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Found 52 results

  1. [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    Hello and welcome to my skinning atelier If u are looking for historical or semi-historical skins then u my friend will not like what u are about to see :P Most of my skins are anime based while others are just simply badass !! U can see that i got a lot of inspiration from Aoba and Team Pravda but i do have my own style. All parts of my ships are skinned leaving absolutely nothing grey. I chose a black/white skin for all finders/radar/secondary/AA/misc and directors, so they are compatible in between the nation. I guess it wont look so bad if u are using skins from other modders either. The Amagi skin is a so called SDK-mod skin. The file is a lot bigger than the others, but u will use it the same way. And because it´s an sdk skin, it wont interfere with other ships. For example, the Amagi main guns will not be changing the Nagatos guns, like a normal skin would do. If u have any question regarding the sdk skin or anything else feel free to ask, and please leave a comment or a thumbs up if u like my skins. That´s one of the reasons why i´m doing these skins actually:P If u can´t find the skin u are looking for, check out my mate Compass_Rose, he is a lot more productive then i am ;) U may request skins, but no promises..... Here is a link to my YouTube channel if u would like to see my skins in motion and with some "epic" music ;) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAFiTZWKPO6U1kZnokPi0u2G_1mYBqGDA And this right here is a invitation for a discord channel where u can find me and Compass_Rose, in case u have questions or just feel like talking:) https://discord.gg/nufjRvq So this is my very first skin and it´s the Kii, so as i said, it´s my very first skin and i had to learn how to use gimp in order to do it, so it took me a while. Cuz there is no Kancolle character for the Kii, i took Amagi and her sisterships Unryuu and Katsuragi. (little fun-fact, they are all carriers in Kancolle) I hope everything is working and that u like the skin:) IJN Battleship Kii: IJN Heavy Cruiser Chikuma: RN Cruiser HMS Fiji RN Battleship HMS Lion IJN Battleship Amagi IJN Battleship Ashitaka RN Battleship HMS King George V RN Battleship HMS Duke of York Italian Battleship Roma French Cruiser Algérie IJN Battleship Yamato French Cruiser Charles Martel
  2. []Historical 1930 skin for Shinonome

