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Found 1 result

  1. Dear community, I have been thinking about this for a while, but the recent experiences in the game have made me more curious. I have always struggled to understand the players who are not getting better over time, sometimes even get worse. It's a fact that there always will be a heterogenous player base and a potential for conflict. The good players have expectations and so do the bad players. If the not so good players fail to see things from the good players perspective, maybe it's up to the good players to reach out and explore the world of the casual mindset. So I am thinking about starting a project: I intend to start a new account and experience first hand, what it's like to be a very bad player. This is a well established concept of social science, called "participant observation". If you want to find out about a peer group, you become part of that group, adapt to their habits and document your experiences. I hope to gain a deeper understanding of what motivates different player strata. We have tried in the past to have discussions in here, but the peer group (a) was hardly present in the forum and (b) mostly refused to share their views. It's only logical to send a lab rat and after some reflection on the matter, I think about volunteering. This is intended to be a slow and rather long-term experiment. I still want to play my main account. So I would just occasionally have a few games on this test account, when I am too tired to make an effort. I would monitor my stats and slowly readjust, depending on the actual progress I make. I intend to share my experiences in this topic as an interactive diary. So we will know how other players interact with me, if they are helpful or hostile. So far for the outline. Now comes the hard part: I am not a very bad player. As hard as it may be for a very bad player to play like an above average player, it is even harder for an above average player to play like a bad player. After thousands of games, trying to get better, certain reflexes are tatooed into a player's mind. If you know how to aim, you cannot intentionally aim wrong. Who is to say that a bad player would have aimed the same way? If your inner voice tells you, an enemy will move to a certain area, how can you ignore that knowledge in your decision process? You cannot deliberately sabotage your game, since a bad player hypothetically wouldn't do that either. You see, you can hardly fake ignorance, which is why murderers often get caught and wifes know when their men are cheating. Now I could - every now and then - be afk, get DCed or TK, but that (a) would be against the rules and (b) it would get me pink, which gets in the way of experimenting freely. I suppose I could TK, if it came as a byproduct of a real unawareness and was not intentional. I can yolo or sit in the back of the map or give an awful lot of broadside, but the way I see it, the only possibility to exercise a consistent lack of skill would be to commit to a fixed set of rules how to play, in order to at least simulate bad play. So there would be certain rules like e.g.: - Never use camos or signals - Don't exceed a certain level of captain points - Always stay with the majority of the players - Don't move in smoke - Don't use hydro or radar - Never follow requests in chat - prioritize damage over objectives - ... You get the picture. I am not yet commited to do this project, unless I feel positive I can do it reasonably bad and still within the rules of the game. So long story short: I am asking for your input. Do you think such a project is practicable? What actions do I need to refrain from, to fully comply with the rules of the game? What rules come to your mind that could help simulating bad play? Mind, they can be specific to a ship type, game mode, map or be general in nature. Just be creative. One question especially for the bad players among you: How can I get into the mood of playing your way? Is there any habit of (legal) substance abuse (e.g. drinking) or parallel activity (talking on the phone / watching a series while playing) that is recommended to maybe reduce awareness? I know this sounds a bit trollish, but I actually witnessed some players were less aware when drunk, so this is a legit point. Share whatever thoughts you deem helpful in successfully conducting this experiment. I know this all sounds funny. But if I decide to do it, it's gonna be serious. Feel free to also share your concerns. I just want to say this: WoWs has so many bad players that one more will not significantly impact your game experience. So don't worry about that. Also Wargaming is testing any kind of new ships and to some extent even meachanics on the live server, so I think one innocent test account again is not gonna make your game experience any less enjoyable. It is a small sacrifice for all of us, but the prospect of a better mutual understanding is imo well worth it. Come on guys, we put a man on the moon. Let's put a man into casual mode. Share your thoughts. Edit: I want to draw your attention to the current update post.