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Found 4 results

  1. Lyno_Lemon

    IJN 100mm AA

    IJN 100mm AA I just wanted to put this out there. I know there's lots of issues with the new CV rework, but I couldn't see this one discussed anywhere else. The AA from the IJN 100mm guns feels terrible since the rework. I've played them on Kii and Harugumo and no matter what I do or how I spec, shooting down planes is a massive chore. These guns had great AA values prior to the update, but now they seem to be lacking. They're AA ships, but seem to be the only ones I've played where shooting down planes seems to be an impossible task. It could be a coding error where WG has put the damage values a bit low or a glitch. I don't know. But since WG has stuck Kii on sale as an AA ship, they probably want to look at this as a priority. On a plus, some DDs seem to be able to defend themselves better than before. However, I think the AA system still needs more work. Sound Bug On a separate note, I came across a sound bug where I could hear a BB shooting as though it was me firing, but I wasn't. No idea if it was someone else shooting on other side of map or just random sound assets playing. I know others in that game also experienced this so thought I'd bring it to light. A little annoying, but only happened to me once so probably fairly low priority. Anyone else experienced this?
  2. zasobnik

    Tearing Sounds

    Hello, i have little ( but annoying ) problem. I downloaded WOWs just today, and when i just started to play it, my sound after 1 min on each battle, my sound get tearing ( music, sound effects, and crew guy who is talking ) i had only 1 option left, and it is to turn general volume to zero. Yes, i have all drivers updated, latest Dx.. etc,etc. Also my FPS is Fixed around 30 and Ping is jumping from 90 to 120 so i cant see problem here Anyway, thanks for reading, sorry for bad english and i hope that i am writing this in right forum section, if not... dont sink me
  3. kazons

    Sound Bug

    Hey. when i'm in-game my sound tearsupp when i'm shooting like a really static noise. its only the game that stutters for me all other sounds on the pc is working... the bug is mostly when i shoot and the in-game music. plz help
  4. Engec

    Sound Bug

    Anyone else heaving problem where certain sound stop working, like gun sounds, warning sounds when you are about to crash & torpedo warning sound?