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Found 53 results

  1. _Scarrry_


    W sklepie pojawił się ciekawy nowy okręt premium - azjatycki lekki krążownik Huange. Pierwszy krążownik z boosterem torped, z doskonałym camo i z nietypowym dymem. Warto? Ciekawa pomocnicza z niewiarygodnie szybkimi pociskami. (moderatora proszę o przeniesienie krążowników, nie da się założyć tematu jeśli nie ma katalogu)
  2. So i'm driving my Gallant and I ambush and engage a Fuso from 2km away and fire 5 torpedos into him doing 50k damage and flood him twice, ofc he survives and he proceeds to fire at me and breaks my engine. I smoke up immediately after firing however I am still spotted, Thats fine, hes at 2km so im hard spotted then for me it starts getting weird. He drops off my visuals - gone, its 2.3-2.5km but i'm still hard spotted ? His secondaries are still firing and i'm still spotted 3km and still the same. Now i'm dead. I wasn't firing from 2.5-3km so can someone please explain the mechanic behind this for me as to me it just doesn't make sense.... Was it the fact that I still had gun bloom and he was only using secondaries but then don't they count as well...... confused.. Please be gentle...
  3. HunterHamburg

    Smoke Rendering - Bug oder nicht?

    Moin. Ich spiele zur Zeit nur gelegentlich WoWs seit 0.8.0 und entschuldigt falls die Frage schon kam. Mitunter habe ich Schwierigkeiten die Geschwindigkeit von Schiffen zu erkennen weil mir einfach die Rauchfahne aus dem/den Schornstein(en) fehlt. Es ist mir gerade heute wieder aufgefallen als ich eine Lightning mit dem Radar meiner Tschapajew aufgedeckt hatte. Meine erste Salve landete voll versemmelt hinter dem DD. Überraschungseffekt dahin. Replay verfügbar, falls benötigt (Juhu! auf diese Gamefunktion) aber ich weiß halt nicht ob sich das auf das Smoke-Rendering auswirkt oder nicht. Vor einigen Spielen ist mir das Phänomenen schon mal aufgefallen, keine Ahnung ob es gestern oder vorgestern war... Hat dies evtl. noch jemand bemerkt? Ich möchte erst mal nachfrage ob es nicht ein Problem auf meiner Seite ist bevor ich Anfange es für einen Bug zu halten. Ich spiele auf einem Ryzen 2600X mit GTX 1070 und folgenden Grafikeinstellungen:
  4. LemonadeWarrior

    Exeter switch repair party with smoke?

    I kinda feel like the repair party is useless. The damage I mostly take: Getting citadelled by a BB. 203mm, or above, HE that causes a black out on my ship with every shot. Now I can imagine that some people are still happy with the repair party, but I would prefer to switch this survivability consumable with another one, namely a smoke generator. So what I am suggesting is to give us the option to give Exeter access to the Smoke Generator in the Repair Party slot. What are the thoughts of you guys on this? Don't get me wrong, I am still enjoying the Exeter a lot. It is only so now and than when a lost AP shell of a BB finds its way to my hull that I lose 30% of my HP. Which is pretty frequent due the shotgun spread of BBs at the lower tiers. It is also difficult to make the concealment work with the carriers around. A bit less frequent now, but should become more frequent in the future. Greetz Lemon.
  5. I feel the recent smoke change,DD nerfs are all failed solutions to 2 problems in WGs and players mind that should be solved: - people sitting in smoke - BBs camp Both can be fixed with incentives instead: - every second sitting in smoke will decrease credit and XP (eg 1000 credit/s and 100XP/s). So using smoke to save your live will cost some XP. - every second further than 10km from cap point or enemy base decrease credit and XP for BBs (also for CL and DD but proportionally less) No need for mechanics changes. Money talks. What do you think?
  6. This is probably the 10th time in the past week that I died because the consumable key (T - smoke) is not reacting in time. Yes it was green (consumable not on cool down), but when I press it, the consumable icon just blinks. I had to press it 4 times !!!! (it blinked every time) before the smoke deployed, allowing enemy to delete me. Is this a known issue? I have had it in the past, but recently it is way more frequent.
  7. Fogas21

    DD smoke "update"

