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Found 60 results

  1. I'm quite new to the game and was looking for a few tips using the Graf Spee. Its a tricky ship to learn and as it has Torpedos, I find myself using it like a big destroyer, with me usually getting blown up! Destroyer wise, I find these smaller ships easier to play and enjoy using the stealth to sneak up on unsuspecting carriers. I usually bag 2 to 3 kills a game this way and got almost 90k damage with a T5 japanese destroyer! The Graf Spee is much harder, hence the request for advise and tips! Thanks
  2. Hiya folks, Just thought I'd mention that i'm a new WoW streamer, and i'd be grateful if you'd check my channel out! I'm a small streamer, looking to branch out from being a single game streamer. I'm new to the game and still learning, so happy to take advice from viewers. Who are you? I'm Natalie and my twitch channel is twitch.tv/natswright, I'm new to the game. I'm an established Elite Dangerous streamer, but have recently moved to playing World of Warships, so am relatively unknown in this game. When do you stream? I'm a part time streamer, but do try to stick to a regular schedule, which I work around my full time job! Tuesdays 8pm to 12pm GMT (sometimes starting from 4pm) Sundays 4pm to 7pm GMT (this occasionally varies between 10am and 4pm start times) I'm looking to stream more if I can, but it can be tricky to find the time, extra broadcasts are usually Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 8pm GMT. Where can you find me? @natsrambles (twitter) twitch.tv/natswright (twitch) youtube.com/natswright (youtube) discord.io/KuQ5KpQ (discord) Do you have a Clan Not yet, I'm just level 15, so have only just unlocked that option. I do want to have one though and have a small group of players who spend time playing the game with me already! Check out my discord to chat about the game if you like! What other games do you play or stream? Among others, these... Elite Dangerous World of Tanks Rainbow Six Siege Supreme commander to name but a few... Thanks for reading this!
  3. Hey all Ich arbeite gerade daran ein Schiff zu erstellen, genau genommen einen fiktiven Schweren Kreuzer. Entwurfsstudie 022518 (Fortgeschrittenes Projektstadium) EDIT ----------------------------------------------------- Bisher festgelegte Daten ------------------ Länge (üA): 230m Länge (Wl): 221m Breite: 27m Tiefgang bei maximaler Zuladung: 9,3m Hauptartillerie: ??? ??? FlaK: ??? Torpedos: ??? Antrieb: Schrauben: 4 ----------------------------------------------------- Als kleinen Hinweis gleich vorweg: Das Schiff soll nicht unbedingt 100% authentisch oder historisch korrekt werden. Für mich als Designer spielt das Design die Hauptrolle, daher werdet ihr sicher einige Fehler entdecken. Mittlerweile haben einige Feedback gegeben, einige sogar regelmäßig. Ich möchte mich dafür schon einmal allgemein bedanken Liebe Grüße, Toby
  4. Hi all, Some permanent "Premium" cammos and some Tech Tree "Premium" ships are now on sale inside game (for Doubloons)! Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Tier 3/4/5 = 50% off IJN Ishizuchi USS Texas VMF Aurora VMF OktRev VMF Okhotnik Tier 6/7 = 30% off IJN Mutsu IJN Ashitaka USS Indianapolis USS Sims VMF Molotov VMF Leningrad KM Graf Spee KM Scharnhorst KM Z-39 HMS Warspite HMS Hood MN Dunkerque MN De Grasse (Pan-Asian) Huang He (Pan-Asian) Anshan RM Aosta RM Abruzzi (Commonwealth) Perth (Polish) Blyska Tier 8 = 15% off IJN Atago IJN Asashio USS Alabama USS Kidd KM Tirpitz MN Gascogne (Pan-Asian) Loyang RM Roma FXP conversion, permanent "Premium" cammos, Upgrades, and Consumables are also discounted!
  5. AXCA - AXIS CLAN ACADEMY COMMANDERS! It is my pleasure to welcome you to our newly formed AXIS CLAN ACADEMY. Are you looking for a clan with: A community like spirit? Competitive but still relaxed about those wishing not to partake in clan wars? Well, then there isn't any reason why you wouldn't love our clan! Joining AXCA will also grant you access to our AXIS team speak and if you are good enough / dedicated player, you might go up to AXIS as we kicked out inactive players leaving you chances to progress. IMPORTANT - RECRUITMENT STARTS ON: 19/20 November 2018. If there is more info you'd like to know, please contact me (on forums) or write in the comments bellow. Thank you.
  6. Looking for a good T7 CA/CL and DD to play. I already have some favorite BB's at T7 and I want to play some other ships at that tier as well. Something for the average players to also learn in. Can be silver or premium. My favorite CL/CA lines are the German, French and USN ones. As for DD's I like the USN lines and the Russian ones.
  7. Players who reach Rank 1 for the third or fifth time will have their coupon for the "Ships" category updated two weeks after the season's end, just in case they have already redeemed it. This is done in order to allow players to obtain Flint or Black in a comfortable manner by spending their coupon. If the coupon has not been redeemed, an additional coupon will not be added to the player's account.
  8. DoomDutch

