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Found 45 results

  1. I'm still scratching my head about the AA / CV rework and how it impacts Hood, which I used to run as an AA boat. The in-game info panel tells me nothing - clicking the individual mounts just shows the guns, doesn't give me info about which range-grouping each corresponds to; and looking at the info breakdown for those range-bands isn't massively helpful. A look on the WOWS fitting tool shows the close-range AA DPS is incredibly low, with rockets not apparently creating flak bursts nor making the base close-range DPS much better than KGV. Wiki is still recommending Advanced Firing Training, and saying the defensive fire consumable applies to the rockets with a x2 modifier which is still significantly less than KGV's base if we're to accept the short-range DPS value given. Could someone please explain to me what the hell is going on? Because as far as I can get a read on it, AFT is now "meh" for the Hood because it doesn't improve the close-range rockets' continuous damage, BFT is more appropriate because it DOES synergise with the defensive fire consumable - but is probably still a waste because the improved AA is lacklustre anyway; which makes both the AA upgrades on the ship redundant because it's no longer fit for purpose as an AA specialist. Is this about the size of it?
  2. Hallo, ich möchte nur kurz auf eine Info aufmerksam machen, die bestimmt schon in einigen Beiträgen erwähnt wurde, mir aber bislang entgangen ist. https://worldofwarships.eu/de/news/game-guides/re-spec-my-authoritah/ Vielleicht hat es ja noch jemand nicht gewusst und ist jetzt so erleichtert wie ich :-)
  3. After 15K games of WoT, I had come to understand the errors that I had made at the lower tiers. Example: (1) getting the intuition perk as one of the first perks. (That was very dumb.); (2) not knowing which skills my crew/commander should have depending on the type of tank. I just came over from WoT and have not begun play on WoW. What mistakes did you make in Wow that you would avoid if you were starting over?
  4. Paulus001

    What do you get as your 5th skill

    What do people tend to get as 5th skill? grind for a second 4th tier skill or get something else like a 1, 2 or 3 tier skill more quickly?
  5. SchabeOink

    In-Game Fine Tuning the Atago

    Hi all, I would like to check with the community the setup of my/any Atago and what can be done in-game to fine tune it! I am aware of the ongoing "Buff Atago dpm and range" thread, but felt this wouldn't have a place there. My Atago is running the following: - Captain Skills (11/12):1 Expert Loader / Basics of Survivability2 Expert Marksman3 Vigilance4 Survivability Expert - Modules:Main Battery Mod.1Gun Fire Control System Mod.1Damage Control System Mod.1Steering Gears Mod.2Target Acquisition System Mod.1 - Camo: Type 10 Atago - No Premium Consumables Playstyle: Pretty much straightforward support CA, I circle behind the DD line and provide fire-support for whoever needs it. Anything above ~10 km gets HE, below ~10 km AP. I find that I am mostly happy with my selection of Mods and Skills, but wonder what other setups would be like. I for example don't miss Superintendent, as I seldom feel I need a 3rd Repair Charge, not to speak of additional Panic AA and Catapult Fighter. Given my setup, I would like to ask you guys about two alternative builds I think are possible: - Is maxing out AA worth on Atago? We're talking AA Guns Mod.2, Basic and Advanced Firing Training, and Manual AA for those who have time for that. - How about going full Stealth? Referring to Concealment System Mod.1 and Concealment Expert, because sneaking up for surprise torps and gun volleys sounds tempting. I don't think proper invisi-fire would be a thing on her now would it. Any help and general discussion about Atago playstyle & fine tuning welcome!
  6. Meneleus

    My take on captain skills

    Since I have written some feedback regarding the 5.3 changes regarding to captain skills, and claimed they were poorly designed, I thought I should ante up and try to write a constructive piece concerning this element of the game. Core principle Kicking off I think I should share the philosophy I think captain skills should adhere to. As Sid Meyer once said, and I am paraphrasing, a good game challenges the player to make meaningful choices. Choosing your captain skills should incorporate that train of thought. Practically this means that there should be a solid array of interesting skills to choose from for every ship type and nationality. Players should be challenged to make choices as much as possible. Ideally there should be different competative builds catering to different preferences of play for the same ship. The concept of diminishing returns An elegant element that can prevent the abuse of certain skills is the idea of diminishing returns. Within the context of this game this would mean that if a skill offers an advantage that advantage would diminish the stronger a ship is with regard to the attribute the skill enhances. Existing examples of this are expert marksman and concealment expert. My take on skills So without further ado my take on the skills. Note that I purposefully use very broad strokes in their description. In my view it is the concept that merits discussion, the specifics can be figured out later. I have divided the skills into their usual five levels and used spoilers for ease of perusal. Level 1 skills Level 2 skills Level 3 skills Level 4 skills Level 5 skills Thank you for taking your time reading. Please feel free to leave your comments, input and ideas below, I am curious about the sentiments of other people. Cheers, M
  7. The descriptions of the aforementioned skills are pretty simple, but I think some clarification is required. Different skill descriptions happily mix percentages and percentage points, which leaves me wondering what does the 10% in fire prevention actually mean. Is it direct percentage off your fire chance - meaning that with this skill you get one fire less per every ten fires you'd otherwise suffer (not taking into account the reduction in superstructure fire spots and the fewer fires you get resulting from that)? Or does that 10% stack with your other fire reduction modifiers so that for example ship X with other modifiers having a 50% base fire chance only had 40% if you took the skill? (As a somewhat related question; how about the fire prevention upgrade you can get, is that 3% or 3 percentage points?) This is a fairly significant difference, since with for example a base fire resistance of 50% the skill is twice as effective if it's actually percentage points instead of direct percentage. Also how about Adrenaline rush? The description mentions percentage of health lost, but generally the skill is considered to actually refer to health remaining. As we all know from the dreadnought achievement, those can be two very different things for ships that can heal themselves and it would be interesting to know if anyone had actually done the measurements and confirmed that the skill actually works on hitpoints remaining instead of hitpoints lost.
  8. NO1Z3TR4UMA

    [Question] Omaha crew skill(s)