    Please hear me out, I'm not a whiny butthurt DD player. I simply had enough. IJN destroyers were OP in the beginning I admit it, they got nerfed alot and I dealt with it. Not so long ago they got nerfed again, turning higher tier IJN DDs to (in my opinion) boring gunboats but again I dealt with it, adapted. But this smoke update..... I did not have a lot of time to play recently but today I finally sat down and got in some games. And oh boi it hurt to play in my former favorite ships. The fact you have to be slower than 12.5 knots to get hidden is impossible, the ships go faster than that in reverse. And if you somehow manage to hide yourself in higher tiers they just pop radar and now I am not just visible but also stationary. This is something I am unable to deal with. From now on I quit DD gameplay until they raise the speed cap for getting hidden or make the smoke puffs more continous. Reverting how it was would be bad because it was broken and annoying watching blinking destroyers (I somehow still managed to hit them). And this comes from a guy who kinda knows where is the front of his ship: See ya later o/ Ps.: I know there must have been a manureload of butthurt and salty topics about it when it came out but I wasn't around the game that time. I just wanted to give some feedback for the developers
  8. Salut à tous ! J'ai parfois remarqué en jouant des DD qu'en lâchant du smoke, on se cache des ennemis certes, mais on devient parfois soi-même complètement aveugle : on ne voit plus rien des ennemis. C'est extrêmement gênant car on ne plus ni tirer au canon ni lancer de torpilles dans ces conditions. Est-ce un bug ou est-ce voulu ? Si c'est voulu, il faudrait changer cela... Merci !
  9. KapteinSabeltann

    German cruisers and detection are broken.

    So a few days ago I was in a DD division with a friend - and he started complaining about how he was detected inside his smoke cloud by a german cruiser. A little later in that game (he got killed) I experience the same - I'm inside my smoke lying completely still, and get detected - but I can't see the enemy. He ofc starts he-spamming me so I try to retread and lay torps beind me but to no avail - I can't even shoot back as he invisible to me because of the smoke. Now over a few days of playing it has happened to me again several times - I get detected but can't see enemy (I'm outside of their ability - that's not the issue) And latest just now today it happened again: I pop smoke in my Mutsuki and come to a complete stop - enemy Königsberg keeps seeing me - I can't see him. And he just HE-spams me to death - Distance was about 5 kms so well outside the 3.48 kms of the acoustic ping.
  10. dasCKD

