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Found 5 results

  1. Back during the Deep Dark Days of EU-missions pre November 2017, where rewards were meagre and requirements were ridiculous, it was very hard to earn premium goodies, like port-slots. So quite a lot of people had to resort to buying slots (at a discount) in order to be able to expand their ports and house their fleet of ships. Other regions had better chances at earning free portslots during those days. Now that events are harmonised, portslots are now quite easily and regularly earnable... with the issue being that in my case I'm now sitting with an abundance of unused port-slots. At this moment, I've got 21 at my disposal, and hardly anything to put them in. Sure, I can fill them with premium ships, but the ones in the premium shop already come with their own slot, and in the techtree there aren't much slot-less premiums left... So... Would Wargaming allow for an event where we can exchange some excess portslots for other stuff, like doubloons, or the new oil/coal/steel currency, or...?
  2. Lost at sea... for all those in peril on the sea: There may be a technical bug or glitch, and I submitted a ticket, because: I sold the Tier IV GB bb "Orion" after completing grinding the 22,000 xp for the Tier V "Iron Duke"... in order to get the next tier ship in the port. Alas everything went missing in action (MIA). Davy Jones' cyber locker. Instead however, I literally LOST all research on the Orion, all upgrades (hull etc) and ALL XP, including the 22,000 for the next ship.... I can see my stats for playing the now gone Tier IV, yet in the tree it appears as if I never owned it & played it, let alone (very grindy) grinded out 22,000 of painful XP in that low tier slow bb for the next ship over many games... That XP vanished. Into thin air. I now have neither an Orion, & cannot buy her back, nor the hard earned XP , for the Iron Duke, , just an empty port slot that was my GB bb line slot... all just somehow 'lost at cyber-sea' !? Importantly, There was no disclaimer or warning at all, when busy selling it, that both the ship, AND the XP, would be "un-researched and de-materialised" (I'm shocked into a loss 4 words right now) permanently and couldn't be bought back nor MY own hard grinded hard earned XP used for the next ship. A bizarre kinda 'back to the future' houdini disappearance act is afoot, beware. This isnt april fools yet, nor halloween event... Moreover, there is no mention I can find of any new change in WG policy on this issue; after all it is illogical and irrational.. (no comment iro WG here) and still works in Wot & WOWP. Support, being their "customer comes first", "customer is right", usual helpful enthusiastic politburo are not getting it, they want to backdate and 'reset' my account (which is irrelevant as this applies for MISTAKENLY selling a premium ship, [NB support were most emphatic: but comrade, be warned, this can bizarrely only be done once ever in your life time] & NOT legitimately selling a tech tree ship, in order to progress to the next ) , Support simply ignored the disappearing XP grinded btw.. dont ask them to try multi task. I care far more about getting MY grinded out XP BACK so I can progress and get the hard earned next Tier V ship in port, more than buying the old tier IV tbh, although the principle remains) Perhaps support may realise there is some fault or error here, a technical glitch in the patch or something. It Has really discouraged me. At the least, I have given up grinding the GB bb line now. Farewell Conqueror. It all just somehow evaporated . I cant help but think of the Titanic here. If this missing in action (MIA) has happened twice to me, perhaps I should too walk the plank. Players, especially new players from Steam, BE WARNED! This could happen to you too. The Wot and WoWP XP & tier progression system seems to be torpedoed and listing to keel in WoWs PS After checking I have now noticed that the same has occurred to my Myoko too. All researched ship & upgrades and remaining XP have vanished. (while I was waiting to get the next in line Mogami into the port slot on a Tier VIII sale). So there suddenly goes my grind for the IJN cruiser line into thin air too.. all 'lost at sea' WG !? Heres a mission for you: I'll buy something from you again, if you can find MY missing in action (MIA) XP for the tech tree GB Tier V, and the IJN Tier VIII ? or have they vanished into the bermuda triangle of WG cyber matrix.
  3. Renegade334_S7

    Selling a ship with special event skin

    Ahoy, mateys! I've got a question I hope will be quick to be answered. I managed to win a Bismarck during the Hunt event, along with its two special camouflages (Last Conquest and From the Bottom of the Ocean). Now, if I join my current free XP stash to the tally, I'm something like 13K XP away from unlocking the Tier IX Friedrich der Große, which of course fills me with eagerness. Since I already have the Tirpitz in my port, the Bismarck becomes kinda redundant in my eyes and I could use the credits to help finance my soon-to-be-here Tier IX. But the question is, upon selling the Bismarck, what happens to the special skins I have unlocked during the Hunt? Perma-camo is permanent as stated by the wiki, sure, but what about the special, event-related skins/camos? Do I get them back if I repurchase the Bismarck sometime in the future...or will they be gone forever once the transaction is completed? The wiki says nothing about that. Thanks in advance.
  4. dornio

    Not being able to sell my ship?!

    So i have multiple upgrades attached on my Aoba Cruiser, i know that when i chose the upgrade i couldn't turn back unless i used actual money (doubloons), okay, reasonable. But I just found out that I cant even sell my ship anymore with these upgrades attached, I am forced to pay doubloons if i want to SELL my ship. I just dont understand why they would restrict me from selling my ship if i have upgrades on it. I believe that this should be changed, I mean I just want to sell the ship, I don't want to attach another upgrade or something... Just why is this like this...?
  5. P.S. The "black" censorship is for the IJN flags that I'm not allowed to show on the forum, if the policy didn't change during the last weeks. Edit: I'm really dumb.