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Found 17 results

  1. DeadDave42

    Dasha Perova

    Captain Dasha Perova has a personalized voiceover in Russian I can choose it under audio settings, unfortunately the standart setting is messed up, when I use her as captain. ALL audio is changed to russian. Is there a fix or will there be a fix in upcomming updates? Edited : (I use Steam. it could be limited to Steam clients)
  2. io_pilot

    Saving player settings

    For various reasons from time to time i need to reinstall the game (not enough space for new update, move it to different folder, errors, etc.) But every time i do that i have to redo all the settings: sound, graphics, crosaim, dmg indicators, minimap, etc. Is there a way i can save this settings and just upload then after or copy/paste a file?
  3. io_pilot

    Saving player settings

    For various reasons from time to time i need to reinstall the game (not enough space for new update, move it to different folder, errors, etc.) But every time i do that i have to redo all the settings: sound, graphics, crosaim, dmg indicators, minimap, etc. Is there a way i can save this settings and just upload then after or copy/paste a file?
  4. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    Disable the chat plz via settings

    Hi Often when im aiming the section were the gamechat covers the screen is in my way. Maybe i ve overlooked it but is there a possibility to disable the chat? (without a mod)
  5. As the Topic says the option to change the battle voiceover between the ARP caotains is gone! Now i can only choose Standart, Pirate and National. But somehow the ARP vioceover that i was using before the patch is still active. Now I am stuck with that one except i actually choose a ARP ship with another captain (even though its Haguro so it is not that bad) Is it just me or did WG screw this one up? (I am playing with the vanilla client btw) I just wanted to change to my new Captain Ashigara Edit: oh damn forget that i just figured it out myself that it's because i was in the Birthdayport by default - it actually works if i change back to yokosuka port Sorry for the failed Threat >_> Admin delete please
  6. thunder3oo


    All right, I had enough of this. Time to talk. I'll write them down in the order they come to my mind, so: 1. The game needs a chat open/close button (I know someone said that before). Transparency is a good thing, still, we have the minimap, the chat, consumables, the compass... I think there are enough items to fill the view field. 2. Engine's volume of the "voice" is including the captain's voice, but not that voice which announces the start of the battle/capturing a base, etc. Really now... it's not necessary for "my" neighborhood to know that "ENEMY TEAM HAS CAPTURED A BASE", for example. 3. I see no antialiasing settings in the video section beside that FXAA, thing that cannot be used unless you get your graphic settings higher. 4. Details of the ships are nerve breaking. Come on, now, what pleasure and feedback do you expect from your players, when you set ships like New Mexico and Fuso to have a stock fire range at 13,5 KM?? They are big ships, they suppose to have the best optics/radars/guns. Instead of giving ships bad mobility, small view range (let's say the first body of the ship has a smaller citadel) or smaller/fewer guns... you chose to get them a small fire range. Ineffective is the word for those stock ships. When you drive a slow battleship - everybody wants a piece of you and almost everyone manage to hit you, without having the chance to fire back properly. Practically that's a floating cookie jar. 12 guns are not really a big thing, if you're unable to hit the targets because they're too far. Also Fuso doesn't have the option of buying a module for bigger fire range of the main turrets, as New Mexico does. 5. Descriptions of the ships are incomplete. Why there's no visual range, actual speed, acceleration, turning in seconds, reverse speed? Thickness of the armor? That "mobility" detail is not giving us much info, for example. 