    Smoking Up

    This article will be unstructured. What do you want? I'm trying hard to procrastinate at my internship right now! Honestly, sometimes I feel like none of you appreciate the work I put into not actually doing any work. War gaming continues its inability to maintain company secrets with the smoke screen changes that appears to be created for the sole purpose of driving the entire teamplay meta alongside the entire fleet back to the back lines where most of the battleships have already set up tents and are already breaking out the acetone torches. The smoke nerf, according to WG's propaganda ministers, aims to address the issue of certain ships (mostly battleships) sitting in smoke screens and shooting at ships with impunity. Due to this, they have decided that every gun fired in a smoke screen, depending on their caliber, would deplete the smoke screen. It's not strictly necessary for me to explain this, but I feel compelled to. There's no reason really. When it comes to smoke however, ultimately I do not think I could leave behind my biases. I never had a very high opinion of ships that utilized a combination of smoke and gunfire to do their role within the game. My opinion on this matter is unlikely to make me popular, but it hardly matters. I have almost all of the smoke screen cruisers, and I have different opinions of all of them. Even with that however, I can't help but feel that this is another justification for nerfing things that hurts battleships. When it comes to smoke, they are both responsible for alleviating and exacerbating the camping meta. Each ship can be thought to exert a sphere of influence, a sphere of power that holds most strategically aware players away. The power of the sphere becomes more pronounced closer to the ship of origin, as guns, secondaries, and torpedoes all increase in lethality up close to the enemy ship. As ships closest to the enemy get shot at first, being able to close to range whilst invisible offers massive opportunities for teams to push forwards together. Even once the smoke fades, the team can exploit the far more strategically strong positions that they would not normally have access to due to the fact that they would have far too little health left to burn once they get there. In a way, it temporarily nullifies the sphere of influence of a lot of ships, unless the enemy team has access to a radar suite in the optimum position. A smoke also, in many ways, exerts a nearly unlimited sphere of influence. Anything on the enemy team could theoretically be hiding in a smoke screen, and that anything could have access to radar suites, nearly unlimited AA, and potentially hundreds of guns ready to fire at the first thing that gets spotted. There is a reason most ships steer clear of smoke screens. It's not like there aren't any counters to smoke. There are plenty of counters, and most of them are at least moderately effective. The problem arises however because War Gaming insists on balancing around meta instead of games. Putting it simply, they balance World of Warships like it's Starcraft and not League of Legends. That may be a little confusing, but let's say you're playing as the allies in RA3, and I'm playing as the Japanese. If you sent a scout over and discovered that I was fielding three or four dozen attack helicopters, you would probably begin to stock up on missile buggies and interceptors to stop me. This is a viable tactic: giving incredibly strong units an inherent and insurmountable weakness that makes it possible to counter them and to stop cheesing tactics. This raises the skill of players and mandates variety in army compositions. War Gaming probably wants to see a similar thing in their games. Each ship lines probably takes approximately the same amount of effort to complete, modeling and initial programming accounting for but a tiny fraction of the development period. The problem is the matchmaker. If you see a Minotaur division on the enemy team, you can't decide to field an extra radar ship or two. If you see a tier X carrier on the roster, you can't decide to switch out your hydroacoustic search. War Gaming expects that eventually players will simply switch to the tools that are better suited to dealing with persistent problems, but that is a terrible way to balance. Theoretically, players will gravitate towards a line that can deal with the problems they face. In reality, most of the players who play the game, even those who have played the game since launch, don't even have access to their first tier X yet. I very much doubt that most even have tier 8 ships on most of their lines. Even assuming that players will gravitate towards the correct counter, that theoretically prevents issues that will happen eventually in the future. It won't solve the issues that are happening in the match right then and there. This isn't an RTS player refusing to field AA units against a player who has been cheesing bombers and attack choppers. This is MM screwing a team over. I remember last night in an epicenter match in my Z-52. The results of that match was decided the microsecond the enemy team didn't have access to a Z-52 or a radar cruiser through no fault of any of the players on the enemy team. I'm not certain if WG understands this issue, or if they are under the delusion that this is the issue that will sort it out eventually. There are mechanics in this game that are nearly insurmountable except against a mechanic that instantly annihilates any pull that said mechanic might have on the outcome of the match. In the case of smoke screens, even one laid by a destroyer, an extra ship with the hydroacoustics removes all but the tiniest sting from torpedo destroyers. Their primary weaknesses are carriers and radar searches which is great when those items are available, but their availability is far from guaranteed. The dominance of ships like the Fiji and the Belfast are in fact artifacts of how rare the tools to deal with heavy firepower hidden inside of a smoke screen are in the middle tiers. One thing this does address is the issue of the dominance of divisions. A pair or triplet of Minotaurs could sit inside of a smoke screen that will last the entire game as they chain the entire smoke screen and is more difficult to remove than a terrible idea from Lesta's head without the use of radar and focus fire, something that is only occasionally provided by the matchmaker. This new change would certainly create an organic method of stopping the dominance of multiple Minotaur divisions who can just sit in a ring behind good torpedo cover and entirely shut down a whole flank or a double Minotaur and Des Moines division that could keep any plane, destroyer, cruiser, or battleship from approaching them save for some very accurate into-smoke firing or a radar cruiser. The Des Moines could also be replaced with the Conqueror with a radar suite, which this change could be a preemptive nerf to. If the smoke screen of a long Minotaur is balanced in such a way that their combat effectiveness doesn't change very much if there is only one of them inside of the smoke screen, then I don't see many players complaining too much. It would probably diminish the effectiveness of smoke based divisions, but I think we can all agree that smoke divisions can be rather unfair especially against extremely inexperienced players. Ultimately, my feelings on this change is mixed. On one hand, it does massively discourage team play and extremely aggressive ship action all the while making it harder to slow down enemy pushes using good application of combined arms and tactical manuvers. On the other hand, it might help diminish the dominance of divisions. Smoke screens help a large number of cruisers survive in this meta, but ultimately it is a bandage that is covering the nature of the problem that lurks beneath. Smoke only really helps the cruisers that have them, and very few destroyers are centered around firing from smoke. Whichever way this swings the meta, for once I am not sure.
  11. dasCKD

    Edinburgh for Ranked

    She has no defensive fire but good AA and a smoke screen and an extremely good heal. She has the armor of a destroyer and a citadel size that makes the Pensacola's look like a sleek size 0 cruiser. She has no HE and terrible arcs but she can get close to the bow-on and reverse battleships and fire away with impunity. Is she a competitive ship for ranked? Discuss.
  12. Seaman80

