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Found 14 results

  1. Bonjour à tous, Est-ce qu'il existe une possibilité d'effectuer une capture d'écran du port, le port et le navire, mais sans les fenêtres de dialogue et de sélections ? Comme pendant une bataille avec Ctrl - G
  2. Admiral_Nightingale

    black screen during game session

    hey everyone, Since latest update when i am in battle at random moments my screen turns black and i have to kill the client. I am using a geforce GTX 1070 Ti card. and double checked if all drivers and software were updated. this happened about 6 times now in the past several days. Anyone else have similar experiences?
  3. Hello developers. Thank you for your fantastic game. I am writing to you to suggest you to add on the game screen informations relative to the torpedoes capabilities for a ship: The number of turrets that launch torpedoes The number of torpedoes by turret The range of the torpedoes I made you a little picture example: As you can see from the above image, there are two new lines of additional informations for this destroyer (here the Derzki): 5 x 2: means that the Derzki has 5 turrets each launching 2 torpedoes. 3.0 km: the range of Derzki torpedoes. Since in World Of Warship it is often necessary to change of ship, thoses new informations on the screen will be very useful for everyone, and I sincerely think that they will be very appreciated by all the players. Hoping that my suggestion will catch your attention, Regards, BlueManCa.
  4. combattank

    Screen flickering during game & loading

    This glitch started to appear shortly after 5.10 patch. World of Warships flickering.mp4 1.18MB It occurs during gameplay & map loading, rarely also when in port settings menu. WoWs is the only game doing this, I'm not playing any other WG game currently. I tried: Updating GPU drivers Setting WoWs to use dedicated GPU in nVidia CP enabling Vsync + TB in settings specs: GTX 860m (maxwell) i5 4210H Win 10 64-bit World of Warships flickering.mp4
  5. lup3s

    Post-battle screen bug?

    I was going through screenshots to delete a bunch; and I noticed something about the post-battle screens. First, this is just a minor aesthetic aspect, the 'd' isn't capitalized in the title "Warships destroyed". <-> e.g. "Damage Caused", "Aircraft Destroyed" ... Second, I don't know if this is intended, but the value of "Warships Damaged" is only the amount of ships you've damaged but not destroyed. I think it would be more logical if this value would be the total amount of ships you've damaged. e.g. (screenshot) I damaged and destroyed 3 ships; the "Warships destroyed" shows 3 and the "Warships Damaged" shows 0.
  6. lolletje08

    multi screen (and multi GPU)

    Today i was so crazy to go from one screen up to three screens, have to admit, plays great, though it are different screens. I have a gtx 670 and a gtx 260, the screen in the middle (1440*900) is connected to the gtx 670 and the two screens on the outside (1280*1024) are connected to the gtx 260. When i tried to stretch the window from WoWs it automatically resets to full size window on mainly the main screen (1440*900) sometimes on the other two's. But as far as i tried i am not able to get it over the three screens i have. Though i can do this with WoWp and WoT and other (not WG) games. I have tried to modify the preference file (after i found this in a total strange place compared to WoWp and WoT) but no luck. It starts on the main screen and a little on the screen on the right. then it adapts and goes almost full screen on the main screen. Is my weird setup the problem or doesn't have WG multi gpu/window implemented in the game (which i read quite often on topics from about two months ago) Regards, Lolletje08
  7. Ghostman216

    Screen's blinking on TV

    Hi I tired to play WOWS on my TV like I did with WOT. Unfortunately when I start the game, my TV starts blinking randomly very often. When TV blinks sound also not working. I tried also with not fullscreen mode AND it was also blinking. Whole TV on only game screen. I think there is a problem with communication with catalysts drivers. My firend was playing on TV and there were no problem, but he has nVidia graphic card.
  8. Na dann zeigt mal was ihr bis jetzt erreicht habt
  9. andrija_kaser_1

    Awarded ribbons

    http://prntscr.com/jhn78s The awarded ribbons are blocking the captured zones as you can see. Is there any button that can fix this? I mean, its not really much of an issue but its a bit anoying Anyway this game is awesome and pls reply soon. Thank you. andrija_kaser_1
  10. xSniper1982

    Stuck on Login screen

    Please check this topic for further information. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/155202-stuck-at-logon-screen/?page=3 I am having the same issue as these guys, I have tried ALL of the same things that the Support Teams have suggested. I start the game, get the login screen, click to login and it just takes me back to the login screen. I would also like to add, that, just like these guys I have a Ryzen build. My PC Ryzen7 1800x, MSI B350 Tomahawk, GTX 970, 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RAM From the looks of it it seems to be somehow related to Ryzen setups... possibly paired with MSi boards...??... As stated in THAT thread, the Support Team mention that it is now a known issue. Anyone else having these problems?
  11. First thing first, I am so excited to take part in WoWs' CBT and I can't wait to see all the progress we will make togheter! I am MadC4T as few of you already know and I took part at all the Weekend Tests, I have some degree of experience with the game and generally I tend to be very social with anybody. Introductions apart, I have some questions before I jump in the high seas: The first and most important - Currently, what are the supported screen resolutions? I play on a 4K monitor and the GUI is too small. If it's not supported, can we do something to make the GUI bigger? How's the progress from the Weekend Tests on the CBT? I noticed that my Service Record level is maxed out, but I've lost all my previously researched ships... My group will be changed from "Weekend Tester" to "Beta Tester" or something like that? Sorry for the pretty useless Topic but I just wanted some clarifications about the three questions above. Sure will post more important things as I will progress through the CBT. Have a nice day folks, see ya aboard!
  12. Hi ! When our ship is sunk, it would be great to have theses features to see more easily the end of the battle : - Left clik : Next ship (actually implemented). - Right click : PREVIOUS ship. - CTRL + left click on a ship on the minimap : we go see from that ship. It would be very convenient for all players ! Thanks !
  13. Hello ! The new version is a display bug when we want to display the characteristics of the ship we are playing with: It's not much: just as developers have to expand this window. Hoping that this will be fixed, because it is illegible ^^. Thank you.
  14. JY_Cousteau

    Improving the battle view

    Hi all, and a good day to everyone. I've got a question regarding the visibility of the small icons appearing on the top of the computer's screen during battles. We can see on the left, in green colour, the icons of the friend ships, and, on the right, the icons of the enemy ships, in red. Everything works good until some ships are sunk, then they (the sunk ships) appear in dark grey. The background colour of the top part of the screen is often dark blue, then it is practically impossible to distinguish the shapes of any sunk ships. You can check this difficulty just giving a glance to the attached image caught from my screen. Some weeks ago I reported the matter with a ticket, the reply was to discuss it on the forum's pages. Thank you in advance for your attention.