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Found 19 results

  1. Varate_me_k_as_Klaiw

    CV's Nerfed once again

    Bravo WG..continue destroy your(how many month's your developers needed to chance the CV playstyle?) CV'S....first you make the captains (and me) to stop playing DD's (upper tier i mean)... Already me and many many others we have stopped for a long time from playing our CV's too!!!...And now...do you really believe that your balance problem solved when CV's nerfed once more? BUT OFCOURSE....you cant tough you precious russian ships that you make...."our company addressed to the whole world but we are Russians"...and Russian ships should have EVERYTHING eh? like Smolensk...everybody else in the game knows that this ship and your "new russian cruisers" is desperately unbalanced!Their fake captains laughing in our face cause you let them...but we pay some money every month you know...we pay to fight,and some time we won,some not....but we dont pay the money just to see every 11 year old 'captain" gather 250.000 coal and the find a rock and destroy the battle to the other 23 players!!! I cant believe you dint know all that. BUT NOOOO..."lets nerf the CV's"...why not...pitty WG....at 2016 you were a promising company...atleast then you tried keep some balance...even at your russian ships!!! PITTY
  2. FukushuNL

    Am I overreacting?

    There are many things in this game that can be considered a negative, irritating or even ragequitable element in this game. Radar, CVs, firestarters, Russian fantasy lines, etc. The upcoming Subs could join that list. Each one of those has the ability to want me to scratch the living skin of my body out of irritation, but then I start another game and forget about the prior irritation. I am generally ok with any of these game elements as they are not continuously on my mind in a game, so if you ask me what I think about them, I'd say I am neutral. But there is one thing that makes me riled up and make me fear every new game I start: Smolensk. Every single T10 involved game I nowadays check the team list, not because I am interrested in what kind of ships everyone is sailing, but out of fear of people playing Smolensk. And the amount of negativity I feel when there is a Smolensk in the game, either friend or foe, equals the relief I feel when I'm joining a Smolensk free game. I have never had this with any other ship in the game. Not with Kutu, not with Black, not with Belfast, not with Kremlin, not with Henry, not with Venezia, not with any DD, with no other ship than the Smolensk. I have a fierce hate against that ship and its the single thing that poisons my fun I have playing this game. I would've stopped playing top tier if most things do not require top tier ships. My question is, am I overreacting? Am I the only one in this situation? I tried to relativate this hate for that ship, like I do with radar and stuff, but in this instance I can't get it done. Even seeing one blow up wants me to be irrationally hurtful to the person sailing it, but I hate being a bully in chat more.
  3. Lierbe Leute... weiß jemand wann die Jean Beart aus der Waffenkammer ( für Kohle) entfernt wird.... Ich hatte es mal gelesen, finde aber keinen Beitrag dazu... oder meine Suchwörter sind die falschen. passiert das gleichzeitig mit der Entfernung der Smolensk... früher oder später... wer etwas bitte melden, war es bei 0.9.3 und wann ist dieses update... jetzt Donnerstag schon? mir fehlt nur noch etwas Kohle und ich würde es ungern verpassen. Danke und Grüße
  4. Varate_me_k_as_Klaiw

    3 Smolensk's MM

    W.G...3 times today you want from us to participate in a battle with 3 Smolensk each side...I ll inform you that in the future i refuse to do that...if so...i ask from my teammates to forgive me (they dont...i understand that) but i press the W button and i offer FREE XP's to any opponent team player needs more.I know that you dont give a crap... if you were you should NEVER bring out shitboats like your Smolenk......at 9.2.0 you stop it but its TOOOOO late...any medium to bad player of your gets one just to take revenge...becouse he cant do any damage with any other decent ship!....
  5. Title says it all. In your infinite disgust, arogance and hatred towards your customers - player base you keep refusing again and again to nref the most overpowered ship that this game has ever seen Smolensk, as a result 1/3 of ships in ranked are Smolensks basically every game. Played 2 ranked games in both 5 Smolensks. WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR YOU TO FING UNDERSTAND THAT THAT SHIP IS BROKEN AND GAME BREAKING????????????????????????????????????????????? Why????????????????
  6. Hi Leute! Ich habe neulich gehört, dass ab dem 31.3 die Smolensk nicht länger erhältlich sein wird. Das hat mich sehr geschockt, da ich das Ding schon immer interessant fande. Nun habe ich mir überlegt meine Kohle (aktuell 46.000) nicht in die Georgia sondern in die Smolensk zu stecken. Mit meinem Coupon müsste ich jetzt noch 136.000 Kohle beschaffen. 1. Lohnt sich das ? 2. Ist es überhaupt möglich? 3. Wenn ja, wie lange müsste ich täglich spielen? glg Indez
  7. Wargaming, we your player base, understand that we are nothing but trash that needs to give you money for ever increasingly broken, stupid, unplayable game, but seriously, you need to stop with your Smolensk and Kremlin overpower crap, because this will end badly for you. I understand that you are in process of creating new, even more absurd, idiotic, OP game mechanic and class - submarines, but just maybe, MAYBE you could spend 5 minutes to see obvious and fix those 2 ships, so that they are not AT LEAST that OP? Would it be too hard? I understand that community has been asking for this since those 2 hell spawns came out and you have been spitting in our face and doing nothing about it also since then, so here i am asking once more, because why not...
  8. Adm_Ballsey

