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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, WoWs economy - how fast and how much FreeXP can you earn (in view of 2.000.000 FreeXP price for the upcoming Tier X EU DD "Smaland")? With the upcoming Tier X EU DD "Smaland" cost of 2.000.000 FreeXP it is, IMHO, high time to talk about WoWs FreeXP economy... I just calculated that in past 11 months (ever since I bought "Azuma" - my last FreeXP ship because I skipped the "Friesland" in autumn of 2019 because I don't fancy the torpedoless DD - I have all other FreeXP ships) I earned and currently have a grand total of 2.100.000 FreeXP. In other words that is about 190.000 FreeXP per month for me on average (but, for example, last month I earned "only" 110.000 FreeXP). Is that much? Is that low? Also, let us NOT forget, the high FreeXP earning Operations "Dynamo" and "Cherry Blossom" are absent from start of 2019. and they no longer provide easy and fast FreeXP earning experience! The only way to earn FreeXP in large enough quantities are playing and playing with "Special Signal Flags"... and they are not that easy to acquire (nor cheap)... So... what is the rationale behind the 2.000.000 FreeXP price for Tier X EU DD "Smaland" when, practically, the FreeXP earning has diminished significantly compared to the past years? How fast are you acquiring FreeXP and how much you have it collected? Leo "Apollo11" P.S. My FreeXP timeline: 03.06.2017. = "Missouri" = almost 2 years worth of acquiring the 750.000 FreeXP - it was long long long grind 21.10.2017. = "Nelson" = almost 5 months for 350.000 FreeXP 18.02.2018. = "Musashi" = less than 4 months for 750.000 FreeXP 09.06.2018. = "Kronshtadt" = less than 4 months for 750.000 FreeXP 03.03.2019. = "Alaska" = 8 months combined for 750.000 + 750.000 FreeXP 01.04.2019. = "Azuma" = 8 months combined for 750.000 + 750.000 FreeXP 10.03.2020. = 2.100.000 FreeXP (didn't buy the "Friesland" because I don't fancy torpedoless DD nor I fancied the 1M price) The "Missouri" grind was hard... not many special signal flags at that time...
  2. With the last update, the model of the special T10 Pan-European Destroyer Smaland was changed. The new model has an launch rail for Saab Rb 08 anti-ship missiles, with two of them clearly loaded. Could this mean that missiles will finaly make it in the game with the Pan-European DDs? What do you think?
  3. Hi all, So the "placeholder" rumors were true... the Tier X EU DD "Smaland" will cost 2.000.000 FreeXP... Leo "Apollo11" P.S. The rumors appear to be 100% true almost every time...
  4. Hi all, Apparently on WoWs PublicTest v0.9.2 the upcoming FreeXP Pan-Euro Tier X DD "Smaland" is 2M... Leo "Apollo11" P.S. While I was typing another thread was posted...