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Found 13 results

  1. Excavatus

    Doubloon deduction

    Hello WG, Hello @MrConway The deduction of 300 doubloons supposed to be back after a small patch which wouldn't require any download. Checked the forum very briefly and couldn't find any topics about it. Basically, I just want to ask, any news about it? Or should I put it like this, "Where is the money hombre!?"
  2. Sirion_

    [IDEA] Carrier-focused scenario's

    Greetings, folks. I had this idea in mind for a while now, which would include a Scenario / Operation meant to be added to the weekly Ops that rotate including Killer Whale, Narai, etc. Basically what this idea of mine includes: * A tier VIII & IX Carrier-oriented operation which allows all nations, and all ship types/classes with tier VIII and IX. * Battle of Midway-styled operation, from Japanese point of view (So a fully offensive scenario where the player team will attack an island and has to fight heavy resistance). * Up to three carriers per player team. * Some allied AI ships, including at least one CV, which will aid in the player team's attack, and also help with immersion. Objectives could be: * [MAIN] Support the landing ships that have to reach the island with a certain amount of infantry still alive. * [MAIN] Destroy the Aerodrome(s) on the island. * [SECONDARY] Destroy enemy aircraft carriers in the vicinity. * [SECONDARY] Destroy particular enemy ships that are pushing certain positions and flanks of your fleet. * [SECONDARY] Destroy a certain number of fortresses and bunkers in the vicinity of the island. Key Strategies could be: * Carriers have to support and cover the team in pushing up the defences and holding off air raids from the island's Aerodromes and aircraft carriers. * Aerodromes and AA emplacements (Forts maybe?) have to be destroyed as quick as possible for best allied CV efficiency. * Battleship- and Heavy Cruiser-players should focus on fighting on-shore emplacements while the Destroyer- and Light Cruiser players should focus on fighting enemy ship hordes. AFTER CARRIER REWORK (???) The mission can generally stay the same, however since the CV rework isn't allowing you to play fighters for the time being, it might be a good tweak to remove some of the enemy CVs from my original idea. Yet what kinds of inspiration this gives me: More aerodromes, on-shore installations, and (moving) AI ground targets (i.e. tanks, trucks, convoys) for use with the new attack-role aircraft (aircraft with rockets). (And maybe even player-controlled aerodromes? Can work as static CV-gameplay, however for this to work the player-aerodrome(s) have to be on the defensive, otherwise it'd be a bit unrealistic unless you want to have B-25s, B-17s and B-24s to be player-controlled, which aren't even modelled in the game, unless we talk about the Japanese G4M's that participate in Operation Cherry Blossom as torpedo-bombers..) I'm very sure there's at least something we could work on? I've always wanted to see a more carrier-oriented scenario as in, where it's oriented about carrier-players. Also, because this scenario should include the higher tiers (VIII and IX) it should avoid a lot of problems with new CV players that don't know how the game works with CV meta. Nothing against new CV players though, but the Training Room and Co-Ops can be used to learn how to play CVs. I just love to see carrier-tactics and communication between CV players, which can't be achieved in the current state of the game since you can only have a division with one CV (which I understand due to balance. I wouldn't want a Random Battle with CV Divisions against me...). So I thought to lay my idea in front of the community, so I could get some feedback, and see what you guys think about such an Operation. Cheers, and let 'em have it! FIRE! ~ Sirion.
  3. Can you please enable more of the campaign missions to be obtainable by playing PvE, I do not enjoy playing PvP and thus getting certain rewards is a lot more difficult for me. I have managed to make my way through to the final task in mission 9 of the science of victory campaign and I see no point in going further as there are no more missions that I can complete in either co-op battle or scenario mode. The same goes for most of the other campaigns apart from "Hit hard hit fast." They are only able to be passed if you play against other players, and that is a game mode I just do not enjoy. Yes I have played a few hundred matches of random battles and have developed a fond dislike of the toxic nature of some of the players who participate in the battles. I refuse to be forced into playing modes that I do not enjoy in order to get rewards that cannot be obtained by any means other than PvP battles.
  4. IJN_Kitakami