    Turret X Bug Großer Kurfürst

    I just encountered a bug where the X turret on the Großer Kurfürst did a full 360 degree turn and went through the superstructure to do so. More strangely so, I was swiggling my ship to avoid some fire, still aiming at the same target throughout. Current version of WoWS, no mods involved. Time: around 21:00 CET
  9. Hi developpers ! I have a suggestion : could you display permanently on the screen the name of the player and the ship who kiiled us ? I often wanted to know who killed me but the mention disapeared to early. Thanks !
  10. Cald0

    Where's my Warspite?

    Hi guys, I've had world of warships since the beta in 2015 - after a long break I re-dowloaded it to see what's new. Given that I've not played since late 2015/early 2016 there's a whole new bunch of changes. Most significantly my Warspite is missing from my port? Can anyone fill me in if this should be the case? I've read some posts about the Warspite being removed from the shop but I can't see any about it being removed from the game?! I also bought the Gremyashchy back then as well but its still here...
  11. Major_Damage225

    Help identefing a ship

    So today a buddy i know sent me a pic of a greman ship and asked me if i knew what it is, i took a look and got stumped, looks like Bismarck but the guns are triples, like the Scharnhorst's, i looked on the forums but didnt find any news regarding any new ships, new premium i missed somwhere? Anyone here mabe know something?
  12. Hello everyone. On a ship such as Atlanta, the surface detectability is 10.7 km. How to know (or calculate) its distance of detectability when it is firing? Thank you !
  13. Zlocesta_Buba

