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Found 18 results

  1. [EDIT] This build is accurate for WoWS v.0.8.0 and before. Some small edits have been made that may help in v0.8.1. Ladies and gentleman, Welcome to my personal Große Kurfürst build/small guide that is specifically build around its 128mm L/61 SK G/42 and 150mm L/55 SK C/28 secondaries. The Große Kurfürst is a ship with an abundance of secondaries, containing 5x2 128mm and 2x2 150mm secondary turrets on both sides of a ship, giving it a total of 10x2 128mm and 4x2 150mm secondary turrets. This build is thus intended for close-range fights (brawls) with other ships, using its secondaries primarily to deal with enemies faster. With a range of 11,7km for the secondaries. I'll describe which modules, consumable, upgrades, signals and commander skills I use and why I use them for this build. Its pros and cons will be also be given for this build compared to other builds. Also, I'll describe how some of the mechanics of secondaries work in this build and give some alternative choices for people who wish to use this build in a slightly different way. Further more, links to videos explaining some mechanics around HE and IFHE for the Große Kurfürst will be included. Now, let's begin with the commander skills: As seen above, the chosen skills are: Preventative Maintenance: basic skill that prevents your modules from getting disabled 30% of the time. Do note, this skill does not help against module destruction! Seen how secondary and AA modules can only be either working or destroyed, this skill doesn’t affect these. Priority Target; helps with situational awareness. Alternatively, one can choose the Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft skill for when you need to spot something behind a mountain or smoke in a more consistent matter. Adrenaline Rush; increases the firing speed of both your main and secondary armaments as your HP decreases. Basic Firing Training; -10% reload time for secondaries, with the added bonus of 20% stronger AA. Manuel Fire Control for Secondary Armament; -60% to dispersion for the secondaries! Only downside is, is that you must select a single target to be fired upon, except for automatic firing. An alternative could be to forgo this skill, taking something else like Fire Prevention or Concealment Expert instead. (Taking anything other than a 4 point skill could change the whole commander skill setup. Thus I will not go in depth about other possibilities.) Advanced Firing Training; An important skill for this build giving you 20% extra range for your secondaries and AA range! Inertia Fuse for HE Shells; Now the most interesting skill for this build, the IFHE! I’ll explain later in detail why this skill is a really great skill for the Großer Kurfürst with secondaries! In short, it allows you to reliably deal actual damage with your secondaries. Next up are the upgrades, together with the Main Battery module: Main Batteries: Personal Preference; Seen how the Großer Kurfürst is given the option of both a 406mm and 420mm main gun armament, it is generally considered that the 406mm is a better choice. The 420mm doesn’t give much extra overpenetration bonus, and the little extra damage and penetration gets countered with a 3 second longer reload. (29 vs 32 seconds) But in the end, it is still all personal preference. Slot 1: Auxiliary Armament Modification 1; This gives both your secondary batteries and AA mounts a 100% extra survivability, meaning they have double the amount of HP. Slot 2: Damage Control System 1; The basic survivability upgrade for any BB. Slot 3: Secondary Battery Modification 2; A welcoming upgrade that increases the maximum firing range for the secondaries even further with 20%, as well as reducing the maximum dispersion for those with -20%. Alternatively, one can choose the Aiming Systems Modification 1 to help with the Große Kurfürt’s poor main gun accuracy. The downside is, is that you get only a 5%/-5% instead of the 20%/-20% described bonuses for your secondaries. Slot 4: Steering Gears Modification 2; With a poor base rudder shift time of a giant 19,4 seconds, this modification is a must for close range brawling, reducing the time with -20% to 15,5 seconds. To better avoid torpedoes is great, and to zig-zag around a bit so that all your secondaries, and main armament, can fire at the target to then switch back when the enemy is about to fire back, is useful