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Found 15 results

  1. ItsTipez

    Just some ideas

    1: Add special effects when you detonate someone like guns flying off barbettes, lifeboats flying, hull ripping up ect... 2: new achievement; Detonating Strike. If you detonate someone who is over 50%hp, it will award you with this achievement rather than devestating srike 3:a blue name tag that is on your name, which is like violator or division tags. Its purpose will be to tell your team that you have a slow game, and the punishment for being afk wont be applied. 4: issues about he (keep in mind that this is if the player has ifhe through this and the next issue) . If a he shell hits the hull and shatters (like if you are bow on in a bb), there is no way that a he shell can start a fire that way. Another weird angle that can start fires is a shell hitting a deck at 95 degrees and starting a fire (correct me if i got the angle wrong). A bigger issue is he hitting super structure (like the hoods,and has ifhe skill) penning and constantly causing 1k damage each and never getting saturated (i will discuss this in the 5th problem). Also, PLEASE stop adding more he spamming ships or ships which specialize in he. By 2020, battleships will be impossible to play because cruisers are getting more popular and op. 5: fire/he saturation. Imagine a yamato, that got hit in the nose by he and caused a fire, losing 9k hp. Now imagine it again, but with less hp and fire causing the same amount of damage. This is the problem with playing bbs, especially high tier. I wondered why it dosent saturate the hull, like torpedoes do to ships. He hitting the deck in the same place realistically has to saturate it at some point. 6: a built in replay system. Just press a button if you think you liked the battle enough to see it again, drops into a tab and you can watch it infinite times (i know you can do this manually with a few lines of code, but im too paranoid to edit the code without breaking something)
  2. GulvkluderGuld

    Strap-on engines

    WG should add strap-on engines to DDs. My Harekaze is too slow. Atagos and Zaos are faster. This is not right, DDs are much smaller ships. Also USN BBS on lower tiers could use strap on engines too as they are glacially slow.
  3. GulvkluderGuld

    Strap-on engines

    WG should add strap-on engines to DDs. My Harekaze is too slow. Atagos and Zaos are faster. This is not right, DDs are much smaller ships. Also USN BBS on lower tiers could use strap on engines too as they are glacially slow.
  4. Sjelden

    Game Center & download speeds

    I have an issue downloading the game client. It takes forever. I have a computer running both OS, the Game Center and the client installed on SSD's. My internet connection is 150mbs, and I reliably get 100-150mbs to all major download hubs in Europe. However, the World of Tanks/Warships takes forever to download. I wanted to reinstall WoWS, and initiated the download yesterday, about 18 hours ago. It is less than 30 percent complete. This is not an ISP / Internet Connection / Computer related issue. A search on the internet revealed that the new Game Center was a known issue - that the previous option to disable torrenting has been removed, and I am now stuck with downloading the game client from other players instead of downloading it from a server hosted by Wargaming. If that is the case, then this is a greedy and shitty solution in my opinion. If you however DO have a server hosting the installation files, then move it out of the third world. You cannot expect your customers to happily sit for days waiting for your game to download. So my question is, past this rant, simply; how can I download your game client with acceptable speeds (at minimum 10mbit/s)?
  5. SkullBreaker007

    Latest Compressed Textures Mod?

    Hey I Have a really slow pc unable to run wows i heard there was a cpmpression texture mod but the mod needs to be updated as the same version as the clients. i couldnt find the mod for the latest version of wows. if anyone can help me find it or if there is another mod that can help me please post here thanks
  6. This is the 3rd time I am writing a post on this topic, and it's starting to grind my gears. Every time there is an update for WoW client, my updates download as fast as my line allows, AND TAKES FCKN FOREVER TO EXTRACT, INSTALL, LOCALIZE, etc. Downloading updates in 10 minutes and waiting for 1+ hour for the game to FCKN extract and sort it's SHT out it's BS. SORT THIS SHT OUT.
  7. Seriously... think this is my 2º thread about this matter, and seems no moderator or someone with good knowledge have yet answer it... The download is good, although the instalation of the updates after the download are GOOD DAMN SLOW seriously, not only that it eats up my disk memory, making my PC goin turtle... honestly. This only happened when you launched the "compresed mode" patch/update...god man when you goin test or fix this? Not every1 has ubber PC's or life in a country that could effort for it... How is this possible? I play many games and i mean many, WoT, WoWarcraft, mechwarrior online, warthunder, diablo 3, you name it, and none of the download or the launcher instaling does this, usely downloading the patches or updating takes a while, but none eats up this much disk memory. Does Dev team has knowledge of this? Was this situation tested yet? Was it tested on avarage PC instent of a good pc (SSD and HDD disks?) ? Geeez it makes me want to go back and chose the way it was before...or theres a reason behinde this situation? If theres something about this matter in the forum please redirect me into it... Thx for you attention...
  8. UnBrokenK

    WOWs support center

    Hello, I have recently joined WOWs and i posted a ticket at the support center.. 2 days counting and still no reply! I mean if u wanna have a great game you start from the basics, which in that case is the support team.. still waiting for a reply........ Thanks
  9. TheBigLanowski

