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Found 7 results

  1. andrija_kaser_1

    Hits under the magazine

    Alright so yesterday i decided to do experiments with several warships in training area. I choose a battleship for testing and several bots that were bbs,dds,ac, etc. I wanted to check if there is any chance of causing 'quick detonation' under their turret. I was actually surprised that magazine hits did not result in detonation, but rather darker hull color and heavy damage. I never got a citadel or caused a detonation. So why does that happen very rarely? Shouldnt it be 0 hp and destruction of the entire vessel?
  2. Hi all, just a thought that came to mind and I did check to see if it was valid. It seems to me that the naval guns dispersion pattern (the oval target area with which guns hit or miss the target) is way off reality and actually results in rather ridiculous naval battle tactics, which in actuality would have resulted in disaster. What I mean is, that as in the Battle of Denmark straight, when Bismark demolished Hood, the result was BECAUSE Hood was heading towards Bismarck head-on thus making it easier to hit (citadel hits), had Hood been sideways towards Bismarck, the hits would have been fewer and she might have survived the combat (though perhaps badly damaged). In actuality, naval guns dispersion is narrower sideways and bigger rangewise (this is precisely why "finding the range" was such a big deal in naval battles). This makes sense, when you think of ships tossing and listing while on sea, the guns pointing sideways would not necessarily change much due to ship movement, but they would be severely affected by pitching and rolling, which would affect the range of shot mostly. This is why I find it quite ridiculous seeing BB's in a battle trying to "angle" their ships nose first in order to get shot to deflect off armor and to lessen the number of hits (and succeeding), when exactly the opposite should actually be true. Therefore the Vertical and Horizontal dispersion patterns in the game should actually be adjusted 90 degrees for them to be anywhere near correct. It also stands to reason, that since BB's width is usually somewhere in 30-50 meter range depending, their length of 160-250 should actually make for a much easier target. I included some links, which better illustrate the matter: https://defense-and-freedom.blogspot.co.uk/2015_12_01_archive.html (scroll down a bit and you'll see the chart). and http://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/docs/fm6-40-ch3.htm These are both excerpts from actual artillery studies and I just feel that doing it "the wrong way" feels awkward and absurd and somewhat deducts from the game-playing experience. It also leads to the BB players not firing full broadsides, as was the accepted and recommended BB practice at the time, instead strangely "wiggling" around trying to get ships "angled" which just ain't right... Any thoughts? Any hope of getting this "fixed"?
  3. Rekre4tor

    Desync, movement delay

    Hello, my ping in game still shows values between 30ms and 50ms, but some things in game are delayed for me like the ping is much higher. I see all enemy ships delayed for cca 2-3 seconds. When I hit back of enemy ship, shell just go through it, and hits the water. As well when I shoot too forward, I dont hit water but the "invisible" ship. I belive this happens because of irregularities between my computer and server. This occur also when I am turning my ship. I set my rudder for some side, but the ship starts to turn after 2-3 seconds, even when the rudder is already sloped. This really affects my gameplay, for example long range firing (or firing small and fast tragets) or avoiding shells by wiggling. Its impossible to hit a destroyer. Other online games works fine (as well as other WG products) without any conncetion problems, so why I have them in this game? I attach PingPlotter report.
  4. Silvir