too. Alternatively, one may choose to go Damage Control System Modification 2 to rid yourself of all those pesky fires earlier people will love to put on you. Slot 5: Concealment System Modification 1; The reduced spotting range of 1,78km (17,8km to ~16,0km with camuflage skin) and the useful bonus of 5% increased dispersion for shells that are fired at you. Due to the giant spotting range of the Großer Kurfürst and with the brawling nature of of this build. It will allow you, though, to get closer easier by staying unspotted. Alternatively, one can take the Target Acquisition System Modification. Sometimes you’ll have to head straight into a smoke or around a mountain. This modification will help with all of that and more. The 20% spotting range increase is, admittedly, pretty worthless. It only works in that the enemy ships will appear as solid markers on your mini-map and HUD at 20% longer range than normal. The 20% acquisition range of torpedoes is certainly a welcoming bonus, though sadly, it does not stack with your Hydro, while the Vigilance skill does. So this bonus is only useful when your Hydro is offline. Lastly, the 50% assured acquisition range of ships means that you’ll be able to spot ships around an island or ships in smoke from 3km away, instead of 2km. This is especially useful when you are unspotted, meaning that you can see the enemy 1km earlier than they can see you. This is especially useful when you are approaching ships in smoke, as you’ll be able to shoot them first, and potentially stay unspotted until you are within 2km of them. [EDIT] With the change in meta that v0.8.1 brought in, CSM1 has been nerferd for BBs. Going with TASM may be a more viable choice now. Slot 6: Secondary Battery Modification 3 (or Enhanced Main Armament); Now we arrive at an interesting slot. For this build, the bonus of Secondary Battery Modification 3 is already nice, with an decrease of -20% reload time for your secondaries. But; the Großer Kurfürst has a special upgrade for slot 6 after the captain has completed its special personal combat mission called “Don’t Come Close”. (This mission should automatically be given after having played a single game in the Großer Kurfürst.) This upgrade that can be put in slot 6 reduce your reload time with -15% for both your secondaries and main batteries! This comes with the downsides of reduced maximum firing range of your main armament by -8% and a reduced main turret traverse speed of -7%. In the end, this may come down to the personal preference of the captain, if they can coop with the negatives of this modification or not. Now for the consumable and signal flags. Due to the lack of the Super Intended skill, it’s highly advisable to only use premium version of your consumables. Consumables: Damage Control Party II; Allows the captain to repair the ship quicker between uses. Be advised! Do not waste it! Only use the consumable in the following situation in order: For when you are flooding or save it when you expect to be flooded by an incoming DD or CL with torps; For when you have two fires or more; For when you are very low health and have a single fire; For when you are on fire and are unspotted and expect to not be set on fire, or torpedoed, again soon later. In short, be smart when you use it. Fires and flooding can be healed for a 100%, flooding can still easily kill you! If a captain is unable to repair the flooding, it can shave off about 60% of your total HP pool for a single flood! Repair Party II; A big must consumable for any BB. Make sure you can heal enough HP with it, but don’t wait too long, as you want to make full use of it and don’t want to get killed while only having used it once or twice. Spotting Aircraft I or II; Depending on your choice of your skills (having chosen the Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft or not), a captain may want to save a bit of credits by going for the non-premium version. But a captain does want to use the Spotting Aircraft over the Catapult Fighter. The extra range the Spotting Aircraft gives, can be important at times. Moreover, it gives you a better top-down view when zoomed in, which allows you to better shoot over island or into smokes to blind fire are a concealed ship. (This consumable is especially necessary when the captain has opted to use the Enhanced Main Armament in their slot 6 upgrade.) Hydroacoustic Search II; Naturally, you want to use the premium version of your