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Found 11 results

  1. TL;DR Could someone tell me how much "official" aircraft speeds are scaled up in game, please. SHIP SPEED SCALING As I am sure we all know by now, ships in-game travel far faster than their stated speed. For example in a recent game in my Anshan, I covered 31.62km at an average speed of 96.3 knots. The official unmodified speed of Anshan is 38 knots. I've checked the forums, Wiki and Reddit and most answers seem to think that the official speed is scaled up by a factor of 5 or 6. AA CALCULATIONS I'm trying to do some calculations of the theoretical damage done by flak in each aura (Short-, medium-, and long-range). I want to work out how much time an aircraft will spend in each aura. I'm aware that there are factors which modifiy this, but for now I simply want to apply the stated speed of an aircraft - which I can get from the WIKI or the game - to the actual speed in-game.
  2. After playing for a while world of warships i noticed that the supposed distances that are displayed between your ship and an allied/enemy ships are totally incorrect. You can tell just by looking at these numbers that something must be totally wrong! In one match for example i was not more than 200 meters behind an allied BB and the game showed a distance of 1.1km. How do i know that it couldn't be more than 200 meters? Well i was sailing a Myoko and this ship had a length of about 205m and regarding the gap between me and the BB it was impossible that 5 Myokos would fit in there. The gap had barely the length of the Myoko so the distance had to be about 200m. The same thing can be observed when a DD gets in your visual range. Mostly they are about 6km away, at least thats what the game tells you, but 6km means that about 30 Myokos would fit in between. But it turns out that those DDs are not 6km away, they are only about 2km away and thats total [edited]!!! This makes is it even harder to evade their torps. After those observations i did some math considering the length of my ship, the displayed distance and the length of the other ship as well as how much the other ship appears to be shorter in that distance. I was just using a set square on my screen and a calculator and my obsversations proved to be right!! This whole system is total crap!!! Another problem are the speeds of the ships and the travel distances which are also totally incorrect. I did a little experiment with an allied afk BB. He was about 11km away when i turned towards him with the maximum speed of my Myoko which is about 35kn or 65kph. Physics tells me that it would take about 10 minutes for me to reach the BB, but i traveled those 11km in a little bit more than 3 minutes (the guy was afk the whole time!). How is that even possible?! Who is responsible for this crap? The developers were either drunk when they programmed that bs or they didnt attend any math classes in school at all. I hope that a mod reads this and leaves those guys a memo that they should fix that. That ruins the whole game!!!
  3. The_TrashMan

    Iowa - incorrect data (speed, dispersion)

    Noticed two mistakes in regards to the Iowa. It's top speed is listed as 31knots, yet every source I've seen (and I've seen a lot. I've got 2400+ books in my house and most of them are about ships) mentions 33 knots (with 35 achieved during tests). Also, the dispersion for it's guns in tests made in 1945 was 220m, not 270m
  4. Blue_Bug

    Relatieve game speed increase

    I observed that often the best team doesn't win. much more often than with WOT. I was thinking about how to solve that. I came to the conclusion that a player who cleared a part of the map simply doesn't have the time to atack other ships who are far away. So often the most agresive players (who to my opinion make this game more fun) get punished because, for example, can't avoid the other team from caping the base. There are a few solutions for this, but most of them have their own disadvantages, which may be greater than the advantages That's why I thougt on giving all ships a speed increase of about 10% to 20%. This means also a speed increase in reload times and aimspeed. Maybe it will even prevent some players from staying behind. I surely would like to see a test with it. I don't know if any tests with it were already done with it. In that case I would like to know the results from it. A posible disadvantage from it, is that teamplay becomes less a factor. I surely like your thoughts about this idea.
  5. Renwor

    warp speed

    Yesterda I noticed in afterbattle report I managed to travel 36Km during 15mins battle in my destroyer. That would equal 80knots average speed, if my math is right. I would not call it a bug, more like design decision. And a good decision, because it works smoothly. Still, either my speed'o'meter or rangefinder has to be cheating me in game. It means my speed is three times that of what is indicated/or maybe the distances are three times less. I suspect, what is happening is , that ships has three times larger "scale" than the rest of the world, so if it says 10km range, what we see in fact is a ship 3-4km away (and we aim "as if" the ship was that far) Transfered to real world and scale it means we would not hit a shitp. To verify this, I would need to measure lenght of ship through in game "rangefinder". I imagine it like forming the "T" with one ship stern settled on another ship beam. I would expect to get figures like 300m for destroyer. Also, it was stated some time ago, that they are making the shells to fly "faster" - I wonder if they mean faster than would be proper for indicated distance, or travel distance. Definitely though, shell path is not propeled with real physic in mind, because for faster initial speed (or less distance) whatever the case, the shell paths would be more straight. But I say the balistic curves had to be "curved" artificaly to get current result . If they are using real balistic, then they had to multiply gravity force / several times/ maybe. I am not complaining, as I said before, it works, but definitely "What you see is not what you get".
  6. dotnetdoug