    Hey Fellow WoW Captains, Let's introduce myself a little bit (yeeeey my first topic on WoW), first i took a long brake from Warships (was playing more tanks and some other games), second after not playing 1 year and half maybe longer or maybe less i thought i would suck when playing again (1 week so far) but actually i had pretty good games on my Omaha so far anyway let' get to the point and explain my question. I've read (most posts were from 2016 or older) that allot of ppl use "Vigilance" skill for the 3th skill for Omaha tier 5 American cruiser. Personal i have a double feeling about that skill coz i rarely use my torpedoes and 25% bigger range its about 1 km more range if i didnt calculated wrong. Most of the time i'm lowest tier, if a tier 6- 7 comes closer i try to keep them on my maximum gun distance so i dont use torpedoes in this situation. When playing this game for 1 week, i used my torpedoes twice i know it's not allot but what do you think i should do? What is your opinion about the 3th skill on Omaha? Pls explain why, vigilance or..... ? Thanks in advance and big love on the forums but destruction in the water! *edit* You can always say what skills your captain have with a small explanation if you want :)
  9. lethalbizzell

    KGV captain skillset question, need help

    Hi fellow captains so i have an 18 point captain and am running the usual skillset of : incoming fire alert expert loader high alert super intendant demolition expert concealment i have 4 skill points to use ..... now do i go and get advanced fire training ?? or vigilance , IFHE is going to become useless in 6.11 and i like my fires..... KGV is susceptible to torpedoes and against CV didnt know if the KGV AA would greatly benefit from a range increase ? Could manual fire AA work ??? all help would be appreciated ! Best J
  10. Just started musing about this: Is it a viable option to use an untrained commander that has a lot more skills than a trained colleague? I have a kind of meh commander for my Omaha(since I want to keep it as one of my favourite T5 ships), after retraining my "main" US cruiser captain to the Cleveland. Since he's actually trained to the ship, is the "bad" commander the best captain for the Omaha, or could it actually be an idea to just switch over my Cleveland captain whenever I sail it? Even though his skills will obviously only be 50% effective, you'd be getting some effect from a wide range of skills, vs. getting the full effect of only a handful. For the record, the Omaha captain has 4 vs. the Cleve captain's 9.
  11. We have the Arpeggio of Blue Steel ships for quite some time now in the game. As a matter of fact, they have inspired me to look up for what this fictional universe even was. By now I’ve seen all the animated adaptations (honestly there aren’t too many) and I’m up to date with the manga. Now – the ships we got have their own voices and looks (although only colour-wise), so I thought to myself – why not make them have their own personalities? They are not meant for competitive gaming anyway, why not go a little bit crazy and create captain specs that reflect what the mental models behave like in the Arpeggio universe? Anyway, I’ve been trying to make those setups diverse enough, yet not overly ridiculous. (the missions took place before I had some of the ships required tier-wise), but I’ll describe what I think should be an option for such an approach. I’m not covering upgrades, consumables, and I leave the order of picking those skills to you. If need be, I may recommend something there as well later on. I don’t have all of them This presentation contains explanations, so obviously some spoilers are coming, though most of you reading this are probably keeping track of the Blue Steel. In case of conflicting information, I preferred to stick with the manga. First of all: the Kongō sisters. 1. Kongō As a flagship of the First Oriental Fleet, she is commanding and playing a role of a spectator, until the circumstances force her to deal with the I-401 herself together with an assembled task force. She covers herself in spatial distortion to call in Ise as support, and when she’s immobilised and struck by aerial-dropped warheads, her bow continues a descent towards Matsushima II, with an eye of capturing Chihaya Gunzō. She is usually judging the situation correctly, although her overconfidence in technical superiority can make her vulnerable. Her sinking by airplanes made me go for absolutely no skills that can be effective against planes. · Priority target – she’s the flagship, of course someone wants her down. But she also seems to have some kind of an insight into the enemy attack, much due to the information provided by her subordinates. Besides, Kongō’s ability to perceive threats is explicitly mentioned by Hyūga while creating a diversion against Hiei. · Preventive maintenance – not that easy to get to the Kongō herself, which is why it’s even harder to aim at specific parts of the ship. · Expert marksman – a good commander can react to enemy movement quicker, in fact I remember at one point she says something along the lines “Swift and decisive should be an ideal of a warrior”. She also has a very good sense of target selection, as stated by Iona in chapter 70. · Last stand – even after breaking into multiple parts, her bow continues chasing the Matsushima II. Do I need to say more? · Superintendent – additional flagship equipment can be introduced from the orbit. · Vigilance – see the comment on the priority target. · Basics of survivability – Kongō can adapt to the situation pretty well, a bit like in case of the expert marksman. · Concealment expert – while using flagship equipment, the actions of Kongō remained pretty mysterious for 401’s crew. In fact, they had to rely on Hyūga’s experience of what a use of this equipment might even mean. 2. Hiei Hiei is very strict and wants to rely on an analysis of the Joint Tactical Network resources, consisting mostly of past records of Fog experiences and engagements, that are being uploaded by all the ships. She admires Kongō, but lacks her insight. Incapacitated by Hyūga bringing a gun turret at her face. Not a very bright way to go. · Preventive maintenance – preventing damage to vital parts can be somewhat improved by analysis of damage sustained by other ships in the past. · Jack of all trades – Hiei surely has went through multiple pre-arranged scenarios, so in most situations she’s able to get her assets out a bit more quickly. · High alert – not really a good name for a skill for Hiei, but the thinking behind it is sort of similar: she has stored the things needed in an order that allows her to access them a bit more freely if an opportunity arises. That’s not en equivalent of a tactical flexibility however. · Superintendent – I’m sure they can find some spare space for additional nanomaterials being stored. And who would arrange this space better than Hiei does? · Basic firing training – purely because training, Hiei loves it. · Advanced firing training – just as above. · Fire prevention – even the Fog has to possess manuals for that. 3. Haruna Haruna seems calm. She usually is. Unless she gets into some serious combat for someone she wants to protect. Sunk by Hakugei 3’s torpedo at Yokosuka. In the defence of the Osakabe residence she has torn vehicles apart with her bare hands and taken out helicopters by hand grenades. A truly manual AA and close combat platform, isn’t she? Owner of a very large coat with plenty of spare volume underneath. · Preventive maintenance – a bit boring? Haruna doesn’t think so. She’s just the one responsible for technical calculations in her duo with Kirishima. Perhaps that’s why she survives the explosion at Yokosuka much better. · Expert marksman – at close range there’s a lot of aspect changing, better be prepared for that. And apparently she could outpace her adversaries easily. · Adrenaline rush – the only Fog ship who has gone berserk, almost annihilating Japan by overriding Maya’s fire controls in anger. It took an intervention form the Admiralty Code to stop her. · Superintendent – the coat! She surely has something extra hidden in there! · Basic firing training – when fighting multiple enemies at close range, every gun has to do its job as fast as possible. · Advanced firing training – being the first to strike is an advantage by itself. · Manual AA – you surely can handle those guns by hand, if you can throw grenades at aircraft! 