    As a fan of historical accuracy, and after finding out that the Japanese destroyer Shinonome is historically accurate in most aspects as of late 1920's and early 1930's, I decided to make a historical skin for her. The skin was made after research on destroyer markings in the Imperial Japanese Navy and with the help of some photographs. This is the ship as she looked back in 1930: And this is the skin I made: Here is the .zip file containing the skin itself and the camo removal file, that disables any in game camo so that you can see the historical camo and at the same time mount an ingame camo. To install the mod, follow the instructions written in the readme.txt file. Special thanks to zFireWyvern for making the file that disables ingame camos and for letting me add it to my .zip file. For maximum historical accuracy I sugest you use a historical flag mod containing the Imperial Japanese Navy flag. If you encountered any problem with this mod, please inform me as soon as you can. Update log As for update the mod is still working, without any problem encountered yet
  3. Updated: 2018-01-26 Hi! So a while ago I downloaded and edited Secession's Imperator Nikolai I's custom white-and-gold skin, turning it into a black-and-gold and a black-white-and-gold skin. After that, I started editing skins of my own, making a whole bunch of them. So here's my custom skin collection... Previews: Files: Russian Empire/Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: Okhotnik - Imperial Russian Navy: http://www.mediafire.com/file/f0ek6t4k9tatiw0/Okhotnik_-_Imperial_Russian_Navy.rar Aurora - Imperial Russian Navy: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6u00slid55lksiu/Aurora_-_Imperial_Russian_Navy.rar Svietlana - Imperial Russian Navy: http://www.mediafire.com/file/g50y1668z1tvoyn/Svietlana_-_Imperial_Russian_Navy.rar Imperator Nikolai I - Black and gold: http://www.mediafire.com/file/w3dl6q1rt9d2h9d/Nikolai_sec_mod_v1.12_(black-and-gold_edit).rar Imperator Nikolai I - White, black and gold: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3b68vu18y3d3v76/Nikolai_sec_mod_v1.12_(Black-white-and-gold_edit).rar Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya - Imperator Nikolai II: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5bint1wgme722ai/Oktyabrskaya_Revolutsiya_-_Imperator_Nikolai_II.rar Germany: Nassau - German grandfather: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8pw6pnowjd60tbt/nassau_skin_(white_%26_orange).rar König Albert - Very slightly improved prema-camo: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z9bw4x2la1f92id/König_Albert_-_Very_slightly_improved_prema-camo.rar Bayern - Non-Buddhist post-Axis defeat compliant cross: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ah959o3c2m9h7et/Bayern_(yellow_turrets%2C_light_grey_hull%2C_not-a-swastika).rar Gneisenau - Dance Dance Revolution: http://www.mediafire.com/file/435fl7c76f1jdbd/Gneisenau_-_Dance_Dance_Revolution.rar Bismarck - Embrace the bias: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sdx6mavuh0462u0/Bismarck_-_Dance_Dance_Revolution.rar SMS Admiral Tirpitz: http://www.mediafire.com/file/797tb7xrwdfbsvn/SMS_Admiral_Tirpitz.rar France: Jurien de la Gravière - possibly historical skin: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c9d833t89fp5lq9/Jurien_de_la_Gravière_-_possibly_historical_skin.rar Dunkerque - FTFY Fleur d'Acier: http://www.mediafire.com/file/km0vevl1zm9nqfo/Dunkerque_-_Fleur_d'Acier_cammo_(no_french_colours_on_the_sides%3B_wooden_deck).rar Dunkerque - Fleur de lis: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bbms1u913qs9oj7/Dunkerque_-_Fleur_de_lis.rar Italy: Duca d'Aosta - Something something white skin: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ffra5w20e9sgwcs/Duca_d'Aosta_-_Something_something_white_skin.rar Giulio Cesare - Something something white skin: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1d3tpdav2mfer9a/Giulio_Cesare_-_Something_something_white_skin.rar Giulio Cesare - Something something white skin: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yua7dzmppesavtd/Roma_-_Something_something_white_skin.rar United Kingdom: Iron Duke - Dazzling new look: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7i01e113ws1a1ne/HMS_Iron_Duke_-_Dazzling_new_look.rar Warspite - Fascist dazzle: http://www.mediafire.com/file/trg6m2yte00b573/HMS_Warspite_-_Fascist_dazzle.rar Hood - Fleur d'Acier knockoff Rule Britania: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1ihwkg7j3d5afj2/HMS_Hood_-_Rule_Britannia.rar Japan: Kawachi - Because this ship deserves some love (and a f**kton of buffs): http://www.mediafire.com/file/dvn93n2ajjorexc/Kawachi_-_White_hull.rar Myogi - The Mikasa style menace: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a840nx24oa8vack/Myogi_(Mikasa-style__white_and_black_skin).rar Kongo - Attack of the Mikasa style: http://www.mediafire.com/file/al13hbqgw2h3hnq/Kongo_(Mikasa-style__white_and_black_skin).rar Fuso - Revenge of the Mikasa style: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hx56b766a6uqbt2/Fuso_(Mikasa-style__white_and_black_skin).rar Mutsu - And now for something completely different: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7jd1na1klc75vds/Mutsu_-_Something_something_white_skin.rar Nagato - A new Mikasa style: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2gv30j1cbrmusii/Nagato_(Mikasa-style__white_and_black_skin).rar Amagi - Mikasa style strikes back: http://www.mediafire.com/file/muj35cidui3589d/Amagi_(Mikasa-style__white_and_black_skin).rar Kii - Return of the Mikasa style: http://www.mediafire.com/file/va48mebuxs03vsa/Kii_(Mikasa-style__white_and_black_skin%2C_plus_darker_Kobayashi_skin).rar Musashi - Empire of the Rising Sun (RA3): http://www.mediafire.com/file/02cslm300dmhy2p/Musashi_-_Empire_of_the_Rising_Sun_(RA3)_-_copia.rar Yamato - Empire of the Rising Sun (RA3): http://www.mediafire.com/file/1cajqqq5im5tus2/Yamato_-_Empire_of_the_Rising_Sun_(RA3).rar HSF Musashi & Yamato - As seen on TV: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pabeeyawp9ca4dl/HSF_Musashi_%26_Yamato_-_As_seen_on_TV.rar Russian Federation (North American Subject Republic): South Carolina - Great White Fleet: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jic9w0apkl0vp76/South_Carolina_-_Great_White_Fleet.rar St. Louis - Great White Fleet skin for B hull: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0q47rtpovu1s1jy/St._Louis_-_Great_White_Fleet.rar Missouri - Make America Great Again (AKA the Trump Wagon): http://www.mediafire.com/file/yiu3uh12sluetax/Missouri_-_Make_America_Great_Again.rar Notes: - If the