6. The ability to put a fire under control seems ineffective, again. As I said before, It's a ship surrounded by WATER, and it has a big crew. 7. I really don't understand what captain's skills have to do with the AA operators. The biggest is the xp on the captain of the ship, the better and rapidly AA is firing. Maybe these two should be split. That's one thing that could make the game more complex. Maybe I want a dumb captain, but an excellent AA crew. Unless you have few hundreds battles in that ship, AA is firing like a half-blind trembling old lady armed with a rusty shotgun. Come on! In real life I don't think the captain has to do every little thing. He has subordinates who carry the jobs, he doesn't have to whisper to the AA crew ear every second "fire now". It's like the crew is half deaf and completely retarded. "Captain, what? Oh, look, a target. It's moving away. Your orders were about that target, captain? Well, sorry. Torpedoes! We're doomed!" The range of the AA is again ineffective. There are players who all they do is set their carriers in a corner and send planes. Planes after planes, torpedoes on the left and torpedoes on the right, bombs above, plus everybody is firing upon you. Combine this with a tier 6 slow, not upgraded&small rangeguns battleship, and you'll see the big picture. 8. Torpedoes, torpedoes... and more torpedoes. In my opinion they ruin the game, which is already unbalanced. Since people make abuse of the unlimited torpedoes, my suggestion is that ammo capacity to be introduced. What I drive? A battleship. That would be less rounds for me, but less torpedoes for them. 9. Smoke and visibility. Not only that destroyers are small and fast, they use smoke. All right. If they do that, why the battleships can't? Now comes the best part. A destroyer moves WITHOUT smoke at some 2-4 km distance from my ship (which is big, tall, and have a tall citadel/observation chamber, and I said before - should have the best optics). ... and it disappears in front of my eyes, to reappear again few seconds later. There's no such thing in real life on clear weather, not even on smaller visibility determined by some humidity or heat. It's the same problem I have encountered in WoT, and you can trust me on this, there I have more than 37 K battles. 10. Horns. That would be fun (with some restrictions on number of use). 11. Gameplay BEFORE graphics and special effects, people. That should be the rule of designing games, in my opinion. This game uses too much CPU (a part of lag comes from there). Is not the video card that is hard stressed here, is the CPU. A good friend of mine gave me his old motherboard and his old CPU. I had an Athlon 64X2 4800+ (2,5GHz) OC to 3GHZ, and the game was barely playable with tweaks and settings and drivers. Now I have a Core2Duo 3GHz/6MB cache, and I use the same video card as I did some days ago. Guess what, no more stuttering, no more sound problems (and the sound is set on high in the game), I even dare to test high video settings and it was still playable. That's all for now. Thank you.
  7. Mikhail__