4. Kirishima The most aggressive of all four. To a point she basically becomes target-fixated and doesn’t want anyone to interfere in her dealing with it. She doesn’t mind firing everything at what she wants to see go down. Kirishima doesn’t care too much about safety procedures or checking surroundings – target first. Sunk by Hakugei 3 in Yokosuka with Haruna. Further records might show a character evolution towards a calmer approach, a bit more like her twin sister, but as seen in the encounter with Atago, Kirishima is still willing to advance despite the odds not being in her favour. Or rather not considering them at all. · Expert loader – it’s better to take out a target fast, with a weapon that gives the best chance of success. · Expert marksman – every gun on target as soon as possible! · Adrenaline rush – she indeed has more fun the harder the situation gets. · Basic firing training – extra rate of fire. No need for further comment. · Basics of survivability – in case a turret gets knocked out, she will surely work hard to get it back into an operational status. · Advanced firing training – extra range for reaching engagement distance quicker. · Manual fire control for secondary armament – everything at the target, no distractions shall be given a thought! Then we have Takao, many fans’ favourite: Takao Takao is very mission-focused and has a “bad habit of putting firepower first”, as she describes herself at one point. Obviously caring for the captain, a ship that has weathered more than a single storm. When in control of herself she wants to pose as indifferent and elegant, though in reality not many ships outmatch her very emotional approach. Takao has gathered a fair amount of information about tactics and has developed a brilliant insight into what the next enemy move might be. Oh, and she loves heavy and destructive armament. · Priority target – in her battles Takao is aware of the enemies facing her. Only her sister Atago was able to outsneak her. Even so, this was some mental model adventure, not an actual combat. · Expert loader – this is one of the firepower skills. Takao likes hitting hard and decisively, which is hard to do with the wrong type of ammunition loaded. · Jack of all trades – having performed almost every mission conceivable, Takao has skills that allow using her specs to the maximum extent. · Adrenaline rush – for the captain she shall not fail, no excuses. · Basics of survivability – in a battle against U-2501, Takao has performed one of the most extensive repairs ever commenced by a Fog ship. · Superintendent – mostly for the sake of the additional heal, reasons as above. · Vigilance – she has a fairly decent record against torpedoes, but of course no ship is capable of taking them all day long. · Concealment expert – this is Takao when she sneaks up to watch Gunzō, or when she gets into Chihaya Saori’s house. And finally, four Myokōs, although those are the least developed characters, so I went with quite basic ideas as a base for my work here. I got somewhat compelled to rely much more on their versions form the movies, because that’s what made them more developed as characters. It became a weird mix of those as a result. In the manga they are quite plain and acting as a background. In fact, we’d be able to say much more about Lexington, Vampire, Yukikaze, Repulse, Chōkai, Nagato, Zuikaku, even though many of them haven’t fought so far at all. It’s not a criticism towards the original plot, as the animated version is already closed and it has created its own universe. The much more complex comic-universe keeps expanding, so it makes sense some characters seem incomplete for now. 1. Myokō Myokō is the most serious mental model of all, comparable in my opinion to some extent with Atago only. Keep the jokes away. She leads the other sisters into combat, maintains order amongst them, and keeps a large part of communication with Hiei. Because of this, I decided that she should get a pretty “boring”, purely utilitarian WoWs Myokō-class setup. · Priority target · Preventive maintenance · High alert · Jack of all trades · Expert marksman · Adrenaline rush · Last stand · Demolition expert · Concealment expert 2. Nachi Eyes and ears of a fleet. This lady will see you before you see her, transmit your location to everyone, and let them sink you once she stretches her back sitting calmly on a deck pillow she owns. No damage-wise improvements, every intel perk you could possibly imagine. · Priority target – there’s no way you get close to Nachi and aim at her unless she lets you to do so. Or unless you have a supergravity cannon with a horrendously strong tractor beam like Matsushima II. · Direction centre for catapult aircraft – 2 planes for double spotting of torpedoes and ships. · Incoming fire alert – a shot can be detected quite easily by her surveillance sensors. · Jack of all trades – not a straightforward pick at 2 points level, so I went with an idea that we’ll at least get the access to hydroacoustic search faster. · Superintendent – more charges of hydro or floatplanes per battle, less likely to get surprised · Vigilance – I don’t think I need to explain that · Radio location – some additional info as to what is the nearest threat or target. · Concealment expert – to make Nachi spot first, instead of being spotted first. 3. Haguro A racing boat of the Fog. You’ll have a hard time landing a hit, and if you do, the engines will probably be held in a decent condition by the operator herself. She likes to move. Got sunk by I-401 after mistakenly colliding with Nachi in a sharp evasive turn, which is perhaps partially in line with her reluctance of maintaining order or in this case – formation. · Priority target – for the very sake of dodging · Preventive maintenance – to reduce the chance of rendering propulsion or steering inoperable · Incoming fire alert – as in case of priority target · High alert – fix everything as fast as possible · Expert marksman – in quick engagements slow turret rotation would have been a liability · Last stand – let’s say she can protect her vital areas so that only a part of the crucial system may get disabled with one shot · Basics of survivability – for the times when it’s better to conserve forced repair · Vigilance – harder time for torps to hit as well · Concealment expert – coming in and out so fast you may not notice when 4. Ashigara A crazy mental model, a direct contrary of Nachi. She goes as close as you can to hit as hard and as often as you can. Always in the vanguard, always as aggressive as possible. But make no mistake – she’s still a part of the Fog and does not do it because of selfish desire for glory. If need be, she can take a hit so that other ships will be able to endure longer. Still – perfectly honestly – she loves doing things by herself. · Expert loader – as expected of a hyperactive ship skipper. · Direction centre for catapult aircraft – since we can’t equip double energy swords, nor a launched spike… · Expert marksman – at close range this is necessary. · Adrenaline rush – Ashigara is used to “stressful” working conditions, yet they still manage to excite her. An adrenaline addict, I’d say. · Torpedo armament expertise – as with expert loader. · Basic firing training – because more shots is what she really likes. · Demolition expert – some ships just want to see the world burn. · Advanced firing training – because Ashigara really wants to bring out every weapon as soon as possible. So it’s mainly a trait of impatience. (As an alternative you may even want to switch demolition expert and double fighter plane for manual secondary armament, but I just think this is starting to take too much toll on the in-game ship’s performance. Not recommended, but closer to the personality.) Maybe I’ll revise them as new chapters come out with additional information on the characters, but right now I feel like those options are the most relevant set I could make.
  12. NecroFlex