    Destroyers - Speed and Camo

    They are just not quick enough at tier 5 and above. Yes the torpedo aspect is good, but when an Aircraft carrier can do around 30 knots and your only doing 37 it is taking an age to catch up with them (im sure there are sums to show the time it takes to close 5km when only a 7knot advantage). Also the "camo" value I think should be increased - being spotted at 7km is still too far for effective smash and dash tactics - again because of the similar speeds of all tier 5+ ships (everyone does around 30knots) And when you finally get around 5km your completely beaten up and lucky if you can get one spread of torps before dying. Im not saying their UP, but definitely not OP - I just think WG should look at the speeds and increase the differences between "classes" I am not an expert in WoWS in any sense of the word, but feel the speed and camo gaps should be widened between classes.
  7. Rastrack

    Engine power and speed changes

    I find it a bit wierd, that if you reduce your engine power from, let's say, 100% to 75%, the ship slows down to about 60-65%, and then accelerates back up to 75%. I think it should not work this way, because, if you already got the speed, why would you slow down more than you need and then take time to accelerate again?
  8. kountouriotis_gr

    Ship speed indicator - Suggestion

    Do you guys agree that it would be useful when we zoom, we could see the enemy ships speed in order to calculate better our aiming ?
  9. The object of a carrier in war is to provide air cover and destroy enemy shipping protect troops via air cover yet they are slower than the destroyers, battleships and cruisers in this game the objective is to capture a point yet because there is no chain of command everyone scatters in different direction in the game leaving the carriers to defend themselves even at full speed there is no way a carrier can outrun or evade the enemy ships, in game the maps are simply too small and show the carriers too easy on the map. I propose that the capture point be removed in game and the objective of the game is changed to a mode that you have no choice, and that the carrier has to be protected and losing the carrier makes you lose the game. If you think this is wrong i assure you i am not wrong Japan lost the war because they lost their carriers and their ability to provide air cover for ships and troops. i will ignore the part where 2 atomic bombs got dropped on them.
  10. Speedboat Gepard class (143A) These units are developed on the basis of ALBATROS class. You have the RAM missile system and minelaying capacity. http://www.n-tv.de/i...680_libanon.jpg These units are developed based on the class and ALBATROS have, instead of a second 76 mm gun, on the RAM missile system. This is the improved defense against enemy missiles. Instead of the torpedo armament, they have a large-sized minelaying capacity. The on-board sensors are similar to those of the ALBATROSS-class, but include an advanced and extensive possibilities of electronic warfare. Specifications: Dimensions (length / width / depth): 57.6 m / 7.8 m / 2.6 m Load displacement: 391 t Speed​​: 40 knots Capacity: 13,200 kW (17,952 PS) Arming: 1x 76 mm OTO Melara gun 4x anti-ship missiles Exocet MM 38 Minelaying capacity 1x GDC RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) 21 cells Equipment: Maritime surveillance radar Navigation radar Automatic combat and Information System for speedboats (AGIS) Crew:34 soldiers (4 officers) Units: Name/Squadron/Homeport P 6121 S 71 GEPARD/7th Fast Patrol Boat Squadron/Warnemünde P 6122 S 72 PUMA/7th Fast Patrol Boat Squadron/Warnemünde P 6123 S 73 HERMELIN/7th Fast Patrol Boat Squadron/Warnemünde P 6125 S 75 ZOBEL/7th Fast Patrol Boat Squadron/Warnemünde P 6126 S 76 FRETTCHEN/7th Fast Patrol Boat Squadron/Warnemünde P 6128 S 78 OZELOT/7th Fast Patrol Boat Squadron/Warnemünde P 6129 S 79 WIESEL/7th Fast Patrol Boat Squadron/Warnemünde P 6130 S 80 HYÄNE/7th Fast Patrol Boat Squadron/Warnemünde Pictures: http://www.internnet...s/S72Puma_0.jpg Source:
  11. I have a Yugumo with F3 Torps (76 knots). If I add the Aiming systems modification 1 I will get 20% extra torp traverse speed. If my math is correct, an extra 20% makes it at 91 knots. Can this be correct? It sounds unreasonably high! And also, what would the highest torpedo speed in the game be with all the modifications and command perks added together? Thanks!