    Ship controls

    So having started playing today i have noticed something that is bugging me quite a bit. Turret controls. 1: the aim is a bit iffy forcing me to change zoom a lot and at times fire each turret at a time to make sure i actually hit where the cross-hair is aiming. Parts of it getting used to but the whole zoom in and out just so that the turrets will aim correctly is a bit weird or is that intended??? 2:This is my main concern!! - Rear, Front and side turrets. Does anyone know why there isn't an option to divide controls between these.?? I have many times ended up with ships firing at me from different directions but i can't properly divide my firepower or properly plan my movement, because all turrets are trying to aim where i am looking this is very VERY frustrating!!! Loving the game so far though. and has there been topics about this before...Is there any information on the turret controls??
  5. The following topic is my personal Opinion, the structure of this page is as followed - My Personal Experiences, talking about when this has happened to me and how it caused a few things to happen, at the end of this will be my conclusion, which I make a few bullet points to bring this to a conclusion from what I have said on this page So this is what I have experienced so far in World of Warships, I've only played for 30-40 Hours maybe less, I have a Tier IV Wyoming and a Tier V Bogue so far, but this is my point on the topic. Rate of Fire. Today I was playing in my Wyoming and from 11-12Km away a IV Pheonix was constantly firing, what I mean by this, is that it was not stopping, Volley after Volley after Volley and even when that person fired one by one it was pretty much a machine gun affect, I've seen this on so many Cruisers in so many of my games, they have the range of a Battleship and with their constant rate of fire they pretty much do the same damage that a Battleship can do within the loading time of a battleship, Now what I'm guessing this probably gets worse as the Cruiser line continues, better guns, better Armour, little bit less speed, etc. What I'm trying to say right here will be summarized with everything else at the end. Fires Fires is a bit of a broad subject which can include, the damage per second they cause, how long they're activate for, how they're caused, how many there can be at a single given time, etc. So I'll be focusing on how many there can be and how long they're active for. So we all know fires are a pain in the rear-end just due to the fact of how much damage they can cause and their life span, my example also happened today with my Wyoming against that Phoenix That was 11-12km away, his first volley missed me, then by time that volley had missed me his second volley 3 shells hear the very rear-end of my ship you could say it was "Just the Tip" which it literally was and it set my rear compartment on fire, with just 2-3 shots hitting the rear of my ship, so I hit my repair button at of course yet again another volley came down on my ship this time in the middle and had set fire to it, I didn't really panic because my repair was still active. The Main problem is what happened after my repair had finished, of course the Phoenix opened fired again on me this time hitting just below the water line of the ship where all my armour is, "Keep in Mind to be causing this many fires he would need to be using HE in which I did ask the player and He/She said that they was using HE that whole time, so by my understanding of the fire system is that as long as you're using High Explosive Shells no matter where you hit it will cause a fire but the main problem with this is that the Phoenix after every volley a new fire came through, and it may seem like an over exaggeration but quite literally after the repair finished the 2 fires the next volley cause another fire, then one after that and by time my guns had turned to fire on him (After he had already shot 3-4 times) sure enough I had around 3 fires on my ship which is completely absurd, many might reply with "Oh they're High Explosive Though" but this is a Video Game, if every was Realistic then this Game would be 100% different in every single way that it can be (Apart from of course maybe the ship names and specifications) Repair Times Last part of this rant is the repair times, which tie into the rest of the subject. The fact is 120s "Reload Time" for repair crews is stupid, even 80 Seconds on the Damage Control Party II is far too much, for example say if the Phoenix fires every 6 seconds or so and you take into consideration that some people may have the First Repair Crews and not the Best one - 120 / 6 = 20 this means that in the time it takes to "Reload" the Repair Crew that Phoenix can fire a total of 20 Volleys at you also taking into considering if this Phoenix has the © Grade hull Upgrade it has 14 Main guns, 7 each side, that is 7 HE shells being fired each volley and within that 20 volleys that is 140 HE Shells by the time that ship has fired that many volleys with that many shells your repair comes back up but by then you already have 3 fires "This is also taking in considering that a fire only last for 30 seconds" But I have yet to run into that where a fire restart as soon as it burns out, the fact is on this Paragraph is that the Repair times needs improvement, by a lot. Conclusion This is the part where I talk about where things can be improved all together. From what I have said to above these few bullet points may need to be addressed; The Rate of Fire either needs to be decreased (What is meant by this is that the rate of fire meaning how many shots per second it can fire needs to come down which means bigger reload times) The Chances of a fire being caused needs to also be fixed by making it less likely of a fire spreading but not entirely nerfed because that is How smaller cruisers bring down Battleships with the help of fires and support from friendlies. If the chances of a fire happening are not brought down then at least the damage they cause Per Second needs to come down because it causes a lot of damage as soon as the fire starts. The time it takes for the Repair item to come back online to use should also be brought down if the Fire or the rate of fire is not fixed because you're trying to fire at a faster target than you, which is small and firing constantly at you. This is my feedback for some of the features of World of Warships this is by no means what is intended by the game, this is strictly from my little experience and what I think should happen with this system. Thank you anyway for reading what I have to say and putting some time aside to read this long rant! Have a nice day Captain Tony - Cannon to right of them,Cannon to left of them,Cannon in front of them Volley'd and thunder'd;Storm'd at with shot and shell,Boldly they rode and well,Into the jaws of Death,Into the mouth of Hell
  6. Yikez

    Buggy as Hell?

    Just playing this morning after an update to 0.4.0 and seems to have nothing but bugs in game-play and in the maps. Keep loosing the ability to fire guns and torps. Sometimes they come back on-line but usually get killed before that. Then all the enemy ships disapeer in another game and I loose my shooting ability briefly while hell rains down from invisible ships. Dead again. Last game had map bug. Could not select Map. Then all ships appeared to be in destroyed colours but not rendering on map and yep you guessed it hell rained down from semi invisible ships yet again and I lost the zoom to shoot ability to? Never mind Open Beta it Seems to be Sucking compared to Closed Beta? Hopefully Wg are aware as I do not have all the info they require to create a 'ticket' plus too pissed off now!
  7. Yikez

    Loss of fireing controls?

    Hey al,l I have started to have a problem in-game that could be a bug? Had it yesterday and just had it in my Yubari. Seem to suddenly loose the ability to zoom aim or aim/fire torps. guns fire but no aiming? Rather frustrating becoming a speedboat with AA guns which seem to work? I don't think its me but....... And just had similar happen in my Phoenix. Not able to target guns but they fired and torps worked? 13;28Hrs