    Scenario for French and British

    So we got 4 scenarios with each scenario rewards a different nation commander. Japan,USA,Russia and German. Only 2 nation (French and British) dont have reward commander scenarios. So will new scenarios added for these nation? Also possible scenarios for Italians too? Thanks
  5. Mir ist aufgefallen, dass sich seit letzter Woche etwas bei den Szenarien geändert hat: Es sind anscheinend nur noch Stufe VI-Schiffe zugelassen! Dies trifft bisher auf die Szenarien Aegide (letzte Woche) und auch auf Killer Whale (aktuell) zu. Ich finde dies überaus schade. Die Auswahl an Schiffen ist dadurch um die Hälfte geschrumpft, so dass nun immer die "üblichen Verdächtigen" auf den Meeren anzutreffen sind. Man freut sich jetzt schon, wenn mal eine PERTH oder ANSHAN für Abwechslung sorgt - interessante Teamzusammensetzungen sind nun Mangelware. Was bezweckt Wargaming damit? Zu schwer? Zu leicht? Zu eintönig? Oder doch was anderes in der Pipeline? Weitere (neue) Szenarien für andere Stufen (IV, V, VI und höher?)? Abwechslung in den Szenarien (nicht so statisch gescriptet und vor allem weitere Szenarien) täten diesem Match-Zweig gut. Auch mit Stufe V kann/konnte ein Szenario gewonnen werden. Soviel besser sind die Schiffe Stufe VI auch nicht. ... und noch was: Die Szenarien-Gefechte tauchen unter Profil/Zusammenfassung nicht auf. Aber bis zum Update 0.99 wird das schon noch kommen. Also Wargaming, auf geht's!
  6. Greetings, seamen! We have to take out as many as of our lads and as fast as we can! I made that route for some times, so let me tell my tips to get survive there: 1. KEEP TOGETHER - never get separated from the fleet or enemy bombers and S-Boots will rip you apart 2. FOCUS AA - Use <Ctrl> + mouseclick to designate AA target 3. WATCH MINEFIELDS - those are nasty obstacles; if you get in it, try reverse; DO NOT TRY to SAVE those who are INSIDE a minefield 4. USE TORPS - do not fear to use torpedoes against S-boots, our ships are insensitive to them, there is no friendly fire 5. SAVE THE DROWNING EN ROUTE & NEVER TURN BACK - dont leave the convoys vicinity for a sank ship farther than 3-4km (see 1st point) 6. HELP RAF - if you can neutralize Luftwaffe fighters before they kill ours, they are a great help against enemy strike planes OUR GOALS: Primary: save 3000 soldier - thats easy if u play as a team, not as a band of "lone wolves" Secondary: - save 7000 soldier - dont lose more than 5-6 ships altogether; keep an eye on those fat n slow passanger liners, those carry the most evacuees - save 7 of the 10 civilian ships - just kill enemy S-boots and specially torpedo bombers in time - kill 25 S-boots - the easiest secondary obj.; they are quick and small, but need only 2 shots to kill - kill 8 fighter squadrons - that will need some cooperation! first 4 squadrons are spotters - they make 2 circles and go home, so be quick; the second 4 squads can be killed at the air battle. If u cant help the RAF there, you will fail this objective - kill 80 bombers - its much easier if during the air battle you kill as many Luftwaffe fighters as u can. RAF fighters make a great help in taking out enemy strike planes THE PLAN: 1. EMBARKATION Get into the circle and keep the speed under 10 knots to get the soldiers aboard. 2 fighter squadrons will come to spot, kill them fast to stop the costal artillery strikes. Its highly advised for Cyclone captains to make a smoke screen in the embarkation circle. 2. FIRST ENCOUNTERS As ships get filled 3 Stuka wave will come in 1/2/2+1 portions (the 3rd bomber of 3rd wave will turn back if it cant find a DD in its range). Defensive AA is usable in this stage, but not a must. Paralelly with 3rd bomber wave, the first S-boot wave arrive -> 2 from east, and 3 at the shore in a row. Torp strike against this S-boot row can be effective. 