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Found 13 results

  1. geekuma

    How to stop spamming?

    How do you stop someone spamming on the chat? In World of Tanks you just select the player, block their messages and you're done, easy! I just experienced an "interesting" battle, where one player was extremely abusive in the chat, spamming multiple times a minute. I was one of his/her dedicated targets. The spamming was continuous and accompanied by the voice messages, which made the concentration (surprise surprise) very hard. The spamming stopped only at the very end of the battle when he/she was concentrated on hunting the CV and didn't play with the F-buttons anymore. I did: Add him/her to Blacklist. No effect. Stop messages from him/her. No effect. Reported for poor behaviour in chat. Obviously no immediate effect, but at least made me feel slightly better. The replay file can be found here. It is NOT published for shaming purposes, so please do NOT attack nor abuse the players in the game, not even the spammer. I'm publishing the replay file, so others can evaluate the situation themselves and maybe come up with comments. And yes, my Aoba fighting sucks totally :-D
  2. CountyKGamer

    Spamming of Commands

    Can something be done about the constant spamming of the F_key voice commands. Just been in a game where one arsehole just kept his finger on 'well done commander' all game and it drove everyone mad. Surely there must be some way to limit the repeat of commands and maybe to temp ban people who abuse the system automatically. Have had it in a few games now and it is totally ruining the experience of playing the game. For reference the user in question was :- furzkopf**
  3. sprototles

    chat spam

    takze teraz som mal jednu uzasnu hru, kde sa nas cleveland schoval za stenu a celu hru tam spamoval Fxy tlacidla, samozrejme nepomohlo ani zablokovanie chatu s danym hracom, takisto ani blacklist ja som myslel ze WG tento provblem uz nejako poriesilo ... link: https://replayswows.com/replay/27758#stats
  4. Hello, Kaiser, constantly spamming "Set a smoke screen" every 2 seconds for the duration of the game. Checked its stats and this is it - it is impossible to get to T IV with just a 1 game in Black Swan (note that there were no games in Hermelin! So, how could he get to Kasier?). Any explanation? Test account? TBH, we probably lost the game because of it....
  5. Hey there! So I recently decided to come back to the game after a very long break, that being that I mostly played in the alpha/beta and have only casually played the odd game since then. Since I moved to the UK recently I decided to totally remake my account on EU and start fresh - I've been having a lot of fun! ... But I have some questions and concerns I'd quite like to get some answers to that have been causing me some issues. Firstly, unless my memory fails me, it seems like there are oh-so-many more Battleships in every match than there was back when I used to play, like i'm talking at least 5-7 players per team will be battleships with maybe 1 or 2 cruisers max (like really where have all the cruisers gone? O.o) and a few destroyers. The thing is I like to play Cruisers but the whole "everyone's a battleship" is causing me a lot of headaches. As far as i'm aware Cruisers are countered by Battleships, so how is one wanting to play a cruiser supposed to be competitive when almost all the enemies are your counter? Am I playing wrong, is this an issue with me or are cruisers just in a naturally bad place with matchmaking like this? Are Cruisers struggling right now because of this or are they as good as ever? If this is the case, is there any reason for this Battleship spam and is it likely to subside? (I'm currently playing tier III-VI ships right now so i'm not sure if it's the same at tier IX to X). My second concern is that I'm currently on the Furutaka and i've read peoples suggestions and advice on how to play it but I just don't seem to be able to make it work. I hear this ship is actually a really good so It leaves me a bit disheartened for continuing the rest of the IJN cruiser line. Is this more-or-less the play-style of the rest of the ship line or does it get better? Is the Furutaka an oddball IJN cruiser that doesn't really play much like the others or is she a good indicator of the rest of the line of those ships? I have issues with the whole "you gotta keep your front towards the enemy at all times and never expose broadside thing." like how does one actually maneuver around the battlefield if you have to be head-on all the time? People say "you gotta play it like a Battleship" but I can't stand Battleship gameplay, it's far too slow and non-adaptive for me, so is the rest of the line like this ethos? Or could my issues be due to my aforementioned Battleship spam? Another thing is that I've been thinking of giving the Frenchie cruisers a go; However I recall when I was watching Jingles' review video of them on Youtube when they were in the test server that the tier 10 was rather underwhelming and not very competitive, did this change before release? Or is it still rather mediocre? I got the tier VI De Grasse premium cruiser and I really like how it plays, is the rest of the line similar? Also, i've been thinking of trying the German Destroyers. I love the guns on the Russian DD's and the amazing, long range, Torps' of IJN ones - and I hear the Germans are somewhat of a middleground? How is that line, is the tier 10 good? Sorry for the question spam - i'm just really getting into the game but feel a little bit lost on some fronts and would like to find a line of ships to really focus on as well as get some clarification on some concerns of mine. As I last played the game seriously in alpha/beta I think I had a Fubuki and Mogami (when those were tier 7) and remember liking the Myoko but not the Fubuki so much but I think that was mainly because I needed to learn how to play it xD. I remember wishing it had way better guns so I had something to do between torps' though. Thanks to anyone who can answer me i'll make sure to monitor the thread and I look forward to some responses :)
  6. So my whole team just spent the entire game having to put up with a troll/tker sitting in the bottom corner of the map hiding so he could mesh his keyboard for literally the entire game clicking on every map grid pressing every F key, how on earth does the game not automatically ban people from chat spamming this severely? I've never seen a game make it so difficult to just simply stop someone griefing their entire team.. Surely the solution to stop people doing this can't be that hard? *Edited
  7. nazdar takze teraz sa mi porarila jedna genialna hra s nejakym genialnym individuom, ktoremu po F-klavesniciach pobehoval asi traktor uspesne cely tymovy chat spamoval asi 2-3 minuty, kym sa o neho nepostarala nasa lietadlovka snazil som sa zablokovat aj jeho spravy v chate, ale ako som zistil, na prikazy to nema vplyv chcem sa opytat WG, ci by vedelo pridat moznost uplneho zablokovania konkretnej osoby (ci uz na jednu bitku alebo celu dobu) dakujem zaznam: https://wowreplays.com/Replay/38189
  8. As you may know, WoWs is abundant in flags of aesthetic value. Be they for seasons of ranked battles, events or holidays - doesn't matter. Currently, players are allowed to 'mount' one flag on any chosen vessel. Players, who have been playing for some time, have probably gathered quite an amount of aforementioned flags. However, they may end up choosing which of their favourite flags (assuming they've got more than 2) they'd like to attach...You get the idea, right? The point is: Aren't flags treated (in case of their in-game distribution on rigging) like signals? I mean, rigging makes for a spacious territory, which could be exploited more. Increasing the capacity to 3-4 flags seems like enough,
  9. TomBombardil

