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Found 3 results

  1. CuddlyPanda

    Benson & Fletcher skill distribution

    Hello all, I was wondering about the last 2 then 3 skill points on my Benson and Fletcher captain. Currently I have 17 points, and I am thinking about getting TAE until I get my final point. I have noticed that the torpedo rearm on the Benson is slow-ish in situations. Also, what are your preferences and experiences with the Fletcher? I am thinking about running with TTM 3 and TAE, since the gun reload should be plenty fast. My build: 1.) BFT 2.) LS 3.) SI 4.) DE 5.) CE Feel free to discuss
  2. Captain retraining is way too hard at 18+ points. To get from 18 to 19 points you need 10 million captain XP. To retrain an 18 point captain from one ship to another you need to get 5 million retraining XP. 5 million! Even if you pay 200k then half of it is STILL 2.5 million. The only option seems to be to retrain using doubloons. Video as proof: What gives? Is it supposed to be like this?
  3. fighting_falcon93

    [SUGGESTION] - Captain Skill Points

    Currently we can only have a maximum of 18 captain skill points. Considering that there currently are a total of 26 skills which results in a total of 80 points, that feels a bit too low. I like the fact that we must actually make a decision, but currently we can't even pick 2 skills from level 4. I'd therefore like to suggest the following: Allow a maximum of 20 captain skill points. The 19th and 20th skill should follow the same kind of increase that the previus skills have done. Once the captain has 20 skill points, he'll simply stop gathering any more XP. Add 4 new skills to the 4 slots that currently are empty. Allow players to increase captain training on ships that are elited ("Accelerated Captain Training"). Having this feature enabled should take the battle XP and add it to the captains XP, resulting in getting 0 battle XP but twice as much captain XP. What do you think about this suggestion? Please discuss and vote in the poll above! Note: I know that it's possible to actually get 19 captain skill points, but since that 19th skill point requires you to grind 9.99 million XP, I don't find it a viable option.