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Found 40 results

  1. Slurky

    No sound during battle

    Hey guys, i haven't played world of warships in a year and i installed again although this time on a different pc. Game working great and all but when the game loads and the battle starts the music/soundtrack stops there, like there are 0 themes running. Yes i'm pretty sure all sounds are enabled excluding the player. Is it a Directx thing or a general bug?
  2. Just like on the WoT forums, I can't find the technical section of this board, if there is one, pls move my topic there, mr Moderator. Thank you! So, the problem is the sounds in the game. Sometimes it just gets shredded to pieces with no real reason (I think the volume might be the reason though, because it seems to be more common when I'm firing my guns in sniper mode). I've changed sound quality from high to low, didn't do much, maybe it's even worse. Any suggestions? My sound controller is Realtek HDA, I think it's popular eneugh to assume it's not the problem, or I've heard of it by now. I know it's beta, but again - if it was a common thing, I think I'd heard of it (or it's just me being unable to find the technical problems board ;p). I can't think of a precise way to name the issue to google it. Thanks for your thoughts in advance.
  3. NuckingFoob

    Soundeffekt bei Gefechtsergebnis-Screen

    Vor kurzem habe ich mir WoWs mal wieder installiert und dieses "Game-Center" untergeschoben bekommen. Seit dieser Neuinstallation (obwohl vermutlich unabhängig vom Gamecenter) erhalte ich bei Ende eines Gefechts und Erscheinen des Ergebnis-Bildschirms einen Soundeffekt (so eine Art "Tusch"), der unglaublich laut ist. Alle anderen Soundeinstellungen bzw. -lautstärken sind ok, so wie ich sie eingestellt habe. Nun meine Frage: Kann man diesen Sound entweder komplett deaktiveren oder leise stellen, ohne andere Soundlautstärken damit zu beeinflussen?
  4. Umbrascythe

    Space battle mode camouflage "sounds"

    So. I decided to treat and spoil myself here in the Easter holidays and buy the Großer Kurfürst camouflage from space battles. I like the star wars star destroyer-ish design and the neat space sounds. But I was "only slightly" miffed when I took it out for a stroll and found out that the skin doesn't come with the space battle mode gun/plane sounds. I guess it would be too confusing if there were multiple gun sounds, but then agian, people could just turn them off with the skin-filter option. What do you think? Should these 8k doubloon skins include at least the gun/torp sounds from space battle mode?
  5. 1000guns

    Sound fx issue

    I've been noticing some weird sound fx behaviour as of this latest patch, at some point after an hour of playing half of the sound fx's are gone.. guns, steering sounds and reloads in particular along with the music soundtrack (which may come back or not in the next game). Unless I restart the game this persists and is quite weird I have to say.. anybody else with the same 'symptoms'?
  6. Not because I want to see how punchable it is or anything, but you know that NEW, IMPROVED, INTUITIVE sound you get when one of your systems gets damaged or one of your turrets implodes? Yeah, the annoying screechy sound, similar to two radios trying to transmit on the same frequency. Great improvement guys, I know the sound department of yours has too much free time but can't you, I don't know, find them some floor to mop up?
  7. Bratwurst_Bob

    USS Mahan guns: the shot sounds distorted

    I have a LG 2.1 soundbar and a Corsair 7.1 headset. Whichever I use, the Mahan shots sound like a bark, that starts off with a low thud that sounds to me distorted, as if the bass speaker membrane is flexing too fast and therefore distorts the sound. The shot is probably meant to have a sort of mean, dry bark to it, but right now it is not much fun to listen to it. Just to clarify: the speakers are not distorting the sound, all sound levels are at a low output. it is the actual shot that sounds wrong. EDIT: I don't know what other ships might be using this sound file, this is the highest tier I got in DDs.
  8. DefeatedUranus

    Poor sound quality ticket submitted

    So I've just submitted a ticket explaining the poor sound quality receiving from WoWs. I've also uploaded the sound to check if anyone else is having exactly the same issue. (I know dozens of people are) - Hopefully this will get addressed soon ps. All other games, music, porn etc all work fine and sound perfect.
  9. I just wanted to ask if WG has any plans to bring the second High School Fleet Girls collaboration from Japan over to us EU chaps and if we would be able to obtain anything through missions or something? To my knowledge so far, from what was mentioned at the venue this second collaboration event was announced at. The following content is planned and/or possible. - 4 Character Silhouettes for Captains were shown at the announcement event. (Potential for new captains?) Noted in the article of the above picture; - Some voices were also released at the venue. - Isoroku (The cat from the anime) has a Camo/skin for the Harekaze ship. Noted in the article, it stated these images were sent from the Russian Development team. - Although it did no appear in the anime, A Yu Ocean School Yamato Camo/Skin. Sources: News from Japanese gaming news site Famitsu [Link 1] and [Link 2] (Apologies for I am not sure what other tags I could add to the post)
  10. wiking333