ship has a premium camo, you need to disable it (tutorial on how to do it below), otherwise mounting the camo will cover the custom skin. Disabling the camo only affects the visuals, not the bonuses, so you still get those. - For the Nassau, Bayern, Kongo, Amagi and South Carolina you get both the clean and rusted skins together. - For the Nassau, in both versions, you can go to content\gameplay\germany\gun\main\textures and choose which skin you want for the main guns (with white circles or the coat of arms) - For the Amagi, in both versions, you can go to content\gameplay\japan\ship\battleship\textures and choose which skin you want for the main hull (black or white smokestack) - For the Bayern, on the rust-free version, you can go to content\gameplay\germany\ship\battleship\textures and choose between stripes or no stripes for the hull - For the Imperator Nikolai I and the Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya you get all skin variations in the same package. - The Gneisenau now has two skins: One only affects the ship's deck, guns and superstructure and is meant to be used with the premium camo, so you don't have to disable it. The other also changes the hull, and it requires the permanent camo be made invisible. Both are in the same package. - The Großer Kurfurst skin I made uses Tanz's GK skin as a template, adding rust and the colours and coat of arms of the Weimar Republic. All credit for the original camo goes to him: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/22352-tanzs-shipyard/ - Almost all japanese battleships share the same type of secondary guns. For their dual purpose secondaries, all free ships, from Kongou to Yamato, have 127mm dual turrets. So the skin file for those (file name: JGS009_127mm40_Type_89_a) is used by all of them. The Yamato has a different skin file, making the turrets dark grey, while the others have white turrets. If you download the Yamato and at least one of the other free battleships, you have to choose either white or dark grey 127mm dual turrets. - For reasons I don't know,you can't make Mutsu's camo invisible with the standard method I describe below. If anyone figures out how to do this, please tell me. - The Großer Kurfurst also uses the same dual purpose secondary guns from Gneisenau, so if you have the DDR Gneisenau, you'll see the red turrets with the communist symbol on the Großer Kurfurst too. - For the Hood you get the same skin files twice, one for the regular hull, and the other for the The Last Conquest special hull. If you don't have the TLC hull, use the regular one. If you have it, you can choose to replace the regular skin, but you have to disable the premium camos, or replace the TLC skin and keep the premium camos visible. - The Dunkerque "FTFY Fleur d'Acier" skin is for the Fleur d'Acier special hull. If you want it for the regular hull, I recommend Wyvern's Dunkerque skin, which is almost the same: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/48257-06150-wyverns-historical-skin-workshop/ - Dunkerque's "Fleur de lis" skin is for the regular hull and requires Dunkerque's standard permanent camo be made invisible. - Here's Secession's page with the original Imperator Nikolai I skin I used as a template for mine (which I uploaded with his permission; all credit for the original goes to him): - The three skins for Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya work well with the Krasny Oktyabr camo (the red and yellow one with "CCCP" painted on the middle of the hull), the black and orange one being the best for it, so if you have it, you can make the standard camo invisible and keep using that one. That's what I'm doing. - Neither the Yamato skin, nor the Musashi skin clash with the High School Fleet camo for each ship. Like Dunkerque's Fleur d'acier and Hood's and Bismarck's Hunt for the Bismarck camos, those work as separate hulls with their own skin files. - For some reason, if you try to make Roma's permanent camo invisible, you won't find it under the ship's name in the camouflages.xml file. It is located under "<!--//ITA UNIQUE Duca degli Abruzzi colour scheme 03-->". Yeah, I don't know why either. Also, a quick guide to removing permanent cammos: First, you need to put this file into the \Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\ folder: http://www.mediafire.com/file/356nv1mjpp9mmdq/camouflages.xml Then you open it as a text file and open the search tool (Ctrl+B). You search for a key word matching the ship's cammo you want to edit (hint: look at the name of the skin files; some ships have names completely different from their in-game names) Here I'll look for the Aurora, which for some reason they put under the name "avrora" with a "V". You keep hitting next until you find something like this: If the ship has more than one permanent cammo, like the Tirpitz, you'll find them one after the other: Below that you'll find four lines reading "<color0>" thru "<color4>" with a string of numbers. You only need to change those four lines of numbers from whatever values they have to "0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000". Then you save the file. And you're done! Now the cammo is invisible, but you still enjoy the bonuses it offers. Warning: Unlike skins, which you can change, add or remove while running the game and see the changes on your ships by just selecting another ship, then going back to the ship you want, this doesn't work with the game running. You need to close the game and launch it again to see the change. Enjoy!
  4. I made some small fixes for the campaign reward camo for the Bismarck to make her more historical. Just the intact one, not the zombie. This mod will affect only the reward camo and nothing else. This skin should represent Bismarck during her final moments: Changes: lighter overall shade grey overpaint in place of swastikas (iron crosses) corrected paint job on main turrets visible remnants of baltic stripes dark grey paint for main gun barrels added mysterious smudge[1] EDIT: 16/1/2018 darker paint of bow and stern removed shape of the false bow wave adjusted dark grey paint for secondary gun barrels added texture for destroyed main turrets Reference images: 1 2 3 4 Download link: https://ulozto.net/!X6PKLjLMRdRd/huntforbismarck-skinfixc-rar Installation: unrar put "content" folder in "res_mod/" in the game directory (C:/Games/World_of_Warships) Note: Because this mod doesnt handle with any xml file, it should be compatible with every upcoming update. So the only thing you have to do is to take it from the old folder and place it into the new one. Enjoy!
  5. Kaga, Historical Skin

    Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/youpzfwkpoja2nj/Skin_original_KAGA_Propia.rar Link to Spanish forum. Here are all the catch from boats. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/38578-skins-created-by-danimollinato/
  6. [SKIN] IJN Graf Spee

    This skin is me was inspired by my research on the Kazekuru class.This vessel had to be very close (visually) to the Graf Spee, which explains the approach. IJN Chichibu https://mega.nz/#!1d9VSTKb!9fchEpJmZtW1uNNvDBbVxor2_dtPr6cZts-qPsSI9L4 Note: the skin is only visible if there is no camouflage on the ship. Note bis: the skin modifies some parts of other German ships (turrets, telemeters, planes etc ...).Bonus: for the posters of the Alpha tester, Beta tester and Godfather, you had the opportunity to have respectively: the Emperor's Pavilion, the Minister's Pavilion and the Admiral's Pavilion.
  7. ARP Takao WIP

    I'm working on a skin for ARP Takao. This is not mine but I'm using it as template understand the map. I'm having troubles with secondaries and misc that don't show the camo. Can you help ?
  8. Hello people, Here I bring you my new skin Download
  9. Hola de nuevo! Aquí traigo una skin para el nuevo tier 8 que aparecerá próximamente por los mares Descarga http://www.mediafire.com/file/ak97s7b6239n6lp/SKIN_AKIZUKI_RORY.rar Si os gustan darle a like. Si encontráis algún fallo en el diseño avisarme lo y lo modificare. Mas skin mías: ENLACE
  10. [MOD] Historical Fuso

    Grey paint, Reinforced porthole, Turret replacement, light skin parquet, aircraft camouflage. DOWNLOAD (11.5mb) (Version without scout aircraft) DOWNLOAD (11.8mb) (Version with scout aircraft)
  11. [SKIN] Cruceros de la Royal Navy.