3. LETS GET START THE PARTY First, a fighter squad will come to spot. After, we got a 4-6 squadron Stuka raid and 2x3 S-boots from east. Finally, a spotter fighter again. In this stage, costal artillery can still shoot our ships, so making a smoke screen is very useful, especially for the end of the convoy! Anthony's captains can use Defensive AA against dive bombers, if they are in 2km. If any DD goes too far eastward from the convoy, that triggers some random encounters (see later.) 4. THE CHOKEPOINT As the convoy reaches this narrow passage, 4-6 torpedo bombers appear. They will attack the front of the convoy, so its better if at least 3+ DD is here to repell the attack. The hard part is that there is little place to maneuver, so easy to run into the mine field (civilan ships rather prone to do that). Defensive AA and smoke curtain are both very useful here. After the aerial torpedo attack, 2x2 S-Boots will attack the back of the convoy. They will approach paralel with the edge of the eastern minefield. (4*, see later) 5. TRAP + AIR BATTLE When the first ships reach the end of the passage, we get a nasty surprise: 2 waves of S-boots same time, different directions. They can come from north, north-east, or from WEST, on the edge of the minefield. Against the western wave, as they form a row, torp salvos can be useful. Meanwhile some RAF fighters arrives and fierce dogfight starts with Luftwaffe fighters. RAF planes are outgunned, so the more DD can help them, the best. The more the fighters remain alive, the easier to make the final stage. 6. FINALÉ Have u thought it was easy? Now you get the black soup. From the north/north-east, occasionally south-east S-boot will attack in multiple waves. They attack randomly the front, middle or the end of the convoy. Luftwaffe will be active also: torpbombers will form 2 columns both on side of the convoy, and try to make "torpedo-forks", Stukas will simultaniously attack fallbacks. To make their job harder, DDs have to take position on both side the convoy evenly for distributed AA. As u slow down under 10 knots in the end circle, disembarkation starts. ATTENTION! The operation is over when the saved soldiers number reaches 3000, till that, expect constant aerial and naval attacks! For the sec. obj. of saving 7000 soldier, you do not need to disembark them, only need to have 7000 aboard when counter reaches 3000! RANDOM ENCOUNTERS Most of the time, the attack waves are scripted, till you go spartan. If u detach from the convoy, Luftwaffe starts plus raids. Its a 2 Stuka + 1 torpedo bomber wave and repeating. Sometimes even the scripted waves can turn against a lone dd, if it wanders away from the convoy. Plus waves of S-boots are also an option, especially in the final stage. 4* - THE HIGHWAY TO HELL Its an alternative route for DDs to get around eastern minefield. For 1-2 DD, its a suicide, for 3-4 its viable. They have to be quick to help the convoy on the end of the passage + they will get the plus attacks from Luftwaffe. I saw nobody to use this route effectively. Maybe its a matter of tactic...
  7. At last a T7 Scenario hopefully in update 6.13, a chance to play some great T7 Ships. What T7 ship would you play in this Scenario. My ships of choice:- Belfast Arp Nachi or any Arp Cruiser (Same 19pt Captain) Saipan Scharnhorst
  8. Does anybody have any idea how to get this award? Just got it but I have no idea why. I was sunk a few miliseconds before the scenario ended (a 4-star victory), but I was not the last ship alive (apart from Rouan), not even the last player ship alive. I'd like to know, because according to the screenshot, I will never get it again.
  9. Brutaluc

