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Found 9 results

  1. Zereo06

    spawn Location beheben

    Könnte Ihr mal die Schiff gleich mäßig aufteilen und zwar das nicht 3 Zerstörer auf einer Seite spawnen oder die ein Seite total in der Unterzahl ist. Früher waren die Schiffe besser verteilt, im Moment läuft so immer auf einen lemming train hinaus.
  2. Hallo, Ich habe mal eine Frage an alle Schlachtschiff-Kapitäne. Warum fahren 90% aller BB Kapitäne so, dass die Kreuzer im Team, sowie die ganzen DDs in den ersten Sekunden abgeschlachtet werden. Und das nicht nur seit dem aktuelle Update. Sowas ist einfach dämlich und nicht hinnehmbar. Es kann einfach nicht sein, dass das gesammte Team 10, 15 Kilomer hinter einem campt. Das heißt auch, dass KEIN effektives Unterstützungsfeuer möglich ist. Also, was wird dagegen unternommen? Und noch ein Disclaimer, alle Kommentare, die beleidigend sind, werden ausnahmlos gemeldet und wenn ich auf meine Meldungen keine entsprechenden Reaktionen sehe, werde ich solange nachfragen, bis ich Reaktionen sehe. Hey_Your_Dead @MrConway @Sehales
  3. Map: Land of Fire Spawn side: South Spawn coordinates: mid H/I 2 (H0-25 if you want to be specific ) Spawn quality: 10/10 would consider going AFK again Jokes aside, this spawn has been there for a long time, and I can't help but wonder why the f is it still there?! That is a BB-only spawn (at least I've never seen any other class spawning there), and the ship who spawns there is generally screwed. What happens if the whole team lemmingtrains the other side of the map? Not rare to see that happening. Are you supposed to try and catch up with them in the slowest ship class in the game? Are you supposed to go A side solo and die because you ran into half of the enemy team? Don't like "what if" examples? Well, here is the practical example that just pissed me off. Team goes BC from eastern side, no ship is moving to the west of B or to A. Obviously I tried to take the shortest route towards B to join up with the team. But - oh look! - enemy CV has decided to initially support A flank and - I can just imagine his happiness when he noticed me - there is a lone BB in the middle of nowhere far away from any allied support. So, strike 1. Since I'm kept spotted by aircraft, there is no way I'm traversing the area between that island an B while enemies are pushing A. So I have to swing back away from them and try to break contact. But CV has already got a taste of a lone BB and he wants more. So before I can join up with the team he has made his way around B and is striking me again. And then it still took me around a minute to, for the first time in this game, be nearby (around 6km) to an ally. 8 min 10 sec have passed already. That's at least 40.83% of the games time completely wasted. Why is that spawn even a thing?
  4. Trixs38

    Probleme chargement

    Bonjours voila j'ai souvent des problemes avec le jeu car le chargement et long , voir trop alors que la bataille a déja commencé. Dernierment j'ai pris part au combat alors que mon navire était déja sous le feu ennemie !! " je me suis senti me faire spawnkill limite " il y a comme un réel probleme la je pense et visiblement je ne suis pas le seula ce que j'ai entendu..
  5. [edited] Notice the two BBs at I 7 and 8? Yep they moved a total of 2m from the spawn pretty much the whole match
  6. I just "played" a domination game in the map "Land of Fire"; it was a tier VIII match and i was sailing my tier VII Colorado. What happened: i spawned alone in the bottom left corner of the map. As the Colorado has a top speed of 20 knots i immediatly realized i was doomed. Directly in front of me spawned 3 tier VIII premium ships: a Kutuzov, an Atago and a Tirpitz. I tried anyway to reach my other teammates, which of course focused on the flags on the other side of the map as my side was very weak and doomed to be rekt by the very beginning; after a minute or so a 2nd enemy Tirpitz showed up and spotted me.... in less than a minute the Kutuzov and the Tirpitz reduced my health by 1/3; i was forced to hide behind an island, waiting to be slaughtered by them. My personal game ended in about 3 minutes and it wasn't fun at all. The spawn postion of my team wasn't good either as they were spread through the map in a very unbalanced way (of course it ended in a defeat). I have to say it's not the first time i've noticed issues with spawn positions on this particular map: spawning with american BBs like Colorado or New Mexico in such positions is completely unfair as they have a top speed of 20 knots and they can't in any way team up with allied ships. Also, the ships are spread very far away from each other and (as in the game i've played) all top tier ships are often on the same side. How is this possible? Have you ever seen similar situations? Is it possible to do anything to solve these issues?? I'm so sorry that my first post on the forum (after a year i've been playing this game) is a rant, but i was very pissed off by the fact that i was sentenced to death in the exact moment the match started. (apologize for the bad english)
  7. CubePro

    Spawn bug

    Hello all players, moderators and game-makers, Today I had something very weird in my 2nd Kuma game... I freaking spawned 6km from my enemy's. In this round there was a Salem Witch ship, so I assume that my spawn fail has something to with that. Look at my attached file and check the timer, no way I could be all the way there if I sailed there myself. it was, as you can guess, quite the short game even for my standards. Does anyone else have the same experience?
  8. Dohvakin

    Wrong division spawning

    Dear developer, When i'm playing in a division i noticed that my fellow division member and i always spawn on opposite sides of the map. I would like to have the game to recognize division members and spawn them as close as possible to each other. This avoids players having to sail for minuts, mostly under enemy fire, just to be ably to play side by side. Kind regards, 'Dohvakin'
  9. DBaron

    Spawn locations

    Hi folks, based on Exodudes topic (http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/9712-spawn-divisions-together/) which is about Division spawn points, there was another thing which started to irritate me a bit. Lately I started to take a look at ship types and spawn locations on certain maps. If you take Fault Line for example in Domination, you have 3 cap points. Now funnily enough, last time we had 2 DDs, 2 CVs, 4 BBs, 4 CAs. The 2 DDs spawned near A, the BBs near B, the CVs in the back and all CAs at C. Wouldnt it be great if the different spawn locations were mixed ship types? Even if you are not in a division and try to get some teamplay going, this kind of ship split makes it kinda hard and you first have to move all around the map .