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Found 16 results

  1. kondor1970

    Less signals available

    Hello, For my Des Moines I installed 20 signals.. now I just look to it and I only see 15 signals are installed and also only 15 available. Somebody knows how that is possible. (I'm sure that I had much more signals available before also with enough stock). Best regards, Kondor
  2. AwesomeBoat

    Camouflage and signals

    Hi How do you stack up hundreds of camouflages and signals? Should I pick the camouflage & signals containers? Thanks
  3. AwesomeBoat

    Free XP signals

    Hello I'm currently saving free xp for the Nelson, I have no more free xp signals. Is the camouflage and signals container type better than more Resources for economic signals Thanks
  4. Greetings, Me and our clan's Deputy are pissing and moaning for over a year regarding some kind of way to remove all signal flags from our ships at once with the click of one button since we switch to Co-Op very regularly to keep sane. Now my derivative of this idea was, what about a preset button for flags? Every player can create an unlimited amount of presets for flags and name them according to what kind of set-up it's being used on. For example, if I play battleships, always, all my battleships have a certain set of flags, but for some nations, i.e. British, Japanese, I'm using a few different flags than I use on Americans or French for example. So why not implement a system allowing us to create presets, clicking the flags you want to be on that preset, save it, and then you can simply put all your 8 flags on instantly by clicking the preset you created. Especially now with all the game freezes and performance hiccups it's an extremely tedious process of removing & mounting all 8 flags since the client freezes for roughly 10 seconds at every button you click. Regards, Sirion.
  5. pzkpfwv1d

    In port transaction Error's

    Is anyone else getting the following message when trying to mount signals, camouflage or train a commander using elite Experience I have tried shutting game down and restarting and still getting the same message
  6. DuneDreamer

    Ouroboros signals

    I'm looking for more Ouroboros signals. I remember acquiring a few dozen and successfully used them to get the cruiser Krohnstadt but I don't remember from where. It should have been some kind of reward. Anyway, I'm looking to get my hands on more of these flags. I looked in the premium shop but I don't see them there. I only see a Papa Papa bundle on offer and they offer lesser free XP bonus. Is there a way to acquire Ouroboros signals through the shop, missions or any other way?
  7. Hi I am new to the game, but i just tried mounting 2 signal flags to my ship and play coop. One flag should give extra xp and the other flag was a no danger of munition explosions. I played the game, it was actually a good game (for me). got 3 kills and no extra xp apparently. not on score screen not in port overview i got 368 xp for the round, which seems to be approximately what i get for a good round like that. I got the flag from loot crate, so its not really that big a deal. But what about people who buy these flags with real money? Have anybody else experienced this?
  8. Risalan


    the wiki says: Note: This flag reduces detonation chance to zero, regardless of other modifiers that may increase the chance of detonation (such as India X-Ray and Juliet Whiskey Unaone). I think this is not correct, but, someone knows?, by developers or have the both signals mounted and have a detonation. Thanks.
  9. FREE FREE CAMMO AND FLAGGS (original from REDDIT Magnus_Lux Submarine Captain for credits) http://bit.ly/2Flaggs (maybe thank you?) Hey guys,Since I know how much you all love free stuff, here are some bonus codes I found while stumbling through the Twitter-verse. PT060CAMMO6 - 10x Type 6 camo PT060FLAGS3 - 3x every flag (inc. Dragons) PT0606CAMMO - 10x Type 6 camo PT0603FLAGS - 3x every flag (inc. Dragons) As far as I can tell they should work on all servers (have tested both ASIA & NA and the code came from EU) Enjoy! Confirmed EU,NA,RU&SAE All gone.................
  10. Zenthon02

    Zulu Signale

    Mir ist in letzter Zeit mal etwas aufgefallen, was mich interessiert. Und zwar die Zulu Flagge (wird erhalten durch "First Blood") Man bekommt eine pro Erfolg und es steht da, "einmal pro Tag". Mir ist aber aufgefallen, dass ich mehrere Zulus auf einmal in der Liste hatte. Kann man also doch mehrere davon an einem Tag bekommen, oder ist das lediglich ein Anzeigefehler? LG Zenthon
  11. RamboCras

    Buying signals

    Hi, I saw some cool signals I wanted to buy but i could not log in. It turned out to be the US site (I am from Europe). Could it be that in Europe we don't have the same product available to us as in the US? In Europe we only have 3 signal products, US has 7....
  12. I'm using my Omaha & having been destroyed by a devastating strike to my magazine, so I've got the Signal flag to prevent a repeat of that, which I duly applied, yet I've just been totally annihilated twice in quick succession! Do these Signals actually work! While I'm on this subject, I have to say that for what I reckon was a rare freaky event in actual sea battles, these damned devastating strikes happen far too frequently in WOWS. Also, I defy anyone to specifically target my magazine when I'm weaving & dodging at full speed!
  13. Do you know if buying with Visacard in WoW's gameshop via Altapay is temporarily unavailable ? Who can i talk to about this issue ? ... As of today 2016-04-26, at 10:00 UTC, i am unable to buy goods (signals and doubloons, especially) from the World of Warships in-game shop, with Visacard via the Altapay payment form, though this morning i just bought some goods (signals and doubloons, especially), prior to 10:00 UTC and i checked my Visa Card. ...So, after waiting on this link:[https://wargamingeu.pensio.com/eCommerce/API/requestForm?pid=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] (i've put ,,x'' instead of the ,,financial-sensitive'' figures ), your site [https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/#fail] keeps saying:,,SORRY, SOMETHING WENT WRONG. Action temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Confirm".Please observe this issue in the picture i've put in the attached thumbnails Am i the only one having this problem ? Thanks, Best regards, Sarmi
  14. 1. The Signals package called Full speed ahead, does not contain Sierra Mike - the only signal that has to do with speed, why? 2. Only three types of signals are available in the shop, you can get the rest in small amounts, bundled in super expensive packs. Example - i can get 55 sierra mike signals, but they come in a 50 Euro pack??? 3. Please Wargaming stop the bull with the packs, its annoying as hell, and start selling other signal as well not only the Zulu, charlie london and india bravo, there are other signals as well.....
  15. brettyboy81

    Where are my signals?!

    Hey all, am I the only person not receiving their signals from achievements?? I've got at least 3 that should've registered but have not been issued with any rewards. Kill 2 enemies within 10 seconds.....tick Get first kill of the round..................tick Kill an enemy after your ship is destroyed..........tick Still nothing in return though Any help??
  16. Ahoy! Just wanted to ask if anyone is not receiving the signal flags for the "Confederate" achievement anymore? I think for the last 3 times I achieved "Confederate" I did not get the XP boost-flag. Kinda bad if you wanna grind and your stock of flags is decreasing drastically... Thanks for your feedback!