    Captain skills

    So i've been thinking...and that's usually a bad sign The captain skills are good and all, but the issue i ''have'' is that, u need to master a tree above the next tree so actually get to that tree, problem is, i don't want to get anything from the 3rd tree, nothing is THAT good, it's just a waste of points, i like almost all the stuff in the 1st tree and most of the skills in the 2nd one, 3rd is meh, 4th is ok and 5th is ok too. Can we get that the other skills are open even if we don't get anything from the previous tree but we can't get anything from the next tree until the captain reaches a certain rank and/or you use up the points you'd otherwise use for the 3rd tree.
  13. I've used Kurbain's excellent guide to make a shortlist of possible Captain's skills for my Budyonny Captain. I also want to use this captain in the premium ships "Murmansk" and "Molotov" (and maybe in "Kutuzov" - but not sure about that) I feel that I want these skills for sure: Level 1 "Priority Target" Level 2 "Adrenaline Rush" Level 3 "Demo Expert" Level 4 "Inertia Fuse for HE" and "Concealment Expert" This leaves 5 points to allocate. A couple of possibilities that I thought about: a) Take "Advanced Firing Training" PROS: I am terrified of carriers and this boosts AA range to 6km in "Budyonny" (and possibly "Kutuzov") CONS: Doesn't help AA much in other ships. Have to take a low-value 1 pt skill. (Sorry but the only one that I rate for mid-tier cruisers is "Priority Target" ) b) Take "Vigilance" PROS: Russian cruisers are not very agile, and this is a very useful skill. CONS: Leaves a problem of two points to spend. Never felt the need for "Expert Marksman" or "Last Stand" on the Soviets, and the other skills look even more "meh" Enough of my mad ramblings. What do you think is the best way to use up the remaining 5 points?
  14. Iskarioth

    Vorschlag: Skillneuverteilung

    Wie einige wohl gemerkt haben konnte wir an diesem WE kostenlos unsere Skills zurücksetzen und sogar Module ohne Aufpreis tauschen, und das so wie wir wollten. Leider habe ich dank der abermals suboptimalen Kommunikation seitens WGs erst spät davon erfahren aber es trotzdem noch intensiv genutzt, ohne auch nur ein CW-Gefecht zu absolvieren. Nun zum eigentlichen Punkt: schon seit langem hatte ich nicht mehr soviel Spaß an WoWS. Ich habe alle möglichen Skillungen durchprobiert und Schiffe gefahren, die schon langsam Rost angesetzt haben weil sie mir zu langweilig geworden waren. Ob es nun IFHE oder Tank bzw Flakbuild auf dt BBs oder sogar ein Gunboat build auf meiner Z-32 war, jede Runde war interessant. Normalerweise gehen alle klugen Spieler auf Nummer sicher weshalb die meisten mit sehr ähnlichen Builds rumfahren. Das schadet der Vielfalt im Spiel. Meistens weiß man schon vorher was man von gegnr. Schiffen zu erwarten hat. Deshalb hier meine Vorschläge: Gebt uns die Möglichkeit einzelne Fähigkeiten oder zumindest einzelne Reihen zu reseten. Soweit ich weiß kostet jeder Punkt 10k Exp, also warum nicht das als Preis verwenden. Alternativ wäre es interessant wenn man für einen Kapitän einen zweit Baum bekommen könnte zB durch Einmalzahlung, damit man für Ranked oder CW wechseln kann ohne jedes mal zu zahlen bzw das Schiff für Random unbrauchbar zu machen. Was mir auch gefallen könnte wäre ein Premiumstatus für Kapitäne (gegen Preis X?) damit man diese innerhalb der selben Linie auswechseln kann ohne jedes mal umzuschulen. Sofern die vorherigen Vorschläge aus irgend einem Grund ausgeschlossen werden, finde ich, dass zumindest das Umskillen billiger werden muss. Ich weiß WG will Geld verdienen aber an dieser Stelle sollte man Spieler nicht so restriktiv behandeln mMn. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass ich der Einzige bin, der gerne etwas mehr herum experimentieren möchte, aber nicht im Geld schwimmt. Allerdings habe ich auch schon einiges in dieses Spiel investiert und denke, dass man durch diese Änderungen auch die Langzeitmotivation stärker kann. Jedes Schiff bietet dann nämlich ganz neue Möglichkeiten. Es wäre also nicht zu WGs Nachteil wenn Kunden die quasi alles haben weiter bei der Stange gehalten werden können. Was halten die werten Forentrolle davon?
  15. Grandorf

    Still unsure about captain skills.

    Hi I had a some doubts about Concealment Expert but you convinced me and nowadays I follow the lemmings and pick it. Anyhow, what do you think about Adrenaline Rush? Thats kinda mandatory pick but I dont see why. On a BB you gain close to 3 secs when health is down to 50% or almost 5 secs when its down to 10% health. Is that really justified? You would have to stay alive for over 2,5 mins with 10% health before you get off 1 more salvo than normally.
  16. Hi, I'm just asking here about people's opinions regarding commander skills for higher tier IJN cruisers. More specifically, about tier 4 skills, but opinions generally about skill builds are welcome as well. Main point of this post: Which one first, Last Stand or Advanced Firing Training? For IJN cruisers from tier 6 to tier 10, which one do you prefer to choose first? I would definitely pick the latter if I was commanding the USN cruisers from Cleveland upwards, since their AA power is the real deal and they tend to take less citadel and engine hits (specially Cleveland). However, in comparison the Japanese cruisers still seem to suffer more from their paper armor and huge citadels. Their engine gets knocked out relatively often whether the ship is angled or not, or whatever direction or angle the shells are coming from. Also their AA power is not as good as their US counterparts. This is why I'm having a hard time choosing which skill would be more useful for cruisers from Aoba till Zao. I have no personal experience from Ibuki and Zao. Obviously I will eventually take both skills, but it will take a good while as I will prioritize a tier 5 skill before taking another tier 4 skill. Which skill would you guys opt for? I personally lean towards Last Stand. As for other skills, I prioritize: T1: Situational Awareness > Ship Survivability > Basic Firing Training T2: Fire Prevention (duh) > Torpedo Armament Expert > Aiming Expert T3: High Alert T5: Concealment Expert > Preventative Maintenance > Jack of All Trades The skills I didn't mention above, don't appear too important to me when it comes to high tier IJN cruiser captains Discuss.
  17. procrastinatingStudent

    Minotaur radar skills

    so at the moment i have the Minotaur as: 1- PT 2- Jack of trades, AR 3- Superintendent, vigilance 4 - AFT, CE right now this seems to work well but im thinking of dropping AR and vigilance for Manual AA and PM, i know the amount of CV is low but AR doesn't feel like it gives a lot and i don't find my self getting torped much (the vigilance would have helped), does any one have any good sets for the drunken sailor (19 points to use)
  18. Lord_Kazuki

