshtadt EU: 232 NA: 136 Stalingrad EU: 127 NA: 84 Flint EU: 6 NA: 13 Black EU: 9 NA: 12 Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Thread on Reddit:
  11. Hi, i kinda felt the need to at least write up some sort of short view on current topics of discussion so I sat down for a bit and came up with a few things on the following 5 topics. 1.) Stalingrad 2.) Harugumo 3.) Worcester 4.) Role of the DD 5.) CBs/ranked/competitive. Its about 3 pages so for those who are interested feel free to take a look and share your opinion too. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W74nNODMFxw0R-BwObUshyPKOnpXgn96d4bUgL2iipo/edit?usp=sharing Mr_Dced P.s: By the way i dont have a clue what if im doing stuff on here correctly so if im not... sorry in advance i probably didnt know better.
  12. I have got all required typhoon or above wins in two our of three clan seasons. (Season 2 and 3) I had 16,000 steel before 0.7.8 So I had two Stalingrad flags After 0.7.8 I still all Stalingrad flags have been demounted and removed from account. Great, wargaming have said in at least 2 news articles, these flags are exchanged for 6,000 steel each. So my 16,000 steel plus two flags worth of 6,000 will be enough for the 28,000 steel Stalingrad Again, after 0.7.8 I still have 16,000 steel I know they initially said you need all three flags for Stalingrad, but all news articles since has explained otherwise (Albeit extremely confusingly). The latest news article picture: Now, I had two Stalingrad flags AND I got 30 wins in typhoon in the third season. Either something is wrong or that picture is very misleading and actually means you need the first two season flags and get 30 wins in third season to obtain the third flag, even though there is no third flag in the image. Hope that makes sense :p
  13. How can I get my Stalingrad if I missed the last flag?
  14. Henri_Pihala

    Stalingrad OP

    Hi, my two cents about the topic. Remove the Stalingrad from the game. I've been watching Flamu's twitch-games and I think it's stupidly overpowered. 6-8k volleys casually left and right and 20k citadel hits on BB's with cruiser reload time and dispersion.
  15. From the post about arsenal: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/introducing-arsenal/ So let me get this straight - 3x 30 wins in Typhoon and I still need to buy the ship? What happened to "earn rewards in one competitive mode, be able to buy them from the other one"? Definitely seems to still work in Ranked where you get your Flint, Black AND Steel which you can then use on whatever you want Worst part is - it says the same in the Russian article, so it's not even some wonky translation thing What the hell happened?! @MrConway @Tuccy @Crysantos
  16. (So what we know from a gameplay perspective is that it will be a cruiser. This is important as it lets us know how much HP it will have.) Hull Displacement (full load): 42 300 metric tons HP: 86 900 (calculated from displacement at full load) Size: L273.6m, B32m, D9.2m Engine: 280 000 shp, 35.5 knots max speed Armor: 180mm belt, 50mm upper deck plating (like Moskva), otherwise most likely 25mm bow and stern since WG treats this like a cruiser Aircraft catapult: n/a Other potential Consumables: AA, Hydro, Radar (you never know with WG), Heal Main Armament 3x3 12"/62 (305mm) SM-33 pattern 1948, http://navweaps.com/Weapons/WNRussian_12-62_m1948.php RoF: 3.26 RPM, 18.4 second reload Velocity: AP 950m/s, HE 700m/s Alpha: AP 9200 (calculated from shell weight and shell velocity), HE ~4200, ~28% firechance Penetration: 595mm@9140m, 432mm@18290m, 312mm@27430m (click here for penetration curve) Turret: 4.5 degrees per second traverse, 40 second 180 degree turn. 240mm face armor on turret. Range: Most likely over 20km Secondary Armaments 6x2 130mm/60 BL-109A, 167.4dps@5.7km 6x4 45mm SM-20-ZIF, 123.6dps@3.5km 10x4 25mm 4M-120, 84dps@3.1km Torpedoes: n/a Edit: added link to a pen curve Changed AP alpha to a rounded down value rather than rounded up. Found out from my calculation Moskvas alpha was rounded down from 5986 to 5800. My calculation put Stalingrad at 9386 AP alpha so I round it down to 9200 rather than round up to 9400 as I did before edit. Changed health to a value rounded down as close to Moskva's rounded down value as much as possible
  17. WG is planning to add two new high tier ships to the game. Kronshtadt Stalingrad Many players wonder which ship types these ships should get. I am interested to know what the community thinks. Maybe this could influence WGs view on the matter. @MrConway @Sehales Thank You
  18. AdmiralBiobrause