    4K resolution UI scaling request.

    Please just do it. How many people with good PCs have to struggle in Full HD before you change your priorities? Its 2017 and YOUR game looks alot better in 4K! Is it so hard to implement it? GTX 980Ti, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 can handle 4K on high-ultra settings + max AA. 4K gaming is common now. Especially in EU/US. The game can become interesting for many new players / rich paying customers with strong hardware. New group and income. Help me out and post your comments here to make it important.
  8. p0int

    Game settings not saving

    Installed WoWS on my SSD on a fresh Windows 10 after buying a new PC. Some of my game settings get overwritten frequently. When it bugs out, the game runs in window mode and my port displays the ships with the compact carousel view and 2 ships per column. My regular settings are full screen and compact carousel with 4 ships per column. Does anyone know why this occurs and how to stop it?
  9. So recently I've seen a few people struggle with performance on WoWS so I've made a list of my system specs, settings and explained what some options do. Hopefully you'll understand what these settings do and you will be able to improve the performance of your game and enjoy it as much as possible. My following system specs are as follows: CPU: AMD FX-8350 RAM: 16GB 1600Mhz GPU: Sapphire 280X 3GB Monitor 1: BenQ XL2720Z 27" 144Hz Monitor 2: BenQ GW2765 27" 60Hz Game Settings: Resolution: 1920x1080 - Resolution is the number of pixels contained on a display monitor. The more, the higher quality your image will be. You should leave this setting to your monitor's natural resolution however lowering it will significantly improve your frame rate at the cost of the quality of your graphics. Anti-aliasing FXAA: High - Anti-aliasing, in short, helps smooth out your game's graphics and make it as good as possible for your set resolution. Lowering this setting will help you get more frames by a large margin however your graphics will appear more rough edged and with less contrast. Graphics Quality: Custom - This is just a bunch of preset settings wargaming made for you from "Very High" to "Low". If you don't want to mess around with the settings like me, then choose a preset that best suits you. If you want to mess around, then choose Custom. Texture Quality: High - Texture quality will set the quality of textures on objects in-game such as ships or islands. Lowering this setting will help you get more frames. Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 16x - Texture filtering is a complicated process, but it basically blends in enviroment to ease the stress on your graphics card. Lowering this setting will drastically help you with more frames. Shadow Quality: Max - Lowering shadow qualities won't help you too much with getting a higher framerate unless you turn it off. Lowering it will only give you jagged effects and rough edges on your shadows. Reflections: High - Reflections works like shadow qualities, lowering the setting will not help too much and will make reflections look a lot more rough. This setting is tied in with the Sea Rendering Quality. Sea Rendering Quality: High - This setting helps make the water look as realistic as possible. Lowering this setting will help your framerate, if you do so then also lower the reflections setting. Foliage Quality: High - Foliage quality affects the environment, such as trees, bushes and grass on an island. Turning it off will remove trees and bushes completely. This helps more than shadows and reflections, but still a lot less than Texture Filtering or Anti-aliasing. You should try leave it as high as possible. Signal Flags: High - Sets the texture quality on signal flags as well as flags themselves. This setting will not really help you if you lower it. Effects Preset: High - Just a preset Wargaming put for you, lowering this setting will help a little to recover lost frames. Effects Quality: High - This determines of quality of certain effects such as waves in the water, the blast of gunfires, torpedoes being launched etc. Lowering this will help you get more frames. Sky and Clouds Quality: High - Lowering this setting will make the Sky and Clouds look more rough and jagged, you will recover frames lowering this setting. Draw Distance: High - Also known as "Render distance" Affects how far out you'll see detail, lowering it will reduce the amount of trees, bushes and other decorative objects you see far out. This setting will help you quite a bit. Object LOD: High - Object LOD stands for Object Level of Detail. This simply sets the level of detail you'll see on an object depending how far away it is. This works mostly on ships and few decorative features. Post Processing: Very high - Allows the game to use more of your CPU cores, thus increasing your processing capability. If you have 4 or more cores on a processor this will help you a lot, set it as high as possible. If you have less cores, leave it either low or off or you may experience system crashes due to a lack of processing capability. Soft Particles: On - Soft particles blends in the edges of textures. Having this on or off doesn't really affect your frames, I keep it on as I prefer the smoother effect. Vertical Sync: Off - Vertical Sync, or V-Sync, is a setting that throttles the frames being drawn to match the number of times your monitor refreshes itself. You should only use this if your GPU is pumping out more frames per second than your monitor is capable of. For example, I have a 144Hz monitor. I.E It refreshes the image 144 times per second. However my average FPS, or frames per second, is only about 90. So I have it off. Use this to avoid texture glitches and screen tearing if your FPS is higher than your referesh rate. Triple Buffering: Off - Triple buffering is a V-Sync setting that increases the effect of V-Sync. Use this if you have V-Sync enabled and you are still experiencing graphical glitches or screen tearing. Reduce GUI refresh rate: Off - This is complicated to explain, so I'll keep it short. This lowers the refresh rate of the GUI, Graphics User Interface. Turning this on will make your GUI look choppy, because it is missing frames. From what I've noticed, turning this on does nothing to my PC's performance. However it could help people on very low rigs. Wargaming however has kept quiet about what this setting does in their game, so I'm not really sure if this is all it does. Animate Small Objects: On - This will make small object's look a lot more lively if they weren't already dead. Such as secondaries on ships or airplanes in the sky. Turning this on will make the game look a whole lot better, however having it off doesn't bring too much benefit unless you are on a very low rig. Increase GUI contrast: On - This simply makes your GUI look at lot more sharp and better looking. Turning it off doesn't really help. Reduced fire effect: Off - Reduces the fire effect when your ship is on fire. Again doesn't really help.
  10. T_greg1701

    UI contrast

    when playing as CV and aiming my attack run, the enemy ship is barely visible under the green field of the target zone it is the worst for targeting destroyers is there any setting in game to make the target zone transparent, so i can see what i'm aiming at? the outline is perfectly enough, there is no reason for the green field to be there and block the view
  11. tariktk