Hydro. It’s the best Hydro in the game and it’s use is especially important in close-range situation where DD’s and/or smoke are involved. With 5,88km ship detection range and 4,02km torpedo detection range, you’ll be hard to avoid and to be torpedoed. Flags: A big must! Mike Yankee Soxisix; 5% Secondary firing range, -5% secondary reload time and -5% maximum dispersion for secondaries is a given to be used in this build! India X-Ray; A nice 0,5% increase to set ships on fire with your secondaries is always nice. Victor Lima; Once again A nice 0,5% increase to set ships on fire with your secondaries. November Foxtrot; A -5% decrease between use of consumables! Sierra Mike; Captains may want to have a speed boost to get out of harm faster, or close the gap between ships faster so your secondaries may fire! India Delta; Allows your repair party to repair 20% more damage to the ship! India Yankee; The reduced time of -20% to extinguish a fire passively is a great flag in combat! Flag of Choice; Choose any flag you may deem necessary. HE and IFHE: Now let us talk about the IFHE skill and HE in general. For HE to be able to do damage, it has to penetrate the ship’s armour, else the shell will shatter, dealing no damage. (The shell will still be able to start a fire, though!) At a penetration, the HE shell will do 33% damage of the shell damage to the ship, while 100% with a citadel hit*. It is a good thing that HE ignores the angle of impact, leaving the raw armour value to defend against the hit. The only way thus for a HE shell to do damage (excluding fires), is to penetrate the armour. The way HE penetration is normally calculated, is by taking the shell calibre and divide it by 6. For example: The Tier VIII Japanese cruiser Mogami has a stock gun diameter of 155 mm. dividing this by 6, we get a value of 25.83 mm, or 26 mm. This would allow Mogami’s HE shells to penetrate armour sections up to, but not including, 26mm at any angle. But British battleships, German battleships including the secondaries, German cruiser and the Japanese 100mm gun are an exception. They get to divide their caliber by 4 instead of 6. Meaning, the 128mm secondary can penetrate up to, but not including, 32mm of armour. This is unfortunate, as 32mm of armour penetration is a magical number. All Tier X Battleships have at least 32mm armour all around, not including the superstructure. So this is where the IFHE skill comes in. The IFHE skill increases the HE penetration of both main armament and secondaries by 30%, or by a factor of 1,3. So if we take the 128mm’s 32mm penetration value and multiply it by 1,3, we get 41,6mm = 42mm of HE armour penetration! This increase in penetration allows your secondaries to do MUCH more damage to its target! Where they would always shatter against BB’s armour, except super structure, they now almost always will do damage, except when hitting more armoured parts. Sadly, both the 128mm and 150mm are still unable to penetrate 50mm of armour, which some BB’s like the Große Kurfürst itself and some cruisers like the Moskva have on their deck and plating. As for the reduced chance to set fire to your secondaries, this is not a big deal. Due to the sheer volume of fire and accuracy, they’ll still reliably, for secondaries, set fires on enemy ships. For more detail about IFHE and the Große Kurfürst with IFHE, see the included YT videos. *Note: secondaries can in theory hit citadels and cause detonations, but this already rare occurrence with HE is extremely rare for secondaries. Pros: Brawling. You are a deadly ship in any close-range combat. Fighting any other Tier 10 battleship on equal terms at close range will nearly always guarantee you victory, when played correctly; Above average AA suite for a Große Kurfürst. Most other builds for the ship, like a tank build, would focus on survivability and main armament, giving no bonuses to AA like this build does on some fronts; [EDIT] With the changed meta of v0.8.1, the AA suite may be worse than before. Cons: Long-range combat. With your still high detectability range, and short gun range, captains should avoid long-range combat. Attrition. With little emphasis on survivability skills and upgrades, you do not want to be in a battle of attrition. Watch out for HE spam. Commander Skill Point. Nearly all your skill points have to go to secondary skills, leaving you with a very few points left for other skills. Youtube Videos:
  2. Yare_Yare