    How to Play Smolensk Review Guide

    Hello and welcome once again everyone, after having played more than a 100 games in the Smolensk now I've realised the most fun way albeit risky to play this ship is in an advanced role fighting enemy destroyers and cruisers while really having an impact on games in comparison to sitting deep and farming insane amounts of damage which although satisfying just doesn't feel quite rewarding enough. Win rates and fun factor increased significantly when playing much more aggressively using both concealment expert and IFHE compared to all the range builds. I've included the full ship build and captain skills for your convienance. I hope you all enjoy the video and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7 My YouTube Channel link once again is Carbine Carlito I hope you feel free to drop by check out this and some of my other videos and Good Luck and fair seas to you all.
  9. rilship

    Smolensk Not OP

    Happy New Year fellow captains! I managed collect enough coal and after few moments of uncertainty Smolensk was picked over The Thunderer. Few things I noticed about the ship: It needs high level captain to make it work. Stock range of the battery is suicidal and fire chance at 8% (or 7% with IFHE ) does seems lackluster ( 2-5 fires with over 400 shells connecting ) . So AFT with BTF/DE is needed. Using range upgrade module + AFT to get the OP 19.2 km range seems nice but hitting target consistently over 17.5 km is hard, lets them now of your location and they have time to adjust making you miss. Ideally you would want to open up when targets are inside the fun zone <16km Accelerating even with propulsion upgrade is painfully slow making any attempt at dodging torpedoes in your smoke extremely unlikely British improved angle AP and Italian SAP hurts like hell even when angled. Most issues arising with British/American cruisers as they tend to get closer to choke points than the Italian,French, Japanese or German ships It needs eyes, if your team will not spot for you the potential is greatly underused So far I have a bit over 40 games in it, with the last few of them using 16 point captain. The numbers look cool but WR is 50%. There is little you can do when your OHIO go straight in and die or dd camp next to DM. Admittedly I have very few games at tier X but I am amazed how NTC commanders with 40ish WR and over 6000 games cant resist but suicide or play without any clue. It makes for huge enemy advantage form the get go. Compared this to my Fiji stats: Nothing Unicom or Super Unicom about them but I am able to help win the games a lot more. Perhaps it is the AP which stick, or the amazing agility + hydro. To sum it up I do not agree with all the hate towards the ship. It is easily countered by just spotting or kiting away. In almost all games enemy and friendly Smolensk did little to nothing. Either spamming from base or getting spotted first = insta death. Ships like Kleber, Benham are much worse to deal with. Not to mention CVs, I had zero idea what a tier X CV can do if in the right hands.
  10. Sottolineo lo statement non voglio esser critico, voglio aprire questa discussione soprattutto per ascoltare i pareri dei giocatori più esperti della community, ma anche di quelli che sono "alle prime armi" su cosa ne pensano riguardo alla direzione tracciata da WG in termini di navi "premium". Le mie perplessità: Al di fuori del considerare le suddette navi più o meno OP/BROKEN, credo nella maniera più umile possibile, che attualmente a disposizione del giocatore e di conseguenza con forte impatto sul gameplay odierno, ci siano troppe HE spammers. Si lo so, sono di cartone e boom vanno giù con una salva - non è proprio cosi - ma ok. Il "problema" è incontrare in una singola partita, worcester - smolensk - colbert - harugumo - anche in multipla copia, magari sullo stesso cap. Ho virgolettato la parola problema poiché, anche se possiamo discutere sul bilanciamento del gioco dal punto di vista tecnico, secondo me il problema sta più sulla natura o meglio sullo snaturamento del gioco. Sostanzialmente a quanto vedo, World of Warship sta diventando una sorta di laser game con elementi sado "pioggia dorata" :D. Che ne pensate?
  11. If you have a Smolensk, do you find it boring or fun to play? Why?
  12. Hallo zusammen erstmal vorne draus an sich habe ich nichts gegen die Smolensk ich finde es nur in letzter zeit zu extrem egal was man fährt es sind mindestens 1 Smolensk wenn nicht mehr im Match und das macht kein Spaß wenn man einen permanenten HE regen abbekommt und man auf der Smolensk nur Overpen als BB über CVs brauche ich nicht reden da du entweder die Flieger verlierst wenn du auf das ding zu fliegst oder danach und eigentlich sind nur AP Bomben gut gegen das ding aber wenn die halt schon zur hälfte runter segeln ist das halt schwierig und ja ich weiß das es denn Katapult Drop gibt und man dadurch einige Flieger mehr hat. Über DD brauchen wir nicht reden die sind eh zur zeit existent das war es aber auch schon. als Kreuzer kann man das ding gut in die enge treiben wenn man mehr Range hat oder noch nicht abgefackelt ist und ran kommt naja wollte nur mal meinen Frust ablassen bin natürlich für Tipps und anderes offen.
  13. Xphenomenal