    Ibuki captain skill 4: need advice

    Hello, guys. A bit buffled at selecting level 4 skill for Ibuki. There are three options IMO: Demolition expert - stock 17% chance of causing fires +3% from the skill. Doesn't sound a lot, does it? AFT - possibly get better shots on enemy DDs for close encounters? Because current AA abilities are enough as there are less CV players in higher tiers these days, alas. Survivability expert - would boost HP from 39K to 43.6K. Looks fine but at this tier it is rather unimportant. You get under fire from, say, Yamato, Des Moin and Roon (like yesterday) - your extra 3600 HPs don't matter much. I am more inclined to survivability but maybe you guys have really good improvement with DE and AFT? Thanks) PS Level 5 is concealment expert all the way, of course )
  19. After reading a lot of complaints about the same stuff over and over i felt like sharing my opinion as well. Maybe influenced by the sentence "IJN Destroyers, rejoyce...", captains that say "buffs to DDs" are wrong say stuff like this: "and now, the shimakaze gonna be too OP, the kagero with 16km torps with 72knots and the torpedoes reload faster, omg we all gonna die, this will kill the balance" 1 - Torpedo Reload Booster - i can't think of one reason to loose the Smoke Screen in behalf of a one-time-per-battle faster torpedo reload speed. That's an option that won't change any balance at all as it's only for Hatsuharo and Kagero. Maybe i would take it as ONE faster reload in exchange for ONE smoke screen, but i'ts not like that i guess. 2 - The Torpedo Acceleration skill. Now the complains here are simply ridiculous. I believe some captains may have reasons to complain, the problem is they are complaining about the wrong ships. Kageros 12 or 15km, 16 or 20km range. The only factor that changes in this ranges is more km means more chances of getting luck or... not, thats about the only "advantage". The speed? Plus 5 knots? You worried that Kagero now has 72km/h torpedoes instead of 67? Really? if you think this is a problem don't get near the 81knots Zao torps. You should also be equally worried about Russian DDs because - being true they don't have the range - some have 75knots torpedoes. The game isn't only made of High Tier ships so other ships you really should be watching out are Isokazes (already a hyperOP ship) or Minekazes, now both capable of 6km range with 73knots torpedoes at Tier IV and V. I can only imagine a Umikaze with +-7km range torps at 53km/h with a 2.5 reload rate in Tier II... What about CVs? isn't it a buff to all CV torpedo bombers? Shouldn't BB or CA captains be more worried about +5knots on torps that are launched from planes at such small distances? It may be harder for torpedo bombers to get close to some ships now but if they do, their torpedoes will be faster than usual. I think the most benefited (in higher tiers) with the Torpedo Acceleration skill are US DDs, with 8km+ range, because they have really slow torpedoes and in this case i think it can make a difference. CAs with torpedoes can also benefit from this skill. Now on the "Now the Myoko is better than Mogami" movement, it's funny how Mogami captains agreed (a while ago) that the Mogami was such an OP ship, i was flamed to hell because i said the Atago was better than Mogami, so everyone came saying no way, Mogami rules, is so OP, it's on top of leaderboards, you are an idiot, whatever, so i accepted all of that. Now, with one single change in a freaking skill, looks like it became worse than a Myoko... Do you really think you had a really bad ship that was only good because of one captain skill? That couple or whatever missing kms in range "tranformed" the Mogami from "So OP, much better than Atago!" into "It's a really bad ship, worst than Myoko"? you might think that HE spamming from 18km is a good tactic but you are just fooling yourselves. In the end, you spent 10 minutes so focused on sucking a few K HP from a BB that you didn't even realize that a battle was going on. This also goes to some Cleveland captains that soon will learn that most of their effectivness isn't at 18km range. I don't think this is such a big nerf for these CAs. The ships are still very capable and effective, even without the long range random hits. The difference is that now some captains have to actually use more than one tactic in battle. Where's the rule that says that Mogami captains must have a better CA, did you forget that there are worse CAs and people don't complain about it? They just try to play with it. Last time i checked, Mogami wasn't supposed to be more "special" than other CAs. About BB captains that are always so afraid of High Tier IJN DDs. "Now i can't even one shot DDs! What have you done with dispersion?" - This one is real. "Torpedoes are too fast, it's impossible to dodge!" - Try not to put yourself in a situation where you have to dodge it in the first place. "Smoke favour DDs too much!" - Unless the smoke screen is saving your ship... "Now it's easier to get Last Stand! It's not fair, i can't hit them if they don't stand still!" - No comments "They can launch torpedoes from 20km! It's too easy for them, they don't have to get close!" - You try it champ Some of you High Tier BB captains must have this idea that getting hit "ocasionally" by a DD torpedo is something "unacceptable" when in reality, most of your problems are related to the fact that you don't like being tormented by the possibility of getting hit by a torpedo, for 20 minutes. You really really wanted all DDs to be visible, so you could take out your Montana, relax, light up a cigarrette and lay back on your chair while you do you damage but that's not the way it should work. If you have to spend an entire battle fearing DDs with your backs closed really tight then do it, it's part of the battle, just get on with it. That akward moment when some captain is insulting you and asking you for help at the same time: "That bloody DD took away 4K HP from my "without-a-scratch" BB with those torps! Help! There's a DD here! Somebody kill that freaking bug! Any DD that can help me?"... Most probably some other ship will end up sinking this BB but the only ship that comes to that captains mind is the freaking DD so he goes into the foruns and tries to finish the DD race, even though DDs must be the ships that sink BBs the less... (surely it must be BBs or CVs). When i play BB i worry about torpedo bombers, about other BBs and fleets of CAs with BBs. With DDs i always try to keep track of them and try to make sure i don't run into their possible torpedo paths. Sometimes i may get surprised by some nice DD manouver and get sunk but even there, most of the times, i would probably take a few torps and dodge the rest. From that moment on i have more than one minute to finish that DD and that's not a hard thing to do as you know. If i don't finish him, someone else will because DDs always get focused by everyone when they get detected. Even if he manages to launch another spread, he will probably miss because i'm alerted now. Usually this ends up with a DD sunk in seconds, or maybe he will get another set set of -10% repair expenses (that's one Flag DD captains have a lot...). I think WG will get it right with this update. Maybe the only players who have some reason to complain are US CV captains in Tier 8, 9 but there i can't really speak from experience with CVs because i have little experience with this class. This time i think WG did a lot of stuff that people asked before but you cannot expect instant action from WG, that's not how it works. I'm really glad that WG is not making gameplay changes based on the opinion of noobs or one individual. Don't get me wrong, i'm not upset. I'm just giving voice to my captains. They think that 90% of the time you can solve "your nerf issues" by learning different tactics and play better. Don't limit yourself to that "special skill" you like so much. If you start a battle thinking your ship sucks, that battle will never go right for you pretty much in the same way that a salesman that doesn't believe in his product will never sell it sucessfully. Sorry for the long post.
  20. Elbschlucker