    Stalingrad Infothread

    Einen schön Adventssonntag an Euch! Ich habe in letzter Zeit mich im historischen Kontext mit dem neu kommenden Kreuzer Stalingrad befasst und bin sehr angetan von ihm! Im Zuge dessen wollte ich hier mal einen kleinen Thread aufmachen, um historische sowie Spiel interne Infos zu sammeln. Mich persönlich interessiert vor allem Infos zur Einführung des schweren Kreuzers (Ob man unbegrenzt Zeit hat für das Erspielen der drei Flaggen, unter welchen Möglichkeiten man das Schiff sonst erspielen kann, wann es überhaupt präsentiert wird, etc.) Freue mich auf einen informativen Thread! Ahoi Kapitäne!
  19. krzysiek_1990

    porg nie umie w pikselowe statki

    zastanawiam się nad zmianą ekipy, główny powód to kulejąca organizacja i chęć wbicia stalingrada, a mój obecny team raczej mi tego nie zagwarantuje. fajnie by było wpaść tak na TS czy discorda tak, żeby pierw pograć, a potem dopiero dołączyć https://wows-numbers.com/pl/player/536259250,krzysiek_1990/ kolejne dychy w obróbce to hida i kurfurst
  20. Slayer_682

    CW Stalingrad ?

    Moin zusammen ich habe eine frage. Es geht dabei um die Flaggen der Stalingrad. Ich bin in einem clan aber ich denke ich bin zu schlecht für clan wars bekomme ich trotzdem die andenken flagge oder nur wenn ich mit antrete?
  21. Hello and welcome, fellow bathtub captains. Wrath of the Ocean [OCEAN] was founded with the clear intention of assembling players who wanted to "git gud" together, whilst biting their way to the top and curse RNG - all of that without enforcing over the top commitment. Are you looking for; - Stalingrad? - the benefits of an evolving clan base? (the earlier you join, the more impact you can make on growth and build decisions) - a mature environment that welcomes sarcasm and humour? - Divisions to have fun and quality games, including the occasional operation/event? - no demands regarding logins/hours clocked per week? - the will to get Stalingrad? - Discord? - no potatoes? (excluding the occasional brain farts and bad decisions/games) - honest top brass that won't abandon projects half-way through? - also, did I mention Stalingrad? What are we looking for in you? - mature players of all nationalities, preferably aged 20+ - the willingness to acknowledge mistakes and improve - yourself and others - the ability to clearly communicate in and understand English (no one is asking for Oxford English, but in regards to Clan Wars proper communication is a must) - if you wish to participate in competitive game play, aka Clan Wars, commitment to your team - at least 51%-52% winrate, preferably upwards (non-negotiable) - at least 1 T10 ship (no rentals, non-negotiable) - at least 1,5k games (exceptions can be made as of 1k games if you show promise) In order to judge your application initially, please have your statistics open. Ideally you should be either between or better than those two scrubs; https://eu.warships.today/player/526952086/_XFire93_ https://eu.warships.today/player/515759576/Admiral_Dragon If we like what we see, you'll most likely be invited to Discord and a couple of games in division, before - if mutual interest persists - receiving the time-honored rank of "Fresh Meat". Due to the current staff situation and focus, we have neither the time nor the will to groom new players. Still, 3-5 slots are currently reserved for grumpy lonewolves (*cough* oil miners *cough*). Fair warning; currently the clan only consists of my second-in-command and me. Since I lift the entirety of this effort, I only ask for a bit of your patience. I will be available again at around 16 o'clock CET to read/review PMs and applications. Good hunt and may you reds eat all the citadels. Ours is the fury - Admiral_Dragon