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Found 3 results

  1. andysauruss

    Seatle downgrade...

    Soo what in the F is up with the seatle.... it seems like in every way this ship is worse than Cleveland. Now first I need to say that I love the Cleveland. Did not feel a grind at all. So to sum it up: Turret traverse, dispersion and firing range for the guns. No improvement there! Maneuverability is worse ruddershift and turningradius in exchange for a WHOPPING 0,5K speed Concealment is worse Armor on paper is better but in actuality you get one giant citadel in return Only thing better is its AA and thats a good thing because of CV swarming the game of course and that dual porpouse guns with those assome traverse speed for keeping up with those fast moving planes is epic!! Wargaming WTF??? this ship absolutely is the worse and is no improvement what so ever... this is going to be the worst grind. What are your thoughts gamers?
  2. DataDemon

    Seatlle 14.7km range???

    Am I wrong to consider 14.7km range on Seattle as bad, when Worcester has 16.7 and Cleveland get 15.6? I mean yes, I can slot the range module, but is that the intention or is it a bug? With range upgrade you get to 17.1 km, meaning the DPM on worcester will become just twice of the seattle. Kinda unbalanced, is it?
  3. valoaa

    USS Seattle Gun Range wtf

    Just noticed when you unlock the USS Seattle B Hull the range is reduced by 0.9km from 14.3km to 13.4km (1km from 15.7km to 14.7km with the range upgrade.) What is this about? Can somebody explain this? Possible bug? (unlikely). I can't think of any other ship where this occurs. The guns are exactly the same - 152mm/47 D.P Mk17. Nor does the actual Artillery stat go down, it remains at 42/100.