    Desde que me enteré del recopilatorio de skins de Edwaryth, siempre estoy instalándolo cada vez que el cliente tiene un parche. Y no es que juegue mucho con los cruceros de la Royal Navy, pero la verdad es que me deprime el pasar de un barco con skin americano, ruso o del imperio Nipón a mi pobre Danae y que esté desnuda. La verdad, uno nunca valora el verdadero trabajo que hacen los Modder hasta que uno lo prueba por sí mismo, ya desde la búsqueda de información hasta la recopilación necesaria de herramientas y el complejo trabajo de las descompresiones de los archivos del juego y su edición. Por eso mientras los más veteranos van terminando las ramas más antiguas del juego, voy a intentar de dar apoyo a este tipo de contribuciones y crear las skin históricas de la Royal Navy. Toda la información que me encontraba sobre cómo se hacía todo esto, desde links a los programas como a tutoriales, estaban rotos u obsoletos y me llevaron todo el día de ayer el poder buscarlos para comenzar a trabajar, pero eso es agua pasada. No sé lo que me llevará cada skin ni todo lo preciso que pueda ser con ellas, pero cualquier comentario ayuda, desde el código HEX del color histórico del barco (ya que las fotos son en blanco y negro), a cualquier detalle que crean que debería de mejorarse, como la cubierta de madera, color de cañones, lo que sea. Terminadas: La skin con el patrón de camuflaje es más el ORP Conrad polaco que el HMS Danae por eso me quedo con esta. Nuevo Proyecto:
  12. Hello all! I've taken some of my time to start working on some no rust skins for the Royal Navy cuiser line! so far i have done: Belfast Fiji Edinburgh Neptune I will make the next skin tomorrow, stay tuned! I also included the PSD files with layers so you can create your own skin! HMS Belfast Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-J7AyxlHj0UM2FCOXhiRG9GRUE HMS Fiji Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-J7AyxlHj0UVVBCRDRVcURMVTg HMS Edinburgh Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-J7AyxlHj0UWkxISHpaR3FwZEk HMS Neptune Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-J7AyxlHj0UNWlJUFE4S203MVk I am open to suggestions and correct my if i made a mistake! Have fun and good hunting!
  13. "Skinner" looking for work! :)

    I love making Skins and Mods! Just visit my Reddit page or Comment below if you have any suggestions for a skin or really want one for yourself Follow me on my Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/StareyesWoWs/ Follow me on my YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ArhSF1v5L0wRJNWQrHQnw Some examples:
  14. Hey Guys, I recently created a Skin for the U.S.S. Ranger: t7 American Carrier, that i want to share with you Download Link: http://uploadas.com/l0p0fv7kixxo/Ranger_1944.rar.html For those who down know how to intsall it: 1. Unpack the file 2. Open the folder called "Ranger_1944" 3. Copy the folder: "content" into your World of Warships folder: Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\"the current version of the game you are running" Click for the Spotlight: [For anyone whos wondering what the "AceCombat" Text on the Deck should be: I removed it]
  15. This is my harbour where I present you, my fellow captains, my mod creations or link my recommendations. At first you will find the download section so you don't need to scroll all the way down if you are familiar with my mods. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lbh48lf63zrph/World_of_Warships_Mods Instructions: Installation: Put all the files found in the downloaded folders into your res_mods/"gameversion" folder located in the installation directory of World of Warships. MODS: Tracer: Changed Tracers for better visuals. You can differ between own and friendly shells. Two versions: One with and one without AP icon change. UI Mods: - Small HP bars: Small HP bars and distance got added from medium to long range for ships and planes. - Better ship icons in shipcarousel: Shipicons from the techtree added to the shipcarousel. Second version in combination with extended techtree, so you can see all hidden ships in the techtree as well. Camouflages: - Camouflage collection: Various camouflage changes like green Japanese camo got changed to a more blue one, US 3rd camo with little more black, no purple on KM camo, Atago and Scharnhorst colour slightly changed and more (IOWA Camo included!) Recommendations: I use Adiyas Flag mod as well and it is done pretty dam well! Check it out! http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27514-mod-historical-naval-ensigns-flags-in-2k-hd/#topmost Some of my mods can also be found in Aslains Modpack, he has a lot of other cool stuff too in his pack so check it out if you don't know it already! http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/12780-mod05111-aslains-wows-modpack-installer-wpicture-preview-v5111-00-20-09-2016/#topmost Have fun and stay tuned. Also let me know if you have problems, suggestions or just give me your feedback how you like my creations. Cheers BlackSkull
  16. Skin: Esdeath Des Moines (Akame Ga Kill!)