    Neue Mechanik für Smoke im ST

    Hey Leute, eben bin ich bei Youtube drüber gestolpert, dass WG den Smoke nun auf eine andere Weise anpassen will als zuerst geplant (Da war ja die Rede das der Smoke schneller verschwindet sobald man aus dem Smoke feuert.). Nun soll, abhängig vom Schiff, die Detectionrange sich erhöhen sobald man feuert. Als Bsp. würde eine Yamato knapp über 19 km sichtbar sein, sobald sie aus dem Smoke feuert. Ohne schiessen, bleibt es bei der bereits bestehenden Mechanik. Interessant z.B. die Kutusow. Diese ist dann wohl ab 7,74 km sichtbar. Das stellt sich für mich dann hier z.B. die Frage wofür die Kutusow dann noch Smoke hat. Eigene Flotte einnebeln ist nicht mit dem kleinen Smoke. Mal sehen wie sich das entwickelt und ob WG das live bringt. Fällt Radar und Hydro dann eigentlich weg bzw. werden generft? Schließlich war Radar doch als Konter für Smoke gedacht. Mit der neuen Mechanik würde ja nur ein DD reichen in der Nähe des Smokes und der spottet dann alle die aus dem Smoke feuern. Wem diese Änderung wohl am meisten bringt bzw. wer hier am lautesten wohl geschrien hat: "Nerf Smoke!".
  13. WhoopieMonster

    Smoke or Mirrored Glass?

    I've been play quite a few ranked battles. One of the things that stands out is how skilled destroyer players utilise their smoke consumable. I've just finished a game on land of fire and noticed how two well place smoke consumables at the gaps between A & B meant we could not detect a single vessel, but were under constant fire from DDs, CAs and BBs. My question is thus. Does smoke behave differently for friend and foe? If I lay smoke can my allies see through it or does it have the same obscuring effect? From my experience it seems to behave more like mirrored glass, where allies can see through it but enemies cannot. For clarities sake the consumable states "Generates a smoke screen behind the ship that reduces the risk of being detected by the enemy".
  14. Trigger_Happy_Dad

    Wrong advice in Bad Advice video #8

    http://worldofwarshi...s/bad-advice-8/ That's just wrong. If you are hidden in smoke and have enemy aircraft ciryling around / above you, you can use your AA guns without being spotted. Proof (replay from yesterday): No idea who makes these videos, but they obviously don't play the game.
  15. GenMuhi

    XP za Smoke sugestia.

    Witam Siema uwazam ze tak wazna rola jak odgrywa zaslona dymna w grze powinna byc nagradzna i tak jesli jaki kolwie ze statkow podejmie sie proby oslony lotniskowca i zdecyduje sie na uzycie jednego z perkow jakim jest dym, zaslona dymna, czy po prostu pospolicie zwany smoke powinien otrzymac za to XP. Miro
  16. Yoshi_EU