    "clap" smolensk

    Wargaming literally outdid themselves with this ranked season... Who would've thought that putting an OP ship into a ranked 3 times... Don't know if their braincells stopped working or something...
  14. Fonfalks


    At this point, when CVs are extremely unbalanced and OP and can participate in ranked (whoever came up with that should be fired right now), when Kremlin wonders around like BB God, when all sorts of radars exist and are even being put on DDs, you WG could do one reasonable thing amidst this game, that is so absurdly unbalanced and ridiculously RNG dependent, that is NERF THE F OUT OF MOST HATED SHIP IN THIS GAME AND FOR GOOD REASON - SMOLENSK, but you simply will not do that. I wonder is it clear and blatant disdain for your player base, is it utter and incomprehensible incompetence or is it just laziness???
  15. Hi Leute, ich spiele wows schon seit CB allerdings mit Unterbrechungen ich habe also vor 1-2 Wochen wows mal wieder gestartet und mich sehr gefreut ein paar schönen Fahrten zu machen! Nachdem ich jetzt mehrere Games gemacht habe muss ich leider sagen es macht einfach keinen Spaß mehr und das liegt nicht an den Mitspielern oder am spiel selbst sondern hat vorwiegend einen Grund und das ist die "Smolensk"!!!! Die Smolensk ist einfach viel zu op mit Ihren Geschützen und dem Nebel!!!! Nun ist das Forum meine letzte Hoffnung den ich möchte eigt. nicht aufhören wows zu spielen aber mit der "Smolensk" im Game habe ich für mich die Entscheidung getroffen wows nicht mehr zu spielen. Ich hoffe ich finde hier 1-2 Gleichgesinnte die mir helfen die Aufmerksamkeit darauf zu lenken das dieses Schiff entweder removed oder sehr stark genervt werden muss!
  16. I personally made only bad Encounters as in like getting burned to hell in 1 Minute with me trying to get something done in my Yamato I have read some Posts on Smolensk and some say that you Need to watch out for BBs in Smolensk at 10-12 km but angled in smoke? then you Need to blindfire in smoke get some overpens and wait for almost 30 seconds to give it a second try… in this time you cant get near because of the torps and you cant flee because HE shits on angles. In a bad case you cant even turn because Incoming BB Shells are waiting for you to Show broadside. MY Fazit is when you are in a BB cought against a Smolensk on 10-16km you just get crap on if you cant turn around and flee and that is not an exeption …. at least in my case i dont know About you guys but i think this should for the sake of all passionate BB Players be deleted and Cole refounded. If you like it tell me why please and if not also i just want YOUR opionion on this matter. I have only 4020 played battles but i was never so frustrated like in this current Tier 10 meta that makes me say i want the ''old times'' back
  17. +300K dmg with EZ any kid can doo that, this ship broken, the only choice when this ship in the game is only Delete the game and forget it for ever, but we all love the game but this Thing is make as hate this game.
  18. When the Smolensk shoots out of smoke, it is not possible to locate its position by spotter plane because its gun-/ ammo trails start way too late above the guns. Seems like the trails are only seen when leaving the smoke cloud. Like any other ship there should be a way to blindfire at it in smoke. Gameplay with the smolensk otherwise is way to easy.
  19. I fired up the game tonight, and found myself in this mess in my first match. Four things happened here: Double Smolensk, Friesland and a team that doesn't yet know how to handle the endless smoked up HE barrages which gives players targetted by these barrages not a single second of rest to think what to do about their predicament. Wasn't the initial UK cruiser line considered too disruptive carrying smoke and rapid firing HE? Or was it WG just looking for a tech tree gimmick at the time? What do you think of the release of these HE/Smoke carrying ships? Disclaimer: I am not against the release of these ships, nor am I overly excited by them. I am just not sure what to think, yet. I've deleted Smols with my GK with ease before, and this match was my first encounter as a tier 8 cruiser. Looking at the score I'd say it was mostly a matter of a team that didn't know how to handle itself facing new features. I have the Smol but didn't play it much yet, and will be getting the Friesland pretty soon since I'm Dutch.