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Found 8 results

  1. Alright, so here's the deal: I was scouring wikipedia at work, and I stumbled upon French BB's. I didn't really have the time to put in the hours required for anything resembling an internet-research (ie making reasoned assumptions based on logic, the old Mk I. eyeball and the available, often contradictory information), but what I gathered generally points towards the French using smaller calibre but high(er)-penetration main armament. All that I'm about to write down is from wiki, so it may be inaccurate (although I'll try to get into sources as we go along), and so I invite all of you guys to comment and add to it if you know your stuff. Right, let's start: Tier III Okay, we start off on a bad foot here: The French simply don't seem to have an all-big-gun BB armed with the right number of 12" guns. We either have a fairly RNG-dependent option, or one that would be probably overpowered at that level. Courbet-class Main armament: 6x2x 305mm (12")/45 Mle 1906 guns Secondary armament: 22x 138mm /55 Mle 1910 guns 4x 47mm Hotchkiss guns Armour: 30-300mm Belt: 270mm Speed: 21kts Weapon layout Now what we have here is a ship that has the same broadside as the Ishizuchi. Not only that, but she also has a great big pack of secondary artillery, capable of setting anyone alight quite reliably by the sheer volume of fire alone. She can of course be balanced to have a reduced rate of fire, or slow turret turn times, but I don't think it'll matter that much if someone knows what he's doing in a BB. She could also be a Tier IV premium BB in case she doesn'T get chosen. Tier IV For this tier, I would suggest the Bretagne-class. I was also considering the Normandie-class, but I decided to go with the Bretagne for two reasons: The Bretagne-class was actually realised, while the Normandie was not, And the Normandie-class would, in my opinion, have too much firepower for the tier: armed with 4x3 340mm guns she would have the most powerful broadside of any Tier 4 ship, while the 5x2 340mm guns of the Bretagne-class would sit just right at the tier. Right then, the Bretagne-class: Main armament: 5x2x 340mm (13,4")/45 Mle 1902 guns Secondary armament: As built 22x 138mm/55 Mle 1910 guns 4x 47mm Hotchkiss guns After 1935: 14x 138mm/55 Mle 1910 guns 8x 75mm/50 Mle 1922 guns (DP) Armour: 40-340mm Belt: 270mm Speed: 20kts Weapon layout I think she would sit right well between the Wyoming (12x 12") and the Myogi (6x14") in terms of firepower, whilst in speed she'd be on the slow side (like pretty much everyone in that period). AA would only appear on the B hull, and even then it wouldn't be anything significant (I'm guessing some MG's would be present to complement the 75mm guns, but that's all). Tier V For this tier, I suggest either the Normandie-class Normandie class (planned) Main armament: 3x4x 340mm/45 Mle 1912 guns Secondary armament: 24x 138mm/55 Mle 1910 guns 6x 47mm Hotchkiss guns Armour: 40(?)-340mm Belt: 300mm Speed: 21kts I guess she could have some sort of upgrade to her AA at the expense of some secondary guns, something like the Bretagne-class got. But that's for my next post, since now I have to go. Kudos to Poster_2015 and Historynerd for their input
  2. Well, it might not be what everyone is expecting. I wanted to come back with a carrier thread, but I have spent a small fortune on my computer and I do not think that the system as it is right now could even come close to being able to handle the bile and hatred which I will spew when the time comes. Until then however, I thought I would start off my return from my break with something a little less consequential. Many would consider this thread largely irrelevant as we already know what the French destroyer's 'thing' is, and that is their speed. Admittedly the ability to traverse the map at incredible speeds and to contest caps far more often than their enemies would be far more beneficial than high speeds on a cruiser that, whilst useful, does not define a ship. Speed alone doesn't make a ship however. This might be because I've always been a bit of a rubbish destroyer player, but to me there are effectively only about 3 destroyer lines in the game: the gunboat, torpedo boat, and the hybrid. Where cruiser lines are defined by their gimmicks, destroyers are defined by their primary weapon in combination of whether or not they want to play the spotter. Even for destroyers with effective torpedoes and effective guns, they can really only do one at a time. A perfect theoretical destroyer can't both play a gunboat and a torpedo boat at the same time. A torpedo boat has to remain unseen, being most effective when the enemy doesn't even think about them until it's much too late. A gunboat will