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Found 4 results

  1. Markos_Flytzanis

    Tech Tree SLAVA??

    Well i guess having those 3 ships coming up soon i guess the slava will be a tech tree ship and not a coal or even steel ship...i am asking because i have to save some coal for SLAVA and take later the THUNDERER which i already have collected all the required coal. Probably its too early to know but i had to ask...
  2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQFvOItBARa26bTgzuMIoNQ?view_as=subscriber I guys I started making videos again so please like, subscribe and share that can motivate me to make new videos from now on. I have now got alot of time to do it :) .
  3. MarcoGn97

    Kremlin bridge odd looking?

    (Disclaimer, no discussions about the ship's performance here, just a modelling discussion) Hello fellow captains I noticed an interesting thing while looking at my Kremlin and at the (hopefully) forgotten Slava: the two 3D models have some differences in AA mounts and in the antennas, but I wonder why the two bridges look so different from one to the other/why one looks more detailed and better made compared to the other. This is Slava's bridge, with clear windows like pretty much all ship models made in the last period and detailed interior if looked through a model viewer or with some camera mods. Meanwhile, this is Kremlin's one: As you can see, apart from the absence of clear windows but grey ones like in years old models (looking at you Montana), it has an odd compressed shape. The difference is more visible in the Taranto port where the windows become colored in blue (don't ask me why but it's damn cool): Nothing game breaking, but I wonder why the only finished and released ship of the two has a "lower" quality model when compared to other one...atm Kremlin is the only Soviet BB without a clear bridge (the only other one is Nikolai but it doesn't have windows in the first place ^^). I don't know how complex it is to model that specific part of the ship, but can we have the same bridge for both of them? Nothing essential I repeat, but I pass quite a bit of time admiring these beautiful models and I cannot unsee this on my Soviet bunker (and, while I'm here, why no camo on Kremlin quad 45s but yes on Slava's quad 57s?! ) Thanks for any response
  4. Hi all, What is with all this "grapevine talk" about upcoming Tier X Russian BB "Pobeda" "/ Slava" - is there any official info? If you take a look at most excellent "WowS Fitting Tool" you can see her stats (in current WoWs v0.8.3.1 as "TEST Ship"): https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PRSB510&modules=1111&upgrades=000000&commander=PCW001&consumables=11&lang=en She has almost 25 km gun range with 1.9 Sigma and just 219m of dispersion... Also if you take a look at latest "Flamu" video: And accompanying Reddit thread: Things are... well... interesting... Leo "Apollo11"