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Found 4 results

  1. MMR, don't be sick, please!

    Didn't found out, where should I post it, so, made topic myself. I understand, that game is actively developed, but one thing I though was clear is that maded assets are reused. so, WoT mmr should migrate to ships. Yet, it seems, some kind of terribly old versione migrated, as currently I see funny (not at all, actually) bugs, which was active in Wot in early stages. In this one, everything seems ok, right? But, well, I know Wyomings, I know Roman Numbers, and I can tell for 100% sure, that uneven avarage tier leads to... right, difference in hit points. And as game mechanics mainly are build on hit points - damage, it is serious kick. It is also worth to mention, that 3 squads against one means absolutely nothing. In WoT I personaly can tear apart whole enemy team in solo (I'm serious) but with platoon of my fearsome friends - it is almost absolute 90% winrate. While in WoW it doesn't seem like that, as only bonus you can have in squad is - at least someone listens to your tactical decisions. Rarely it wins games. Here, take a look: And here is awesome one, which was totally painful and nothing good came out of this. I might understand that there was some kind of problem with squads. But c'mon, server couldn't simply check before assembling teams, that their basic count is uneven? What's wrong with basic math?
  2. Se soir, je me decide à me connecter au jeu, motivé, a fond, décidé à jouer mon Izumo toute la soirée histoire d'avancer mon grind XP pour le Yamato, j'en profite. La bête est full. Conso, drapeau, camou, la total ! Je lance une partie, Yaaaaarh, ça va roxxer. le porte avion ennemi decide que j'étais un jambon de premier choix, normal, le plus gros de ma team, en taille comme en tier. Les escadrilles arrivent, plein pot, le CV, un BB, 3 CA me défendent, les AA rugissent, je cible à tout va, les avions dégringolent les un après les autres...joie ! Un seul dans le tas réussi à passer le barage, lache son poisson avant de mourir, la torpille rugit sont Poï Poï Poï caracteristique, elle me prend en plein milieu du navire, dans la ceinture anti torpille et... Je suis roulé en boule sous mon bureau, pleurant à chaude larme. J'ai oublié le drapeau anti explo. Si vous aussi vous avez des Fail de l'espace, que les reptiliens, les illuminatis, et la règle 42 vous conchie, venez poster ici, avec la petite histoire qui va bien ! (Et dans la bonne humeur, sinon je troll le contrevenant !)
  3. just a suggestion, feedback

    I made the same screen shot like 6 times because unlike world of tanks, world of warships does not give feedback when making a screenshot. its not a big or important thing its just one of those little convienient things everyone likes. also not completly relevant, but i think i finnaly got the hang of destroyers.
  4. Screenshots (straight and artistic)

    I didn't find any topic like this and I think that it's time to make one. So... share your best screenshots here, you can photoshop them or leave straight. Make wallpapers and other stuff. For newbies -> ctrl+g = no hud I'll start with Aoba