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Found 3 results

  1. Im not sure if its a feature or accidental change... but since 0.4 patch, scout planes and catapult fighters no longer show distance to other ships... This is very bad for DDs who rely on staying invisible, as you have no idea how far that scout is, and before they had the distance under them like all other aircraft, and you could plan to stay invisible if you know what are your surface and air detectabilities! Please change it back to old way... DDs were nerfed enough without it Let us who can keep track of all the ships and planes around us stay invisible at the edge of spotting range...
  2. lexluther

    First scout flight time

    Upon launching scout at the start of the round (ship = prem. Murmansk), the flight time is 40-50 seconds, then the scout returns, and the wait is 5-6 minutes before the next launch. I would expect the scout to stay aloft for longer. Am I missing something re: scout operation? The second launch of the round lasts longer - I don't recall exact times, but 2nd scout does not boomerang like the first - it is usable for battle. Also, is there any control for scout operation? Can I send him to a particular spot on the map and have it patrol that area? Does anyone have a useful link explaining scout behavior. Otherwise, kudos to WG, the beta is fun.
  3. Phroco

    BB scout plane perspective

    Ok, so I don't play a lot of BB, just a few games here and there mostly in my Warspite. One thing I notice seems to be different since the CBT is that if I launch a scout plane, and then zoom in on a target I seem to then get 'scout plane perspective' and am looking down on the target. I don't like this as it throws off my aim but I can't find a way to change it back to the regular view, the normal keys like 'z' and 'shift' etc don't switch it back. I want my scout to spot enemies but I'm not after an out of body experience when I'm aiming at them! Any clues?