    Detailed Questions / requests

    General Questions: 1.01) Formula with fire chance + fire resistance - where can you set fire? belt? watch tower? deck only?1.02) How does angling effect your Broadside bubble? Does the RNG eplise rotate with the ship..?1.03) 3s delay on spotting, WG Staff says it was there since CAT, now claims it was added last patch to prevent flicking , no information on change log, official statement wanted!1.04) flickering on SA was supposed to be reduced by doing that, but planes icon are still flicking and Teleporting around the map, why?1.05) Date: Team Battle season 1 End (Rewards for Alpha league teams?)1.06) Date Team Battle season 2 start, and time between the season -- Ship rewards? or only flags + money?1.07) Ranked Season Start date? The reason for the big delay?1.08) Upcoming Game modes, Forts? (Test, Standard, Singlebase, Assult, Symm_convoy, our_convoy, enemy_convoy, awesome, tutorial, megabase, forts --> Source is ingame scripts (class GameMode))1.09) What happend to replay controls - fast forwards, stop ect... progress on the integration of replays?1.10) Why is it not possible to see Event progress like GNB ingame? Ingame browser?1.11) Detailed information of money calculation and xp: Base capture, Plane kill xp, xp per damage...1.12) Teamwork should be more supported, why are there no support ribbons or rewards, for using defensive AA near allied ships, kill assisting, spotting dds or cruiser, intercpeting enemy aircraft near allied ships...1.13) Documentation for mods, whats allowed, what isn't? Software, which classes changes will be accepted by the game...?1.14) Why is the catapult fighter not reacting on prioritizing a target when they are in range?1.15) Why can dds get module depletion and take hits and torpedoes hits on that section without taking damage, but cruisers and battleships can't? -- No damage with HE on those sections1.16) Would a realistic mode (for training room only or on Events) possible? (far future) I terms of no mini map, no spotting range -- you are always detected, no plane or torpedo warnings (no markers)...? Overall it should be no/minimum effort for the dev just to disable the named features for a new game mode. 1.17) When does a turret get destroyed, how is its HP counted? 1.18) Fire Resistance skills / modules are basically useless, why? For Port information, that would be nice to have:2.01) Penetration values for rounds, secondaries, bombs, torpedoes.2.02) Int ital firing angle on Max range / gun elevation at max range (to compare gun arcs by using angle + travel time)2.03) Smoke duration values and sizes / how long the smoke lasts2.04) Catapult plane stats (Plane tier and so on...)2.05) Splash radius HE rounds2.06) Ship length in in game length values (to compare size) 2.07) Armor view in port --> coming in next big patch (hopefully)2.08) AP damage: Pen, Overpen, Citadell. -- AP Bounce Angles2.09) Time for a full (360°) Turn on Full speed and Half speed And before you complain: "Search the forum for the answers": The information given on the forum was insufficient or incomplete, or outdated. Especially for smoke duration (3), I would love to have a complete table for all ships with the time in seconds. Also please try to answer point directly (of course you can use others arguments), otherwise this will quickly escalate in a full discussion of point X. I will update and link to useful answers once they are given.
  17. luggy62

    game failure ?

    2 ships tier 4 , one sits in smoke, the second one nears until he can see ship in smoke, ship in smoke gets warning via radar sign ,, he is spotted, all ok , but why can the ship in smoke , not see the ship spotting ? if he is so close as to see through smoke , the ship in smoke must see him too ?
  18. AMONAS1


    When smoke is deployed the ships in it have MAX accuracy by "locating" the enemy from the veiw of a friendly ship out of the smoke. CELL DISPERSION penalty must aplay for the ship in the smoke because it does not use its own targeting system. The radar cant help because of the small duration, sonar cant help because of the small rang but the ACCURACY does not suffer a penalty.
  19. I think a better way of showing our disagreement to the proposed changes of smoke in 0.6.9 (basically, the smoke screen is reduced every time a ship inside shoots, disappearing when a battleship makes a full attack), is to make a poll. I have to polls, one if you like it, and other if you think it will be good for the game, even if you don't like it.
  20. KapteinSabeltann