    Croatian Navy - Salvage Ship

    BS-73 Faust Vrančić BS-73 Faust Vrančić is a warship in Croatian navy. Classified as a "Salvage - rescue" ship. Built in 1976 in the Tito shipyard in Belgrade. Entered then Yugoslavian navy as PS-12 Spasilac. Two more ships are made in same class. In 1991, ship was inpounded from the serbians and entered in the Croatian navy as a BS-73 Faust Vrančić. BS-73 is the command vessel in the Croatian navy. Primary role is saving submarine crew and also equipped for firefighting on ships and executing underwater diver tasks. For saving submarine crew it was equipped with decompression chamber and small rescue submarine. It's also in the Croatian Coast Guard, and only ship in Croatian navy that meets requirements to control ZERP. Displacement: 1.590 t Lenght: 55,5 m Beam: 12 m Draught: 3,8 m Propulsion: 2 diesel engines of total 4340 HP, 2 shafts Speed: 13 knots Capacity: 250 t of deck cargo, 490 t fuel, 48 t water, 5 t grease Crew: 53 (up to 72) Radar and sonar: Kelvin Hughnes Nucleus 5000R Armament: Capable of carrying two M-71 20 mm cannons and quad M-75 20 mm cannon
  14. WG nerf this broken ship FLINT! Its stupid and you *Edited know it! Just nerf it already!
  15. At the time i did not know that these ships were avalible to unlock as i wasnt very active. and after i saw these were in the game i really wanted to get one but the even to unlock them was ending. is there still a way for me to get these ships? i really would love to get the ARP Haruna ship.
  16. Right, this topic is a copy of a post i made on the NA forums, but i thought i'd post it here aswel. Here are two plans made by the Dutch government to aquire big ships with which to defend its colonial empire. Suffice to say, two big wars spoiled those plans. I might add some other Dutch ships (cruisers etc) later. Enjoy! Battleship plan 1912 In the years before the outbreak of the first world war, the Dutch government became concerned about the naval expansion of the Japanese fleet during and following the Russo-Japanese war. As The Dutch Indies (now Indonesia) were of considerable economic importance to the Dutch economy, plans were made to enlarge the fleet protecting the colonies. In 1912, the then minister of naval affairs J. Wentholt came up with the plan "Panzerschip 1912" (roughly translated into Armoured ship 1912) which called for the construction of four armoured cruisers armed with 11" guns. However the navy was against this plan, which it deemed inadequate, and wanted bigger and stronger ships. This caused quite a stir in parliament and ultimately forced the minister to resign. The new minister (then under the new name "minister of war", now called minister of defence) wasted no time and formed a committee for the design and construction of 9 battleships, to counter the Japanese threat. They were to have a displacement of 21,000 tonnes, top speed of 21 knots, an armored belt of 250mm (where 300mm was more common) and armed with 8 13" guns. At first, only the German Krupp-Germania company (which was already constructing the German Kaiser class dreadnoughts) was contacted to make three preliminary designs for these ships: Fully oil fired, fully coal fired and mixed oil-coal firing. Oil firing was preffered, even though oil (and the infrastructure for it) was still scarce within the Dutch colonial empire. Among the designs that followed, this beauty came along. As far as i can tell, this is one of the first modern battleship designs with two quadruple turrets, just like the later French Richelieu and Dunkerque class battleships. The French Lyon class with 4 4-barreled turrets was designed in the same period, but also never built. HERE you can find a 3D redering of this vessel. (Dutch site, but the video speaks for itself!) As The Netherlands did not have experience with properly designing and building capital ships, a large number of international shipbuilding companies were contacted to assist in the design and to ultimately construct the ships. Of these, only Krupp-Germania (builders of the German Kaiser class), Blohm & Voss and Vickers came with designs which were seriously considered by the Dutch government. By 1914 the max dispacement had risen to around 28,000 tonnes and the guns enlarged to 8 14"/L45 in four twin turrets and the engines would run on mixed coal and oil firing with a top speed of 22 knots. Armor was still the weak, battlecruiser like, with a maximum thickness of 250mm. In the end... In July 1914 a bill had been passed for the funding of the ships (order was scaled down to 5 or 7) and even though there was still some discussion going about which design to choose (even though the Krupp-Germania design was apparently preffered), the first keel would been laid down in December of that year with the ships being completed in 1918. However, the War spoiled those plans and no keels were ever laid down. In 1920 and 1921 a new Royal Commission investigated the need for new ships to defend the Dutch colonial empire, but did not recommend to construct battleships. This ruling, combined with the growing pacifist movement of that time pretty much killed off the project...until the 1930 battlecruiser project came along (more on that later). In