    Discussion about ship speeds

    Hey everyone, I want something to discuss with you. It's about the in game ship speeds compared to their real counterparts and also what do you think about the chosen speed of paper ships and compared with each other. I start with some ships, so feel free to add one you want to bring attention to. So lets get started: Iowa: She got her real 33 kts with one of the last patches (together with some other buffs) but why? Because it's her real speed? Because balancing wise she was fine I think and performing better than Izumo. So if she get the buff because she could reach this kind of speed in rl what about these ships? A.Hipper: She got 32 kts but could manage to reach 32.6 kts if I'm not mistaken. Scharnhorst: She got 30 kts but could manage to reach 31.5 kts (with the speed flag she can reach it but Iowa will be much faster with it) Can someone explain the logic to me? Also I'm a bit disappointed with Hindenburgs speed. You really feel the 1 kts she is slower than the Roon and both ships need some speed because they rely so much on AP and therefore positioning. What do you think about this? Are 1-2 kts really a difference? I think yes. But maybe you can come up with some different views on this, can't wait to hear your opinions .
  10. klemi007

    Updating taking forever

    Hi, My game is updating for appr 4 hours now. Of those, appr. 1h for download (did other stuff while downloading), the rest extracting updates and installing them. Still not finished, updating game client at 22% atm. And I am not running the game on ZX Spectrum. I even disabled my AVG, makes no noticeable difference. Can WG please put some effort into optimizing this stuff, it's really frustrating.
  11. FrimPing

    Update download a bit slow..

    Downloading the recent update and extracting files takes soo long, too long. Current download speeds reach peaks of 125 kb/s and sometimes go as low as 50 kb/s, my internet speed is decent on any other application apart on this launcher. Any reason for this, and possible fixes? Hours have passed by slowly and it feels like torture, info appreciated!
  12. GPRadical

    Battleships need massive BUFF!

    Hi, After starting out with battleships I can safely say they are pretty much useless, yes ok their range is nice but that's it.... 1: Turrets and Ship manoeuvrability is WAY too slow.. (need to turn around? need to avoid torps? need to turn? not possible...) 2: Reload time... I mean really? one of the most advanced ships yet it has a 30+ reload timer so by the time you get 2-3 shots off the enemy is within their range and your dead.... oh and good luck with the accuracy of these ships.... 3: Counter measures? ok we cant move we are a big slug in the sea, why not give us counter measures against torps etc? 4: Range ok this is nice BUT with the accuracy good luck in hitting, 1 out of 3 shots might hit oh and even by that time the enemy is kicking your [edited]... 5: Heal? right ok so we can repair our ship, all good and all but is basically useless because once the enemy is in range of you they simply wipe you off the map with a few easy shots on the slowest, horrible ship in game. I know a load of you will say "I think their fine" "You're just a noob" and so on but that's not the case, playing cruiser, destroyer (most of time now) i can safely say i can easily get 1/4 kills per game, especially if I target those big heavy slugs that cant see me until i have that perfect torp shot! hahaha! No really, devs need to buff the crap out of these guys as they are basically useless.
  13. xxMacTavishxx

    Grinding is slow

    In my opinion the grind is slow. I play a lot every day (yes i like the game), and if i was playing wot i would have advanced to tier 6 for sure. The thing here is that the matches take a long time which is not a bad thing, but the experience should be more per battle.Alternative is that the experience need for research should have lower value. I suggest to balance them them on par with wot. A standard account should be able to reach tier 5 in three days of 3-4 hours play per day. Also i noticed that players who tend to play poorly take less than 100-300 exp per battle even if it is a win. Keep in mind that a standard account should be able to reach tier 10 in 3 months MAX , and this is an arcade game which means people play for fun and grinding the same ship every day is not fun, it is boring.My 5 cents.This game has a lot of potential, and it will be the new flagship of wargaming if they listen to players(i know where wot has gone).
  14. buzzlightbeer

    Furutaka Tier 5 Japanese Cruiser

    Right where do I start with this ship. After grinding through the tier 4 to then get the tier 5 japanese cruiser, what a complete let down. The guns have more power but to compensate that the gun reload slower, they traverse slower. The ship turns slower which overall makes it feel you are stepping down in class not up. Even with mods on it dont make it much better. This ship really needs to have its reload time shortened for the guns are its virtually unplayable against other tier 5-6 ships.
  15. iPanic96

    Unusual lagspikes/freezing

    First thing first! I apologize for my English! It's not my main language, so grammar might be a bit off... Hope it's still readable though. So, then the actual case. I bought the 3 ships pack yesterday (15.04.15) and noticed some lagspikes or some kind of freezing I never seen before. Saw some other topics were players had a similar problem, but could't find one that actually explain the precise problem I have. I have a decent PC (I can run battlefield 4 on medium - high settings and still have a pretty good fps). Still, it takes ages for the ships to show up after I've started the game. But that's not the main problem. When I get into a match, the first 4-7 minutes works absolutely great. Then all of a sudden, everything freezes, even though the ms is around 50, and the fps at 60. I can still shoot and hear the shot, but I can't see it. Then after around 30-45 seconds the ship starts moving again but much slower than before it froze. I can't change the course of the ship, because the reaction is taking around 10 seconds to actually take action. It's like I'm falling behind with 10-15 seconds and still have a good ping while it happens. It doesn't change even with the settings on low, though I have no problem playing on high quality the first part of the match. The problem is pretty similar to this case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRS2J8O4XqM - but for me the ship doesn't pop back in the position where the ship actually is stationed after the first lagspike/freeze or whatever it is. It's really annoying how it works perfectly fine, and then out of nowhere it just basically goes to crap and makes the game unplayable... If I made it clear, it would be nice to hear if anyone else got the exact same problem as me, and hopefully a solution if there is any yet. And sorry for a long post...