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Found 7 results

  1. vnnygr

    type 3 shels

    goodday I have a quistion about why ther is still no type 3 shells in the game. these shells will make it eazier to get campers away from islands and out the smoke. type 3 shels are fill with smaller granades and spread over a target area this shell suit be avabible for the big battleships Sorry for the english
  2. Gormadoc

    Follow torps/shells after death

    Would it be possible to implement that the follow torpedos / shells also worked after death. I would like to be able to follow my last torpedo salvo, even that i have just been killed. Cant think of any way to exploit it since any enemy ships in the torpedos path, needs to be detected by a live friendly player.
  3. thunder3oo

    Points of view

    Last update brought many good things, however, I observed some problems. 1. While I was sailing Svietlana I shot at least two salvos of HE into an enemy ship (a low tier cruiser) that was pretty close to my ship. Those shells did no damage at all, like they were bouncing AP's. I've seen no problems like this one until the last major update. 2. Unrelated to the update. Bogatyr is a fun ship (I consider her to be better than St. Louis), but she gets many battles with CV's, while she has no AA. If in higher tiers battles you have reasons to ask cruisers (for example) to protect your ship with their AA, lower tiers cruisers can barely defend themselves, so there's no reason to ask for help, they can't give any. My suggestion is to keep her out of battles that involve CV's, since it's an uneven situation. CV's have the upper hand and Bogatyr can do nothing about it. 3. Also, since the last update something weird happens. I have an enemy in my reticle, selected (locked) as target (no matter what I sail, this is not about a particular ship). I move away from it, out of my guns range. If the enemy ship disappears from my sight (island or smoke between us), and later is spotted by me or another teammate, it appears out of my guns range with reticle locked on it, even I can't hit her. Was that intended, or is a bug? 4. With the introduction of weather, CV's and DD's are OP again. Planes and DD's are hard to spot, all you know is that you have your ship on fire/torped. 5. Another good ship is Budyonny (excepting her turrets - they are getting blown too often). I wonder why there's no fighter option to protect her. I've seen in Public Test that higher tiers ships have the option to choose the plane. Ok, Budyonny is a tier VI, but even so, her AA cannot be compared with Cleveland's (which are better and also better positioned, in my opinion). Not only she has to defend herself only with AA, she has no possibility (as Cleveland) to use a fighter for several minutes as spotting plane for discovering DD's or torps, which makes her very vulnerable. Speaking for myself, since the ship has enough gun range, I would enjoy a fighter and not a spotting plane for more range (which changes the view of the target by going above it, that's pretty annoying when you have to discover and target a DD who's close).
  4. Hello! So, I recently completed the campaign to get Yamamoto Isoroku and found out the hard way that the red shell tracers/shell contrails are limited to only the ship he commands. I really like the red-colored shell contrails and tried to find a mod that'd let me have that- apparently that sort of thing doesn't exist, atleast not yet. So I figured I'd pop over here and ask if some kind-hearted modder would be able to make this shell effect into a mod for all ships to use. Thanks in advance!
  5. Bonjour, Toutes mes excuses pour cette question sans doute très basique : Comment alterner entre la vue sniper, ou normale et la vue des obus en vol (bien pratique pour voir où ils tombent précisément) Si je tire avec le bouton du milieu de la souris, je suis bien la trajectoire, si je fais "echap" j'en sors, mais comment faire des allers/retours. merci de vos réponses et de votre indulgence. Bonnes nav'
  6. Rico_878

    report danni

    ciao a tutti sto giocando da circa 3 settimane e ho dei dubbi. è normale che dopo aver infilato oltre 70 cannonate con la mia Kuma (amore totale) ad una Myogi abbia fatto solo 10000 punti danno? in chat ho chiesto ma la partita volgeva al termine ma mi hanno risposto di provare con gli HE pensavo che sulle battleship fosse automatico andar giu di AP shells opinioni?
  7. Admiral_Noif

    Shells disappears when hit to enemy ship

    I can swear that there is been a bug/issue that shells disappear when they hit an enemy ship and have countered like couple times in a day. I don't even get splash (about miss) if I miss my target, so what is going on?