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Found 1 result

  1. Skyee_8492

    A better way to go.

    Newer additions and better way to improve wants already there With the swarm of new ships in testing, in the works and about to come online. It got me thinking of some idea's of improving what is already in game and some improvements i'd like to see rather than the same old that's being pumped out at the moment. The constant barrage of events in correlation with new ships being introduced is becoming boring (to me). Its basically rinse and repeat! No sooner does 1 finish another one springs up right after the deadlines to complete each directive before another one starts to me killing the fun. I wish WG did them kind of things bimonthly and introduced more campaigns having completed 3 of the 4. At least the campaigns have no time limit but the directives more or less keep the players constantly engaged which tbh can't be healthy especially if you don't have premium time and something requires XP which more often than not is a lot for an average joe to complete with jobs, families ect. We have a Japanese & U.S campaign so why not a British & German campaign? An opportunely was lost putting Gunther Lutjens into the armory not that its a complete loss because it could still get to use Reinhard Scheer for a German Campaign & Jellicoe for a British one. It's now nearly 2 years since the U.S campaign was released so when will we get a new one? How long have German ships been in the game? And we still can't apply 2 plays or swap the colors yet the Russians & French do. Odd! More operations would be a plus, i like playing them but playing the same 5 over and over for over a year it is now boring. 4 were taken offline with the CV rework and haven't seen the light of day again; Dynamo, Hermes, Ultimate Frontier & Cherry Blossom. which showed great potential for night fights in the game (personally speaking) which has never been allude to since. I guess what i'm saying is put a pause on the constant Directives that keep coming month after month, Do something else. Other additions could be re-skinning & remodeling some older ships in the game look kind of dated compared to newer ships coming on line like they did with Yamato. Whole new tech lines keep coming in, 1 off ships are constantly in the works whilst the older ships look kind meh in comparison. Fubuki/Shinonome, Colorado/WestViginia come to mind, Same class of ship yet there quality is completely different Shinonome having clear windows on the bridge but Fubuki doesn't for an example. Same for the BB's! It can't be a matter of premium ships cause you can't buy Shinonome Or Yamato so who knows. Less Russian cruiser line splitting WG and share the love. A wider option for permanent camouflages for all tiers. Even ships of (lower tier) wore some kind of camouflage in (real life) so why not? For example Tirpitz has 3 or 4 & the Iron Duke has none but ships in the same tier like New York has the option for a permanent camouflage application, Why? Not to mention the accuracy of the camouflages again as an example, Tirpitz Norwegian camo is black and white not the green and brown it should be at least to my knowledge and its not a case of actually camouflaging cause it doesn't hide the ships any better. Same for the New York wearing USS Utah camo. Just odd they'd spend all the time modeling the ships then goof up the camo's. Again to my knowledge Iron Duke had no camouflage but it doesn't have to be dazzle paint, Even a darker shade of Grey with a funnel band is better than nothing. Solid colors were also used as we know. Anybody noticed the Puerto Rico wears a Salem camo? & the dreadnought wears RMS Mauritania camo? The damage cosmetics and sinking simulations could be another point of improvement i.e when a ship detonates, shreds of the ship blow off unlike the current one with just a huge fireball. (Now im nitpicking) haha Obviously some of "MY OPINIONS" might be unrealistic but to me worth saying non the less as a counter opinion to WG's constant influx of directives, the need to hastily rework the Russian cruiser line not to mention Italian Battleship's & Destroyer lines haven't seen the light of day yet. If WG took a little break for the directives they might get more done elsewhere!