    Sound bug

    Hi. So I found a bug but first let me say sorry for posting a bug topic on wrong site (I never did this and I am completely blind and green about that stuff, sorry). The bug is simple and it's fairly common, I mean it happens every one-two mayby three battles, it's a sound bug, it lasts usually few seconds and it usually happens while shooting from main battery. This sound is represented by... anus... What do I mean by that? Well, it's a farting sound mixed with acctual main battery firing sound and sometimes sounds of captain saying stuff in the meantime... That's it... PS, this is completely different thing but I must ask: shouldn't battleships have bigger range on their main guns? I mean I know it's a game and we cannot have only OP battleships just sitting on starting area and shooting people, but I find it strange that I can (with upgrade) fire my 4 main guns only up to 11km... They are ridiculously slow to reload which makes them easy target (I'm talking about the first tier battleship because that's how far I got, don't know how it looks after this point). Thanks and sorry, wiking333
  11. thunder3oo

    ARP ships

    While I enjoyed the part of the game which has a purpose - by completing the missions for ARP Kongo and ARP Myoko (simple gameplay becomes boring after a while), I do not enjoy pink and high pitch voices. It seems that most of the time Wargaming is doing its job - is when is pushed from behind. I guess it's hard for WG to realize that most gamers are males, even more than that - many of them are +18. ... and I like to believe that even young, boys are boys and men are men, not sissy girls. Pink is a color for little kids or girls. More appropiate colors for male participants in this game who use ARP ships - could be blood red, royal blue, glowing blue, green or even white; all being colors that can be found abundantly in anime movies. But no, WG decided that pink should be the default color for ARP ships. Pink? W.T.F.? Really, now? So... we fought, we got the ships. Now what? I'm sure very few understand what is that high-pitched female voice saying... in japanese. Not only is an annoying kid voice, it's in japanese, too (a beautiful language... when is spoked by men, btw). Well, since WG put accent in one of its articles on hearing the sounds (torps, announcements, etc)... clearly we can't use them while they are in japanese. Most army people (in special smokers and guners) have hoarsed voices, not that... "I don't know what candy I want to eat next" voice. Speaking of army people, some anime characters (if i remember correctly) have hoarsed voices as well. Here's your inspiration, WG! Ok, WoW's is an arcade game, but... covering only a specific layer of players? Come on, Wargaming, you can do better than that. Put your people at work and hire some real men with real balls to get the voices done. How do you people say? "Action stations!"
  12. SirHawkman

    In GameSound

    Hi! Anyone else having difficulty with the sound in game? In the port the sound is fine but during gameplay all sounds break up and everything sounds tinny, I have not changed any setting since this new update, but my sound was fine before it. I've turned the volume down to 1/2 on all setting but with no difference. Any thoughts/ideas? Ta!
  13. Gudako

    Sound Tearing horribly

    Anybody else experienced this? Sometimes, the sound tears up getting all messy. I am not sure what the cause is, FPS, or smoke, or guns firing. Anybody else ever had this?
  14. ThisBoat

    Shriratsuyu Gun Sounds

    Hi, recently acquired the Shiratsuyu. The gun sound, wow, its like a Yamato on steroids, and the volume can't be lowered, like the other guns in the game..... This is not normal is it?
  15. Mr_Bjornel

    How does 0.3.1. sounds?

    I would like to give just my personal feedback about the sound changes in last patch. In most cases the new sounds are really great. I love the cannon firing explosions a lot. But the sound of getting the ribbon changed to the worse. Which is a shame because that is quite prominent sound during the game. Also when I am turning off my anti air, the voice is borderline annoying. The last thing I noticed may be a bug .. sometimes I get this long sound similar to the sound of incoming shell. Even though nobody is firing at me. It can happen from the very start. Sometimes this noise can be heard only on one side of the ship .. and when I move my camera to the other side it disappears. So pretty please bring back the old ribbon sound
  16. Wullailhuit

