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Found 9 results

  1. Greetings, Me and our clan's Deputy are pissing and moaning for over a year regarding some kind of way to remove all signal flags from our ships at once with the click of one button since we switch to Co-Op very regularly to keep sane. Now my derivative of this idea was, what about a preset button for flags? Every player can create an unlimited amount of presets for flags and name them according to what kind of set-up it's being used on. For example, if I play battleships, always, all my battleships have a certain set of flags, but for some nations, i.e. British, Japanese, I'm using a few different flags than I use on Americans or French for example. So why not implement a system allowing us to create presets, clicking the flags you want to be on that preset, save it, and then you can simply put all your 8 flags on instantly by clicking the preset you created. Especially now with all the game freezes and performance hiccups it's an extremely tedious process of removing & mounting all 8 flags since the client freezes for roughly 10 seconds at every button you click. Regards, Sirion.
  2. Hi all, On "Public Test Server" (PTS) the signal flags are now available for credits (as announced before by devs)! Apparently 1 Coal = 300 Credits ! So... if this is how it is going to be on "Live" then it is... well... expensive... Source (Reddit): "PTS Signal Flags for Credits (1 coal equivalent to 300 credits)" Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Table with current Inventory selling prices - as you can see the selling price is just fraction of buying value (i.e. not customary 50%)... +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Name | Achievement | Price (per 20) | Each | Inventory Selling Price | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Hotel Yankee | Die Hard | 240.000 | 12.000 | 750 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | India Delta | Dreadnought | 2.400.000 | 120.000 | 7.500 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | India Yankee | Fireproof | 1.920.000 | 96.000 | 6.000 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Juliet Charlie | Detonation | 1.920.000 | 96.000 | 6.000 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Juliet Yankee Bissotwo | Unsinkable | 480.000 | 24.000 | 1.500 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Mike Yankee Soxisix | Close Quarters Expert | 960.000 | 48.000 | 3.000 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Sierra Mike | Double Strike | 2.400.000 | 120.000 | 7.500 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | November Foxtrot | High Caliber | 1.920.000 | 96.000 | 6.000 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | November Echo Setteseven | Clear Sky | 1.920.000 | 96.000 | 6.000 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Victor Lima | Witherer | 3.840.000 | 192.000 | 12.000 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | India X-Ray | Arsonist | 2.880.000 | 144.000 | 9.000 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Juliet Whiskey Unaone | Liquidator | 1.440.000 | 72.000 | 4.500 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+
  3. Hi all, Dear WG - please consider making available single type "Signal Flag" bundles in "Premium Shop" just like NA and RU! On NA 100x "Papa Papa" (300%Free XP) costs just 4$ On RU 100x "Papa Papa" (300%Free XP) costs just 3$ And yet here on EU we have nothing of the sorts... Leo "Apollo11"
  4. Captains, I want to congratulate the winners of our second Win Big With Signal Flags giveaway, we are happy we have so active community! Make good use of those! 50 winners of the Battleship Roma: 3000 winners of 10x Type 6 Camouflage: Action Stations!
  5. gmomkey

    Premium Shop Equality

    Dear WG I like a lot of Captains on the EU server am getting very very fed up on being treated very very differently from all the other servers . The NA and the RU servers can buy Signal Flags individually and the SEA server have 5 very good bundles . we in the EU can not buy Papa Papa flags or some of the other useful Flags at all. The other servers can . this is a really really bad for you finances and Player contentment . Please Please can you treat us on the EU the same as our Brother / Sister Captains on the NA , RU and SEA servers . we are feeling discriminated for being in the EU . Oh and you guys are missing out on a profit . https://ru.wargaming.net/shop/wows/signals/ https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/signals/ https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/wows/signals/ https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/signals/ Can you see the difference and why we are getting a little upset ....... Please give us Equality .
  6. I am willing to spend money on the signal flags that are available on NA server. You sell flags such as Equal Speed Charlie London, Zulu Hotel and Papa Papa on that server but not on EU server. Please WG sell them and immediately take my money. I need to reach to 5 point captain skill with my Blyskawica and Lo Yang as soon as possible.
  7. How many times in a row are you going to dictate the "special offer" signal flags? This is so boring and disappointing for those who are expecting the same signal packages appear in the NA server: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/1862/
  8. Nuumit

    Premium Shop: Signal-flags

    I guess this is a suggestion to the signal-flags pool in the premium shop. Personally, I would love if it was possible to buy 10x or 25x of each signal-flag type. Just annoys me a bit that the signal-flags I usually need the most to use in Ranked battles as a destroyer, isnt available to buy. I would be buying more signal flags if there was a pool where all flags was available - maybe divided in groups of 3 different flag types in numbers of 10x to 25x of each flag, just so more signal flags are available in premium shop.
  9. cobrazax

    India Delta repair amount increase

    guys, the dreadnaught India Delta flag was changed and now gives 20% bonus to the AMOUNT repaired!!! its finally a decent flag! i think ill use it for every BB battle now