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Found 10 results

  1. FukushuNL

    On DDs and detonations...

    I think it's a given that all people that sail their DDs should have some anti-detonation countermeassure, most preferably the 100% anti-det signal, mounted on their ship, right? In my opinion, this situation is the same as the detection captain skill we used to have that WG found manditory enough to bake it into the basic gameplay. With that I mean the "spotted" exclamation mark, which used to be a 1 point captain skill. The anti-detonation signal as such is as much a manditory part of any DD kit as the captain skill was back in the day, taking up one of the 8 signal slots where as the skill took up one of the limited amount of captain skillpoints way back when. Up to a point where DDs effectively have only 7 useable signal slots to play around with. So I want to suggest that WG with help from the community could take a more closer look at this issue and decide what would be the best option to solve this. A few options I like to share: 1. ofcourse leaving it as it is would be a viable option too. One does not have to be forced into carrying an anti-det meassure, but one already kinda is as not only will you be a liability for your team, if you detonate you can perfectly hear everyone in the match facepalm and calling you out for nout having the signal equiped. So we'd be only kidding ourselves if we would try to tell the other that setups without the 100% anti-det flag would be viable, right? 2 which brings me to just give all DDs a baked in 100% detonation proof hull, and only 7 signal slots to play around with. Things will stay as they are effectively and the flags could still be there for use in other ships where they might be a choice for people to equip them instead of a manditory thing. 3. Get rid of detonations all together as multiple people already suggested on the forums several times before. I however don't find detonations that much of an issue to get rid of it all together (not that I'm against getting rid of it either), but more that having a manditory spot on a speciffic class for something everyone will agree on must be put in that spot is the worst kind of gameplay and could easily be ommited, just like WG has done with the "Detected" captain skill which they baked into the basic gameplay. As such, this isn't a thread to discuss detonation as a gameplay mechanic, but DDs and the non-gameplay of having a signal slot every single on of us knows can only be occupied by the detonation signal. I personally opt for option 2: Bake the code for 100% anti-det flag into all current and future dds, get rid of 1 of the signal slots and put a fat cross over the anti-det sgnal just like +fire chance signals got with the RN cruisers for instance. I think one could only go for option 1 if one would want the chance to be there that one of the enemy captains would have forgotten to equip their signal and thus would have the opportunity to det said enemy DD, but that could very well happen to your own DDs and the enemies would then be able to det yourfellow DD. So in the end everyone would just want their DDs to have the 100% anti-det signal equiped 100% of the time, which makes having the choice to equip them essentially void and could very well be broken out of the game and the choice taken out of our hands, so we don't have to bother with it...
  2. fatmaninabathtub

    India Delta

    Hat man das geändert? Ich habe in Erinnerung daß es bei India Delta um die TP des Schiffes gehen würde.
  3. Rokko1v

    signals question

    ahoy, is there a list signals somewhere that also tells you what you have to do to get them? i know the wiki page on signals but that tells you nothing about how to achieve/get them. would be helpful if you are after certain ones. thanks
  4. Tuccy

    Win Big with Signal Flags

    Feeling Lucky? Captains! Do you know how to skillfully use signal flags? Do you know which ones help you deal more damage to the enemy and which ones line your pockets with Credits? This weekend from 22 February at 00:01 CET until 25 February 23:59 CET (UTC+1) we are holding a special giveaway for those of you who use signal flags. Play any battle type with ships of Tier V and above, with signal flags mounted. Every 15 signal flags "spent", you will earn one chance at receiving a prize (30 signals = 2 chances, and so on). Prizes are limited to one per account. In total 3,050 winners will be determined at random on the EU server. Prizes: The following items will be awarded randomly among players who have spent 15 signal flags or more over the weekend: x50 VIII Roma + Commander with 10 skill points x3,000 10 "Type 6" camouflage (Provides 3% to surface detectability range, +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship, +100%) This weekend equip x15 signal flags or more and play for your chance to win! Action Stations!
  5. Hello, Just wondering if we could in the future have a "Unmount all button" in the "Exterior tab". I find myself very often switching between co-op and random battles depending on the time, ship and current missions. I'm one of those people who will always go into co-op battles without any flags or premium camo but will put every flag I can in random and I would find it a lot easier if we could with the click of a button de-mount all our signals at once on a ship. I know some people will say "Don't be lazy, it doesn't take much time to take off 8 flags." But to be honest, once you're at nearly 100 ships in port and keep having to remove signal flags each time before you play, it does get kind of annoying. Just a small patch to add a feature like this would be very much appreciated. Thank you :)
  6. Hey, i wonder why do you loose your, Signal or Camouflage, if you change, pick wrong, or change when its 8/8 on signals, i acually have lost maybe 20 signals cause few missclicks. And i think it would be nice if you could make them reset when such occurs. and BTW thx for letting us play this awesome game.
  7. Fionia_DK