    Hola a todos!, os traigo hoy mi ultima skin hecha hasta la fecha... con el tema de Akame Ga Kill! Descarga: http://www.mediafire.com/download/tap94xi3qzbjgwx/Des_Moines_Esdeath.7z Si os gustan darle a like. Si encontráis algún fallo en el diseño avisarme lo y lo modificare. Mas skin mías: ENLACE
  17. Nicholas - My first Skin

    Hi All, I've been attempting to make a skin for the Nicholas, as there doesn't seem to be many available. I've based my design on a Farragut skin by Nappelcommander. Full credit to him for the original idea. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/pk0xicx8x0ust/Nicholas Hopefully the link will work. Gun and fire director included. I've not been able to skin the torps, as I've not been able to find the file as yet. If anyone can help, I would be more then grateful. Works on B Hull only
  18. Myoko Dragon Skin

    Whilst diiging around in the textures files I came across some skins for a Myoko class so I renamed them for the Myoko and placed them in my res_mods folder. It goes nicely with the Dragon Port. theres a blue set too.
  19. Okay, anyone willing and has time, to do me a request for 3 skins? As the 4th season of my beloved magical girls from "Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya" started recently, I feel the urge, I need skins of the 3 of them: Anyone willing to do me the skins on the upcoming german BBs? For the BBs: - T3 Nassau - T6 Bayern - T7 Gneisenau Well ,these would be the preffered BBs. On other I already have skins, like bismarck from KanColle for... Bismarck Hoping for an answer.
  20. Skin: Guardia Civil Kamikaze R/ Fujin

    Bueno como me pedisteis traigo aquí la skin para el kamikaze R /Fujin. Descarga Si os gustan darle a like. Si encontráis algún fallo en el diseño avisarme lo y lo modificare. Mas skin mías: ENLACE
  21. Welcome to Lagoon0815´s historical Skin Database! Dear English speaking Community ;) My Name is Lagoon0815 and im a german Player from the European Server that is addictet to WoWs since the open Beta. I hope you forgive me my bad english so its not my native language^^ Like you can see on my Stats ...i made a lot of Games (6400+) and this would never been an exiting and beautiful experience if i never saw the Modsection of the NA Forum in October 2015 and the possibilities to make the ships a lot of better looking than the "Points and Dazzle" Camoflages of the basic Version of the Game. In the beginning of downloading and using Skins i made a major mistake in installing the Skins to the res folder where they dont belong. This made me reinstall the game and brought me to the Idea of this Database with the possibilty to share it easy. In my Pursuit to make this Database to a full optical Conversion of the Second World War Scenario with historical Camos took a lot of research to close the empty holes through all Tiers and Hulls. If there were options cause of different Skins to 1 ship i choose the namegiving skin for the most used hull and the others (Sisterships/other Camos from differnet time Periods) for the other Hulls. I downloaded every Stuff that the Dudes below uploaded since October 2015^^ Like you can imagine now this Skinpack includes Skins for all Hulls of the IJN/US/KLM/RUS/POL/ENG Ships, Premium and ARP Ships also. These Skins are not my work! Credits for the Skins please to the Artists included in this Pack! My work was only in researching and make sure that the Files are in the right folders to make them work ;) The Mainstructure of this Skinpack are Skins from Tanz und AwolFreedom spiced with equal great Skins from Afinda, zFireWyvern, Stig, AdellaYukikaze, Warchild360, Ruslan Akmenov, tzizt, Saloman_Kane and RobVanDoom. A Camo Remover is included in this Skinpack to make it independent to other Mods. No Aslains needed! This Camo Remover makes ingame Camos invisble without taking their effects. This Remover is from 10x20! This Skinpack is 100% Stream friendly and free of Swastikas or other weird Stuff! Download Skinpack Version from: 12.10.2016 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation of the Skinpack: >>>>Easy<<<< -unpack the Skinpack Use WinRar or an alternative Program to unpack the .rar FileTarget Folder:C:>Games>World_of_Warships>res_mods <<<<<Advanced>>>>> -Unpack the File to a different Folder than the Target Folder Use WinRar and unpack it to a different Folder (f.E. Desktop) -Copy the unpacked File into the res-mod Folder Its important that the Folder (Folder in the unpacked Skinpack named=(0.5.X.X)) gets copied to the following Folder:C:>Games>World_of_Warships>res_modsIf you done it correctly the Structure would be (If Aslains Mod in not installed before) : C:>Games>World_of_Warships>res_mods>0.5.X.X If Aslains Mod is installed before...-If Questioned in the Copy Process if you want to replace Files its important to choose YES. Done^^ Deinstallation of the Skinpack: -Erasing Folder 0.5.X.X Easy erase the Folder (0.5.X.X) which we included before in the Folder res-mods. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>>Important<<< Never copy Files of the Skinpack in the Folder res, this would replace Gamefiles!!!Always in the Folder res-mods!!! BtW Its safe to put Files into the res-mods Folder cause they can only overtake temporarly Functions of the main Game files(as long as they are in the res-mod Folder)......without replacing them. This means with deleting or erasing the Folder (0.5.X.X) in the res-mod Folder will force the Game back into Vanilla Version including the complete removal of all Mods and Skins! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Big Thx to all included Skinartists and 10x20! Without you this wouldn´t be possible!!! Skinsources: Tanz (Big thx for your Support! It´s an Honor^^) AwolFreedom (Without your pure Skins its nothing!) Afinda (Die Welt ist klein manchmal Vielen Dank für deinen Support!) Adella Yukikaze (I simply love your Details on the IJN BBs!!!) zFireWyvern (Cant wait for more!!! Thx also for your Support ;)) Stig (Active again^^ ;( <3 his Skins!) Warchild360 (Beautiful Details on his Skin of the St.Louis!!! <3 it) Ruslan Akmanov (Russian Tier 7-9 Cruisers...sry couldn´t find a better Homepage) tzizt (New Talent with a beautiful Look on Details^^) Saloman_Kane (His Skins?`Love at first sight <3 Cool Guy! Cool Skins!) Spoiler RobVanDoom (Wäre dieser Thread auf ohne Ihn? Vielleicht...aber erst nächstes Jahr Grosses Danke an meinen Pro Bro ;)) Camo Mod: 10x20 (Big Thx for your Support!!! Your work will not be forgotten!!!) <3 you all! This Database is under permanet construction and Feedback/Wishes/Critics are very welcome If you want to see this Skinpack in Action to make yourself a picture you can follow me on Twitch Have Fun! Greetz Lagoon0815 P.S. The missing Mikasa/ Farragut Stock Hull/ Phoenix Stock Hull are getting a polish soon ;) Special Thanks to MFCJester, _Accelerator_, Chris_der_Schwabe and RobVanDoom which let me use them as Testcrew Last but not least Wargaming for the res-mods folder!
  22. Skin: Guardia civil Shchors