hindsight The latest designs of the Dutch dreadnoughts were relatively up to spec with dreadnoughts or battlecruisers of other nations, except in one area: armor and seconday guns. Due to the relatively small dispacement of 21,000 to 28,000 tonnes, weight was saved by using a less thick armoured belt. In that respect these ships were comparable to the Japanese Kongo class battlecruisers gun and armor wise, but much slower. To sum it up: not enough armor and guns for a battleship and too slow for a battlecruiser. But maybe the relative large amout of ships (5 to 9 planned ships) might have made up for that...we'll never know! So...How about some battlecruisers? In the 1930's the navy once again became convinced that the two light WW1 cruisers of the Java class, a fleet of submarines and a few old armored gunboats were not enough to protect the Dutch Indies agains possible Japanese aggression. It was believed that if a war with Japan broke out, it would send the bulk of its large ships to fight the Americans and the British, leaving their cruisers to fight the Dutch forces. So the Dutch navy began a project to aquire three "super cruisers" along the "stronger than faster, faster than stronger" line of thought. Dutch intelligence did not expect the Japanese cruisers to be escorted by carriers, so even the threat of these ships in port (as a fleet in being) would be enough to discourage the Japanese of invading Dutch territory. Design In 1939 the go-ahead was given to begin the planning and design of these ships. Top speed was to be 32 knots, 9 11"guns in three turrets and a considerable secondary battery of dual purpose 120mm guns and 40mm AA guns. As with the dreadnoughts, the Dutch were incapable of designing a modern capital ship so they turned to other countries. At first they turned to the French in the hope that they would release plans to their Dunkerque class battleships. But as this turned out to be a futile effort, the Dutch turned to their easterly neighbours: Nazi Germany.After a number of rounds of negotiations, the Germans agreed to release rough schematics of "a battlecruiser in line with the German school of shipbuilding" (which looked A LOT like the Scharnhorst class). At first this was even without the armor protection scheme but after later negotiations these were also released except the part below the water line. The Dutch faced two problems with the German design: They did not trust the all-diesel propulsion system and favoured a steam turbine setup. (but there wasnt enough room in the design) The design totally lacked torpedo defences as the Germans refused to release these. The first problem was to be solved by enlarging the engine room, but this ment sacrificing armour to keep within the 16,000 tonnes displacement limit. (as the Dutch were not involved with the naval treaties, they did not have to adhere to the 10,000 tonnes limit for cruisers)The second problem was solved with the help of the Italians. They gave the Dutch permission to inspect their Vittorio Veneto battleship and its protection scheme AND the Italians knew a thing or two about the German Scharnhorst. The result of this trip was a complete rework of the internal subdivision of the ship and resulted in better protection against magnetic torpedoes with the use of a reworked double bottom. The latter had to be abandoned however, as it would exceed the maximum draft specified. And in the end...part 2 Up to March 1940 Dutch delegations went to Berlin to discuss the designs with 1944 as an estimated delivery year for the first ship, but just like with the dreadnoughts, war reared its ugly head and things ground to a halt. In May of that same year, Germany invaded The Netherlands so you could say that all work was for nothing. 1047 class compared to the Scharnhorst class In contrast to the earlier dreadnought designs, the class 1047 would be one of the finest battlecruisers designed in that time. It's armor would be a bit weaker than its Scharnhorst counterpart, but in all other aspects it would have been better. More reliable engines, twin smokestacks which improved engine performance even further, better elevation for the main guns, far superior anti-air systems (the 40mm Bofors emplacements with Hazemeyer mounts were also used on Dutch destroyers, and were later copied by the British and Americans to become the Mark IV twin mount (RN) and MK 1 and 2 guns for the USN...some of the most effective AA guns of the war). Also the use of dual purpose secondary guns instead of single purpose enhanced its effectivenes even further. Concluding / TL;DR For a small navy (with a big history i might add) the Dutch had big plans for big ships, but every time they were ready to place the order war broke out. Their effectiveness in WW2 if they had been built would have been questionable though. Especially considering Japanese airpower and the use of long lance torpedoes. MAYBE that the battle of the Java sea would have turned out differently, but that's a big if. Thank you for reading, and i hope to see some more lesser known beauties on these forums! :) Sources: Wikipedia (plan 1912) Wikipedia (class 1047) Netherlandsnavy.nl (plan 1912) Netherlandsnavy.nl (class 1047)
  17. Stribog2033