inevitably be seen, even if they're not detected, as every single captain who is not a bot understands what a long line of low damage shells heading towards them from a smoke screen or behind an island. This presents an issue. WG is known for wanting to preserve the flavor of a ship within the line and the French cruisers are heavily defined by their high explosive shells but whilst their torpedoes have relatively minor usefulness in their high tiered cruisers, the French 9 km torpedoes are actually very good torpedoes for a destroyer and French destroyers carries moderately heavy torpedo armaments in configurations that are incredibly effective with World of Warships mechanics with very fast reloads (2x2 + 2x3 Mogador, 3x3 Le Fantasque, 1x3 + 2x2 Vaquelin, 2x3 Aigle) compared to their contemporaries. They are also built as gunboats and destroyer hunters, and that is where the issue is. In a vacuum, this isn't an issue. The French destroyers, with high speed and fast loading torpedoes, will work as good torpedo boats. That said, they can't perform the torpedo and gunboat role at once, meaning that they could both be balanced as a gunboat and balanced as a torpedo boat. The problem is that there are other destroyers in the game, and only the Russian subline and arguably the Akizuki can really be considered hybrids to any large degree. The Americans, formally hybrids, no longer have the use of stealth fire to keep themselves alive outside of smoke screens and, like the Germans, simply don't have the shell performance to merit a gun heavy build outside of cutting down enemy destroyers in gunfights. This means that it is easy to make the French destroyers incredibly powerful and appealing ships, they could very easily become overpowered compared to their contemporaries. What we have with the French destroyers with the French speed boost and good torpedoes: the Kiev or Udaloi with few of their weaknesses. French destroyers need to be handled extremely carefully if they are not to become entirely overpowered when compared to their peers. We have the Americans with excellent torpedo armaments and guns that are good for short ranged engagements but little else. We have the Russians that generally perform as long ranged annoyances, the Japanese that used to be the torpedo line and are now just bad, and the Germans that work as cap contestants and good torpedo boats. The French destroyer's place in all this is difficult, as it would be easy to create French destroyers such that they would be so powerful they would effectively replace the existing destroyer lines in almost all roles except ones restricted to the truest of the true destroyers. Support Objective Anti-battleship Anti-destroyer Area control Speed alone is not enough to make a destroyer line. Whilst possessing destroyers that are the fastest in the world like the Fantasque at 45 knots, the French line also has ships like the Mogador with a good but unexceptional 39 knots and a poor performance with ships like the Aigle that are barely faster than the Japanese midtier destroyers that are some of the most sluggish destroyers in the entire game. The French destroyers are also mostly built, so simply forcing them into a role of fragile but powerful speedsters really can't be done as these ships exists with real life performance and characteristics. Despite this, the French destroyer line could be made very interesting as long as they are balanced correctly. The over performance of the Khabarovsk could potentially be seen as the under performance of the destroyer class in general. Where one draws the line of what makes a balanced destroyer is largely a matter of perspective. Miniature cruisers Gunboat destroyers True Speedsters In general, I don't think that the French destroyers even have the chance of being as disastrous as the first incarnations of the French cruisers. The thing that I fear most when it comes to these ships isn't their weakness, but rather their mediocrity. It is very easy to basically replicate the Russian destroyer formula with slightly floatier guns, better alpha, poorer RoF, and slightly better speed boost. The French destroyers have the potential of being something really special however, much like how the French designed them in concept. A destroyer which is truly a miniature cruiser instead of a slightly bigger gun boat, a weapon system with the strengths of the cruisers diminished, but not really sharing any of the weaknesses could create a truly enjoyable and interesting line to grind and play. This post is a little short on images and comments compared to my usual work, but I have been quite distracted as of late. I'm putting this out so at least I'm putting out some content instead of just siting back and never posting anything I write.