    Scenario queue and disconnect

    So appearantly there is a queue for battle if you go into a scenario with a full division and when you reach 28 seconds people start to disconnect untill everyone in the division is disconnected. This seems to be for all scenarios but the weekly one. Tho we had it most on The Ultimate Frontier. We'll try again probably at some other day and time, but you may want to look into it.
  10. AkosJaccik

    Operations Handbook

    Thought I'll share some insights about the ongoing operations. Do note that all of this is rather subjective, so take my experiences with a grain of salt. Hopefully I can write about other operations as well, but currently can't guarantee it. Also - any additions are welcome! General overwiev Your task consist of two main objectives: Destroy all enemy ships at the base (6 ships, consult the layout below) When you are done, withdraw to the designated area (randomly selected) with at least half of the operational ships Secondary tasks: Destroy enemy forts and onshore facilities (at least 18 of them) Destroy enemy aircraft carriers (a Hosho and a Zuiho of the reinforcement fleets) Destroy the enemy's first and second reinforcement groups (4 ships marked with red circles on the minimap) Do not let the enemy reinforcements enter the haven Your job, especially the first half, is pretty straightforward. Let me give you a general overwiev of the situation - many good pilots died for the data, as per usual. I tried my best to give approximate locations of your encounters, be it ships or forts. To neutralize forts, it feels like the armour piercing grenades are the better choice, but don't take my word for it. For any other land-based target (warehouses, fuel storages etc.), it's probably best to load high explosive. Now, let's see where you can, or even should enter the bay! I personally find the 'A' route easier - or cheesier, if you would. After neutralizing the forts, delete the Karlsruhe, and you have basically free route to the pantry while you can support the southern allies with shelling. The 'B' route requires more caution, as while neither the destroyer, nor the dreadnought is a serious enemy, you don't want to pointlessly lose HP, especially to torpedoes. The main threat at 'B' point is the G-101 potentially surprising you, so do advance cautiously, especially with battleships with limited maneuverability. Don't be afraid of the 'B' route though, you can basically solo it with a Leander for example, while still raking up a respectable amount of damage - and besides, sooner or later someone has to deal with the southern patrol forces. The sh*t hits the fan usually when one would love to take his leave. When the "sink the two carriers" objective is failed, the game often looks like that people are trying to flee to the extraction point, while most of them get massacred. When "sink the four ships" objective is failed (sometimes coupled with the "don't let them in"), usually the team does a sort-of good job, but by sticking together on one side, they are unable to neutralize the specified target(s) on the other side, failing to get 5 stars. (One time I even asked for "one more minute" in the chat for the last target, while everyone else was heading to the "cap" on the other side of the map, but to no avail - they sailed inside the circle just a few seconds later, losing a star in the process.) As such, this scenario is rather hard to "solo carry" to 5 stars, but as it can be completed with half of the remaining team - or even just a sole ship surviving, should it reach the zone - , it's easy to book at least some sort of a success. Practically the only cause of outright failing the mission is getting completely eradicated or running out of the time. About tactics Personal choice(s): Dunkerque You might be tempted to bring a plus-sized battlebarge just to "be extra sure", but I can't necessarily recommend it. To be entirely frank, I did not even try them out, they might work fine, but in my limited experience they tended to lag behind both on the map and on the scoreboard. Speed is somewhat important in this operation, and the targets don't really justify bringing overwhelming firepower to Overpen City. Plus, you might end up without any reasonable AA cover in worst-case scenario, and while you might install torpbeats.exe, recovering from the evasive maneuvers might require far too much time with a ship of that mass. This does not mean that you can't do well in a battleship, I'm most certain you can (I can imagine that for example the ridiculous firing range of the Fuso might come in handy), but battlecruisers are probably more well-suited for raiding. Hell, this operation is probably the wet dream of a Scharnhorst, good thing you can't bring her in, as you would probably solo clean the map. ...so I took out the Dunkerque. The AA is somewhat meh (read as "Not as blatantly OP as we are accustomed to"), but she handles well, her speed is good enough (as you'll constantly turn most of the time, on an average you'll do 26-28 knots at flank speed - you'll still notice that you might end up behind your team despite your efforts), and bow-on practically nothing on the map can hurt you. I'd still say that don't be afraid to occassionally use your rather good HE shells, as a fair amount of targets (land based targets, destroyers, low-tier cruisers) will let your AP shells through from one side to the other. Update: Just for the sake of lolz science, I tried the Fuso too. Killcount is low, as there is no sense in shooting fuill salvos at semi-dead targets, but good Lord, this thing can and will one-shot CV-s like it's noone's business! She nuked the Hosho with a single salvo, then put 31,6k into the Zuiho with another before I lost visibility. Speed is somewhat an issue though, but range (and the relative accuracy at long ranges) does compensate it somewhat. It's different kind of fun - but fun regardless! Personal choice(s): Cleveland, Leander As a rule of thumb, if you want to clear house in operations, sortie in a cruiser. My picks are two light cruisers, but for rather different reasons. The Cleveland is your classic, relatively tanky gunship with godlike AA capabilites. What do you have to fear in the haven when sailing a Cleve? Not a lot. What do you have to fear when approaching through the 'A' path? Absolutely naught. On the 'Killer Whale' operation, one of the potential dangers are aircraft - not their quality, but their quantity, as if you are a lone destroyer, against a wave of ~15 torpedo-, and dive bombers you can do only so much. This