    American auxiliary Cimarron

    Is there anyone who can tell me what for is this in WoWS ?
  18. Cybernoodle

    P2W u went there, and died

    Consumables make the "game" pw2. I want my money back.
  19. Şaka bir yana Türkiye'nin bulunduğu durum göz önüne alınsın ve fiyatlarda kur farkı uygulansın.Şuan 1 euro 3,2 lira. Buna en iyi örnek Steamdir. Steam de fiyatlarında kur farkı gözetiyor. Ya şu resmi görüp ''gemi fiyatları normal diyenler'' de de azcık mantık ve vicdan vardır diye düşünüyorum. Bir oyunun içindeki bir geminin fiyatı nasıl yeni çıkan koskoca bir oyunla aynı olabilir ya. Biliyorum wargaming de bir yerden para kazanmak zorunda hatta bu fikrini destekliyorumda zaten yaptığı işleri seven biri olarak. Ama bu fiyatlarla bunu sadece belli bir kesimden kazanabilirler. Fiyatlar herkese hitap etmediği apaçık ortada. Koyduğum resimde örnek verdiğim oyunlar genellikle bu sene içerisinde çıkan taze ve çok olumlu eleştri alan oyunlardır. Hatta ''Total War: Warhammer'' daha dün çıktı(24.4.2016). Tripitz ile arasındaki fiyat farkı çok komik. Sonuçta alacağımız şey oyun değil oyunun içindeki bir araç .Zaten oda batınca yine zarara giriyoruz. Bu seferde premium hesap devreye giriyor. Kalan son böbreğide satıyoruz . Fazla söze gerek yok. Lütfen sizde fikrinizi ve desteklerinizi yorumda belirtinki geliştirici ekibin ilgisini çekebilsin.
  20. The Tripartite class is a class of mine warfare vessel used by the navies of Belgium, France and the Netherlands, as well as Pakistan, Indonesia, Latvia, and Bulgaria. Céphée Class overview Name: Tripartite Operators: French Navy Belgian Navy Royal Netherlands Navy Naval Jack of Pakistan.svg Pakistan Navy Indonesian Navy Latvian Naval Forces Bulgarian Navy Built: 1981-1989 In service: 1981- In commission: 1981 Completed: 45 Retired: 0 General characteristics BNS Primula Description A joint venture of the navies of France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, the Tripartite class of minehunters were conceived in the 1970s and built in the 1980s. France built the mine-hunting equipment, Belgium provided the electronics, and the Netherlands constructed the propulsion train. France and the Netherlands originally bought 15, with Belgium buying 10. All three countries' Tripartite ships contribute at times to NATO's Standing Maritime MCM capability groups (SNMCMG1 or SNMCMG2). Belgium Originally 10 ships were built for the Belgian navy. All remaining Belgian vessels have undergone an extensive upgrade during 2004-2008 involving replacement of the anti-mine warfare equipment. Also called "CMT" for Chasseur de Mines Tripartite, all are named after flowers and are thus sometimes called the "Flower" class in international literature.
  21. ==> MESSAGE to Developpers (not for players) I have 8 premium ships and i think that you should modifiy the capabilities of the following ships : 1) Anshan : - Its range of detection is too high : i think 6.2 km would be more raisonable. - The delay for relaoding torps is too high : i think 60 sec would be more raisonable. 2) Mikhail Kutuzov: - The damage power in HE and AP is too small, compared to others ships of Tier VIII. - The delay for relaoding torps is too high : i think 85 sec would be more raisonable. I hope you will take in consideration theses remarks for a new version of WOWS. Thank you !
  22. Hi ! I am very disapointed ! The ARp harun i have won is the exact same ship (except for the design color) that the ARP Kongo... Why don't you offer us a NEW ship ? I don't undestand the inadequate philosophy of the conceptors team... Next time : PLEASE offer us BRAND NEW SHIPS ! Thank you for all mankind !
  23. Strefs

    So there's an Udaloi skin...

    Behold the Udaloi. BUT ALAS it doesn't have a Premium skin. To the rescue comes me, whatcha guys think? I made this. It's not a normal skin. it's camo. Opinions?
  24. stewie533

    Full stats?

    Ok, call me blind. But is there anywhere where I can find soft stats about the ships? Stats I'm particulary interested in are: - Shell velocity - Shell penetration ability (for AP and HE) - Acceleration times (stop to 67%, 67% to full, etc) or acceleration speed in kn/s or m/s² (I can do the conversion myself then) - Deceleration by turning - Turret armour
  25. Title says it all, I've just pre-ordered a Premium ship and now have no idea how to get onto the game, it said I was granted free beta access if I pre-ordered?