  3. Well, it's time for me to pretend to be a game designer again. Let's do this. I would like to preface this article with a note that I had to rewrite about 10 paragraphs worth of this post because the new forum decided, for some moronic reason, to delete about 2 hour’s worth of my work because it was too stupid to keep even a simple cache of a bloody typed out article. I am not happy right now. As this is a thread about battleships, rest assured that I have a bucket and mop to deal with all of the bile that I will be splattering all over this thread before it can cause any lasting damage to my desktop screen. A retrospective on Battleships With the British battleships on the horizon, I chose to ignore them and focus on the upcoming French battleships because even glancing at the datasheet of the Conchqueror is enough to give me a minor aneurysm. Battleships, like destroyers, are primarily there to define the zone of control of each team. The German battleships have hydroacoustic search, but that doesn't mean that they can go chasing down destroyers or even really charge down British cruisers unless they catch them on the back foot. We have the German battleships with a lot of secondaries, powerful AA, and a hydroacoustic search that a destroyer could see coming about 5 minutes away and guns that can overmatch the bows of cruisers. We have the Americans with a lot of secondaries, incredibly powerful AA, and guns that can overmatch the bows of cruisers. We have the Japanese with lots of secondaries, powerful- The most important thing that any new line needs to do is to appeal to players. The only way I know to make a line appealing without making it universally horrifically overpowered is to make it so that it would find its role in the meta of the game as the game stands. New ships should be there as a tool to fight against an enemy that a large number of current ships need to face, and coming up with something to help battleships deal with battleships without making them overpowered against cruisers or destroyers would go a long way towards addressing the battleship problem. Anti-cruiser Anti-battleship Map control Support Natural reload skill Speed Boost HE focused Communication jammer Lunar AP, Railgun HE Glass cannon Well, that’s it for this week. I couldn’t think of anything funny involving the French, and so I put the Willy Wonka-esque image I drew of the Richelieu up in the bar. Hopefully that’ll hold you over until I drag myself out of my slump to do something actually productive. Best regards.
  4. I'm back with a topic that no one should care about and writing about things that community managers should be doing in my place! Yay! -throws confetti- A quick retrospective on the British cruisers: So here we are, at the sixth cruiser line with the French. We have the Japanese with solid gun performance all round, powerful but difficult to use torpedoes, and very potent HE. We have the Americans, who specialized in AA before the endless patches turned the battleships that used to depend on them for defense into a far more potent source of AA than the cruisers as well as the Russians and the British in the higher tiers usurping their role there. We have the Germans, with their Frankenstein line with long ranges and good gun handling for very dangerous AP but substandard HE. We have the Russians, and their long range HE spamming and rapid firing guns at the cost of being easier to penetrate than the easiest [segment omitted] down at the ports. Then we have the British with their odd but powerful guns and smoke screens. Two HE lines. Two AP lines. One AA line. And now the French. The concept behind the cruisers perhaps works best if they are thought as as simply a subset of ships that are specialized but not in any mutual way as with the battleships or destroyers. Whilst WG might go the way of giving the French cruisers a flavor, something that is far more important in my opinion is the creation of roles for them. I think that the game works best if it works like natural selection in the wider world. If a certain species grows too large in number, then they will either die off or a predator species will grow in number as they feast on the growing prey numbers. I think, for the lack of a better description, that the new ships should be there as a tool to fight against an enemy that a large number of current ships need to face. The role of ships can be thought of as the following, to a very simple degree. Anti - destroyer Anti - battleship Anti - cruiser Support Objective Reconnaissance All ships can fulfill all roles to a larger or smaller extent, but that is what game balancing would ideally be in my opinion. These tasks are, in my personal opinion, a good way to evaluate how ships can decide the result of a match. Minotaurs are excellent at ripping destroyers to pieces and holding the line from inside of the smoke, but fighting against any other cruiser at standard cruiser engagement ranges will very quickly result in a very dead Minotaur. A Hindenburg is only slightly effective at dealing with non-British cruisers, mediocre against destroyers thanks to her quite poor HE, and only