    Hola de nuevo señores, hoy les traigo la skin de la guardia civil para el Shchors. Esta a tardado mas tiempo ya que tiene hasta los mas pequeños detalles echos, en el vídeo no se vera, pero después de hacer el vídeo también hice uno de los pequeños barcos del barco. Las torretas secundarias como comparten con otro barco e preferido no pintarla. Lo que si e pintado es la estrella roja de la proa la cual buscado el archivo RM209_Red_star_a.dds y quitan dolo/borran solo podéis tenerlo en este barco o en los demás de la rama rusa. Espero que disfruten con este barco hasta que implementen los españoles en el juego. Descarga: http://www.mediafire.com/download/nlkbz0asmc3a2n3/schors.7z Si os gusta estas skin, por favor darle like a este post y si veo que va bien los likes haré uno para el kamikaze R que me lo habéis pedido mucha gente. Si detectáis cualquier fallo de diseño por favor decirlo!
  23. hey guys, im currently wastin some time with some skins for certain ships. but its freakin annoying to find special parts like "directors" or "finders" for certain ships, since their names in the "res_packages" folder are pretty generic. so my question is: is there a list or an overview for all available ship parts that belong to a specific ship? i would be grateful for any help cheers erz~
  24. So there's an Udaloi skin...

    Behold the Udaloi. BUT ALAS it doesn't have a Premium skin. To the rescue comes me, whatcha guys think? I made this. It's not a normal skin. it's camo. Opinions?
  25. [Skin Request] Blyskawica Winter-Ish looking

    Hi, I've been looking for a Blyskawica skin but can't find one that I like. I want a rust-free camouflaged skin, I would absolutely love a Winter-ish skin, like the Gnevy Skin from Tanz, but not necessarily. I sadly don't have the photoshop and design skill to make it myself, if anyone can/want to do one, or anyone knows a great looking skin for the Blyskawica, I'll be greatful. I hate asking stuff from people but I'm desperate. Sadly Tanz havn't made one for the Blysk, and Wyvern's are camo-less