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Found 1 result

  1. starkim1999

    Royal Norwegian Army

    hello again guys ok so this is the royal norwegian army yes it lot more then we tough norway had during WW2 i wanna know if someone can make a tech tree out of this ships and would love to see your techtrees of norway thank you post it here a picture of a tech tree u think fit for this (make some premium ships 2 ) Royal Norwegian Army: Coast Defence ships: E HNoMS Eidsvold H HNoMS Harald Haarfagre N HNoMS Norge T HNoMS Tordenskjold corvettes: B HMS Buttercup (yes it was norwegian during this time) destroyers: A HNoMS Æger (1936) B HMS Badsworth (L03) HNoMS Bath (I17) D HNoMS Draug (1908) E USS Evans (DD-78) G HNoMS Garm (1913) HNoMS Gyller (1938) H USS Hopewell (DD-181) L HNoMS Lincoln (G42) M HNoMS Mansfield (G76) N HNoMS Newport (G54) O HNoMS Odin (1939) S USS Sigourney (DD-81) HNoMS Sleipner (1936) HNoMS St. Albans (I15) HNoMS Stord (G26) HNoMS Svenner (G03) T USS Thomas (DD-182) HNoMS Tor (1939) HNoMS Troll (1910) Y USS Yarnall (DD-143) MineLayers and Minesweeper: Vale-class gunboat B HNoMS Brage (1878) F HNoMS Frøya G HNoMS Glommen (1916) HNoMS Gor (1884) L HNoMS Laugen (1918) N HNoMS Nor (1878) O HNoMS Olav Tryggvason T HNoMS Tyr (1887) U HNoMS Uller (1876) V HNoMS Vale (1874) HNoMS Vidar (1878) O HNoMS Otra (1939) R HNoMS Rauma (1939) T HNoMS Thorodd Patrol Vessel: F HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen (1930) H HNoMS Heimdal (1892) HNoMS Hessa HNoMS Hitra HNoMS Honningsvåg K HNoMS King Haakon VII N HNoMS Nordkapp O SS Oster P HNoMS Pol III T HNoMS Thorodd V HNoMS Vigra Submarines: U HNoMS Ula (1943) HNoMS Uredd (P41) torpedo boat: B HNoMS Brand (1898) K HNoMS Kjell M MTB 345 S HNoMS Sæl HNoMS Stegg (1921) HNoMS Storm (1898) T HNoMS Trygg (1919) Ships of the Royal Norwegian Navy Motor Torpedo Boats (19) Destroyers (13) Submarines (12) Motor Gun Boats (8) Corvettes (7) Motor Launchs (7) MS Trawlers (6) Coastal defence ships (4) Escort destroyers (3) Motor minesweepers (2) Summary 81 warships of 10 types. War losses According to our files the Royal Norwegian Navy lost 23 warships during WWII (28.40%).