    Graf Zeppelin Secondaries Question

    Hello i have a Question. Why do the 105mm Secondaries of Graf Zeppelin use the standard caliber/6 formula for armor pen instead of the improved german caliber/4 one? Is this intended or a bug/mistake by devs? 105mm : 6 = 17.5mm = 17mm the value displayed/active ingame 105mm : 4 = 26.5mm = 26mm the value that it should be The 150mm secondaries use the improved formula 150mm : 4 = 37.5mm = 37mm the value displayed/active ingame The complaint seems small but it makes a huge difference because the secondaries cant do damage to some equal tier dds/cruisers like the Mogami (25mm armor) or most DDs( 19mm) .
  3. with the implication that one day subs may come to pvp i came across a question on an ifhe barracuda sec build: while hovering around -5m the secondaries start to shoot while, indicated by torp accuracy, ship still counts as submerged. bots can't deal with it very well hehe, but question to me is @MrConway: is it intended that on can do such kind of stealthfiring with subs sec guns? (guess not?) on another note: what u guys think in general of such a playstyle for submarines? does the idea of dakkadakka subs appeal, scare or disgust? post #6:
  4. Rokko1v

    yamato secondary build?

    ahoy, i was wondering how much sense a yamato secondary build would make. the idea that a ship, that is a beast by default such as the yamato, could just sail past dds and melt them without the use of main guns...while still remaining powerful, does amuse me. take the 3 modules that are for secondaries plus advanced firing training and manual secondary control? or would the viability of the ship suffer too much?
  5. Hi, does anyone know if secondaries shot from short range, lets say BB A and BB C ( pun not intended ) are travelling more or less parallel to one another, with BB C being a bit behind BB A, now we have enemy BB X coming from the prow side of BB A not parallel but almost, lets say roughly 20ish degree angle. All 3 ships are fighting at a range from 5 Km, does BB C's secondary fire, or can it, hit BB A ? And if so can it cause fires also? I would make a pretty picture but my paint skills are somewhat rusty so try to use your conceptional brain power. Thx
  6. Super serious vid with highly scientific and technical data!
  7. Przeszedłem go właśnie i dobiłem do Bismarka. Jestem tym okrętem na tyle zachwycony, że w pocie czoła wyplułem 2 filmiki jako "tribute" dla niego. Jeden filmik to montaż kilku akcji "short range" w wykonaniu Gneisenau: a drugi to moja najlepsza, z 50 rozegranych na nim gier: P.S. Ten drugi filmik jest dość ciekawy, od strony... hmm... komunikacji interpersonalnej w teamie. Generalnie team work nie był naszą najmocniejszą stroną, co wielu graczy mocno podkreślało (mówiąc delikatnie). Torpedy od swoich, nie capowanie zdobytych już punktów, trzymanie się na 20km od przeciwnika mając działa o zasięgu 15km etc, etc, etc. Najlżejszym określeniem było, o ile pamiętam, "PL bot" pod adresem gościa grającego Kirov'em, że o mocniejszych epitetach nie wspomnę (mnie samego korciło opierdolić faceta grającego Nicholasem, który storpedował nasz krążownik i prawie zdjął mnie (torpedom zabrakło ze 300m, ja już nawet nie próbowałem robić uniku). Ale jak się przeanalizuje dokładnie przebieg gry, to właśnie te 2 "pomidory" miały decydujący wpływ na jej wynik. Nie dlatego, że nagle zaczęli grać jakoś niesamowicie, bo wylądowali na szarym końcu stawki graczy, ale po prostu byli akurat tam, gdzie powinni być w tej krytycznej chwili (nie chcę Wam spoilować Anyway.... szanujmy nasz team, bo nawet najgorszy gracz może być "cichym bohaterem zwycięstwa"
  8. Ebu34

    Izumo's secondary.

    Izumo's secondaries actually can do decent damage. As you can see in screenshot it can did approximetly 17K damage especially if you consider this ship actually has stock hull.
  9. Colonel_Boom

    Gneisenau and GK

    Hey, i wanted to talk about the GK secondaries. The GK uses the 128mm multi purpose secondaries derived from the 128mm Flak 40 which was the last generation of heavy anti aircraft weaponry of the Wehrmacht, used in 1943-1945. Ingame the Gneisenau also uses the same 128mm guns. On my research towards the armament setup of the Gneisenau's Hull(B) i found out that the 128mm guns were supposed to be part of the 1943 refit of the Gneisenau which were never realized and the 128mm were never mounted on ships with the exception of the late DDs. Now my question is about buffing the fire chance of these guns. The only difference towards the previous generations 105mm guns is the HE damage(1200 to 1500). The GK actually has a worse secondy setup than the Bismarck/Tirpitz in regard to fire chance because it sacrifices 1 150mm dedicated naval battery turret for them. I would buff the HE fire chance from 5% to 7% to be in harmony with the increase in gun calibre. I also found out that the 128mm can fire shells with a weight of 26kg to 29kg while the 150mm 105mm shoots shells with a weight of 15kg to 16kg which would also support this change. I always found it weird how the secondary armament of the Hull(A) is better than the Hull(B). It feels like you trade naval secondary power for AA secondary power. What do you think? MfG Boom
  10. Crowarior

    HE for all secondaries?

    After playing mutsu I realised that I had 20x140mm secondaries but they all shoot AP and are almost useless. What if WG decides to make all secondaries HE only ?
  11. ChocoSmith

    new mexico secondaries

    whats the distance for secondaries on a fully upgraded new mexico. In game when i highlight over the artillery it says 5.8kms. I have both the captains skill 20% secondaries and the module "secondary battery modifications 2". I thought that should give me a 8km range. in the attached replay twice I have had clevelands in range of the secondaries but they only start firing at around 5.2 kms. Also i noticed with patch 5.0.1 that replays don't seem to be working (they work just can't fast forward or rewind) 20150928_224743_PASB034-New-Mexico-1941_15_NE_north22kexp.zip
  12. Johan_Jung

    Dual-use secondaries? (buff CV)