    A recent review of captain skills

    When the rework of the commander skill went live I did a review of the skills and since the topic is archived I post a new topic. This will be a review of my review and my new opinion on how those skills worked out for me. My old opinion is in gray. So here we are: LEVEL 1: Priority Target: rather useless skill, knowing the number of enemy ships aiming at you gives you no advantage whatsoever. You should know when you're the priority target and often if you are the priority target you did something wrong in the first place and can't do anything about it Still rather useless, Accidentally I kept it on my American BB captain. I see no benefit of this, especially as a BB I have to expect to be aimed at any time and the maneuverability can't help you. If the reskilling is on sale sometime this skill will be exchanged. Preventive Maintenance: powerful skill (the most powerful Level 1) for cruisers and destroyers who suffer most from module damage. BBs (maybe if your main guns are fragile) and CVs not so much as with the first modules do not get damaged so often and for the second you should stay out of the fight anyway. I use this one on all my ships and still see this as the only viable option on level 1 (unless you're a CV). The problem however with such "math" skills is that you do not have real feel what this skill does. Over many games you may get the impression: "yes I do less often loose my steering" but in a single battle you do not know if the skill helped you and a hit you just received would have otherwise disabled a module... Expert Loader: Not a real option as it is most of the time useful to just fire the rounds you have just loaded and switch with the next reload. Nothing changed my mind here. Aircraft Servicing Expert: must have for CVs. More HP and faster servicing are just good. Also here. The effect of 5 % HP and -10 % servicing time is noticeable but due to the way "HP" works on planes you have the "math" problem explained above. Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft: I like this one as it brings lone BBs the opportunity to better defend themselves and since there is no better option. I kept this on my Amagi as she often gets the attention of the enemy CV and the two catapult aircraft are good. This skill is the exact opposite of "preventive maintenance" in terms of feeling. Here you have one plane in the air without and two with the skill in the air. This type of skill is what I would like to have for all skills. Dogfighting Expert: Another pure CV skill. Might become more interesting with other nations CVs but for a slight more ammunition of fighters sacrificing HP and servicing time? No. My old comment was misleading as you can skill both this and "aircraft servicing expert". The 10 % more ammunition are noticeable here, the fighters of my American CV can stay longer in the air. Incoming Fire Alert: Useless, keep your eyes open and you can ignore this one. Nothing to add, I tried it on my Russian DD and forgot to re-skill it. Useless. Evasive Maneuver: Misleading name. I thought a long time if it might be a good choice for my IJN CV but realized that the speed loss is just too severe, resulting in way longer servicing time (return flight) and therefor attack potential. Also this skill has no effect on the attack run where most of the planes are shot down. This skill is harmful. Enemy CVs who had this one suffered a lot since my planes could easily catch up and with the manual fire control devastated the returning squadron. Overall: bad composition of Level 1, 3 out of 8 are CV only. DDs have no real option and the other basically only two 4 useful ones (PM, ASE, DCfCA, DE) 4 garbage (PT, EL, IFA, EM). LEVEL 2 High Alert: A classic, mainly useful for BBs and cruiser as the other two classes want to avoid using this so often. I would narrow this one down to BBs only. The 10 % aren't that noticeable Jack of All Trades: A good alternative and useful for every class except CVs as it can boost your HP recovery (BBs), AA fighting capability or DD hunting (cruiser), smoke or fast movement (DDs). Found that that I use this only on my New Orleans where it helps to get the AA consumable faster up again. But also 5 % are even less noticeable. Expert Marksman: The must have for every ship with poor gun traverse. Can be skipped if you can play your ship with that bad traverse. I use this on a lot of ships. Was it buffed? I thought the traverse speed upgrade was less than 3 deg/s as it is now. Torpedo Acceleration: Useless skill as I found out, the 5 kts are barely noticeable the 20 % less range are! Changed my mind here: The long-range Japanese torpedo boats benefit from the 5 kts and can compensate the rather large 20 % less range. Eight kilometer range is still more than enough to stealth-fire. Smoke Screen Expert: I do not see the big benefit of a bigger screen, either you move around to cover your team or stay and then the 20 % are not much. Never tried it out and still do not see the point of why I should. Expert Rear Gunner: While there where 3 options on level 1 this is the only pure CV here, maybe High Alert if you're bombed often. CV only skill, not very noticeable but the only option really. I never feel that I missed something in my Ranger. Adrenaline Rush: A BB or last ditch cruiser skill (maybe Gunboat destroyer can benefit from it as well). Can be confusing with Repair Party II as you constantly change your reload time. But interesting option as in BB you can be more risky and do not repair but benefit from a faster reload or repair and lose that bit of DPS. Only now as I write this I saw that I use this on my Amagi, never realized it... This speaks for the skill. Assuming 99 % damage you receive a 19.8 % reload boost which translates into a 5.94 s reduction in reloading. So 24.06 s instead of 30 s (depending on how it is actually calculated, correct me if someone knows more) for my Amagi which isn't that much. It is more for a standoff where it counts who fires the follow-up salvo. Last Stand: A classic, the must have for all fragile cruisers and aggressive DDs. Must have for knife fighting DDs. Found that my fragile cruisers are better