    Superintendent is broken in 0.5.1

    It seems 0.5.1. kicks it off by breaking superintendent. According to the patch-notes USN cruisers above T5 gets three defensive AA - Cleveland with Superintendent still has 3 and my Aoba with SI has 2. All my destroyers are limited to 2xsmoke and 2xspeed boost regardless of wether they have superintendent or not. Not the best QA on this patch? EDIT: Guess this should be moved to the "Bug" section - Mod?
  21. Should All Radar, Sonar Hydro and Smoke be removed ? I think it would add to more fun gameplay with the need for these. The constant smoke I have seen makes it totally unfair for other ships in the game. If you have 3 ships all using smoke they take it turns to use that smoke from each other and effectively wipe other ships away. In T7 matches the BBs have no location assistance, even when they do get it the CAs are already wise to it and move and before you have a chance to lock on they have reassembled to another locale smoked and off they go again. The gameplay mechancis are flawed with this. The fun is not there, it is not a level playing flield especially on T7 ranked. The Belfast is a T8 ship with its capabilities and far outweighs a ship such as the Myoko in firepower and stealth.
  22. Hallo allerseits, leider, …. fällt es mehr und mehr auf, das das concealment System (Sichtbarkeit der Schiffe) mehr und mehr das Gameplay ruiniert. War es zu Beginn (nach der Beta) das invisible Fire… Schießen ohne Sichtbar zu sein, scheint es Mittlerweile leider Standard, das mehr die Hälfte der Flotte hinter Inseln oder außerhalb der Sichtbaren Radien steht. Der erste, der Sichtbar wird ist nur allzu oft der Erste der versenkt wird, da Augenblicklich mehrere Schiffe auf diesen einen das Feuer eröffnen. inkl. Radar im Grunde Chancenlos wenn du sichtbar wirst. Alternative... einfach weit hinten bleiben Wir haben Radar-Schiffe, die mehr Radarreichweite haben, als "Sichtbarkeit"... das führt z.B. dazu, das, sobald dieses Schiff gespoted wird , kann es seinen Gegner Augenblicklich sichtbar machen. Ich denke, das diese Mechanik initial nicht wirklich geplant war, und sich vielmehr zufällig ergeben hat. Auch die Funtion des Spotens… (Captain, wir wurden gesichtet.... Von Wem.... Keine Ahnung,... von Wo.... keine Ahnung...…. aber wie können die uns sehen..... wenn Sie nicht Wissen, das wir kommen???.....) ist im Grunde völlig unverständlich Ich hatte heute eine Runde, wo beide Flotten im Wartemodus waren, in einer Art die völlig neu war.... die Caps "Ungecapped" und alle hinter Inseln oder in sicherem Abstand, darauf wartend das es jemandem einfach zu dumm wird. Ich bin mittlerweile der Meinung das das Sichbarkeissystem Grundlegend überarbeitet werden müsste, wir haben BBs die 10km Sichtbarkeit haben, wir haben Kreuzer mit 9km und Maschienengewehr, wir haben Radar das durch Berge geht, und die neue CV Mechanik scheint eher ein Arcadeshooter zu werden... Schade eigentlich, der Spagat, den WG hier versucht ist schwer Nachvollziehbar, und mit der aktuellen MM Mechanik womöglich zum Scheitern verurteilt. Vielleicht sollte der MM auf Basis der DPM Werte, und weniger auf Basis der Tiers die Teams zusammenbauen. Es stehen sich schon innerhalb der Tiers Schiffe gegenüber, die einfach nicht aus der selben Zeit sind, der spread über 3 Tiers ist da eigentlich völliger Nonsens und generiert allzu oft zusätzlichen Frust unter den Spielern. (z.B. T8CV in einem TX Game) Es bleibt zu hoffen, das WG hier nachbessert, aber der aktuelle Trend geht meines Erachtens leider in die verkehrte Richtung. LDM
  23. 2fast4every1

    radar and hidro change

    hi, I have an idea that might make the game a bit more interesting for DD's. What id suggest is that u change radar detection based on the ammount of reflective surface on a ship. so big ships = further detection ship moving bow in = more stealthy. it might make for some interesting gameplay and teamplay (using radar together to sniff out a DD). also new skills "radar and or sonar detection" that show u where the sonar or radar is coming from (same way as with radio location) so for example: A DD is saling broadside to a cruiser outside of detection range. 7.2 km The cruiser pops radar and the DD gets detected from 11km by the radar when at a 90% angle (broadside) The DD gets a warning the radar is coming from the cruiser and he nouw has to make a choise. Turn towards the cruser or turn away from the cruser. Both will reduce the effective range of the radar but one is alot more dangerous than the other. also if the DD is saling straigt to the cruiser he might not get detected at all and get the drop on whatever he is escorting. also on hydro. maybe variate the range by the speed the enemy/torpedo is going? hirdo ususally works on listening to the cavitation of the propeller or the sound of the engine noise.
  24. I've realized that even if ship is halted its propellers are running. You can see it when you zoom on a vessel's back. Another thing is that you see an after-shot smoke only after zooming out from cannon zoom, when in fact you shoot few seconds earlier. These two seem like bugs to me, maybe they were mentioned earlier. Have a good day!
  25. Charger76

    Popping smoke

    Dear Wargaming, I would like to why you designed your system so that when I am hitting "T" when sailing a destoryer and urgently need to pop smoke that the smoke button just blinks at me many times before it actually responds. This is both very stupid and very likely to lead to me needing to replace "T" on my keyboard or perhaps even the whole keyboard. Yes, I know there is a 3 second delay in firing, but there is nothing to confirm that the game has received the instruction and on several occaisions when I have hit T and waited then found nothing is happening I have lost all faith in it. As I have a very good mechanical keyboard it is not the hardware at fault, its a very stupid system that fails to confirm that the instruction has been received.