    Signals for ramming

    Hi I have rammed 3 ships lately. I do not get any signals for it, shouldn't I have 10 Hotel Yankee signal for ramming? Have I missed something? Fionia
  8. PhantomSailor

    Ideas for World of Warships (Discussions)

    Karma System: Rework the system, instead of only rely on compliments by players of the match.There should be a baseline of earned points every match.Players who complement you gives extra points to your Karma.As the system is now people can just abuse the system and report everyone for nothing.I don't like the system as it is now, doesn't encourage people of being polite and playing well.There should be a reward system if you are doing well. As I read it, only those who have really high Karma get's some kind of reward for it.If you did really well that match, you shouldn't be reported, those who complain would abuse the system. Matchmaking System: Have a skill point system, that can separate low and high skilled players.There is no fun playing with people who can't listen to the team and what we should do.The lack of teamwork makes the matches really hard.Endless matches like 7vs0 is ruining the mood to play for several hours. Matchmaking as of now makes no sense, and people who can't play their Tiers respectably shouldn't be queued up with good players.I know people can have a terrible match, being unlucky or push to much..But when half of the team doesn't care, there isn't a mood for teamwork when it continues with the same behaviour.Matchmaking system NEEDS to be reworked.I don't know if it should be based upon avg XP or battles played. But let's say battles played, you can have a system like this: Battles 1-300, Battles 300-700, Battles 700-1500, Battles 1500+ When there is not enough people the system can widen a bit for the matchmaking to work faster. As this game grows you can expand to higher battle count.I know this will put SOME restraints on the queue timer.I rather wanna wait a minute more than to queue up with people who can't play their respectable Tiers. Containers: I think there should be a little adjustment to the Signals.Bumping these up to 10x Signals instead of 5 would be a good boost. An option to those who don't want the animation of the Containers. Also the Credits I think it will be useful to have Doubloons in this rotation more often.Doesn't have to be in a Supercontainer, 100 Doubloons will be more appealing for those who have credits.This also serves the purpose of converting to credits if necessary. I really like some input on what people think about this, I know I'm not the only one feeling like this. But let's have a discussion about this, be polite and respectful!
  9. Hello everyone! I'm curious about what signal flags you value the most and why. Select your top 3 signal flags and motivate your choice in this thread! My picks are: 1) Equal Speed Charlie London While most ships are pleasant to to play there are those turds you run into in every ship grind. This flag makes the grind so much less painful. I also found these signal flags equally elusive and easy to win. Some days I can get several confederates while other days it's all dried up. 2) India Delta A more recent discovery for me. It makes my Colorado much more survivable. Also when you're using it, you're more likely to win them again due to the nature of the Dreadnought achievement. 3) Hotel Yankee Perhaps not the most useful signal flag since ramming is fairly uncommon, but ramming someone or getting rammed and surviving just brings a smile to my face.
  10. Dorsen

    "India Delta" signal flag typo?

    Currently, the "India Delta" signal flag (awarded by the "Dreadnought" achievement) tool tip reads: "+20% to combat capability recovery time when the Repair Party consumable is used.". Surely, this can't be right. A signal flag that adds time to the recovery time of the repair party? I assume that the effect itself subtracts 20% off the recovery time, unless the devs have been drinking too much Vodka, that is...