in not getting hit at all than relying on that skill. Overall: much better than level 1 but for Torpedoboats is nothing to go for. Beside SSE, which might be useful in ranked battles, I found use for all skills. LEVEL 3 Basics of Survivability: A very strong skill. Good on every type of ship the no brainer if you dislike the other skills. I found that I rather use other skills of this level and compensate this skill with the premium consumable. Having one consumable more (Superintendent) is more worth it. Survivability Expert: Feels not so strong compared to other skills, mainly useful for DDs as this skill gives you flat HP, might be an more interesting option if it would be percentage based. Nothing to add. Use it on my gunboat Japanese DDs. Torpedo Armament Expertise: Finally something for Torpedoboats. IJN DDs click here. See above and as an alternative for CVs who are willing to sacrifice AA for better torpedo bombers (if you use them) Emergency Takeoff: A clear nerf for CV hunting DDs as they are not be able to suppress such CVs. This skill is very strong in some rare circumstances but most of the time it is useless as you can extinguish the fire or wait until it burns out without much punishment (except as said a DDs is hunting you). Nothing changed here. As a CV if this skill is handy for you, you're doing something wrong. Basic Firing Training: A BB skill, regardless of nation, competes with BoS on this level. Interesting that is is listed as "Support" as it boosts your aggressive play (secondary buff) and keeps fighters away. The 20 % damage for AA is good selling point. Still wondering what is the "support" part. I forgot to include all those pesky DDs that benefit from this skill. Mainly BBs and low tier cruisers love this skill. Higher tier cruiser who really want the best AA, make check here too. Superintendent: A good all rounder for every class except CVs. Also "Support" is rather weired as only DDs and AA cruiser are getting more supportive others can be more aggressive. Maybe the best skill of all level 3. If you survive long enough this is really helpful to have another HP replenishment or another smoke screen to disappear into. Demolition Expert: Do you like spamming HE? Yes? Here you are. Nothing to add. A bad "math" skill, you never know if the shell that just started a fire would'n have without the skill... Might be interesting for aggressive CV players that only have dive-bombers as strike aircraft. Vigilance: For everyone who is frequently running into torps and will still do even with this skill. Map awareness is more useful that this skill. The black sheep of level 3 skills. Overall: Feels much more balanced but gives you the feeling to miss a lot of good stuff. What I mean is that all skills here give you all bonus with no drawbacks. Even though Evasive Maneuver is a bad skill, in my opinion it brings exactly what I think off, sacrificing something for another thing within a skill. More well rounded than I initially thought off, if "Vigilance" gets buffed it might become an option: Two ideas for the concept of vigilance: variant 1: + 25 % to acquisition range of torpedoes + 5 % rudder shift time variant 2: + 25 % to acquisition range of torpedoes and aircraft detection LEVEL 4: Manual Control for Secondary Armament: I like this one, clearly specializes people who want a powerful secondaries armament. Really powerful on my Amagi and exactly the sort of skill I would like to see more. You sacrifice the ability to fire to both sides and have to manually select a target but gain a lot more single target damage. Fire Prevention: A BB Skill, now buffed with a reduction of total fires. I rarely have more than two fires on my BBs. A more elaborate use of the repair party can save you the skill points here. Inertia Fuse for HE Shells: So far I do not see the point of this skill, either you fire HE for fires or AP into the weak but strong enough parts. Also completely useless for most British cruiser. Haven't tried out the Inertia fuse yet. Seems to be a real buff for some cruisers and DDs. But again, good type of skill gaining something but lose something instead. Can be compensated by skilling DE in level 3. Air Supremacy: Good for IJN CVs and US CVs who really want a lot of planes in the air. Might be more interesting with future CVs. Nothing to add here. Advanced Firing Training: This and MCfSA for your dream secondaries. A very powerful skill, creates the german BB secondaries plague ;) Manual Control for AA Armament: Alternative for all AA specialists, sacrifice range for harder hitting AA? or get both. Without that skill long range AA barely shoots down any plane. Look at your AA setup first as you might not get a huge buff out of this if your AA mainly consist of medium range guns of a caliber less than 85 mm. Radio Location: Oh the controversial or just hated skill. In its current state a very strong skill, especially for non AA cruiser as they do not find much alternatives. My idea to optimize this skill (except from removing it) is that is only active if the nearest ship has selected you as the primary target. This gives players the opportunity to avoid beeing detected if they wish so. A DD waiting behind an island can wait undetected for the surprise attack as long as the DD does not lock onto the target for a torpedo bearing. A gunboat DD can still fire undetected but must be aware that the enemy may then take a bearing on him or keep the guns silent and escape undetected for repositioning. The way Radio Location is right now the impact is rather slim. Other skills are more useful in casual games. Due to the removal of stealth firing (oh bless you WG) this skill is even less good. It becomes very powerful in late game when positioning and mind-games come into play. Concealment Expert: Still the must have for every DD and certain cruisers. Is a bit watered-down due to the mentioned stealth-fire removal but still very effective for all ships with already good camouflage as you can decide even better when to engage and when to disengage. Overall: 50 % are gun driven skills. It is lacking the versatility part. There should be more skills than MCSA and IFHS. Best Elbschlucker
  21. dasCKD