    Your post is To long

    !Your post is to LONG! wtf? Why did I even bother returing, evort is even being punished! (welcom to the iron curtain? dont think yourself!). Im sorry even when i think WG cant suprise me anymore (really low expectations of them). they suprise me. now im ganne do excactly what "your post is to LONG". was pointing out. Posting stuff, for the sake of posting STUFF. My condoleance, fellow contributors TomBombardil
  10. Bonjour à tous, Comme indiqué dans le titre,les destroyers hauts tiers actuels sont véritablement un enfer. Plus précisément les DD américains et russes. Ils sont tellement OP... N'importe quel joueur de cuirassé vous dira qu'un joueur de dd caché dans sa smoke et spammant à l'HE toutes les 3 secondes est du pur anti jeu.Vous me direz: " oui, mais alors comment voulez vous qu'ils les jouent dans ce cas?"Je vous répondrai: "de façon à ne pas faire quitter le jeu aux joueurs BB " c'est à dire en limitant les incendies causés par un dd DANS sa smoke ou encore en limitant le nombre de ceux-ci par partie."J'ai tellement l'impression que le pur gameplay du dd, c'est à dire torpiller des navires, se fait oublier. Pendant la guerre j'aurais eu du mal à imaginer un dd partant chasser les cuirassés en leur tirant à l'HE dans leur smoke en mettant un feu toute les 3 - 4 salves.. De plus, un dd à 4 Km broadside se prenant 6 obus AP d'Iowa sur toute sa longueur et ne lui enlever que 4000 PS est un peu abusé. En réalité le DD aurait explosé direct. Pour résumer, actuellement, les DD sont un véritable tue le jeu, et ce, pour énormément de joueurs. C'est la première fois en un an de jeu sur Warships que je ressent l'envie de quitter le jeu a cause d'un anti jeu comme celui-ci. Or, j'adore ce jeu.. Des avis? D'autres suggestions? Des solutions? J'attend de vous lire ! A bientôt en haute mer ! Spectrrre, Iowa Commander PS: repost du topic car écrit en rouge (pour modos donc remplacé par du vert) et insultes et jurons présents (je vous laisse trouver les insultes et jurons dans le screenshot ci-joint https://gyazo.com/a5addfeb124c921f9260cba8eade34dd, bon courage pour en trouver)...
  11. SodiumExtract

    Need to end some of the possible spam.

    So this is the thing, I just came out of a match with let's say a diffrent kind of human. For the entierty of the match which was around 16 minutes he never stopped spaming the short commands aka f1-10. At first I was like sure thing mate if that's how you want to roll I'll just mute you. The fact that the mute does not work for those keybindings made that game a test of faith and courage to not sink him just to make it stop. (infact no body sank him so he just continued troughout the match and to top it of he even torped me) But yeah that's the story now to the point. Should they not impliment a anti spam filter so that if a person decided to be that kind of human gets auto muted from the game after lets say 3-5 rapid massage spams. Or atleast when you mute a person disable everything from them. Ofcourse this is the first time i have ever met this kind of spammer and I hope that they are not that many in the game but I still really think this need to be adressed. I even think World of Tanks have this kind of thing even tough you don't get muted for long.
  12. Alipheese_XV

    Für Star Trek Fans

    Captain - we've got a Romulan warbird de-cloaking off the starboard bow!" "Man the AA turrets and switch from AP to HE - that'll annoy the crap out of them!" Habe das im englischen Forum bei jemandem in der sig gefunden und musste herzlichst lachen Konnte es mir bildlich vorstellen, wie die Romulaner von einer Cleveland oder 155er Mogami zu Tode gespammt werden
  13. Hi Guys I thought I'd encourage an constructive discussion here that would benefit both CV and DD drivers. My problem lies with taking out enemy Carriers on open water in any non-IJN DD. No matter how hard I try, or how far I have to chase the CV I just cannot keep up with the rate at which they can spam torpedo bombers, especially if there's more than one and even worse if they're Japanese. Sooner or later I end up catching a few, and lets be honest a DD can only take one without sinking, assuming it's on full HP. So far my tactics have pretty much consisted of waiting until detected and then spamming HE as fast as I can reload while closing the distance as quick as I can. I hardly ever make it within 4-5km to launch torpedoes. So... Am I doing it wrong? Should I be gunboating it more, keeping my distance and forgetting about torpedoes for the most part? Please refrain from historical discussions or OP/UP claims.