    Game gives error at Startup

    Hello All, During the update I had a crash. Now after if the game gives an error : "Could not load config file: engine_config.xml!" Could any one send me the "engine_config.xml" file it is under "gamefolder"/res/ maybe I wont need to reinstall all again. Version: 40.105823 Thank you.
  12. Hello folks.. :-) tl/dr - can anyone please tell me which settings are cpu or gpu intensive, and/or how are comparable cpus doing for others? I've been experiencing FPS drops in-game for a while now, so today i decided to try and solve it - without much success.. or rather it was a bit disappointing, not sure if i should raise a support ticket...or if my cpu is just past it... as it does max out occasionally, whereas the graphics card is never pushed beyond 35%. Win 10, GTX 1070, i5 2500k OC @ 4.5GHz, 16GB Ram - latest drivers, no problem running any other titles i own at Max with good solid fps (Doom, BF4 etc). I saved a replay I had noticed an fps drop in last night; uninstalled game, deleted all old data.. fresh install, no mods. I used Fraps to run a 6 min benchmark on the saved replay, and tried all the settings; beyond medium settings I keep getting fps drops to unplayable levels. here is a sample of the results: 2017-02-07 11:44:44 - WorldOfWarships - maxFrames: 22234 - Time: 360000ms - Avg: 61.761 - Min: 21 - Max: 76 2017-02-07 12:15:07 - WorldOfWarships - highFrames: 23290 - Time: 360000ms - Avg: 64.694 - Min: 21 - Max: 76 2017-02-07 12:05:27 - WorldOfWarships - medFrames: 26493 - Time: 360000ms - Avg: 73.592 - Min: 59 - Max: 76 2017-02-07 11:54:50 - WorldOfWarships - lowFrames: 26553 - Time: 360000ms - Avg: 73.758 - Min: 68 - Max: 76 With everything maxed the average is fine (my screen is only 60hz), but the drops to low are at best very annoying, and at worst making the game unplayable for me... interestingly the ingame fps counter usually reports a lower fps than fraps...those min fraps 20fps show as 10-11 on the ingame counter. As there seems to be a parity between low/medium and high/max in terms of the bench results i got, I did a bunch of tests where I tried various combos of settings as i thought it would be easy to find the settings which were causing the fps drop, but the process takes ages.. and I'm not convinced i can reliably set anything above the stock medium without experiencing the fps drop... scratching my head over this a bit... so...what do you think, cpu past it? bugged? working as intended? anyone got a list of which settings are most cpu intensive? cheers all dash
  13. SirQsDad

    Full screen problem

    OK so I played a few days with windowed screen. But mouse went down and clicked some of my icons and that was no good. So I went full screen. Now the problem starts. When clicking on "Play" the screen flickers a few times and then desktop is back. The game seems to be up and running but I cant get there. If I in task bar click on the WOW icon that indicates it is up and running I get a popup window telling me that "Client already running..." The only thing I can do is shut down client and not play the game. I think it is a resolution thing and/or that I have three screens. I have tried to run the wot_pref.bat script and it worked once. But now it have no effect. Since the graphic setting is inside the game I cant change resolution or anything like that. I suggest that the graphic settings are reachable already from the first login screen. But that will only help me when it is implemented. What can I do now to go on playing?
  14. SFCGunny313

    Chat Channels

    Need a bit of assistance here. Long ago, I created a chat channel for my clan, but I did not choose the password option (I know, noob mistake there). So, now I have people who were removed from my clan, but I can't kick them from the channel, nor can I find a way to add a password to an existing channel. Am I missing a setting somewhere?
  15. ReapingKnight

    Forum Display

    Hi guys, lately I've been having an issue loading these forums from work whilst on lunch, and it seems to be due to the articles not being split into pages. I select a topic and then it just tries to load for ages and nothing happens, whilst on the WoT site it'll load page 1 of 3 etc....then I can browse the pages...what I'd like to know is if there is a setting on the site for this? Thanks,
  16. thepuma2012

    settings - controls

    is there anywhere to find everything explained of the settings and then mainly the controls. for example - alternative mouse settings: what does it do? under camera - track object: what does it do? and more important: before latest update I had the white aeria for aiming torpedo s under middle mouse button. Now it is gone and i can t pre-aim torpedo s and i cannot find how to set it.
  17. Tatsfield

    Display ship name

    In the in-game settings window there is an option to display the names of ships. It seems to make no difference whether I check the option box or not. All I see on the ID is the ship type and the damage level. Where are these names supposed to be displayed? Am I not looking in the right place? If they are to be seen with the ID info, what am I doing wrong to get them to display. I notice other players can address me in the coms with my player name and ship name but I have no idea who the DD in the northern corner of the battleground might be! Can anyone advise me on this area of topic as full communications make for a better game.