slightly effective at dealing with battleships due to her slow speed and large turning circles. She has insane AP alpha values, a very good hydro coupled with very good turret mechanization on a heavy cruiser, and excellent torpedo arcs and very dangerous close range guns however. This in, in my eyes, a balancing factor in a way. One ship is extremely good at a few things, but terrible at others. The other ship is in no way remarkable, but neither does she suffer in any specific area. Certain ships are simply better performers than their counterparts (e.g. Hindenburg VS Zao) but all ships are best at one of the five roles whilst suffering in others. The Zao for a start is decent at the first, excellent at the second, and good at the third but lacks any ability to fulfill objective and reconnaissance in any major way as front line Zaos are usually dead Zaos. So we come to the gimmick that goes to the French ships. The French cruisers, from what I've seen of them, are quite unremarkable. They appear to resemble either Clevelands in the case of their light cruisers or Hippers in the case of their heavy cruisers. Their speed is slow, peers with the British and Germans and certainly not anywhere near the Japanese or the Russians. Their armor is described as good for a cruiser though the Gloire's 120 mm side and 105 mm belt armor is rather significant for a light cruiser. No significant references were made to their AA capabilities. They're rather short for cruisers of their era, though not notably so. The role of light cruisers So, what should be the French light cruiser's "thing"? It took us a long time to get here didn't it? My ideas are generated rather simply. The French cruiser's thing will almost definitely have to be something to do with their ammunition. I do have one idea about a consumable, but that will be right at the bottom of the list. I will also not be stealing the British's gimmick as tempting as it is to transfer those traits to a ship line with serviceable armor. Incendiary HE Anti-battleship Suppressed Firing Penalty Anti-battleship No Citadel Anti-destroyer, Objective Speed Boost Objective Armor Objective, support Rapid Autoloading Anti-cruiser, anti-destroyer Right, I'm done. I shall eagerly await your indignant protests to my ideas below. Best regards.
  5. ColonelPete

    Leaks from the chinese server

    A forum user is posting leaks from the chinese server (not SEA server) in a rarely used subsection of the forum for a couple of weeks now. Since the posted leaks showed to be trustworthy in the past, we asked the user to post the information in a more accessible part of the forum. For some reason he will not do it, therefore I will repost the information here. Please note that some of the information here represents changes during development. Announced changes were discarded later. Therefore changes posted here are not guaranteed to make it to the live server.
  6. Is it a favourite ship of yours, is it a tech tree or some concept you hope wargaming will add in the future. Whatever it is post and explain why you look forward to it. Personally I have a couple ships I can't wait to see what WG has in store for Agano-Class Light Cruisers Now I might be a little biased on this one because it is my favourite class of ships ever (don't ask why, I don't know either), but hear me out. In most threads I see people writing off the Agano-class as a tier 5 Cruiser, and well looking at the guns I agree. With some tweaks and a smoke though I can see the Agano working in tier 7-8, as it has okay AA and very good torpedoes. The Agano is also pretty small so I could see it almost being a kind of DD/CL hybrid. Most of all though I'm mostly just excited to see what Wargaming does to it, write it off as a tier 5 cruiser or make it work somehow in tiers 7-8. Alaska-class "Large Cruiser", IJN super type A-class "Supercruiser", Dutch project-1047 "Battlecruiser" How Wargaming will handle these ships really excites me as they all blur the line between Battlecrusier and Heavy Cruiser. Wargming could also just write these off as low tier battlships, but I'm hopefull they can make them work as high tier CC/CA hybrids. I guess you could group up the panzerschiffe with these ships, but I dunno. Ise/Fuso-class Hybrid Carriers There are tons of threads on these so I won't go into detail, but if and how wargaming implements these excites me to the bone. tl;dr It looks like what I want to see is the the ships that blur the line between the classifications. Any thoughts?
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Yuzral and this is a second video on the WoWs/Arpeggio crossover, looking back at the first wave of the promotion, offering my opinion on it and indulging in some (probably wrong) speculation about what's coming. Enjoy:
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Yuzral and in preparation for the start of tomorrow's Arpeggio event, I trawled round the various WoWs websites, collated up some of the info I found, added a dash of opinion and some outright speculation and baked it all into this video. Watch, enjoy, comment, like subscribe or just point and laugh, the choice is yours: