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Found 13 results

  1. Ahoi an alle an der 11. Ranked Season habe ich wieder teilgenommen und viel Zeit investiert um Rank 1 zu werden. Während ich auf die Belohnung in Form einer Jolly Roger Flagge warte lese ich, dass diese nicht mehr als Belohnung seit Season 10 vergeben werden soll. Es war der wichtigste Grund für mich bis Rank 1 zu spielen um auch zu den "Piraten" zu gehören. Diese Flagge sorgt für Ansporn von neuen, sowie auch von tüchtigen Spielern, besser zu werden, da jeder sie gerne hätte. Warum würde sie jeder gerne haben? In Gefechten bringt sie ANNERKENNUNG, sowie eine gewisse AKZEPTANZ bei Tipps von Spielern die diese Flagge tragen. Außerdem bringt sie CHARAKTER ins Spiel. Für das Entwickler Team sowie die Spieler sollte sie (so denke ich) nur positiven Nutzen bringen! Und in dem Fall, dass diese in Zukunft für andere Materialien als Copper erhältlich sein würde kann ich euch versichern, dass diese Flagge ihre Symbolik verlieren würde. Gebt doch mal eure Meinung dazu ab, wenn euch das Thema auch verwundert/verärgert oder was auch immer. Sail on, Allied_Immanuel
  2. So we all know that the new season will be the playground of the prems but which one do you think will the best this season?
  3. Players who reach Rank 1 for the third or fifth time will have their coupon for the "Ships" category updated two weeks after the season's end, just in case they have already redeemed it. This is done in order to allow players to obtain Flint or Black in a comfortable manner by spending their coupon. If the coupon has not been redeemed, an additional coupon will not be added to the player's account.
  4. Leo_Apollo11

    Ranked "Season 10" - Observations...

    Hi all, Ranked "Season 10" - Observations I must confess that I had total "burnout" regarding this Ranked season... constant alternation of "Ranked" / "Clan Wars" / "Events" lead to over saturation and players (me included) really doesn't like it because they feel like they "MUST" do something instead of just playing and enjoying the game... I have reached my usual goal of "Rank #10" with fewer battles yet (IMHO going below Rank #10 requires too much time and effort - this time there is nice "Steel" reward and I would really really love to do it but I simply have no time). I played 21 games (14 victories and 7 defeats - out of those 7 defeats I was #1 in my team in 4 occasions so I had just 3 reversals in total). I only played my trusty BBs (I used my "Alabama" with great success before and this was my first time with my "Yamato): Discussion I have played this "Ranked Season 10" very slowly - just a few games per week if that at all - so I experienced battles at the start / middle / end of the season. I use "MatchMaking Monitor" to see how good/bad players are in both my and enemy team (Please note: for ranked it shows only stats for currently used ship by player in current season). In most games I was the only player with my ship ("Alabama" or "Yamato") in Ranked Season 10 with WinRate above 50% and with damage worth mentioning - sometimes friendly/enemy ships had OK damage but their currently used ship WinRate in Ranked Season 10 was still below 50%. Nonetheless teams were rather good and played well despite stats - there was even nice coordination and chat! There were, of course, instances where1-2 players yoloed and died very quickly but, generally speaking, I was very very pleasantly surprised to see that players know what to do in game! Please note this same behavior happened regardless when I played (i.e. the start / middle / end of the season). The worst part, for me at least, of the Ranked Season 10 were CVs. As luck (and MM RNGesus) would have it when you have CV in game it usually means that one side has: UNICUM "purple" stats CV with 60%+ WinRate, 100K+ average damage and 2 kills per game in their currently used CV in Ranked Season 10 and the other side has: BAD "red" stats CV with 30%+ WinRate, 30K+ average damage and 0.5 kills per game in their currently used CV in Ranked Season 10 As one could guess the side with worse CV was doomed from the start... Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I noticed that, perhaps for the first time, we don't have any thread pinned for current (and soon to be over) "Ranked Season 10". @MrConway ?
  5. SkullBreaker007

    Next season of team and ranked battles?

    Hey I wanted to know when wilk the next season for team and ranked battle start, if it is not confirmed when does it usually start?
  6. Number of Players: 7 vs 7 Allowed Maps: Only those with 2 caps, no Epicenter Ship Tier: VIII (8) - it's the most balanced and popular tier and also used in tournaments Ship Limit #1: 2x DD, 3x CA, 3x BB, 1x CV Ship Limit #2: Max. 3 ships with smoke, 1 with radar Ranked Mode Season 7 Differences compared to Season 6: -------------------​-------------------​-------------------​-------------------​--------- 1) Number of stars required for each rank is increased roughly twice (with some exceptions): - Ranks above 10: 5 stars - Ranks 6-10: 8 stars - Ranks 2-5: 10 stars This change is made to compensate for higher star rewards and to allow creation of more accurate rewarding system. 2) Star rewards: A) Winning Team - rank 1 xp player will gain 3 stars (usually someone who did work for another 1-2 players) - rank 2,3 xp players will gain 2 stars (usually someone who played very well too) - rank 4,5,6,7 xp players will gain 1 star (usually someone who died early or had bad luck or got totally carried by others) B) Losing Team - rank 1 xp player will gain 1 star - rank 2,3 xp players will NOT lose any star - rank 4,5,6,7 xp players will lose 1 star What will this system mean for us? - it will positively motivate players to not THROW away games once 1 or 2 allies die early because if you continue playing, you will be rewarded by increasing your chance to not lose a star - it will motivate players to play and perform well even in case of inevitable loss because they can still rank 1 and get a star - it will motivate players to play even if they are going to win, because if they are just going to get carried by others, they will get less stars than those who actually did something for victory - right now, good players are constantly being frustrated by getting 2nd by small difference in xp and losing star even in very well played games against all the odds -> this new system will be less frustrating as it will be finally skill based ranked battles - good players will get to rank 1 faster because system will reward them by getting (or at least not losing star) even if they were unlucky and got team full of potatoes; estimated number of battles for the TOP players to reach rank 1 would be around 100-120 (which is true if you check the leaderboards for season 6), while estimated number of battles for poor players would be around 400-500. But the point is everyone would be less frustrated. Imagine this suggestion similar to current system, where you could get half (0.5) of stars as partial reward for your performance. It's just all doubled (even the rank requirements) for easier counting. 3) All-Star League: - there is a lot of good players and many of them are giving up ranked battles because the frustration level is disasterous; with these changes we would see increase to quality of gameplay and more players at rank 1 (which is not bad thing; everyone will need to fight for it the same and prove their quality) - after reaching rank 1, you will be playing with other rank 1 players (in case that matchmaking takes more than 3 minutes, it will match you with ranks 1-5 instead... this is temporary solution for first days of league before players reach it) - this league will have own leaderboard and it will be the ultimate and most prestigeous competition for solo players with unique prizes at it's end - to make the league fair and remove serious advantages of players who simply have time to play hundreds of battles in short period, the system will record your top 50 battles played while in league; if you perform better in battle 51 (or higher) than you did for example in battle 23, then results of battle 23 are replaced with 51 in your seasonal record; and based on your performance/stars/damage done and other stats in your top 50 battles the leaderboard and ranking is made 4) All-Stars League Rewards: - exclusive ships (tier 8-9) for high ranked players - exclusive flags (with economic bonuses) - camos, signals, credits, doubloons, premium, etc. - exclusive ships (tier 6-7) for lower ranked players - unique equipment for getting over specific milestones (so even if you get not into the top ranks, if you get over some statistic value, you get reward) - the rewards by rank should be that higher ranks always get all that below ranks have + something more 5) Flag improvement: There is only few (2-3?) flags with economic bonuses and if someone made the efforts to get one, he shouldn't be forced to use only that one for all the time, because no-one likes to play with self-inflicted penalty. Instead, let player to pick any of the hard-earned flags and apply all flag economic bonuses to all of them. There is not many of those and they are usually very small (like 5%) or in case of more powerful ones they are very limited (like 10 players on server, only temporarily as tournament reward). So it should be no problem at all (especially when these players are usually the most active ones who pay a lot for in-game stuff, make videos, posts about the game and put it simply... make WG famous and rich). Summary: All is written above, so feel free to express what you think, how you like or hate this idea and so on. /flame on TL;DR: I recommend you read it fully to understand the PROs and CONs fully. Also some of the posters below are mentioning tiers, maps, or ship limits. Let me assure you, the purpose of this post is to lineup core of the rules. After it's changed, I don't really mind if we play with tier 4, 6, 7, 8 or 10. With these changes I could easily be happy even with the epicenter, lol Keep that in mind.
  7. Oleum, latin for oil. We are mature and play competitive. Depending on season, ranked, division and clan battles. In team, we use tactics and strategies and aim to win and rank. Join OLEUM now and go up ranks with us. We only accept experienced T10 players able to play clan battles. Clan Discord server is available and a must use for clan Battles. Any questions, contact Guard or Boom, sink 'm all!
  8. TLDR: Die reizvolle Spielidee an Ranked: Man klettert Ränge rauf und bekommt dafür Belohnungen. Das Problem: Wenn jemand mit einer bspw. 60% WR raufklettert geht das nur, weil andere Spieler eine negative WR haben. Der Widerspruch: Wenn aber die Spielidee das Raufklettern ist, warum sollte man mit einer niedrigen WR überhaupt weiterspielen? Die aktuelle Lösung: mMn schlecht implementierte Sonderregeln -> Rang-1er dürfen nicht mehr weiterspielen (damit die anderen auch hochklettern dürfen) -> "best loser" (man braucht keine positive WR um raufzuklettern) -> sichere Ränge (man behält zumindest seinen aktuellen Rang, trotz 23% WR) -> Bonus-Sterne für bestimmte erreichte Ränge -------------------------------- Wall-o-Text: Das Belohnungssystem wird momentan umgestellt. Das Ziel ist es nicht mehr einen bestimmten Rank für eine ganz spezielle Belohnung zu erreichen: Rang 1 -> Flint, Black, viele Dublonen, Piratenflagge Rang X -> Radar-Module, Signalflaggen etc. Sondern, dass man Stahl verdient, je höher der Rang desto mehr, und dann damit Shoppen geht. Das führt evt. zu mehr Spielern und mehr Gefechten, aber auch zu weniger Vielspielern, weil man nicht mehr unbedingt Rang 1 / Rang X erreichen muss. MMn ist das der perfekte Zeitpunkt endlich das Belohnungssystem vom MM zu entkoppeln. Es gab Vorschläge von leidenschaftlichen Ranked-Vielspielern. Und auch etliche Threads die ein skillbasiertes MM fordern mit dem Hauptgegenargument "Dann spiel doch Ranked". Ich nenne mal als Vorreiter @Mad_Skunky und @Chassadhi Wie wäre es also wenn man Ranked dauerhaft laufen lässt? Falls die Spielerzahl nicht hoch genug sein sollte, wäre auch ein wechselndes Zeitfenster denkbar, bspw. Montags 8-10 und 17-20 Uhr, Dienstags 0-4 und 14-16 Uhr, Samstags 12-14 und 20-23 Uhr etc. Also ähnlich wie bei den Clan-Wars. Die Spielerschaft soll ja nicht zwischen Randoms und Ranked massiv gesplittet werden. Die "Seasons" wären dann bspw: August-September Tier 9, Oktober-November Tier 5 etc. ELO-System: Gute Spieler spielen dauerhaft gegen gute. Und nicht so gute Spieler dauerhaft gegen nicht so gute. Alle wie bisher auf derselben aktuellen Tierstufe. Das Bewertungssystem kann gerne diskutiert werden. Als grobe Vorabeinstufung bspw. ein solo recent ELO-Rating, zu Beginn basierend auf Leistungen in Randoms, in erster Linie mit dem entsprechenden Schiff (WR, %-Schaden etc.), und ferner mit der entsprechenden Schiffsklasse und schiffsunabhängige overall stats. Und mit zunehmender Gefechtszahl in Ranked dann basierend auf Schiffs-spezifischen Leistungen im Ranked. Zusammen mit diesem groben Rating greift ein ELO-System: falls die WR über mehrere Dutzend Spiele über oder unter 50% liegt, wird man im ELO-System entsprechend hoch- oder runtergestuft. Je länger der losing / winning streak, desto weniger werden die Schiffsstats berücksichtig. Man hat also mit jedem Schiff ein aktuelles ELO-Rating. Der Durchschnitt all dieser ELO-Ratings, gewichtet nach der Anzahl der Gefechte, ergibt den aktuellen Rang (1 bis 23893475), der anzeigt, wie gut man ist (für den E-pen). Bei einem Sieg bekommt man Stahl zum Shoppen. Je höher das ELO-Rating, desto mehr Stahl pro Sieg. Vorteile (hoffentlich): Man muss nicht aufhören zu spielen, wenn man Rang 1 erreicht hat. Man kann regelmäßig faire skillbasierte MMs genießen.Vielspieler und gute Spieler bekommen weiterhin mehr Belohnungen. Absichtlich verlieren bringt nix. Man steht nicht unter Zeitdruck, einen bestimmten Rang bis zum Ende der Season zu erreichen. Kein "best-loser-ich-sichere-mir-den-Stern-durch-Campen". Kein "ich-komm-nicht-mehr-voran-und-mache-einfach-2-Wochen-Pause-damit-ich-wieder-gewinne". Jeder Spieler hat einen aktuellen Rang, der nicht durch Vielspielen / Hochsterben / kurz vor Season-Ende spielen "manipuliert" werden kann. Discuss pls
  9. Ranked Season 4 Starting in 9 Days! Full Translated announcement (fomr RU website) can be found here: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/53000-4th-ranked-season-starting-on-the-10062016/page__st__20__pid__1067298#entry1067298 22 Ranks: (Low = Better) Irrevocable: 1, 12, 15, 18, 20,21,22 Ranks 22-16: Tier 5 and 6 Ranks 16-2: Tier 6 and 7 Rank 1: Tier 10 (allows you to play against other Rank 1 players once you reached it) Rewards: Rank 1 (irrevocable): 100x Type 3 Camo, 2500 doubloons, 5.000.000 Credits (no flag yet) Rank 2: 1000 doubloons Rank 3: 50x Juliet Charlie, 50x November Foxtrot, 50x Juliet Whiskey Unaone, 50x November Echo Setteseven, 50x India Delta, 50x, India X-Ray, 50x Sierra Mike, 50x, India Yankee, 50x Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, 50x Victor Lima Rank 4: 100x Type 5 Camo Rank 5: Flag: The Premiere League Rank 6: 2.000.000 Credits Rank 7: 50x Juliet Charlie, 50x November Foxtrot, 50x India Delta, 50x, India Yankee, 50x Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, 50x Hotel Yankee Rank 8: 50x Mike Yankee Soxisix, 50x Juliet Whiskey Unaone, 50x November Echo Setteseven, 50x India X-Ray, 50x Sierra Mike, 50x Vicctor Lima Rank 9: 50x India Bravo Terrathree, 50x Equal Speed Charlie London, 50x Papa Papa, 50x Zulu Hotel, 50x Zulu Rank 10: Flag: The First League Rank 11: 25x Juliet Charlie, 25x November Foxtrot, 25x India Delta, 25x , India Yankee, 25x Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, 25x Hotel Yankee Rank 12 (irrevocable): 25x Mike Yankee Soxisix, 25x Juliet Whiskey Unaone, 25x November Echo Setteseven, 25x India X-Ray, 25x Sierra Mike, 25x Vicctor Lima Rank 13: 25x India Bravo Terrathree, 25x Equal Speed Charlie London, 25x Papa Papa, 25x Zulu Hotel, 25x Zulu Rank 14: 25x Juliet Charlie, 25x November Foxtrot, 25x Juliet Whiskey Unaone, 25x November Echo Setteseven, 25x India Delta, 25x , India X-Ray, 25x Sierra Mike, 25x , India Yankee, 25x Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, 25x Victor Lima Rank 15 (irrevocable): Flag: The Second League Rank 16: 24h Premium Account Rank 17: 10x Juliet Charlie, 10x November Foxtrot, 10x India Delta, 10x , India Yankee, 10x Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, 10x Hotel Yankee Rank 18 (irrevocable): 10x Mike Yankee Soxisix, 10x Juliet Whiskey Unaone, 10x November Echo Setteseven, 10x India X-Ray, 10x Sierra Mike, 10x Vicctor Lima Rank 19: 10x India Bravo Terrathree, 10x Equal Speed Charlie London, 10x Papa Papa, 10x Zulu Hotel, 10x Zulu Rank 20 (irrevocable): 10x Type 5 Camo Rank 21 (irrevocable): 5x Juliet Charlie, 5x November Foxtrot, 5x Juliet Whiskey Unaone, 5x November Echo Setteseven, 5x India Delta, 5x , India X-Ray, 5x Sierra Mike, 5x , India Yankee, 5x Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, 5x Victor Lima Rank 22 (irrevocable): none
  10. FloppyCopy

    GOLD - Clan Wars - Recruits

    Hello fellow captains! We need more members that wants to play Clan Wars - Season 03, either for our "first team" (trying to be competitive) or the more casual "second team". We are a fairly small clan at the moment, so if you look to play for the Stalingrad flag, look no more! We require you to have a keyboard, possibly a computer screen and maybe some teamplay skills. All applicants will be considered through stats. If in doubt, we will play a couple of games with ya, before final decision. www.gold-clan.com Quick info about our achievements in Clan Wars so far: Season1: Top20 teams - Typhoon League 1 Season2: Typhoon League 2 Season3: Hopefully better?
  11. CrniVrag

    Ranked battle season

    Ahoy ye bilge rats! Sooooo... I was playing some ranked battles and noticed that the season will end in 1 month. I tried to search around the forums for the answer but I can't find any topics on this. My question is: What the hell happens at the end of the ranked battle season? Is there a prize or something like that (), or are we just guinea pigs for now, testing those ranked battles on live servers ()? The ranked battles are quicker and need a bit more team coordination, but there isn't much incentive to play them since they often yield a smaller reward per battle. Your thoughts?
  12. While I work on improving the algorithm. Here are the Clan Battles winrate. Have not included teams in lower leagues.