    Plane info sounds in Carriers, janky

    I've been messing around with CVs for a bit and I'm wondering if this happens to anyone else. MOST tmes the battle reports of 'target destroyed' , 'taking damage' etc from the squadrens is fine , but SOMETIMES they don't actually sound off , all I get is a tiny 'beep'. I then have to re-start the client to get the sounds back.
  17. Hello, So I'm not sure this is an issue in the regular client, but certainly in the Closed beta weekend client, the music when in a battle sounds like it's being processed through some kind of surround sound and it makes it sound really tinny and odd. Instead of being in the usual stereo it's almost like the game is trying to "spacialise" it (for lack of a better term). Kind of like when you turn on those reverb effects on some sound cards that make the music sound like you're 'in a concert hall' or 'in a warehouse' it feels like it's running it through the same buffers as the ship and gun sounds etc. I hope this is not 'by design' as it makes the battle music very difficult and fatiguing to listen to and I enjoy the in-game music usually, so would prefer not to turn it off. Cheers Sub
  18. HugeGuns

    Please fix this sound bug.

    Annoying sound bug that occasionally appears for no reason.
  19. bolex5

    Brak dźwięku

    Dobry! Gdy uruchamiam grę to w ekranie logowania mam dźwięk, ale po zalogowaniu nic nie słychać. Ustawienia dźwięku są maksymalne. Poza grą wszystko słychać. To błąd czy tylko ja mam coś nie tak?
  20. Hi everyone. Just have to ask - are there anyone else who is utterly annoyed by the sound of rolling empty barrels when zooming in? I understand it is there to represent the completion of guns loading cycle, but it is too loud. Also barrels are rolling AFTER guns have reloaded, when you zoom in. So the result reminds sort of like you sail around in submarine with shitty unoiled periscope. It is bloody annoying to be honest ...
  21. gekkehenkie50

    [Suggestion] Wider range of Crew Voices

    Hi WG, I was wondering if you are going to implement a wider range of crew voices. At the moment, the battle feedback given by our loyal crew is, in my opinion, lackluster. In real life, the captain would usually be receiving reports from all over the ship constantly, while under fire. What part of the ship got hit, what is the range to the targeted enemy, specifications of said enemy etc. Now, I don't suggest that you turn it into one big mess when taking hits, but a more human-like reaction when a 210mm HE shell hits your small destroyer could add so much more feeling, and perhaps make you think twice about placing yourself in danger like that. There are bound to be people (and I have already seen posts where players are asking for NO voices at all) that are not going to be optimistic about this, so maybe a setting that tunes the amount of feedback? No being nothing, default the amount we currently have, and High a suitable amount of chaos. Please post any phrases or general triggers that you want to see in this post as well!
  22. At the moment I play the Taiho, and the Taiho uses for Torpbombers and Divebombers the same air plane type, the Aichi B7A2, but the bombers sounds different to the Torpbombers! Guess it's because all Divebombers share the same sounds sample and the Torpbombers as well. But I was wondering why? Different ships have different gun fire sounds, why doesn't have the planes different sounds? Shouldn't be much work, just copy paste sounds files from World of Warplanes? I'm often wondering, why wargaming is so slow with changes, some should be done in one work day
  23. tutorialis

    problèmes de son

    Bonjour. Mon soucis en ce moment, lorsque je joue a wow's par moment le son du systeme disparait. Je dois donc redemarrer mon pc ou attendre 10 à 15min. Sur la page du login le son bug un jour il est correct, un autre il sature. Il arrive meme à contaminer les sons du systeme exemple: une musique sature au meme moment. Et il m'arrive que le son des canons ou autre disparaissent. Les autres jeux fonctionnent sans problème. Windows 10 est a l'origine du prb ??. windows ne trouve aucun prb pour lui le peripherique audio fonctionne. ma config os : windows 10 pro 64bit carte graph : sapphire dual-x r9 270x Proccesseur : amd fx™- 6300 core six core proc 3.50 ghz carte mere : ASRock 960GC-GS FX ram : Kingston HyperX 8 Go (2x 4Go) DDR3 1866 MHz DxDiag10_11_15.txt
  24. KRBeC

    Lagged Sound

    Hi guys, here is the problem ... I play and at some moment (cannot identify the trigger) the sound get lagged (as if it is played several times at same time, in case my sound level is set to be quite low (nearly muted) it is relatively quite lod when these laggs appears). It is usually triggered at the start of battle (last for entire battle, sometimes more battles, but that maybe a case of encountering it in consecutive battle again). Several times this appeared when I switched to desktop during game and came back (but not every time). This happen usually one or two times per gameing session. Tried to play with almost no program running in background, and it seems to have no effect. The occurance seems to be bit higher when I alt+tab often and when I have some streamed video running on background. No idea to deal with it once it occurs, it simply last till the end of battle regardless what I do.
  25. NugGerath

    Separate slider for guns volume

    Please add a separate slider for gun volume. I think it is self explanatory.