    Applogies if this has already been answered or is already implemented. Do dual-use secondaries fire simultaneously at enemy ships and aircraft? If they do, it might be a good idea to get rid of that feature since this would buff CVs (and indirectly DDs as well). Engaging aircraft could still be automatic but could be overruled with 'P' (as is the case already with DDs) and the secondaries would thus cease fire/engage only surface targets. It would also be nice to actually observe dual-use secondaries traverse for anti-aircraft fire (rather than just small-calibre AAA as now).
  13. 1000m/s shells with a 2 second reload! Scientific test confirms these as OP! Bonus battle against 5 Clevelands at ! This is naturally a super serious vid and should be taken as such!
  14. Rheneaus

    Henri IV Secondary Build

    Hi all, first time typer on the forum, i have been playing WOWS since open beta. After successfully getting my 19 point captain on my Henri IV, i've been trying a few configurations to get the most out of the ship, mostly specking it out to improve range, turret rotation and AA. I've found that later in the game when i've managed to save half my health pool up i like to engage at close range using my speed and manouverability to dodge shells, and using the torpedoes to cut the majority of the health off or act as a deterrant. After playing a load of games in a row mostly hunting down destroyers and getting frustrated at the Henri's slow reload speed, i noticed something. Of all the tier 10 cruisers in the game the Henri shares the joint best secondaries with the des moine at 6x2 127mm guns. The Zao has its 100mm with a fire chance of 6%, the Hindenburg similarly has 105mm's with a fire chance of 5%, The Moskva has the least guns with only 4x2 130mm with a fire chance of 8% and the minotaur has none. However, the Des Moines fire chance on its secondaries is only 5%! The Henri has instead 6x2 127mm guns with a fire chance of 9%. So my question i pose to you all, is whether for the last 4 points on my Captain i could instead take manual secondaries as a viable option, rather than distributing the points to improve, AA and fire chance. Just as some more information my modules are Main armaments Mod. Aiming system mod. gun fire control system 2 mod. Engine boost mod. steering gear mod. and concealment mod. And my Skills at this moment are expert loader, expert marksmen, Adrenaline rush (to compensate for the slower reload), Basic fire training, superintendant, concealment expert and obviously manual secondaries. Would love to here some opinions on this load out and whether i'm wasting my time and could instead use an even better build?
  15. Zen71_sniper

    Detection in Cyclone

    Hello! I have a question, I just got destroyed by combined Des Moines and Kurfurst, while in Khaba. What happened is the following, it was cyclone and Des Moines was spotting me (NB - he was NOT using radar), however, I got a lot of secondary hits (judging by frequency) from Kurfurst, yet I think that he was not visible? Couldn't see him on minimap or in game. Is it possible that a ship doesn't get detected if it fires secondaries only? If Kurfurst stayed between 8-10 km, and fired only secondaries, he could stay undetected - does it make sense? Thx!
  16. RamboCras

    Fire maximum of secondaries

    Hello, I was wondering, how much do I need to angle my BB to use maximum of secondaries? I notice that when I go straight to target, nose right at him I see secondaries firing from the left and right side. However, you can also angle and do then more secondaries fire? Basically I am asking, how do I get as many secondary guns as possible firing on the enemy? Thank you!
  17. in 2 movies: 1. How to deal with German Brawlers at short distance: 2. My best game with this ship:
  18. AbdelPL

    How to balance secondaries?

    Hi, I am playing both CV, BB, CA and DD. I like the game but the thing that in my view needs change is how BB secondariness works. The fact is that most of BB secondariness are the guns that normal cruisers have. Thus, those guns should behave as cruisers once. For me it is clear that in short range they should literally tear apart anything being brave/stupid enough to come close. If CA/DD comes to close to BB it should die. This is historical reality. But what with the balance then? DD In my view they should depend mainly on being stealthy and undetected up to the moment of attack. If destroyer would remain hidden from battleship it should kill it. Thus I would consider: - either making destroyers torpedo more powerful (so that destroyers become glass-cannon). In this case one hit should causes really significant amount of damage, even a kill. - or making destroyers more stealthye.g. by increasing torpedoes distance together with making torpedoes more accurate at those distances (e.g. by making them faster, at least at the beginning of their travel) - making DD faster and more manoeuvrable so to make them able to avoid BB missles CA Generally Ca should mainly work as anti DD and anty air This would however be boring thus, probably they should also excel at middle distances where battleships cannons would be inaccurate and CA could use their speed to make DPS This are only my thoughts. Do you also thing that in short fights battleships should kill anything which appears nearby? If yes what are your suggestions as regards balancing this buff?