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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, From Reddit: Almost 50K Secondaries damage to "Yamato" in 40 seconds from IFHE Secondary build "Grosser Kurfurst"... I always thought this was just a myth... Leo "Apollo11"
  2. Henri IV Secondary Build

    Hi all, first time typer on the forum, i have been playing WOWS since open beta. After successfully getting my 19 point captain on my Henri IV, i've been trying a few configurations to get the most out of the ship, mostly specking it out to improve range, turret rotation and AA. I've found that later in the game when i've managed to save half my health pool up i like to engage at close range using my speed and manouverability to dodge shells, and using the torpedoes to cut the majority of the health off or act as a deterrant. After playing a load of games in a row mostly hunting down destroyers and getting frustrated at the Henri's slow reload speed, i noticed something. Of all the tier 10 cruisers in the game the Henri shares the joint best secondaries with the des moine at 6x2 127mm guns. The Zao has its 100mm with a fire chance of 6%, the Hindenburg similarly has 105mm's with a fire chance of 5%, The Moskva has the least guns with only 4x2 130mm with a fire chance of 8% and the minotaur has none. However, the Des Moines fire chance on its secondaries is only 5%! The Henri has instead 6x2 127mm guns with a fire chance of 9%. So my question i pose to you all, is whether for the last 4 points on my Captain i could instead take manual secondaries as a viable option, rather than distributing the points to improve, AA and fire chance. Just as some more information my modules are Main armaments Mod. Aiming system mod. gun fire control system 2 mod. Engine boost mod. steering gear mod. and concealment mod. And my Skills at this moment are expert loader, expert marksmen, Adrenaline rush (to compensate for the slower reload), Basic fire training, superintendant, concealment expert and obviously manual secondaries. Would love to here some opinions on this load out and whether i'm wasting my time and could instead use an even better build?
  3. I would like peoples thoughts on this

    I would like to ask some peoples thoughts on having German BB's Secondaries changed, Looking at some games (I've not played any of the German BB line so no stats on my end) but German BB's look like that get a good amount of damage from fires set but secondaries (We can look at maybe be an average if someone can find the stats) Now what I would like to purpose is that German BB's change from having mostly ( or in some case only) HE to having mainly AP just to cut down on the amount of overall damage that they can passively do thanks to the fires, keep the secondaries in all other aspects the same. I feel that this keeps the Germans "quirk" for lack of a better word of being AP orientated whilst not harming their brawling potential to much. What are peoples thoughts on this suggestion, what would you change about what I've suggested ? Would you not change it ?