is obviously a non-issue sitting comfortably in a Cleveland, deliberately screening your allies against airstrikes can grant you a respectable amount of plane kills - and watching the air is something you should, as I'll try to argue beside this when talking about carriers. Leander, as almost always, is yet another good choice in my mind. You trade the AA and HE in, but get other useful tools like hydro, heal, smoke and torpedoes. With balls of steel and liberal use of your torps, you can achieve more than 150k damage without an extraordinary effort. Do note that the bots (unlike in regular Co-op) tend to stop when they break visibility (like when sitting in their smoke), so torping the smoke cloud or shooting based on the muzzle flashes is a very real possibility. Hydro, smoke can all come in handy when you slam your face into the shore just when torpedo bombers arrive (an example based not at all on my personal experience...), need to urgently break the line of sight, or when pushing destroyers. And of course, the repair party... It's very plausible that almost any CL is able to achieve great results. I feel a bit uncertain about heavy cruisers like the Furutaka (or now that I think about it, maybe THE heavy cruiser in this bracket), then again, I did not try her out in this scenario. Personal choice(s): Kamikaze Well, the thing is, I did not keep any of my T6 destroyers, so my choices were rather limited, but one can never really go wrong with Sealclubikaze. As CV may or may not be present at your game, there are targets of opportunity for a destroyer, but those are not forts. Your damage output on your guns is generally speaking low, and often times your gun elevation require you to go dangerously close to actually shoot at the onshore installments. And besides, there are very few scenes more pathetic than a destroyer sitting outside the harbor, pew-pewing at unimportant forts. Not that it's a matter of class... So, you sure can pull your weight as a destroyer, hunting capital ships (especially if there is no CV to help you, you can easily put the three capital ships inside on ice and have fun with the remainder), dueling with other destroyers, smoking up routes. I still feel though that the presence of destroyers are not at all a necessity in this operation - it does not mean that they are not fun to use. Maybe the biggest nuisance will be that the sky is generally filled with planes, so you will be spotted for a fair amount of time, which is not a huge problem, but you'll also be under attack from above. As long as it's not an en-masse air raid, all you need to do is be aware of the minimap, but if noone is left to handle the AA (or there was noone there to begin with), the endgame can become ...intense. With that said, I still think that under "ideal" circumstances and players with "identical skill" , cruisers will triumph. Personal choice(s): Ryujo In this case, carriers are here to... carry. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I am still waiting for at least an operation - if nothing else - where the air superiority setup is useful and helpful ...which is not the case right now. Pick Ryujo, load up as much strike planes that is borderline illegal, and head out! Your token fighter will be very handy - but not to give combat air patrol. I dare to say that for now, protecting your allies from air attacks, while you naturally should do so when the opportunity arises, is of low priority. Any CV you will encounter at the bay will also only have one fighter squadron, meaning that for the most part, you are free to reign the skies. Your most important targets are the two carriers mentioned in the objective, plus any objective ship came to reinforce that your allies would have a hard time reaching, and your top priority is for your strike groups to get through, so turn your attention - and fighters - mainly at this task and hope that your allies can mostly handle themselves (and they should). Initially, you can provide intelligence (especially regarding the position of the destroyer(s)) and engage the capital ships. The stationary targets are - of course - ridiculously easy to terminate, always manual long-drop these (disregard that on the picture I screwed up the waypoint...). Be aware though that the forts do have AAA, and it's not fun to start the match suffering bullsh*t casualties. Your hangars have limited space, especially considering your fighters, and you'll need them to push your strikes through without a bloodbath, so be cautious, and when possible, accept engagements above friendly AA. We are talking about the air groups of lady Hosho, so even a lone Madsen machine gun taped to a jetski can and will help. Theoretically, you can dive-bomb land targets, and while that's fun, it's really not your job, conserve your strikes to naval vessels. Also, you might want to "farm easy damage". Please remember, that you are a flyboy, everything is "easy damage" to you, so don't be a pr*ck: Like... seriously. Don't be a pr*ck. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Once inside the harbor, just about any class can wreak havoc, so as a carrier, you have an elevated responsibility in picking targets. You can be a huge asset to your team's success, although if noone is quite controlling the situation (to speak lightly), chances are, due to the nature of the objectives, you can't really do it alone either. If you did everything "correctly", you might still not end up at the top of the scoreboard if your cruiser mates also did everything correctly, but that's just fine. You are there to win, after all! ...mostly. And to have fun!
  11. NothingButTheRain

    Operation hard difficulty

    So I've been wondering for a while now. When choosing "other operations", there is a button with "hard" but it will always be unclickable with a message that it will become available in future updates. What's this all mean? Is there a hard difficulty somewhere? I never been able to access it ^^
  12. CaptJack_Sparrow

    Is there a timetable for scenarios?

    Hi all, just want to ask a quick question because i'm either really blind that I can't see one or one doesn't exist (probably the latter). But is there a timetable anywhere that shows us what the next scenario is on the following week? Just thought it'd be handy for people that look forward to certain ones. Thanks!
  13. Hi, Among the different filters for the port, you have the option to select "Show ships suitable for the scenario". When I apply this filter, all ships are greyed out. I wonder what is meant by 'the scenario' ?