    The CV skill(s) that should die

    The CV skill(s) that should die In news everyone already knows, the new skills for carriers were created by those who have never touched a carrier in their entire lives. The new developments suggests that not only have the devs never played carriers, but they have only heard about carriers from tales of distant lands. That's not what I'm here to talk about however. I'm here to talk about why Air Supremacy and Aircraft servicing Expert should be removed. Aircraft servicing expert, in case anyone doesn't know, is a carrier only skill that grants 5% extra HP to all carrier borne aircraft and improves the servicing times. Air Supremacy is a carrier only skill. It has the effect of adding an extra plane to fighters and dive bomber squads. It has the following effects on the following carriers. Carrier Fighter Torpedo bomber Dive bomber USN +16.6% HP/firepower no effect +16.6% HP/firepower IJN +25% HP/firepower no effect +25% HP/firepower SAIPAN +34% HP/firepower no effect +12.5% HP/firepower Many people also know about the recent carrier mirroring. This was done for a very simple reason that any carrier that is under tiered would get massacred by the enemy carrier. An AS Ranger doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell against a strike Taiho. This may be a little bit of an extreme example, but it illustrated the point. Higher tiered battleships can get outplayed and killed by a lower tiered battleship, a Yamato's citadel isn't exactly well defended against the guns of an Amagi or N. Car when they're up close. With a carrier however, the skill gap would probably have to be within the 20% win rate difference between the two players for the lower tiered carrier to stand a chance. To illustrate why I think Air Superiority and Aircraft Servicing Expert should be removed, here are some comparisons between the carriers I own: a Taiho and a Shokaku. For the purposes of this particular point, both carriers are in their fully upgraded configuration. Taiho vs Shokaku by plane HP Fighters Torpedo bomber Dive bomber Taiho 2306 Health Points 2355 Health Points 2245 Health Points Shokaku 2092 Health Points 1806 Health Points 1691 Health Points Planes behave as a single unit however, so here is what we're looking at. Fighters Torpedo bomber Dive bomber Taiho 11530 Health Points 9420 Health Points 11225 Health Points Shokaku 10460 Health Points 7224 Health Points 8455 Health Points Many people probably can't process these numbers too well however, so let's put this into context. A Taiho, even running 2/2/2, will stomp a Shokaku into oblivion as anyone who plays carriers and a lot of people who don't play carriers know. This is because of a difference between their plane performance. If we used the Shokaku as a baseline, we can see how much of a performance increase each plane squad gets from the transition from Shokaku to Taiho. Fighters: (100/10460)*11530 = 110.2% Torpedo Bombers: (100/7224)*9420 = 130.4% Dive Bombers: (100/8455)*11225 = 132.8% This means that the Taiho, upgrades and captain skills all accounted for, has a 24.5% plane health advantage to the Shokaku. This is a jump of an entire tier at the largest carrier power spike in the entire tree. If we consider the numbers I presented earlier for the performance increase that can be achieved by stacking the Air Supremacy and Aircraft Servicing Expert skills, we can compare these two values. The comparison assumes that the performance increase is static. If the performance increase due to the skill is cumulative, then the differences will be even more pronounced. Air Superiority + Aircraft Servicing Expert vs 1 tier CV difference comparison 1 Tier Δ +24.5% USN +24.6% IJN +30% SAIPAN +39% This means that the performance difference between these two carriers as caused by their tiers as well as modules that are restricted to higher tiered carriers is actually significantly smaller than the advantage conferred by AS + ASE over a vanilla carrier (with no captain skills). Fighting in a vanilla carrier against a 15 point carrier is like fighting a Taiho with a Shokaku. I may be alone in my assessment, but a skill option in a skill tree should be important but somewhat negligible. The current difference in power as demonstrated here indicated however that the tier 4 and 5 skills are completely mandatory on carriers. If the extra fighter and bomber is needed to balance carriers against higher tier ships, then that skill should be standard to all carriers as a static boost to their performance. In the current system, the advantage conveyed by the skill is simply too high. A little bit Extra The skills most relevant to carriers in this new patch includes the Evasive Maneuvers, an entirely useless skill outside of clan battles and Emergency takeoff, a skill created by someone who can't tell the difference between a carrier and an ironing board. Just for fun however, I decided that someone who actually plays carriers should just create my own carrier exclusive skill branch with some skill that would actually be both useful to the carrier whilst providing a genuine choice between two options. Tier 1 Training wheels -30% torpedo autodropping distance. -15% torpedo spread in autodrop. -20% dive bomber dispersion in autodrop. Aircraft Obfuscation Expert -10% aircraft detection range Tier 2 Explosives Expert +10% alpha to ships between tiers 2 - 7 +18% torpedo alpha to ships between tiers 8 - 10 +20% torpedo detection range +15% HE alpha. -10% change of flooding. -6% chance of fires. Saboteur Expert +15% chance of flooding +1.5% fire chance for guns < 140 mm +2% fire chance for guns 104 - 179 mm +3% fire chance for guns 180 - 240 mm +5% fire chance for guns > 240 mm and bombs +20% module damage -8% torpedo alpha -10% HE alpha Tier 3 Deck Servicing Expert -50% plane servicing times -40% squad recreation time (for when a squad gets wiped) -50% plane retrieving time Planes of different types can be retrieved at once Storage Hangar Expert +3 reserve planes per CV tier Tier 4 Nerves of Steel -40% defensive fighter and fighter dispersion effects. Aircraft Direction Expert -20% to aircraft turning radius -30% size of point of no return circle -10% torpedo bomber drop spread -30% dive bomber drop spread -8% plane flight speed Experimental Engine +40% aircraft turning radius +10% aircraft movement speed +20% aircraft movement speed (w/o payload) +5% to ship turning radius +8% to ship movement speed Sixth.five sense Shows when an aircraft is visible to enemy players
  22. fighting_falcon93

    [SUGGESTION] - Captain Skill Points

    Currently we can only have a maximum of 18 captain skill points. Considering that there currently are a total of 26 skills which results in a total of 80 points, that feels a bit too low. I like the fact that we must actually make a decision, but currently we can't even pick 2 skills from level 4. I'd therefore like to suggest the following: Allow a maximum of 20 captain skill points. The 19th and 20th skill should follow the same kind of increase that the previus skills have done. Once the captain has 20 skill points, he'll simply stop gathering any more XP. Add 4 new skills to the 4 slots that currently are empty. Allow players to increase captain training on ships that are elited ("Accelerated Captain Training"). Having this feature enabled should take the battle XP and add it to the captains XP, resulting in getting 0 battle XP but twice as much captain XP. What do you think about this suggestion? Please discuss and vote in the poll above! Note: I know that it's possible to actually get 19 captain skill points, but since that 19th skill point requires you to grind 9.99 million XP, I don't find it a viable option.
  23. Hi Emile Bertin is my favorite ship, with over 500 games and wr over 60% I know this ship like the back of my hand. I like some feedback on the last 3 skillpoints. I have: PT, PM, EL LS DE IFHE, CE Most of the games I survive with very little damage, if Im unlucky my health drops down to 20-30% early on. This makes AR kinda meh since in few cases i can gain 1,5-1,8 secs in reload. My playstyle compensates for the EM, its not even a second in 180° I have no use for SI, with prem hydro Its more than enough when you hunt down some capping DD, Emile is awesome at dodging torps anyway. So bring on those thoughts.
  24. Ast3lan

    Ships crew

    So i was wondering.. why do we only have a Captain as crew to train? Couldnt we broaden up the ship's crew with Officers? Like having a chief for gunnery, machine room etc and having some skills distributed accordingly? Like RoF skills and Accurary for the gun crews, speed or hp for the engine room crew and radar or "extended view" for the radio guy or even some other officer? What do you lovely sailors think?
  25. Yop à tous! En dehors des polémiques rageuses, à tort ou à raison, sur certaines nouvelles compétences de commandant ayant été implémentées dans la dernière MàJ (0.6.0, pour ceux qui lirait ça longtemps après), je propose, vu que je n'ai trouvé ça nul part ailleurs (mais je suis peut être passé à côté) que nous nous concentrions sur les différents templates possibles et viables selon les orientations des navires. Je n'ai pas eu moi même le temps de m'y plonger vraiment (boulot boulot), mais vu que la respé risque de coûter un peu cher, et même si des missions permettrons de limiter la casse financière, je me dis que ça peut être une bonne idée de mettre en commun les idées que certains ont pu avoir pour le moment. Des cuirassés optimisés tanking, ou secondaires, des croiseurs orienté DCA, ou chasse au DD, des DDs spécialisés reco, torpillage, ou chasse au DD, ou que sais je encore, dites nous, selon vous, quel build choisir pour quelle spécificité vous choisissez, avec quelles forces, quelles faiblesses, et quelle réussite. Et pour pimenter le tout, je propose de partir sur des build de capitaines à 15 points de compétences. Partagez vos idées!