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Found 4 results

  1. Looking for a good T7 CA/CL and DD to play. I already have some favorite BB's at T7 and I want to play some other ships at that tier as well. Something for the average players to also learn in. Can be silver or premium. My favorite CL/CA lines are the German, French and USN ones. As for DD's I like the USN lines and the Russian ones.
  2. gekkehenkie50

    I am nearly broke!

    I have been playing in the closed beta, reached tier 8 in the japanese dds, and then everything got wiped (which i knew was coming). However after reaching tier 3 (again) in nearly all the lines I now have exactly 124 coins . I must say the the way economics work on wows has changed alot! 3 000 000 for the best upgrade in the game... For example in WoT you would pay 600 000 for the most expensive upgrade, thats about 30 games on a non premium account (after subtracting repair costs, and dont tell me that "ow well im a MUCH better player than you so for me its different" i have totally average stats In WoWS 3 000 000 is about 75 games! Thats more than double the amount. And even upgrades on tier 3 ships cost up to 1 000 000, while i get games when i earn 30 000- 100 000 in them I remember just before the wipe i was also losing money after battles in my tier 8 ships. So firstly, please DO something about the economics at the moment, and secondly, how can i build up my ingame piggy bank again? (PS) The game itself is great, and just like other users on this forum, I WANT TO PLAY IT. The problem is just these little frustrating issues. (there are full topics with that name)
  3. So after last patch I noticed less income, especially at Tier 5. Today I did my first game of the day (Patch in a kirov, was a decent game with about 50k damage done and a win. Last patch that would give me at least 130000 plus silver. A few patches ago good to decent games in the Nicholas or so would give me about 250k silver. Today I recieved 800xp on the winning side and a measly 88k sliver for a 50k damage-top-of-my-team win in the Kirov. I don't see anything in the patch notes about this stuff?
  4. Spezct

    Game economy needs to change!

    Jeah, economy is just awful in this game. I have seen that now when I got Amagi and Mogami. Short example: I have now 70 games on Amagi and avg XP 1600+. I need about 78000 XP to open Izumo, so that is 78000/1600 = ~50 matches. Same time I can make after repairs+ammunition about avg 150 000 silver from a good game (dmg +75 000 and 2-3 kills). Izumo price is 16 million and with better hull 20 million. I got now 5 million. In these 50 matches I can make 7,5 million, if I can play those good results... So I'm short over 4 to 8 million!!! All these numbers are calculated on premium account! If you not have a premium account, you can just divine silver earnings by 2! This just means that you have to play one single line to somehow match enough silver + XP to next ship and with premium! WG please change economy (repair costs, earnings, etc.), that I don't need to play +50 extra matches to just get enough silver to next ship! Ps, I have had for a long time four other ship just waiting to bought, but just cannot to that now. I put my anchor down and waiting if something happens... BR, Spezct